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Tears Of A Vamp... Chapter Seven

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Tears Of A Vamp... Chapter SevenChapter SevenPatterson Office Tower... It was still dark when I arrived at Patterson Office Tower with the items I'd brought. My car was still at the shop being worked on but it was an easy walk from my house to the campus. I needed to show ID to the security officers at the front before being let in but after that I rode the elevator up to the small office I'd be sharing with two other Teaching Assistants for the semester. I'd lucked out. My little office had one window facing north. I'd never have direct sunlight frying me where I sat. There were three desks. One facing the window, That one was out... One where my back would be to the window... Also, not for me. The last desk was the one furthest from the door and I'd have to squeeze past the other TAs to reach it but it offered the most distance from the window. I put my stuff down to show I'd claimed it.There was an underground passage between the office tower and Whitehall Classroom Building where I'd be expected to teach two continuing education courses from 7:00 to 8:30pm every night except on Fridays. In addition to my own classes I was taking, it would be a busy semester for me.I wasn't so lucky in the classroom I'd been assigned. Two south facing windows. They weren't very large and had blinds I could pull shut but still, until the sun set it would be like staring into car headlights. Two very hot headlights. A TA slowly going blind while trying to teach wouldn't be a happy TA. Opening the guitar case I'd been carrying, I began correcting that situation. The roll of UV resistant plastic in the case was of the same type the auto detailer was currently putting on my car windows. I was able to put two layers on each of the windows before I heard other people moving in the halls. I packed up before anyone started asking what the hell I was doing. I'd put more layers on tonight after everyone had left. Needing only a few hours of sleep now and then was going to come in handy if I needed to work nights making things as vampire friendly as possible for me while attending classes during the day.The sun was barely up when I returned to the closet I'd call my office for the next two years while getting my Master's Degrees in Education and History with a specialization in Military History. Locking the door behind me, I was able to get only one layer of plastic up before having to get the hell out of the office. On the Pain Scale, with me standing in direct sunlight a Ten, working next to northward facing windows rated a Four. It felt like I had the worst sunburn of my life while wearing clothing made out of burlap sacks. Damned uncomfortable but it was because of my eyes that I needed to get out of the room. Even wearing my sunglasses, having to look directly at the window while working had almost blinded me. Sitting on a toilet while people began arriving for the day, an hour later I could see again.Re-entering my office, I pulled up short and cursed under my breath. The two other TAs I'd be sharing the room with had arrived to put their things in order for the start of classes tomorrow. Miranda was short, pretty and had a sexy as hell body. I'd had a crush on her since we'd shared a class last year. She barely even knew I was alive. Miranda continued to straighten her desk and barely gave me a glance out of the corner of her eye as the third occupant of our office leapt to her feet to welcome me.'Hi! I'm Tabitha! Or just Tabby. But you can call me Tabby Cat you hunk'a tall, dark and handsome...''I'm, uh, umm, Daniel,' I managed to mumble as I shook the hand Tabitha-Tabby-Tabby Cat extended.'What's the matter, Handsome? Tabby Cat got your tongue?'Holy shit! Miranda was pretty in the short, dark haired, girl-next-door-with-a-great-body way but Tabby was a goddess in the flesh. Blonde, tall and tanned with a lean swimmers body that suggested she was as at home riding a surf board as she was driving a car. In the next few seconds I learned she'd just moved to Lexington to attend UK, her majors were English Lit. and Education and that I could call her anytime I wanted to 'read'.'Jesus Christ, Tabitha. Take him to a bathroom and make out if you're that horny. It's only...' Miranda scolded as she turned to look. To really look at me for the first time. 'Daniel? Is that you?''Hey, Miranda.''What the hell,' Miranda huffed as she sat down on the edge of her desk while waving a hand to indicate my new body and face. I had my new buffed body with chiseled cheekbones and jaw instead of the jowls I'd had the last time she'd seen me. In clothes that fit my new body, courtesy of an open all night Wal-Mart, I looked hardly anything like what I'd looked like last Spring. Louder, she repeated, 'What the hell, Daniel?''I went on a diet, Miranda. Oh, and I'm trying not to slouch anymore.''Well, you look... Healthier. A lot healthier than last year,' Miranda told me.'I think he looks more than healthy,' Tabby purrr'ed, rubbing a hand over my stomach while moving behind me. Pressing her body to mine, I felt her breasts rubbing up my back as she rose up on tip-toes to whisper in my ear, 'Are you? Are you healthy in all the right places, Danny Boy?'Not used to this kind of female attention... Hell, I wasn't used to any kind of female attention!... I could feel my dick getting hard as I wormed my way out of Tabby's clutches. I put my sunglasses back on and backed towards the door.'Oh, Baby. Don't cover up those big blues you have,' Tabby purrr'ed, reaching for my glasses. 'I gotta go get some things. Yea, some books and things,' I explained as I shut the door behind me.Trying not look at the small amount of un-filtered light coming from the doorways to other offices, I walked towards the elevators. My new and improved hearing let me listen as...'Fuck,' exclaimed Tabby. 'And I thought UK would be a boring, podunk college. Where the hell did they make him? I'll order a dozen! You knew Danny Boy last year, Miranda, and you didn't snatch him up?''That is not the guy I knew last year. The Daniel I knew was a pudgy, shy guy who never got up the courage to ask me out.''Well,' Tabby said in a considering voice. 'Well, he's still shy as hell. Did you see him blush? If you didn't grab him last year then that means he's fair game, girl. As shy as he seemed, you don't think he might still be a virgin, do ya? Oh, my God! Just thinking of tall, dark and handsome being a shy virgin has my claws out. And Tabby Cat has sharp claws!'If I ever needed proof that God exists, beyond the angel-on-my-shoulder that Rabbi Vanderbilt seemed to have, I had it now as the elevator doors closed on anything that might have been said afterwards. Who else would arrange things that a vampire would be sharing the same small office with a girl I've had a crush on for a year and a flirtatious, beautiful huntress sharpening her claws? Yea, God was definitely laughing his ass off right about now...******************************************** ************************************************** ***************************Olivia's House...It had been a long day and I was tired by the time I arrived home from work. Shutting my car door, I was walking towards the front door when I heard, 'Hey, Ollie!'Only one person had ever called me Ollie. Looking, I could see someone sitting on the porch of the house next door. 'Stanley? Is that you?''Yep,' replied the dark shape as he walked down steps and across the lawn towards me. Running to meet him I threw my arms around his shoulders. Twirling me, Stanley said, 'Although it's Stan, now.'The Summer I'd moved in with Grams, Stanley had visited his aunt and uncle for two weeks while his parents went on a cruise or something. During those two weeks I'd taken his virginity and while his aunt and uncle thought he was out 'exploring the neighborhood', he'd actually been in my bed exploring all the things he could do with a very compliant female body.For two more Summers until we were both 17, Stanley had returned for two week visits. During those two weeks I had a convenient, right-next-door sex toy to ease my Lust. Stanley hadn't returned since then though we stayed infrequent e-mail buddies.When Stanley, I mean Stan, put me down I asked, 'What are you doing here? I thought your aunt and uncle had moved to Florida and were selling the house. When I saw the For Sale sign gone I thought it was sold.''My Mom and Dad made a deal with them,' Stan replied. 'I finished my two years at our community college and now I'm here to attend Transy. I start classes the day after tomorrow. I needed a cheap place to live so in exchange for my keeping the old place in good condition and paying for utilities and taxes, my uncle said he'd wait until I graduated to sell.''Great! Well, come on in and tell me what else you never told me about in your e-mails.''I wanted to surprise you,' Stan said as he followed me into the house. 'Where's Grams? I've been waiting for one of you to show up all day.'Leaving out the vampire part, I had to tell Stan what had happened to Grams. Putting glasses on the table I poured us each a healthy shot of scotch. We toasted Grams and I poured us another.'God, I hope they catch that son of a bitch that killed her,' Stan said. 'She was the sweetest lady... She didn't even get upset at what we were doing in your room.''Well, Grams told me that she had a bit of a reputation for being wild when she was young. She never wanted to be a do-as-I-say-and-not-what-I-do hypocrite. As long as I took precautions not to get pregnant she saw nothing wrong with two healthy teens having fun. Besides, Grams really liked you. Said you had the makings to be a real stand-up man some day. To Grams,' I toasted again and we tossed back another shot.'So you're attending Transylvania,' I observed as I poured us another. Once I'd learned of the existence of vampires, REAL vampires, I'd thought it was hilarious that we actually had a Transylvania University in the middle of Lexington. It wasn't so funny to me now.'Yep,' Stan laughed and with a Boris Karloff accent repeated, 'Transylvania... Where werewolves roam and vampires rise from the grave!' Stan laughed and speaking in his normal voice went on, 'Now I can explore all those weird vampire and witch's stories you told me. You were the best story teller, ever! You should take some classes and write them all down.'I downed another shot of scotch. Stan did too after shrugging his shoulders and muttering, 'What the hell. I don't have classes tomorrow.'I thought quickly. Without Grams, I had no one to talk to about... Stuff. The nearest member of Grams, I mean, my coven lived in Louisville and all of my fellow coven members were at least a century older than me. The times I'd met them when Grams had called for coven meetings, they'd treated me like a baby still in diapers. Except for magic we had nothing in common.The deciding factor was that Stan had always seemed pretty decent. It wasn't just an act of his while trying to get into my pants. Though we hadn't seen each other in three years, I still felt closer to him than to my own ass wipe of a brother. I hadn't realized till now how much I needed someone I could talk to. So...'Stan, what would you say if I told you that those stories weren't made up? That there really are witches and vampires and other Races?''I'd say you've had enough scotch,' Stan laughed and leaned over to move the bottle out of my reach.'I'm serious. What if I proved there's magic? That I'm a witch? Would you freak out? Could you keep my secret?''Sure. You know I'd never say anything that would get you locked up in a looney bin, Ollie.''I'm serious, Stan,' I repeated and walked to get a candle from the drawer where some were kept in case of a power failure. 'You have to promise not to tell anyone! I'm only telling you because I have no one to talk to. I really need someone I can bounce ideas around with.''I promise, Ollie. Prove to me that you're a witch and I'll take the secret to my grave. Pinky swear!'Sitting back down and placing the candle on the table, I could tell that Stan was only half serious. But, it was the best I could hope for. With a cantrip I lit the candle.Stan jumped in his seat, then leaned forward, 'Cute trick. How's it done? Two chemicals inside that if mixed together cause the wick to light?''Like I'd keep something like that in a wooden drawer where it could burn down the house? It's magic. Real, honest to God magic. I'm a witch.'Stan blew out the candle and picked it up. Turning it over and feeling it carefully before setting it back down. 'Light it again,' he told me. I did. This time he didn't jump, just sat and stared at the small flame.'Ooooo-kaaaay,' Stan said wonderingly. 'I'm stumped. I have no way to explain the trick.''It's not a trick. I told you, it's magic. Real magic.' I blew out the candle and told Stan to follow me. Leading him down to the basement I stopped and began to take my shirt off. 'You have to promise, I mean really promise, that where I'm going to take you, you'll never bring any metal.''I promise! I'm not sure where you're leading me but I like the direction,' Stan said enthusiastically as I removed my bra and he started stripping.Once both of us were naked, I did my best not to stare at his erection. Stan's height wasn't the only thing that had gotten larger in the last three years. Reaching under a shelf to find the latch, I opened the door. I walked down the steep wooden stairs and stopped. Stan had remained at the entrance, starring wide-eyed at the room he'd never suspected was there. Making sure he was watching, with a broad sweep of my hand coupled with a quiet cantrip, I lit all the candles in their holders.Beckoning him to join me, I led him to the center of the Power Circle. As soon as I connected to the Circle, once again a golden, glowing translucent hemisphere formed to encase both of us. Pointing, I told him to touch the glow. Hesitantly at first and then with all his strength, Stan tried to push against the glow.'It won't move,' I told him when he stepped back. 'It's a perfect sphere though you can only see the half above the floor. You can do anything and it won't break or move as long as there's Power in the Circle and I'm connected to the Circle.''What is this place,' Stan asked.'This is Grams' workplace. Well, it's mine now. Are you ready to believe in real magic?' When Stan nodded, I began teaching him the basics. 'This is a Power Circle. I collect Power from a Ley Line and place it into the Circle. I can then connect with and draw Power from the Circle no matter where I am. It's like storing electricity in a battery to light a flashlight. Except it's a different type of Power that a witch can draw upon to do magic with. The amount of Power that can be stored depends upon the size of the Circle and the type of metal used. Gold is best but...'
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