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I Never Saw It Coming Pt 2

Post #1

Mom had just come home and Katy and I were completely naked on the bed together. I had to hurry. I quickly, got up off the bed threw on my shirt lying in the floor, pulled up my boxers and ran down the hall. Luckily, I was on the second floor while mom had just started up the stairs. I ran to my room to let Katy get her clothes on. She was in her room, so if mom walked in on her naked, Katy could pass it off like she was getting changed.

I was in my room when I heard the muffled sounds of Katy and mom talking to each other. I had finally gotten my clothes on when mom had come in.

?Hey, Mom,? I said as innocently as I could, ?what happened to your date??

She gave me a look of suspicion before telling me that her date had gone bad and she decided to end it early. Since this was a blind date set up by her friends, that meant that he was broke, or in my mom?s case, had an income of less than about $90,000 a year. She?s a gold digger.

But this meant that she was staying home tonight, and me and Katy wouldn?t be able to spend more ?quality time? together.

I went back to Katy?s room after mom left and asked her what they were talking about. She said that mom had almost walked in on her, but she quickly threw her skirt and shirt on without her underwear.

?So,? I said in my pathetic attempt at trying to sound sexy, ?when do think we can finish up??

She stared at me with a sultry smile on her face, ?How about tonight, at midnight, in my room.?

I gave her a simple wink and said ?I?ll be there,? before walking away. I knew that this was cheesy as hell but I didn?t care. And it looked like she didn?t either.

This was the best plan because both mine and mom?s bedrooms were downstairs, while Katy had the one upstairs. Another bonus to this was that mom took sleeping pills, which meant that she was out cold until the next morning. It would literally take an earth quake to wake her up.

Since mom had left her date early without eating dinner, she decided to order a pizza. The pizza came and we ate dinner as usual, trying to pretend that nothing happened not 2 hours ago. Katy and I both felt a bit awkward trying to go on with the night normally.

We watched TV as usual with dinner, making small conversation about what show we were watching. I was not focused on what mindless reality show was on that my mother was watching. Katy and I were too focused on each other, making subtle sultry smiles.

It was about 9 or so when we had finished and mom had decided to go to bed early. Katy and I stayed up a little longer to watch TV and it went on like normal. At about 11, we decided to go to our rooms. On the way up, Katy leaned over to me and whispered, ?I?ll be waiting for you.?

My heart jumped. I was in shock when she said that. This reminded me that I had to get ready.

I didn?t really do anything, just mentally prepare myself. I went to my room, laid on the bed and began to think about what was getting ready to happen in just half an hour. I was getting hard just thinking about it.

Finally, 12a.m. I crept downstairs to the doorway of mom?s room to make sure she was sound asleep. She was. I saw the opened box of sleep aid next to her bed. I gently shut the door and made my way back upstairs being as quiet as possible. I opened the door to Katy?s room eagerly awaiting what was on the other side.

Katy had the lights in her room dimmed enough to where I could still see her, but it was still dark. She was wearing her pajamas, which just consisted of a tank top and cotton pants, but I didn?t what she had on. I was just wearing shorts and a T-shirt, which is what I usually wear to bed, that or nothing.

I could see Katy sitting on her bed, above the covers. She moved her finger in a gesture to bring me over to her. I closed the door behind me, walked over and crawled on the bed, not saying a word. I climbed up between her legs and gave her a deep, passionate kiss like we had before.

She held my face while we began to massage each other?s mouth with our tongues. She rolled me over so she could be on top, still keeping our kiss. I moved my hand up to her shirt and began to pull it off. She complied by lifting her arms up.

Her beautiful breasts were revealed to me again. I grabbed them and began to gently massage them. Katy let out a slight groan of pleasure. This made my cock jump.

She took my hands off her and pulled my shirt off and started licking my torso all the way up to my neck. She was still on top of me and I started to rub her tight ass. We sat there for what seemed like hours wrapped in the passion of our deep kiss.

I flipped her over again to gain control and I began to take her pajama bottoms off. Slowly I took them off, increasing the anticipation. Ever so gently, I undid the knot on the string of her pajamas. Then I slowly pulled them down, caressing her smooth, soft legs as I did.

She was wearing sexy red laced boy short style panties, which got me even hotter than before. I leaned down to kiss her some more as my hands to her breasts and I started to massage them. I started flicking her nipples and twisting them slightly, she responded by letting out a small sigh of pleasure.

My hands moved down further. Caressing her sides as they made their way down to her waist. My left hand got to her panties and I started to gently rub her pussy through the fabric with my middle finger. I could feel she was getting wetter. I could feel her clit and I focused my attention on that. She cried in sheer ecstasy when I so much as brushed against her clit.

I sat up and moved my fingers up the sides of her panties then I slowly started to peel them off. She moved her legs up so I could get them off more easily. I threw them to the floor and turned my attention back to her. She had her legs together, up in the air making me more anxious. I pushed her legs down, grabbed her knees, and gently pushed them apart to reveal her beautiful, shaven pussy.

I leaned down and began to lick the length of her slit. She tasted even better than she did earlier. She moaned in pleasure as my tongue would flick her clitoris.

Her breathing increased and her hips started rocking. I responded by gently pushing my fingers into her tight hole while simultaneously sucking on her clit. Her hips began to buck under me as she spasmed into the biggest orgasm she?d ever had.

I sat up and watched her as she looked like she was about to pass out.

?Looked like you had fun.? I said

She just responded by looking at me and smiling.

Her orgasm had finally subsided and I got between her legs again.

?Chris, please be gentle with me. I know it will hurt but please be gentle.?

I quickly took off my boxers and prepared to enter her tight hole. I grabbed her hand and laced my fingers between hers and assured her that I would be gentle.

I slowly pushed in, words couldn?t describe this feeling and I was only barley inside her. Soon I felt her hymen. I slowly began to push through and, when I did, she let out a cry of pain.

I stopped moving and asked her if she was alright.

?Its?Okay?Chris?I?? she said with tears in her eyes. She began to slightly sob by the pain. I put my hand on her face and wiped the tears from her cheek.

?Don?t worry, Katy. I?m here its okay.? I smiled at her to assure her she was alright.

When her pain had subsided, I started to move in and out her. Slowly, she began moan in what I knew to be cries of pleasure. She was getting wetter by the second as I started gaining speed.

I flipped her over so she could have control of how fast she wanted it. I grabbed her ass as she began picking up rhythm. She had her eyes closed. I could tell she was in ecstasy as her moans got louder. She began to ride my cock faster and faster. Soon she was pounding my her pelvis into mine. No longer did I see myself having an incestual relationship with my sister, but with my lover. She was no longer my sweet innocent sister.

She alternated between straight up pounding on my cock and rocking me back and forth. I moved her ass up and down to keep a good rhythm going while pumping in and out of her myself. She was crying out to me, yelling my name.

She began to go a little slower now.

?Chris, I want you on top now.? she said while still riding me.

I quickly turned over to gain control, keeping the same rhythm we had before. I could tell my climax was building. I pumped in and out of her tight pussy faster than before.

She wrapped her legs around me, pushing me in even further. I sat up and held her legs down at the back of her knee.

?Chris, fuck me harder. Yes!!! Chris please harder.?

I did as she said and I began to fuck her as hard as I could. Pounding as deep as I could go to where my balls were slapping against her ass.

?I?m gonna cum! Oh god, Chris I?m gonna cum again!? she shouted while her eyes where shut tight.

?Me too Katy, where do you want me to cum?? Her eyes opened up when I said that.

?Please Chris?cum for me?I want you to cum inside me! Please, I want you to cum in me!? I looked at her in shock.

?Oh Katy?I really shouldn?t? I replied

?Please, big brother, do it for me. Do it for your little sister.?

This was all I needed. Hearing her say those words sent me over the edge. Damn her! She knew that always worked on me. I went faster than ever and soon I buried my head in her shoulder as I came. Shooting hot loads of cum deep into my sister?s sweet cunt. I?ve never cum this much in my life and it was all going into my little sister. I could feel some of it was overflowing and leaked out of her.

This triggered her own orgasm. She let out a loud cry as she dug her fingernails into my back and her pussy contracted around my cock milking it even more

I laid on top of her while I caught my breath. My cock soon went limp and fell out of her pussy. I rolled off of her and held her in my arms. For what seemed like forever, we cuddled together, staring at the ceiling, not even saying a word to each other but just taking in all that had just happened.

?Oh god Katy that was wonderful, I?ve never had an orgasm like that before.?

She didn?t respond. I looked down at her to find that she had fallen asleep. She always looked so beautiful when she slept. I always liked to watch her sleep. If it had been when we watched a movie, she would always fall asleep in my lap and I would gently stroke her hair. We were connected in a way I had never felt before. We were always close, but never like this.

I slowly crawled out of her bed so I could get back to my room. Didn?t want mom to wake up and find us cuddling naked in bed. I put my boxers back on and before I left, I kissed Katy good night on her forehead. She didn?t stir at all. At that moment, I knew what this was. I had fallen in love with my little sister and she loved me back.

I crept over to the door to leave, but then, I noticed something. The door was slightly ajar. ?Didn?t I close that?? I thought to myself. I was sure I did didn?t I?

I stepped back in shock, a sense of fear washed over me as I realized:

?Oh my God! Mom had just seen Katy and I have sex!!!?

To Be Continued?(maybe)
01-09-2022, at 01:36 AM

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