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Cinema the aftermath pt5

Post #1

Cinema the aftermath pt5It took a bit of coaxing to get her to put her hand on my fat cock and although she couldn't actually wrap her hand all the way around it, just the feeling of her small soft hand touching it was unbelievable. I nearly came on the spot. Her hand was soon drenched with my pre cum. I'd never had that much ooze out so soon, ever!From then on things escalated pretty quickly. She wanked me off and I was in bliss. My fetish had been fulfilled as her tits were more than superb. Even if the husband had returned now, I couldn't have cared less. He could have beaten the shit out of me and I wouldn't have been bothered. Whatever happened now, I was further along with this woman than I could ever have hoped to be.And then it got better. I already knew her breasts were large but when I finally hefted them free of her lacy bra there was barely a hint of sag.I WAS IN HEAVEN!I removed her bra and buried my face into those huge mounds of delight whilst I had my fingers lodged deep up inside her sopping wet pussy. And then I kissed her. Where that came from, I don't know. It wasn't something I did. But this time it just seemed the right thing to do and she let me. Her lip gloss tasted great so I stuck my tongue down her throat. She responded and we got into some serious tongue play.Whilst we continued to kiss I was still frigging her pretty good. She had a clean shaven pussy, which came as a surprise and her pussy flaps felt quite swollen and enlarged to the touch now. But I was even more surprised when she let me remove her panties. They were sopping wet. I smelt them and then gave her a whiff of her own arousal as well before stuffing them in my pocket. They would be added to my collection when I got home. I carried on and then saw her stuff her hand into her mouth. I was sure she'd had a small orgasm because there was barely any resistance when I got her to put my cock in her mouth.Tentative at first she soon warmed to the task. Her tongue swirled around the head of my cock before she enveloped it with her lips and sucked it into her mouth. Her hand was a blur as it began to work overtime as it flew up and down my thick shaft.She was good at this. I've had a few blow jobs in my life but this was up there with the best. God knows where she'd learned how to do it so well. Her husband was a lucky man if she was doing this to him on a regular basis.Her head was bobbing enthusiastically up and down my cock as she slid it further down her throat. She gagged every now and again as she deep throated me but she always went back willingly and without much prompting.Eventually it was too much to withstand. I could feel my balls begin to churn. I couldn't help it but I started to fuck her mouth. She didn't seem to like this a whole lot and I had to grab hold of her head to stop her pulling herself free. I finally came as I thrust my hips up to bury my thick cock down her throat as deep as possible. It was so intense it was all I could do not to cry out. I could feel pulse after pulse of cum erupting from my cock as I emptied the contents of my balls into her mouth and down her throat. She was swallowing as much as she could. She didn't have an option. I wasn't letting go of her head anytime soon.Finally I subsided and let go of her head. She pulled her mouth free and spat a whole load of my cum out onto the floor. I've no idea if she said anything to me. I was too far gone in my post climatic bliss. God that was fucking great!It wasn't long after that the film ended. People were already up and moving towards the exits before the lights came on. I quickly put away my cock and watched as blonde wifey struggled back into her bra and blouse. As her breasts jiggled up and down from her efforts my cock began to get interested again. I tried to grope them again but she shrugged me off. I shook my head in dismay. To do this once had been a miracle. I'd never had a night like this before. But twice? No way that was going to happen. Besides, she kept looking at me. It was not a good look. I think she wanted to kill me!I immediately got up out of my seat and edged my way down to the aisle. I made the exit and went straight to the toilet to clean myself up. She must have done the same because as I came out of the men's toilet, so she exited the ladies. Which one of us was the most shocked I had no idea.I wasn't hanging about and was out onto the street in an instant. But what surprised me was that 'soccer mom' came after me."YOU BASTARD," I heard her rage behind me, "How could you do that to me!"For some reason I felt compelled to stop. I turned to face her. I could see the anger in her face.She stormed up to me until she was facing me, our bodies nearly touching."Who the fuck do you think you are?" she hissed, "who gave you the right to do those things to me!" She was incensed and I was getting splattered from the spittle flying out from between her lips."Oh shut up," I retorted, "you seemed quite happy to give me a blow job. It's not like I fucked you or anything!" I was surprised at my bolshie attitude. It was so unlike me."Humph," she snorted back indignantly, "like I would let you do that. You're the last man on earth I would let fuck me!"Her nostrils flared with anger but all I could see were those pouty kissable lips. Oh what the hell! I leaned forward, grabbed a hold of her and kissed her hard. My hand flew up at the same time and I grabbed hold of one of her delightfully large breasts. I gave it a good squeeze.She squirmed, trying to free herself from my grip, trying to free her lips from mine. But I was a battle hardened veteran at this so she had little chance of success. Maybe if she'd kneed me in the crotch she might have made me let go but that thought never crossed her mind; thank god!We kissed for a while as I carried on fondling her boobs. She seemed a little calmer when we finally broke free."You fucking bastard," she whispered hoarsely. My god, was she aroused again?She returned her lips to mine as I continued to work on her magnificent breasts.Yep, I would say she was. But I broke the kiss as her mobile phone bleeped.She shrugged me away as she opened up the text message. She quickly typed a reply. She got an almost instant message back. She typed something else before shutting it down and returning it to her purse."My husband," she said by way of an explanation. "He's going to be delayed.""My car's in there." I waved an arm in the general direction of the multi story car park opposite."So ours," she replied.She didn't want to walk up the stairs from the ground floor so we took the elevator to take us up to the next level. I wasted no time in putting her hand back on the bulge in my trousers. She resisted at first but finally gave it a loving caress and as she did that I lifted up her skirt at the front to give me unfettered access to her bare pussy.As the lift signalled it's arrival at my level she exited first with me falling in close behind her. I pulled her back to me and my hand slid in between her ass cheeks. I knew she would be feeling my fingers rubbing against her swollen pussy lips and this was confirmed by her little sighs and gasps as we started to walk towards my car.She finally made a pretence of shrugging me off. "Get off me you fucking pervert!" she snapped as she tried to twist away from my persistent fingers.I just chortled. She was funny and she didn't know why.I stopped at my car and so did she. After a bit more verbal sparring I went down on her and she soon got into that. Her pussy smelt divine, the aroma of her sex was unbelievable. I got her close to an orgasm when I nibbled on her clit but then pulled away, leaving her on the edge, panting for more. For me this was just the entrée before the main course.She made a big show of telling me how disgusted she'd been at what I done to her in the film theatre but she wasn't fooling me. She wanted my cock inside her and I told her so.She eventually conceded that she did but still made a big thing out of the denial. I played with her emotions, teasing and tormenting her for a while until I had her begging me to stick it in.I turned her around and bent her over the bonnet of my car and dutifully complied. She was as tight as a drum even though her pussy was drenched and I suppose it didn't help matters that my cock is the size it is. We struggled but I finally got it inside her.I fucked her hard and she loved it. I grabbed hold of her wildly swinging tits and squeezed them mercilessly and she loved it. I tugged at her swollen nipples and she loved it.It took me a while to cum, probably longer than she was expecting especially as she told me her husband would be back to pick her up inside ten minutes. I guess I fucked her for that long before I deposited another full load of my gunge onto the car park concrete floor. At the last minute she'd pleaded with me not to cum inside her. I have to say it took me by surprise and I barely got my cock out in time and only just missed splattering my car.I was totally spent. I was exhausted but I was euphoric. Without a doubt it was the best fuck I'd ever had. Period! And that was probably because all the components of my fetish had been satisfied by her.I eventually got off her back and tucked my deflated cock back inside my trousers. I watched as she re-adjusted her clothing for a second time tonight. She looked incredibly guilty.Her phone rang making us both jump. She had one of those annoying pop song ring tones. But she answered it. It was her husband and I could hear him tell her he was back at their car and would come down and pick her up.That was my cue to leave. I got in my car and drove off. This would live in my memory for weeks or even months to come. How the hell was I EVER going to better this night!Chapter 3A few weeks had passed since my cinema adventure. It was without doubt the best groping and fondling session I'd ever had. Not only was the blonde wife the embodiment of every one of my groping fetishes with her massive, firm tits and sexy ass and legs but the unexpected bonus of getting her to give me a blow job and then have sex with me was something I could probably never hope to match or surpass in the future.I'd obviously been out a few times since and I'd managed to grope three or four women with varying degrees of success but I was spoiled now. Nothing since had been as good as that time.My problem was that my staggering success with the pretty little blonde wife and mom had emboldened me so much that I began to take unnecessary risks.The first had been on a bus. I don't know what had possessed me to even try. They are always difficult places to start groping someone as there is no escape if it all goes tits up, so to speak!. Anyway I found myself on an unusually crowded bus standing in front of a large woman with big, firm boobs. She wasn't large as in fat, she was just tall and extremely well built. You could say she was voluptuous!She was wearing ridiculously tight fitting jeans with high heels, which certainly showed her ass in all it's glory but it was her breasts that I was most interested in. They were colossal and she was displaying them by wearing a skin tight tee shirt that seemed to have been spray painted onto them.I knew I shouldn't but I couldn't help myself. I surreptitiously pressed my hand into her boobs using the sway of the bus as it moved to make contact. There was a lot of flesh there and I seemed to be making good progress. And that's where I became unstuck. I decided to be bold and gave them a quick fondle. She slapped my hand away and as she turned her back on me her hand came back around to slap me full in the face. Boy, did that sting! And I can tell you, I was off that bus as quick as I could get it to stop.The second and by far the worst though was the open air concert. I'd cottoned onto a couple who appeared to be having a bad night in each other's company. There was certainly some ill feeling towards each other judging by the harsh words being exchanged between them. Now usually this can reap rich dividends and often results in some pretty intense groping and fondling.Her tits were probably only a borderline C cup but they had a delightful shape to them, which peaked my interest. So even though I thought they were a bit on the small side I still went to work in my usual way. She hadn't alerted her partner and it appeared I was on to a winner. I'd started on her ass first and had worked my hand up under her skirt and was groping her nice firm buttocks. Emboldened I'd moved one hand up the side of her body and was rubbing it gently against the outer swell of her breast. I could see her nipples were getting bigger so I thought I was making good progress.I never saw it coming. I think she must have been a female boxer by the deft way she twizzled around and smartly unloaded a quick right, left combination on my face.I went down like a sack of spuds, blood pouring from my nose. She didn't even say anything and her partner looked shocked and if truth be known, a little scared too. I never saw them again. I think I may even have blacked out for a second or two.I eventually made it home having decided against a visit to A
06-25-2021, at 01:16 AM

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