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My Son's Tribute to Me

Post #1

My Son's Tribute to MeEver since I was a little boy I was afraid of thunderstorms, and whenever there was a particularly violent one at night, I would run to my parents bedroom and climb into their big king size bed, where my mother would hold me until the storm abated. I literally shook with fear, and only the warmth of her body holding me close, and her soothing voice could calm me down. One such occasion when I was twelve took a different twist, we were experiencing the worst storm I had ever witnessed, the thunderclaps were so loud the house literally shook on its foundations. The lightning bolts were sizzling and cracking as they struck, and I was utterly terrified. Fleeing to my parent's room I climbed into their bed and Mom held me as I shivered and shook, paralyzed by fear. Even my father was concerned that night. The storm finally began to abate, and as I gradually overcame my terror I became aware of the softness of my mother's body as she held me, my face was against her breast, and my body was pressed tightly against hers, and as she stroked my hair murmuring the usual platitudes, my penis grew hard and dug into her stomach. As my small penis became completely rigid it began to throb against her in time with my pulse, making my mother aware of my arousal. She didn't move or say anything, and as my awareness of her heightened I realized that her nipple had hardened against my cheek. Neither of us moved for some time, but when my father began softly snoring mother eased her body away from mine a little. I was immediately saddened as I was enjoying the feel of my penis pressing against her soft stomach. I need not have worried though, because she silently drew her nightgown up around her waist, and raising her leg, pulled me back into contact with her now bare flesh. My penis was now jutting up between her legs, and she closed them on it, making me feel much better than before. I didn't know what to do, or if I should do anything, so I just lay there with my hard prick throbbing against Mom's hairy crotch. Again she moved her body raising her leg slightly, and I felt her hand close around my penis, and then the most wonderful feeling I ever had engulfed me, and my penis slid into something wet and slippery and warm, and Mom's hands went to my buttocks and pulled me against her tightly, and I finally realized that my erect penis was inside her vagina. I began thrusting my prick into her hard, and Mom whispered softly in my ear, "Gently Honey, we don't want to wake your father now do we? Slow down and do it gently, I'm not going anywhere!" She set the pace with her hands varying the pressure on my butt, and I fucked my mother with long slow strokes until suddenly something inside me exploded, and I knew for the first time in my young life what pure bliss was. I didn't know I could produce so much cum, my prick spurted into my mother's pussy for a long time, and she held me tight as she felt the hot wetness of my sperm flooding her insides. Afterwards she kissed me as I lay in her arms, and whispered, "Was it good for you Honey?" I just hugged her as tightly as I could, not trusting myself to speak, and Mom continued, "You'd better go back to your own bed now before your Dad wakes up, you certainly should sleep well after this!" She was right, I slept like a log, and she had to wake me up in the morning. My Dad commented on the storm at breakfast, and then he was off to work, leaving Mom and I alone. I felt strange, knowing what she'd done for me the night before, but now it was morning, and in the daylight of day she looked the same way she always did, caring and efficient, Mom the authority figure. She cleared off the table, and pouring herself a cup of coffee came and sat down by me at the table. Turning to me and smiling, she asked, "How did you like what happened last night Honey, after the storm passed?" Slightly embarrassed, but feeling the beginnings of an erection I sheepishly said, "I loved it mom, I've never felt anything that good before, it was just wonderful!" And I blushed scarlet. Mom laughed, "I could tell from the quantity of cum that you left behind that it was something special for you," she said, "but you know you were so quick to shoot in me it left me hanging! A woman needs to cum too you know!" I didn't know, I knew nothing about sex except that it felt wonderful to do it with a grown woman like my mother. When I was in the fifth grade I'd tried to fuck a willing girl at school, but couldn't get my prick into her, and we'd both wound up frustrated, angry, and disappointed. But Mom's next comments brought me back to reality, "Well sonny boy, now that we have some time, how would you like to do it again, but this time give your mother an orgasm with that nice hard young dick of yours!" My pulse raced and my prick stiffened instantly! My mother was asking me to fuck her again! My answer was swift, and I blushed scarlet again as I spoke it, "Yes Mom I want to do it again, and again, and again!" She smiled at me indulgently, "I love it when you blush like that! My sweet innocent little boy is going to be a full-fledged motherfucker, he's going to slip his dick into his own Mommies cunt and fill her with his nice hot sticky sperm, and make his Mommy cum like a fountain!" I was embarrassed to hear such words coming from my mother, but fascinated and thoroughly aroused at hearing her talk to me like that, I wanted to fuck her badly! Sensing the urgency of my need, Mom took my hand and led me upstairs to her bedroom, the scene of my indoctrination to sex the night before, and as we entered the room I saw that the bed was neatly made with just one plain sheet covering the mattress, obviously prepared for what was about to take place and I was startled to realize that Mom had planned this all along! "Take all your clothes off Honey, and watch Mommy do the same." I peeled out of mine in record time, and perched on the bed to watch my mother strip. She pulled her dress up over her head and folded it neatly, placing it on a chair, then she stood in front of me in her panties, stockings, and bra. Her legs were apart, her hands behind her, and her breasts were thrust forward for my perusal. My mother was an attractive thirty five year old woman, her figure tending to the voluptuous, she had heavy breasts with big nipples straining through her thin soft cup white nylon bra, her breasts were flattened, sagging slightly from their weight, and as she moved they bounced and jiggled nicely. Her skin looked incredibly smooth. Her panties were white nylon too, she wore the kind called full briefs, and although they fit her snugly, they weren't skin tight, and as she moved they wrinkled and shimmered on her shapely hips and belly. Her belly was nicely rounded, above the bulging pubic mound, and I riveted my gaze on her crotch, knowing that here was where I had discharged my sperm into my mother last night. My penis was painfully erect as hard as iron, with fluid seeping from the tip to make the naked head glisten with lust. Mom pirouetted in front of me, sticking her butt out as she did the spin, and I gazed longingly at her superbly rounded ass, the big cheeks filling her panties beautifully, and I began fisting my cock as I drank in the lascivious sight of my own mother posing lewdly for me. Mom came over to where I sat, and placing her hand on top of mine she stopped me masturbating. "Don't spill it on the ground!" she said, "Don't you know the Bible says: 'It is better to spill thy seed in the belly of an whore than on the ground! So if the Bible says that, don't you think its even better to spill your seed into your mother's belly than the belly of a whore? Wait till you're inside my pussy before you shoot that cum!" She placed my hand on her crotch, and for the first time in broad daylight I felt my mother's pussy. It was hot, and I could feel a wet spot in her panty crotch, and as I explored the wonderful area, she pushed herself hard against my hand. "Honey I want your dick!" she told me, "Do you want to fuck me like this with my underwear on, or do you want me to be naked when you fuck me?" All I knew was that if I didn't fuck her soon, my dick would explode in the air! She continued, "Some men like to have sex with a woman dressed in her lingerie, it turns them on more, so why don't you fuck me this way first, and then if you want me to I'll get naked for you later." I nodded dumbly, a slave to passion, I just wanted my cock inside that warm wet slippery nest between my mother's legs, so that once again I could again feel the delicious sensation of my sperm pulsing into my mother's vagina. Mom got on the bed and lay on her back, she opened her legs wide and raised her knees, then propped a pillow under her head, looking down the bed to where I sat at the foot. I looked up between her legs at the big bulge of her cunt mound, and I climbed up towards her, my prick aflame with lust. "Lie on top of me," she directed, and I lay full length on her gorgeous body, the slippery feel of her stockings, panties and bra against my bare skin a delight. Now I knew why as she said some men like to fuck a woman with her lingerie on. I had just become one of them! Mom reached for my dick and rubbed the head gently over her crotch, and I protested loudly, "MOM! I'm gonna cum any second!" She didn't hesitate, one hand pulled her panty crotch aside, the other guided me back into the loving clasp of her sopping wet cunt, and she whispered hoarsely, "Give it to me baby I need that young cock, fuck it into Mommies belly, fuck me now lover!" I rammed my dick home in her vagina and shot off as it bottomed out in her cunt. Her arms wrapped around me, her stocking clad legs too, and she yelled, "YES!" and her body heaved and twisted under me as she orgasmed on my spurting prick. We both had been under great sexual tension, and the act of young son fucking his mother in the glaring light of day had triggered the enormous reaction to our desperate needs, my mother wanting relief from the unsatisfied urges created from her generous gift of her body to me last night, and mine from an urgent need to have her again. I lay atop her voluptuous figure panting as my sperm jetted into my mother's belly, then flushed and happy I burst out laughing from the sheer joy of my release. Mom was laughing too, and then she lifted my face to hers and kissed me, a long very unmotherly kiss, which caused my cock to start throbbing inside her vagina again. "Oh thank you Honey," she said, "I've needed that since last night, I was in agony all night and this morning, my body wanting release, and my mind wanting your slim prick back in my pussy, to feel that violent outpouring of sperm directly into my womb! You sure do come a lot!" She grinned up at me, "You know you just fucked all your sperm into the same cunt that you came out of, don't you?" I thought about that soberly for a moment, realizing that this was how babies are made, then I asked her, "Will my cumming in you get you pregnant Mom?" She gave me a lewd look, "It could Honey, I'm not on the pill or anything, so you certainly could get your mother pregnant!" Then she asked me, " Do you want to? Would you like to do that? Fuck a baby into your own mother? Would you like to see me with a big swollen belly knowing that you had fucked the baby into me?" I hadn't thought of that consequence at all, I'd only thought of the immediate pleasure of having sex with my gorgeous mother. Mom looked at my crestfallen expression and laughed again, "Don't worry Honey, I don't get caught easily, it took your father six years to get me pregnant, and even if you did knock me up, I'm a respectable married woman, and everybody knows that married ladies have babies, don't they!" She tightened the grip her satiny legs had on my body, and told me, "Stop thinking about that, and give your horny mother's hungry cunt a good stiff fuck baby, fuck some more cum up me!" And as my prick was more than willing, I obediently began to screw my mother anew. She was wrong about one thing, I wasn't worried about getting her pregnant, the more I thought about it, the more I was totally turned on by the idea, the though of fucking a baby into my own mother was erotic beyond my wildest dreams! I knew that I would not rest until I had really done it and my baby was growing in the very same womb that I grew in. Now that I realized it was possible I wanted that more than anything else on earth! With these lascivious thoughts stimulating my lust fevered brain, I fucked my mother manfully, plunging my rigid cock into her with long hard thrusts, my mouth finding a swollen nylon covered nipple to suck, which Mom hurriedly uncovered, pulling the soft cup from her heavy tit to expose the rigid nipple, and I eagerly drew on it just as I had when I suckled on her as a babe. The though that if I got her pregnant her milk would flow again drove me to new heights of passion, I knew I would drink her milk once again, but the next time I would nurse on her tits as I fucked her, and now I fucked her like a demon, building the sensations higher and higher until finally I gasped out, "Gonna cum Mom, can't hold off any longer!" The voice that answered me was strange to my ears, it was husky and coarse, as she moaned, "OH YEAH BABY! Give it to me, make me cum Honey, fuck your mother, fuck it up me, cum in me now!" As she asked so I did. This sensation was unbelievable, it was several orders of magnitude higher than I had experienced before, and briefly I wondered if I could stand the incredible feelings that spread out from my groin and wracked my body! I felt that my whole being had turned into liquid fire and was flowing out of my prick into my mother's womb, nothing existed except my wildly pulsing cock inside my mother's spasming cunt, we were coupled by the stream of hot virile fluid my penis was emitting inside her, flooding her vitals, our arms and legs intertwined, son's prick up mother's cunt, boy sperm in mother's belly, boy tongue in mother's mouth, mother's tongue in boy's mouth, saliva blending, sperm and pussy juice blending, moaning and crying out in our passion, my mother and I were fused together, and at that moment we were one being mated for life! I think I lost consciousness, anyway, I was out of it for quite some time, floating somewhere in a warm golden afterglow, finally coming down to earth to realize my mother and I were still locked in our erotic embrace, my cock was still inside her, although soft now, her legs were still over my back, and I knew that I had just experienced the ultimate sexual ecstasy in my mother's arms. She stirred under me, lifting her legs off me, and I missed the warm softness of her thighs on my back. She looked up at me with a sleepy satisfied grin, "Will you do me one last favor?" she asked. "Anything Mom!" I told her, I loved my mother as I never had before, and I would do whatever she asked of me. "What do you want me to do?" She hesitated a moment, then she said, "Will you suck my cunt?" seeming a little uneasy at asking me for this, and I grinned at her. "Yes Mom, I'd love to suck your cunt!" I was thrilled that she had asked me to do this for her, and even more thrilled by speaking the dirty words to her. I slid off her body and down the bed to position myself between her wide open legs, I looked at her hairy gaping cunt, stretched from our fucking, my thick white semen trickling out of the open coral pink slit, and I smelled for the first time the musky scent of a well- fucked woman. A little hesitantly I extended my tongue, and touched her exposed clitoris with the tip, she jumped, then grabbing my head she pulled it into her crotch, and before I knew what had happened I had a mouthful of her hairy cunt, my tongue busily exploring the fleshy lips, and I discovered to my delight that I loved the taste of my mother's used pussy. My sperm was salty, her juices musky, and the two blended into a delicious pungent sauce I would never get enough of, they blended as well as had our bodies when I fucked my essence into my mother's greedy womb. I lapped and sucked, and thrust my tongue inside her, until she held my head tightly and came on my mouth, crying out in passion as the spasms took her over the edge, her juices flooding my mouth anew, and again I knew bliss. I had made my mature sexy mother cum with my mouth! I was proud of myself... After that, we fucked every day, before I went to school, and after I came home from school. I had Mom in every room in the house, dressed and undressed, and my life was blissful.I particularly like to get behind her in the kitchen when I came in, dropping my pants and lifting her skirt up around her waist, to rub my rigid prick between her panties covered ass cheeks, when she would leanon the counter, pushing her butt back at me, her knees slightly bent, and then I would ease my horny cock up her panty leg into her wet pussy, hold her by her hips and fuck her until I shot my load into her belly. I'd tell her when I was going to cum into her, and she'd use her cunt muscles to milk my dick, getting a big orgasm herself as I spent my fuck juice up her cunt. This went on for over a year, Mom and I were perfect lovers, hugging and kissing, and fucking whenever we were able to. Then just after my f******nth birthday, I came home from school, and in my usual fashion got my dick into her hot slit up her panty leg from behind, feeling her soft thighs through her stockings as I fucked her, when she turned and looked at me over her shoulder with a sly look. "I have some news for you honey," she announced, "I'm pregnant!" I absorbed this interesting bit of information, and a wild hope surging through me I asked her, "Is it mine Mom?" She laughed, "It sure as hell is honey, yours is the only cock flooding my womb with sperm every day!" Excited beyond belief, I shot my load up her. I was overjoyed, my baby was growing inside my mother's belly, and my wildest dream had come true! The I had a sobering thought. "What's Dad going to say?" Mom laughed again, "Oh," she said, "He fucks a dribble or two of cum into me once in a while, enough so that he'll think he did it. I shouldn't worry about that honey, its our secret as to who our baby's father really is, isn't it?" And beside myself with joy and arousal by this news, I gasped out, "Oh Mom! I love you so much!" And my seed flooded into her pregnant belly, making her go off like a rocket as she felt her sons hot wet flood pulsing into her body. My mother is 44 now, and I still fuck her every day, although after our daughter was born Mom went on the pill, not wanting to have any more c***dren.
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