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Stormy nıghts part 2

Post #1

STORMY NIGHTS PART 2Something penetrated my dream and I woke with a start. Where am I? I felt a warm body against mine and realized I was still in Ari?s bed. We must have fallen asleep after we had sex instead of my going back to my bedroom. Wondering what woke me, I looked at the door but it was still closed and the stuffed snake Ari put at the foot of the door was still there. It blocked the light from Ari?s bedroom so if Mom or Dad came out into the hall they wouldn?t notice that Ari?s light was on and come in to see why she was still up, and, I might add, possibly find me on top of her. I suggested it would be safer if we turned off the light but Ari always insisted on having it on. I wasn?t going to argue. I liked fucking my sister with the light on so I could see her trim, lithe body as she moved on me; watch her face get all tense when she had her orgasm.Since our first time a few weeks ago I had been going into Ari?s bedroom at night three or four times a week. We couldn?t use my bedroom because my bed squeaked when you moved on it and my bedroom was right next to Mom and Dad?s. I hadn?t planned on falling asleep in Ari?s room. It was the most likely way we could get caught. All it took was for Mom or Dad, or even our younger sister, Cissy, to come looking for us and to find Ari and I, naked in bed together. But today had been a long day. Practice had been tough and then Ari rode me harder than one of our linebackers. I was so tired afterwards that I thought I would just rest my eyes for a moment before returning to my bedroom.Ari and I were lying cuddled up against each other, both of us facing the door. I was behind her with my arm around her waist and my hand up between her breasts. I moved my hand to cup one of her breasts. At my touch Ari let out a little sigh and pushed her butt back against me but did not wake. My cock was pushed against the back of her thighs just below her butt and the touch of her breast in my hand was causing me to get hard again; that nap seemed to have revived me. There wasn?t enough room for my cock to be comfortable pushed up against her so I shifted back a bit. That?s better. I was now straighter, pushed up in the crease of her thighs. My movement must have registered on some level with her; Ari brought her knees up so she was scrunched up in a fetal position, her back still flush against my chest. My cock was getting really hard and I thought of waking her but hesitated. My hips moved forward just a bit and I felt the friction of the dry skin of her thighs against the head of my cock. I pushed a little higher and the friction against her leg was replaced with a wet slippery sensation. With just a bit more pressure the lips of her pussy parted as the head of my cock slid just barely into her. Ari, sleepily let out an ?mmmm? and moved her left hand around to my hip. I pushed again and a little more of me slid into her. Ari, her voice still laden with sleep murmured, ?That feels good?. I reached down between her legs so I could caress her clitoris. I wanted her to feel as good as I was but Ari took my hand in hers and pulled it back to her breasts. ?It feels good but I don?t want to completely wake up. Just keep moving in me until you cum?.?Okay? I whispered. ?It?s not going to take long. It feels really good inside of you?.I settled into a rhythm, trying not to bump too hard against her. I heard a noise and slowed down, thinking I was causing her bed to make a noise. Then I heard the noise again and I realized it wasn?t the bed, it was a faint tapping on the door. My heart jumped up into my throat. This is it! Mom and Dad are going to kill me. As the door started to open I thought of us lying on the bed naked, the sheet and covers too far to grab, the light is on, no way we won?t be seen. I did the only thing I could, I tried to sink into the bed behind Ari, maybe they are just peeking in and perhaps I won?t be seen. Yeh right, and maybe my cock stuck up Ari?s pussy won?t be noticed.During the few seconds it took to get to this point, Ari had completely woken. She rose a few inches in the bed, blocking my view, and I hoped, their view of me, and said, ?Cissy, go back to bed?.Thank God it wasn?t Mom or Dad. Maybe we can bluff our way through this one. ?I wanted to ask you something. What are you guys doing???Go back to your bedroom. I?ll come to your room in a minute?.Cissy didn?t move. Then her voice got louder as she said, ?You and Jeremy are having sex aren?t you?.?Cissy, keep your voice down. You?ll wake Mom and Dad. Of course we aren?t having sex. Go back to your bedroom?.?Ari, I can see Jeremy?s penis in you. I might be younger than you but I?m not stupid?.At Cissy?s mention of my ?penis? I pulled back out of Ari. But I was only partially successful as Ari moved her butt back as I tried to pull away and trapped my ?penis? between her thighs. From the cool air I could feel on the head of my cock I knew I was sticking out past her legs where Cissy could see me. I tried to pull back but Ari tightened her thighs; I wasn?t going anywhere. And besides, it actually felt good, her thighs squeezing me, and the heat of her pussy radiating along my shaft.Ari kept her voice low but I could hear some anger or frustration creeping out, ?Cissy, would you please go to your bedroom. I?ll be over there in a minute?.?No, I?m staying here. I want to watch?.She wasn?t responding to Ari so I thought I?d jump in, being the older brother and all. ?Come on Cissy, don?t be a brat, go to your room?. As the words were leaving my mouth I knew I?d said the wrong thing.?Brat! Maybe I should go see if Mom and Dad are still awake?.I tried to make amends, ?I?m sorry Cissy. I didn?t mean that. It?s just that you are too young for stuff like this?.?You are only a year older than I am. Besides, I?ve already had sex before so it?s no big deal?.As one, both Ari and I said ?What? Who???Billy from down the street. We are in the same home room at school?.I knew Billy, that scrawny little asshole. Stick his dick in my little sister. I?m going to beat the crap out of him.Cissy walked up to the bed and squatted at the edge, her head now just a few inches from my cock. ?You are a lot bigger than he is?. She reached out with her hand but Ari?s body blocked my view. I felt her finger touch the head and I involuntarily pushed forward against Ari.Ari asked, ?How long???He?s only about half as big as Jer..?.Ari interrupted, ?I mean, how long have you been having sex with Billy???A couple of months but we stopped a while back?. Cissy stood up and pulled her t-shirt off. She was an eyeful. Her body was almost identical to Ari?s. Even though she was three years younger her breasts were about the same size, a little smaller, but still nice. Then I looked down and saw she wasn?t wearing any panties! She had just a little bit of blond pubic hair. I could see the lips of her pussy!But still, she was my little sister; ?Cissy, what are you doing???You guys are naked?. And she stopped as though that explained everything. Before I could answer she got into the bed and lay facing Ari. She moved her hand down to me and I felt her fingers moving all around the part of my shaft that poked out from between Ari?s thighs, the head and then my balls.?Billy wouldn?t have lasted this long. He would have squirted by now. Sometimes he didn?t even get it out of his pants before he was done?.Looking at Cissy, lying naked there, feeling her fingers on me were all having an effect; I pushed forward against Ari again. In response, Ari lifted her leg, freeing my cock. As if I was just a toy they were playing with Ari and Cissy began talking.?Move him higher?.I felt Cissy lift my cock up. It felt like the head was somewhere around Ari?s pubic hair.?Here???No, I meant straighten him out, but lower. You know where?.I felt Cissy pushing on my cock, trying to get the head below Ari?s pubic bone. I shifted my hips lower and felt him return to where he belonged. Cissy positioned me and then pushed on my shaft. As I began entering Ari once again I felt Cissy?s hand move down to cup my balls. My hips began moving against Ari, I wanted to be deep inside of her. Then I thought, what am I doing? One of my sisters is helping me fuck the other. But it was only a momentary thought; it felt too good, my entire shaft now buried inside of Ari with my balls still cupped in Cissy?s hand.I peeked over ?Ari?s shoulder as Ari reached out to Cissy and touched one of her nipples. ?Did Billy do this?? They were small, like Ari?s, and more pointed out instead of hanging down, with large nipples. As I watched, Ari?s finger traced around Cissy?s nipples. When she finally ran a finger over a nipple Cissy sucked in her breath. ?You like that?? Cissy didn?t say anything, just nodded her head.After a few minutes Cissy leaned towards Ari and asked, ?Can I try it??I had stopped watching and was concentrating on moving inside of Ari. At Cissy?s words I lifted up to watch. I expected Cissy to do something with Ari?s breasts but I was wrong. Ari nodded and Cissy moved back off the bed and stood up. Ari rolled away from me, my cock sliding out of her. ?Wait, not yet? I cried. I didn?t know what they were going to do but I still wanted to cum.It wasn?t until Cissy had climbed over Ari and was beginning to climb onto me that I realized what was happening. I started to protest, ?Cissy, no. You are too young for this. You are my little sister?.Cissy ignored me and moved on her hands and knees above me, her nipples just touching my chest. I looked down between her breasts to my cock, erect and sticking up touching her stomach. She laid down on me, her legs spread out below her outside of mine. Ari reached out and pulled on her arm, ?No, not like that. Sit up on him. You?ll like it much better?. As I watched, Ari guided Cissy into a sitting position on me, her pussy about even with my balls and just the head of my cock sticking out from under her. Ari moved up on the bed and helped Cissy up onto her knees. She helped Cissy balance herself above me, one knee on each side of me, while she held my cock in one hand and pointed it up between Cissy?s thighs. My cock looked too big for her. It looked like it would go inside her to her bellybutton. I looked back at Cissy and Ari. They were having a good time. They seemed to think this was a great idea but I wasn?t so sure. I was looking up at Cissy, her legs bent at the knees, her thighs spread to each side of me. Her body looked so tiny. ?Ari, I don?t think this is a good idea?. She looked so small I wasn?t sure I could even fit in her.Ari looked at me, ?Jeremy, she wants to. Besides, if you don?t she?ll tell Mom and Dad?. Ari looked back at Cissy and smiled, ?That?s right, isn?t it?? To me it sounded like more of an instruction than a question.Cissy lowered herself an inch or two; I could feel the head of my cock touching her, pressuring her pussy but not enough to enter her. Before I could think of anything else to say Ari pulled her hand away and Cissy started to sit on me. I quickly found I was wrong. I fit, but it was a snug fit; like OJ trying on a pair of gloves.I watched as my cock pushed the lips of her pussy apart, two bulges appearing on each side of my cock, and then I gradually disappeared inside of her. I could feel a tight ring of heat slowly sliding up my shaft as she lowered herself on me. Cissy didn?t stop lowering herself until she had me completely inside of her. Then she closed her eyes and just sat there. She felt so light sitting on me. After a moment she shifted her weight forward. It felt like I sank another inch inside of her. Cissy must have felt it also because she let out a low moan. If it had been Ari on me I would have begun caressing her breasts by now but I still had reservations about Cissy. She looked so young sitting on me; her slender body, young breasts, sparse pubic hair. I knew the right thing to do would be to stop this before we went too far. But then when would be too far. I was already buried in her. Plus it also felt so good. I was so erotic to be fucking Cissy and have Ari there encouraging her along.Since Cissy had first sat on me she really had not done much more than follow Ari?s instructions. Now she turned to Ari and asked, ?What do I do now??Ari sounded a bit exasperated, ?Cissy, you said you?ve done this before.??I have, but Billy was always finished by now. What should I do next???Okay, I?ll show you what I do.? Ari reached over and put a hand of each of Cissy?s hips. ?Now rock your hips forward and then back. Like you are trying to rub your pussy against Jeremy?.Cissy moved her hips like Ari told her. Ari asked, ?How does that feel??Cissy had closed her eyes, ?Really good. Now what???Just keep moving like that?. Ari reached for one of my hands and lifted it to Cissy?s chest with a nod to me that said, ?Come on, you know what to do.?I touched one of Cissy?s nipples and she shuddered. Her breasts weren?t large and easily fit in my hands. I slowly traced my fingers in circles around her breasts, the circles getting smaller until my fingers would run over her nipples. Each time I touched them she would groan and rock faster on me. I let my hands slide down her sides to her hips, resting there, feeling her hips thrust back and forth on me. They were there just for a few seconds before Cissy reached down and lifted my hands back to her breasts. ?Squeeze them?.I cupped her breasts and gave them a little squeeze. ?Harder?. As I squeezed harder she started rocking really fast on me. I shifted my hand slightly so my thumbs were on her nipples, rubbing them in little circles. Cissy bucked a couple of times on me and then let out a cry loud enough that Ari reached up to cover her mouth. ?Mom and Dad will hear? she warned.When Cissy hit the peak of her orgasm it felt like her pussy grabbed me I finally could not take any more and let go of her breasts. I put my hands on her hips just as the first stream spurted out of me and grabbed Cissy?s hips and pulled her tight against me. My hips lifted up off the bed a few inches, lifting Cissy up into the air, as each stream of cum left me to form a pool deep in her pussy. When we had both finished Cissy collapsed on my chest. ?Wow, so that?s what it?s supposed to feel like.? We lay there, Cissy on top of me and Ari lying next to us, slowly letting the glow wear off. After a minute or so I could feel myself soften and begin to gradually slip out of Cissy. When she realized what was happening she pushed her hips back at me, trying to keep me in her pussy. The movement had the opposite effect and resulted in me popping out of her. ?Oh, put him back in?.I shook my head, ?He?s too pooped to pop?.Cissy turned to Ari and whispered, ?Can?t you get him hard again??Ari took pity on me, ?Jer?s had a rough night. He?ll be fine by tomorrow and we can ride him again.?Cissy laughed, ?I?m going to save up my quarters?.I had to laugh with them at her joke but I was glad she didn?t push it. I was at the point of falling asleep. I had one naked girl on top of me and another lying against my side. I had just spent every sperm cell in me. I was one very satisfied f******n year-old. At this point I was perfectly happy to fall asleep right here with them.I think Cissy was feeling the same, her head was lying on my chest and her breathing was becoming very regular. If she weren?t asleep now it would be very soon. Ari shook both of us saying, ?Don?t fall asleep. You two need to go back to your bedrooms. We can?t have Mom or Dad find us like this.?Cissy and I finally moved to get out of Ari?s bed. As I moved to get out of bed my left hand rested on one of Ari?s breasts. The feel of her nipple reminded me, ?But you didn?t get to finish?.Ari lifted my hand from her chest, ?That?s okay. I still had fun. I can have mine tomorrow night?.Cissy chimed in, ?And me too?.Cissy smiled at me as I got out of bed, ?That?s right. You better not practice too hard tomorrow. You have two of us tomorrow night. You had better rest up.?And she was right. The next night, in fact for the next week, there were too of them to satisfy. That became our routine for the next few weeks. When one of them was having her period I would go to the other?s bedroom. The rest of the time the three of us would meet in Ari?s bedroom. We came close to getting caught just once. The three of us had been in Ari?s bedroom. Cissy was the first to leave and usually I would be right behind her. This time however, before I could leave Ari pulled me onto her again. Not looking a gift-horse in the mouth I didn?t leave for another twenty minutes. When we were finished I stopped for a quick leak in the bathroom before returning to my bedroom. When I was finished I walked out into the hall and had taken just a step when Mom turned the corner at the other end of the hall just ten feet or so from me. I was caught like a deer in the headlights. What was Mom doing up so late? Had she heard anything? Mom?s gaze dropped down my body and her mouth opened slightly. It was only then that I remembered I was standing in front of her completely naked. I quickly covered myself with my hands.?Jeremy, what are you doing up so late??I stammered for a moment before I finally say, ?I had to go to the bathroom?.?Well, get back to bed. Next time wear some shorts. You don?t want your sisters to see you like that?.I was tempted to say, ?too late?, but I just nodded my head and went into my bedroom and closed the door. I lay in bed thinking what could have happened if Mom had heard something, got curious, and walked in on us while I was on top of her little baby Cissy. We need to be careful.I don?t know if Mom or Dad noticed that the three of us had stopped pushing at them to allow us to go on dates during this period. Perhaps they thought we just realized the wisdom of their decision. Fat chance. We were fucking each other so much we wouldn?t have had time for anyone else to be in the picture.It was the beginning of October when Dad came home with the news that his company had won the contract to build a huge plant in Chile. He had been selected to head the project and would be spending extensive time there. In two weeks he would be leaving and might not see us for several months. He was going to try and get away each month to come home for a few days but he wasn?t sure how successful he would be.My first thought was great, now I?ll be able to get some sleep in my bedroom; no squeaking beds.In November we had some more surprises. Ari had been selected for a two-week camp at NASA. She would miss the last week of school before Christmas Break and wouldn?t be home for Christmas. It was such a great opportunity that Mom called Dad in Chile and they discussed it. It didn?t take much for them to decide she should go. A week later a friend of Cissy invited her to go with them to Hawaii for the Christmas Break. They would be going for two weeks also. Mom made another phone call to Dad. I knew Mom wanted to say no but after saying Ari could go on her trip they decided to let Cissy go also. What about me? That means Dad gets to go to South America, Ari to NASA and Cissy to Hawaii. I knew what that also meant; no sex for yours truly. Bummer. I would just have to stock up between now and December. And I did exactly that. If my cock had been made of wood it would have been worn away to nothing.The weeks passed pretty quickly and before we knew it, it was time. Early one Saturday morning we all went with Ari to the airport. At security we said our goodbyes and then hurried home to meet the Fischers. They were right on time, and then Cissy was gone. An hour later Mom left for the hospital. She said she had a lot of paperwork to catch up on. As a surgeon Mom always worked long hours but since she became the Chief of Surgery she seemed to work all the time and seven days a week. I wandered around the house. It seemed so quiet and empty with everyone gone. I finished a report that wasn?t due until school started again. That?s how bored I was. I went into Ari?s room and sat down at her computer. I moved the mouse and the screensaver was replaced with a view of Diana?s bedroom but it was empty too. I finally called a couple of friends and they came over. We tossed a football around, BS?d, walked to the mall, did some Christmas shopping and that was about it. They were going to a movie later but I passed. They all had girlfriends now and I didn?t want to be reminded that I didn?t.The next week played out pretty much the same. Mom worked long hours and didn?t spend much time at home. Mom and I swapped Christmas presents alone. We called and talked to Dad, Ari and Cissy. The next few days were pretty dead. My family was pretty much gone. My friends were all tied up with their families. I played video games, surfed, watched some movies and pretty much vegetated. By Fri I was bored silly and needed something to do.Friday morning I went to the mall and walked around, essentially looking at girls. Around two, bored again I went home, grabbed a quick bite. There was a message from Mom on the machine, she was going to be late tonight, and she was going out with a couple of her friends for drinks. That?s good. Mom has been in the dumps the last few weeks; missing Dad and her daughters was my guess.I went into my bedroom and checked email. There were several messages from Cissy and Ari; none of which could ever be seen by Mom or Dad. After reading them I quickly deleted them. But now I had a hard-on from reading what each of them wanted to do to me when they got home. I turned on the TV in an effort to get thoughts of them out of my head. A movie was on I liked so I settled in and watched it until it finished after midnight. When it was over I turned off the TV, got undressed and was about to get in bed when a thought occurred to me. I went over to Ari?s bedroom and checked her PC; nothing. I was just standing up to leave when Diana walked into the view of the camera. She was wearing a long t-shirt. She must be getting ready for bed. I waited; maybe I?ll get a quick peek. When she got to her bed she pulled the t-shirt off and tossed it aside. Diana had a nice body. I like the feel of Cissy and Ari?s smaller breasts but I wondered what Diana?s would feel like in my hands. My right hand dropped to my lap and began to slowly stroke my cock as I watched Diana get into bed. ?No? I thought, ?don?t pull the covers up?. As if she heard me she left them down. I continued slowly stroking myself while I watched her lie there. But a moment later I figured the show was over when she reached over and turned off the lamp on the nightstand. I was about to get up and back to my bedroom when the light came on again. Diana was leaning away from me, reaching for the drawer of the nightstand. I had a great view of her cute butt.When Diana lay back down she had something in her hand. It looked like a flashlight but kind of tan colored instead of the normal silver or black. What does she need with a flashlight? She already has a light on.While I wondered what she was doing she rubbed the thing on her breasts, first one and then the other. Her eyes were closed and it was erotic watching her. I could hear a faint humming sound and leaned forward towards Ari?s computer. Was her power supply going out? It took just a moment to figure out the sound was coming from the speaker. I looked back at the monitor to see Diana?s knees raising and then spreading apart as she moved the thing in her hand down over her flat stomach to her pubic hair. At that moment I realized what she was holding; it?s a vibrator, and an impressive one at that. It was so obvious when I finally knew what it was. It was shaped just like a cock, flesh colored not tan, and a large head on the business end. She must real miss her Dad.Diana began moving the vibrator down her stomach and then between her legs. After a few seconds she brought her hands up to her breasts. But her hands were empty. What happened?? As her hands rubbed her breasts her hips began moving on the bed. I couldn?t see the vibrator any longer but I had a good idea where it was and that just resulted in my hand moving faster on my cock. Diana was alone without her father. I was alone without my sisters. How could I get her to see we were the answer to each other?s problem? Before I could come up with a viable answer I heard the doorbell. The sound startled me. My first thought was Mom was home and I jerked my hand off my cock. But she wouldn?t be ringing the doorbell. I minimized the window and went over to my bedroom and put on a pair of boxers. I checked the clock on my nightstand; it was after one in the morning. Who could it be?I walked out to the front room very conscious of my cock tenting my boxers. When I got to the front door I looked through the peephole. There on the front step were two women holding my mother up between them, her arms around their shoulders. Forgetting my arousal problem, I immediately opened the door to let them in. ?Mom?, I asked, ?Are you okay?? Mom was definitely having trouble standing without help. ?She is fine, just totally snockered? one of the women replied.I held the door open as they half carried, half dragged Mom into the middle of the room. As they passed me the woman closest to me looked me up and down but her eyes seemed to stop at my boxers. ?We hit a couple of bars tonight and your Mom had a few too many?.The woman checking out my boxers added, ?More than a few?.They passed Mom off to me and I held her up while they said their goodbyes and turned to go. I heard the one checking me out mutter to the other one, ?She should have just come home. He certainly has what she was looking for. Did you see that??I glanced down to see that the head of my cock was peeking out the slit in my boxers. I held Mom up with one arm and quickly tucked myself back in just as the other woman replied to her friend, ?Stop that. That?s her son?.?I was just saying?.??I know what you were saying, stop it?.I closed the door behind them and stood there holding Mom up. She obviously could not walk so I picked her up and began walking back to her bedroom. Once I got there I maneuvered around so I could open the door while holding Mom up and then turned sideways to get Mom through the doorway. I walked over to her bed and sat her down on the side of the bed. She sat up for about five seconds and then fell back onto the bed. I stood there looking at her, her eyes closed, totally out of it. I couldn?t just leave her like this so I pulled her back up into a seated position. ?Mom, you need to get undressed for bed?.She must have heard me because her hands slowly came up and began fumbling with the buttons on her blouse, but with no success at all. After a few attempts her hands fell back to her sides and she then started to fall back onto the bed. I moved quickly this time and caught her first. Oh, great I thought. I can?t leave her like this. I pulled her up off the bed and pulled the covers down. I sat her back on the edge of the bed and then lowered her onto her back. I pulled her shoes off and tossed them aside. I unzipped her pants and began working them down her hips. Her panties caught and came down just enough so that I saw her pubic hair; soft blond curls. It looked cute but this was my mother. I felt my face flush as I looked up at Mom?s face. Her eyes were still closed, still out of it. I pulled her panties back up and finished working her pants off. I lay her pants aside and looked back at Mom, lying there on the bed, her legs dangling off the side. Mom was a good-looking woman. But your Mom?s your Mom. You don?t think of your mother as a sexual being but then Mom looked like an older version of Ari. I unbuttoned her blouse and then pulled her up into a seated position. Her chin was resting on her chest; she was still gone. I worked her blouse off her arms and tossed it aside. Now she was just sitting there in her bra and panties. I wondered, did women wear a bra to bed. It was something I had little experience with. I knew Cissy and Ari didn?t. Oh, and neither did Diana; I had seen her go to bed. But Mom was older. Maybe they were different. Speaking a bit loudly I said, ?Mom, you are ready for bed now. I?m going to go?. I cautiously moved my hands from her and she stayed in a sitting position. I took a step back as she moved her hands behind her. I could see she was fumbling, trying to unhook her bra. I backup up a few more steps; she was going to be okay. But by the time I got to the door she had given up and dropped her hands back to the bed, unsuccessful. Oh, hell. I walked back over to her, reached behind her and unhooked the bra. ?Okay, Mom. You can go to bed now?. Mom didn?t show any sign she heard me but she didn?t fall over or anything, just sat there. I started to back out of the room again. When I got to the door Mom shrugged her shoulders and her bra fell forward off her shoulder to her thighs. I stopped where I was, staring at her. Her breasts were not as perky as Ari?s. They were larger, more like Diana?s. But then Ari hadn?t had three k**s sucking on them for several years. I stood there for several seconds, staring at Mom?s breasts, her legs, slightly spread now. Mom had long legs. I looked up them from her feet to that little gap where her white panties started. Then, feeling guilty about what I was doing, I stepped out of Mom?s bedroom and closed the door. I was still hard and quickly went over to Ari?s bedroom but I had taken too long with Mom, Diana?s bedroom was dark. I went back to my bedroom, tossed my boxers aside and got in bed. I was still hard and with the image of Diana in bed with her vibrator was still playing in my mind I began jacking off. Just as I would get going pretty good the image would change to Mom and I?d stop. It wasn?t that thinking of Mom turned me off. The problem was that it was just the opposite; I started jerking harder until I told myself, ?that?s your mother you are imagining fucking? and I?d stop.I?d gone through this pattern a couple of times when I heard a loud thump through the wall. Something happened in Mom?s room. I jumped up and ran out of my room and stopped at her door. I knocked on her door and called out, ?Mom,? but there was no answer. I knocked again and called out louder, ?Mom, are you alright?? There was still no answer.I opened the door and walked in. I had left the light on the nightstand on and in it?s light I could see Mom sitting on the floor, lying against the bed, totally naked. She must have been sitting on the edge of the bed and just fallen to the floor. I rushed over and got my arms under her knees and shoulders and picked her up and laid her on the bed. She looked no worse for the wear, just totally u*********s from the alcohol. I called out to her several times but got no response. I couldn?t help it, I looked up and down Mom?s body. Her legs were parted slightly on the bed. It was just enough to see the lips of her pussy. My cock twitched and I realized for the first time I?d ran from my room without putting my boxers on; I was standing beside Mom totally nude; my erection pointing at her.Her hand was lying on the edge of the bed by me. I took her wrist and lifted, her fingers dangling, and laid her fingers on my cock; no response. When I let go of her wrist her arm fell back to the bed. It was erotic looking at Mom like this. I could tell my breathing was getting faster and my cock was feeling so tight I had to grab myself to relieve some of the tension. She was lying naked in front of me, totally out of it. And me, her son, standing beside her, my erection waving around at her and she has no idea. Looking back at it later, that is when the idea must have begun germinating in me; the fact that she had no idea. My first thought was I could touch her breasts and she would never know. I reached out and gently touched one of her breasts while watching her face; nothing. I put a finger on the end of one of her nipples. I could feel it begin to harden but nothing changed with her. There wasn?t a twitch from her and her breathing remained the same.As I ran my fingers around her breasts the thought occurred to me, I used to suck on these. I pulled my hands away and bent over and licked on of Mom?s nipples. It was erect and hard now. I looked up at her face; no response. I sucked one of her nipples into my mouth and ran my tongue around it. Mom, I bet I didn?t do that when I was little.I looked back up at Mom?s face. I was still nervous she might regain some awareness but every time I looked she was out of it. Mom was a beautiful woman, her hair splayed about on the bed. I could her shallow breathing through her open mouth. Yes, her open mouth. I moved up the side of the bed. She was close enough to the side of the bed that if I leaned over a bit the head of my cock could just touch her cheek. I rubbed the head of my cock by the side of her mouth; nothing. I reached out and turned her head towards me and moved my cock against her lips. I almost jumped as her tongue came out, licked her lips and the head of my cock at the same time. I pulled away from her and waited for her to do something, show that she knew what was going on. When she didn?t move after a minute or so I moved back up to her. Her mouth was open so I moved closer and slowly put my cock between her lips. Would she lick me again? But I got no response. Mom was still dead to the world.I pulled my cock from her mouth and then lifted Mom?s arms up over her head. That?s better I thought, It seemed to lift her breasts up. I moved down to the foot of the bed and took one of her legs and spread it out to my left and then spread the other out to the right. I took a step back and looked at Mom. It looked like she was spread out on a medieval rack. I took my cock in my hand and slowly stroked myself. This is all her fault, I thought to myself. If she had not let Cissy go on that trip to Hawaii I would be in her bed right now instead of standing here looking at Mom and jacking off.But then the idea finally finished the germinating process and began to flower. Mom?s out of it, she doesn?t know what?s going on. Maybe I could stick it in just a little bit and then I?ll be satisfied. But then the doubts hit me; she?s going to be dry and it would probably wake her up. I moved up to the edge of the bed and reached out and ran a finger around her pussy. Whoa, Mom?s wet. You naughty girl. You liked what you saw at the bar tonight. Well that is going to make this much easier. But I still needed more assurance. Up until now if Mom showed signs of waking up I could move away quickly and if she saw me I could explain I was just trying to get her in bed. There would be no explaining away what I was thinking of now.I called out loudly to her, ?Mom?. No response. I moved my fingers around her clitoris. Not a twitch. Okay, I decided, this is it. From the foot of the bed I moved up with my hands along side her and my knees between her legs. I moved slowly, trying not to shake the bed too much. I kept moving up until I was directly above her. I looked down at Mom?s chest. Her nipples, hard before, had now softened. I lowered my head and sucked one of them into my mouth. It immediately became erect again. I moved my mouth over to the other and ran my tongue around Mom?s nipple, feeling it harden against my tongue.I moved my knees back a few inches so my hips could get lower. I looked down between our bodies. I could see the head of my cock almost touching Mom?s pussy. I rocked forward just a bit to push my cock up against Mom. I could feel the softness of her as I pushed forward. Her pussy felt slick and as I tried to push into her I popped right over her pubic bone. I moved back down and tilted my hips down to get a better angle. I slowly thrust forward again and this time I felt her open up as I slid into her. The air in the room was cool but it felt so hot inside of her. Earlier I had told myself if I really got this far I would just stick it into her a little bit, make a few strokes and then get out of the room before anyone was the wiser. But now I thought maybe just a little deeper would be okay. I pushed again until I was more than half-way into her. I checked Mom?s face, still blank. I pulled back and pushed into her again, being careful not to make her move too much. But the feeling of Mom?s pussy around my cock was causing me to loose much of my caution; I began moving a little faster, in several inches and then back and then in again, over and over. I looked down and watched as her breasts giggled up and down as I moved inside of her. I didn?t want her to move too much so I lowered my body just a bit on her, just enough so that my body against hers made her move less. Okay, just a little more and then I?ll stop. My legs were getting a little uncomfortable in this position so I lowered my knees. That movement pushed me completely inside Mom. Mom still hadn?t moved so I lowered more of my weight on her and rested my head beside hers. I pulled back just an inch or so and then pushed back into her until I was flush with her body. Just a little more and I?ll stop. I settled into a rhythm, pulling back a bit and then gently pushing back into her. Every so often I?d pull back farther and push a little harder into her. In my mind she was enjoying this, she wanted me to fuck her. Her pussy was sucking me deeper into her. It wasn?t me.After several minutes of this I felt that tingle begin to spread over my body. It was coming so fast. What can I do? If I pull out I?ll cum on Mom and the bed and she?ll see it in the morning. I have to put it where she won?t see it. In the moment it took for those illogical thoughts to run through my mind my body caught up to me. I could feel the first spurt starting to come out of me. I pushed deep into Mom; my body giving a little jerk each time my sperm gushed out of me. After several seconds the jerks became just twitches and finally faded to nothing. I was drained. I lifted myself up carefully. I had moved around on Mom much more than I had planned but Mom?s eyes were still closed, a faint snore escaping her mouth. I lifted my chest off Mom and then started to work my way up onto my knees. The sensation of my cock slowly sliding out of Mom made me think for a moment about staying in her for a while. I have to stop thinking like this. I?ve been lucky so far. I reached down and pulled one of Mom?s legs closer to me and began working my way over her leg. Then I reached back across her and pulled her other leg straight. Next I took her arms, one at a time, crossed them on her chest.I pulled the sheet up and covered Mom and then reached over and turned off the light on the nightstand and then lay back on the bed for a moment. I came in my mother. How could I do that? It was bad enough that I undressed her, not to mention deciding to stick my cock in her ?just a little bit?. Sure, sex with Cissy and Ari was i****t, I knew that, but they were all for it. I didn?t force anything on them. In fact, they started it with me. But Mom, that could be called ****.I lay there in the dark, Mom beside me, guilty thoughts running through my mind. Now I probably would have been okay if I had lain there for a few minutes feeling guilty before going to my bedroom. And the key words there were, ?going to my bedroom?. Because in fact, I didn?t go to my bedroom; I fell asleep, lying next to Mom, both of us naked. ?Jeremy, wake up?. I could feel the prodding on my arm and I heard the call to wake up a few more times before I finally said something intelligent like ?Huh?? Followed by, ?Mom, I?ll get up in a minute?. I think the first thought that occurred to me was that she was waking me up for school.?Jeremy, wake up?.I opened my eyes. Fuck I thought, I?m still in Mom?s bed. I turned my head to look at her. She was lying on her side facing me, one arm holding the sheet up across her breasts. ?Jeremy, what happened last night???Nothing Mom. You came home kind of drunk and I tried to put you to bed. I guess I laid down for a minute and I fell asleep?.Mom?s voice then got more stern and I could see a flash of anger in her face. ?Jeremy, a woman knows when someone has had sex with her. What did you do? Why??I must have been a bright red. I was so embarrassed I couldn?t think straight. I didn?t know where to start. ?Mom, don?t make me tell you?.?Jeremy, what happened??Then over the next minute and a half I gave her a fairly truthful story of what happened, how she came home so drunk she couldn?t walk, not even stay awake. How I got her into her bedroom, helped her start to undress and then left her to finish. I stammered some more telling how she fell onto the floor totally naked and I came in and as I was trying to pick her up when my penis, well you have to say penis to your mom, slipped out of my boxers and she put it in her mouth. At that point in the story Mom cried out, covered her mouth with her hand and said, ?I couldn?t have?. I just nodded my head that she did and continued. I then finished by telling how when I finally got her up in the bed she pulled me onto the bed and then got on top of me and before I could do anything she had me inside of her. Well, I said it was a ?fairly? truthful story. What f******n year-old is going to tell his mom he jumped on top of her while she was drunk and helpless and fucked the hell out of her and dumped a load of his sperm in her. And probably because I left that part out Mom was now aghast. Mom dropped the sheet she was holding to her breasts and pulled my head to her, exclaiming how sorry she was, asking for my forgiveness for what she did to me. I wanted to say something but Mom had pulled my face right into her breasts. I could feel one of her nipples pressed into my cheek less than an inch from my face. The urge to turn my face and take it into my mouth was so strong I could feel my cock begin to harden. ?Oh Jeremy. I?m so sorry. I don?t know how it happened. I should never have drunk so much. I hope you can forgive me?. Mom sounded really upset.Mom eased her hand from around my head and I was able to pull back and say, ?It?s okay Mom. I understand?.?No Honey. It?s not right. A mother doesn?t do that to her son?.Now I was beginning to feel bad. Mom thought she did it to me when really I fucked her. Plus I could almost feel the heat coming off Mom?s body, her breasts were no longer hidden behind the sheet and were completely in view and I was completely erect. ?Mom, I?m okay. I?m not going to need therapy or anything?. As I said it I reached out and put my hand on the side of her breast.Mom didn?t seem to notice she just nodded her head and said, ?I?ve just been so horny. I?m missing your father. I went out last night with the girls. I spent all night watching the men and women hooking up for the evening and I knew I wasn?t going to get any. It just made me drink too much. And now I?ve had sex and I don?t even remember what it was like. I?m sorry Jeremy, I shouldn?t be talking to you like this?. Mom stopped talking for a moment before adding, ?Did I?I mean, was it????It was fine Mom. You seemed to enjoy it?. Lying through my teeth, I?m going straight to hell. I moved a finger slightly to brush against her nipple. Mom gave a little shudder and looked down at my hand.?What are you doing Jeremy???It?s okay Mom. You had me doing this a lot last night?. I watched Mom?s face as I moved my finger over her nipple again and then gently squeezed her breast. Mom reached up with her and placed it over mine like she was going to pull my hand away. Instead, she just covered my hand with hers, leaving my hand on her breast.I inched towards her on the bed and my cock brushed against her thigh and then rode up onto it. I could feel the heat of her body along my shaft. Mom had to know what it was. She couldn?t think it was my hand, could she? ?That was last night. I was drunk. But I can?t do this with you Jeremy. You?re my son. It?s not right.??I know you like sex Mom. I could tell last night. You didn?t mind that I?m your son then.?Mom tried to move back but all she succeeded in doing was rolling onto her back. ?We can?t do this. It?s i****t.? Mom was saying the words but there was no conviction behind them. I moved my hand from her breast and she let out a sigh that sounded more like disappointment than relief.I moved my hand slowly down her body until it was resting on her hipbone. ?We could do it just one more time.? As I talked I began moving towards her. I lifted one leg and then lowered my knee between her legs. They were partially open so I pushed a little harder against her thigh and Mom spread them a little wider for me. I could feel my hard cock resting on the top of her thigh that was now between my legs. I lifted my other leg and moved it between hers. Mom raised her head and looked down between our bodies. My cock was now lying on her stomach and I knew that was what she was looking at; the swollen dark purple head staring up at her. She said, ?Jeremy, you have to stop:, but at the same time her feet moved up the bed forcing her knees up in the air, her legs spread wide apart around my hips. I dipped my hips to position my cock against her pussy. Mom had not really done anything to stop me other than say we shouldn?t so I immediately pushed into her. Mom?s body arched against mine as I entered her. It felt so good as my cock pushed her lips apart and I slid completely into her. I held myself there, not moving, just feeling the sensation of my entire cock inside of Mom, the heat of her surrounding me.That brief respite gave Mom a chance to try once more, ?Jeremy?, she gasped, ?You have to pull out of me. We can?t do this, please get it out?. She gave what felt like a half-hearted wiggle to try and get me off of her but her moving against me only made me hotter.I responded by pulling my cock out a few inches and then driving it back into her. ?Just this one last time Mom, you?ll feel better?. Mom didn?t say anything more, just put her hands up on my sides. I began moving thrusting faster. It felt so slick in her, our fluids mingling together. Mom lifted her feet higher in the air and then I felt her heels dig into my butt, digging into me to go deeper into her. I felt Mom?s arms wrap around my back as I settled into a fast rhythm on top of her. This was so much better than last night. Sure, last night I fucked my Mom, but she didn?t know it. Now she?s lying under me, my cock buried deep in her and she?s enjoying it, moving with me. I could feel her hips move up against me to meet each stroke into her.Mom began to let out low moans as I ground my hips against her. Ari had told what she liked me to do and I thought Mom would like it also. I was right; like mother, like daughter. Then just as Mom?s moans became louder I felt that tingle wash over me. Mom sensed it as I thrust hard into her a couple of times. She said, ?No, wait. Not yet.?But I was too far gone. With a hard push against her I let loose with the first blast. Mom moved her hands to my butt and pulled at me as I continued to thrust into her with each succeeding ejaculation into her.When I was finished I lay there on her, our breathing gradually returning to normal. When I was finally able to talk I said, ?I?m sorry Mom. I couldn?t wait any longer?.Mom patted my butt, ?It?s okay. It?s your first, I mean, I guess it?s your second time. You lasted longer than I would have thought?. Mom must have realized where her hands were, she moved them up to my back.?I must be getting heavy. Would you like me to get off??When Mom nodded I lifted my weight off her and then, as slowly as I could, let myself gradually slip out of her. If this was it I wanted the feeling to last as long as it could. When I was finally out of her I rolled onto my side next to her, my cock lying limp, angled to one side. We both lay there, neither of us speaking; mother and son lying naked next to each other. A stray thought occurred to me, I hadn?t noticed the bed squeaking. Maybe I didn?t give Mom the ride she was used to.After a minute or so I saw a movement out of the corner of my eye. I watched as Mom?s right hand moved up onto her hip and then over to her pubic hair. Her legs were still parted and as I watched, her fingers moved down into the space between her legs. Was Mom really rubbing herself? What else could she be doing?After a minute Mom let out a sigh and turned to me, resting her hand on the top of my hip closest to her. Just the proximity of her hand to my cock caused me to begin to stir. She looked at me and said, ?Jeremy, do you think you could do me a favor?? I nodded and she continued, ?Could we do it just one last time??I had no sooner said ?Okay? and started to roll over so I could get on top of her when Mom added, ?And I?m going to be on top?. As she started to move over on top of my I looked down, ?I don?t think I?m ready yet?. Mom looked down at my limp cock. As she moved over my legs and sat on my thighs, she took my cock in her hand, saying, ?I haven?t touched this since you were five. It?s grown a bit since then.? Mom wrapped her fingers around my shaft. She ran a finger lightly over the head and then slowly began to stroke me. ?I think I can help?.It was just seconds before I began to respond. Mom continued working her finger magic on me until she had me hard again. She immediately moved up on her knees above my waist and positioned me where she wanted me between her legs and then sat down on me. Mom started out slowly, rocking back and forth on me. Over the next few minutes as she began moving faster I noticed the squeaking. So it was Mom on top of Dad making the bed squeak. And now it?s Mom on top of me, her son. I looked up at Mom?s face. Her eyes were closed, her brow furrowed, a look of intense concentration on her face. I reached up and began caressing her breasts. Mom let out a moan and leaned into my hands. Her hips began rocking faster on me. Just when I thought she couldn?t go any faster she stopped and let out a long cry. I could feel her pussy pulsate around my cock as it spasmed in her orgasm. After a minute or so Mom lowered herself onto my chest and said, ?Thank you.?I didn?t say anything, just nodded. I moved my hands to her butt, pulling her tight against me and began making long, slow strokes into her. The thought of my giving my mother an orgasm already had me on the edge. It was just a minute or two longer before I was cumming in my mother for the third time in less than eight hours.We lay there for several minutes not talking before Mom finally said, ?We should take a shower?. As she got off me I looked between her legs. I just caught a glimpse of it. A line of fluid, my sperm, was leaking out of her pussy and slowly running down the inside of her thigh.As Mom walked towards the master bathroom I jumped out of bed to follow her. It would be fun to take a shower with her. Maybe she would do it with me again. As we walked through the bathroom to back where the shower was Mom saw me in the mirror following her. She turned and asked, ?Where are you going???You said we should take a shower?.?You have your own bathroom. Take your shower there?. Mom then turned without saying anything else, opened the door leading to the shower and closed it behind her.I wondered at the sudden change in attitude. Was Mom mad at me? Did I do something wrong?I took a shower and dressed. When I was finished I walked past Mom?s room. The door was open and she was not there. She wasn?t in the kitchen so I checked the garage, her car was gone. Later in the day Mom called to say she had gone to work and would be home at dinner time, would I make something for dinner.I killed time watching TV and playing video games most of the day. As the afternoon approached I checked the freezer for possibilities for dinner. Perfect; all the ingredients for Cioppino were there, Mom?s favorite dish.At five, Mom called to say she was on her way home. I suggested she pick up some sourdough on her way. When Mom saw what I had made she was really appreciative. Later we watched TV together before going to our separate bedrooms. During the entire evening not a word was said about what we did that morning.On my way to bed I did my usual check for Diana on Ari?s computer but the room was dark. Once in bed I lay there under my covers, stroking myself, and thinking of how Mom looked this morning as she sat on top of me having her orgasm, how it felt inside of her.I heard a noise and looked up to see Mom standing in my doorway. I jerked my hand away from my cock. How long had she been standing there? Had she seen what I was doing? The light in the hall backlit her so that I could see the silhouette of her naked body through her nightgown. She stood there, not moving, looking at me. After what seemed like minutes but was probably just a few seconds, Mom walked over to me. I had pulled my hand from my cock but the covers were still tented from by erection. Mom stood by the bed, still not speaking. Did she come in to talk to me about this morning? How bad we were? How we could never speak of it? I wished she would say something.Then finally she said, ?Jeremy?.?Yes Mom???Would it be possible?., Do you think??. Mom paused and then finished, ?we could do it one last time??I pulled the covers off me, exposing my hard-on. ?I?ve been thinking of you?.Mom pulled her nightgown over her head and climbed in bed on top of me; at least to begin with she was on top of me. Over the next few days we had our ?one last time? several times. We didn?t talk about it. Everything was normal, our talking, Mom going to work, talking about what Ari, Cissy or Dad might be doing. We talked about a lot when we were together. We just never talked about our fucking each other. And when we were fucking we never talked about the rest of the family.?Tuesday was Christmas. It was the strangest day. With Dad, Cissy and Ari gone it really did not seem like Christmas at all. Mom and I opened our gifts for each other. We had gone back to bed and Mom was on top of me, close to orgasm, when Ari called. Mom said hi, asked if Ari was having a good time, exchanged some small talk and then handed the phone to me. I then listened while Ari told me about the great time she was having while Mom closed her eyes and then rode me until she came.Wednesday night Mom went to bed before me. I checked on Diana before going to join Mom. I was in luck, Diana was lying on her bed naked. She was just lying there reading. I was just wondering, if I stay long enough would she pull out her vibrator again, when I heard Mom?s voice behind me, ?What are you doing??I quickly moved the mouse to minimize the window. ?My computer was acting slow so I was just seeing if Ari?s had the same problem?. I looked over my shoulder. Mom was standing naked in the doorway. I stood up as Mom started walking towards me. Watching Diana for those few minutes had given me a partial erection. When Mom got to me she took my cock in her hand saying, ?Thinking of me??In answer I put my arms around her and pulled her to me. ?I?m always thinking of you Mom?. Mom?s naked body pressed against mine had my cock standing at full attention in just a few more seconds. I moved my hands down to her butt and lifted her up to my waist. Mom responded by wrapping her legs around me, trapping my cock between our bodies..Mom, giggling, said, ?Jeremy, put me down?.Mom?s pubic bone was pushing against my cock. It was uncomfortable so I lifted Mom several inches higher to free myself and that gave me the idea. I tilted my hips a bit trying to find that spot as Mom wiggled around trying to get me to put her down. When I thought I was in the right spot I lowered Mom a few inches and felt myself slip effortlessly into her. Mom let out a gasp and hugged me tighter.?Be careful, don?t drop me?. ?I couldn?t drop you Mom. I like you right where you are?.We stood there for several minutes, me holding her up in the air, thrusting my hips at her. Then for a change I began lifting her a few inches and then lowering her on me. Finally Mom said she wanted to finish in the bed. We moved over to Ari?s bed and started with Mom on top of me. After she came we rolled over and I got on top of her. I took my time and she came again before I finished. After we caught our breath and our heartbeats had returned to normal Mom got up and left for her bedroom. I said I would be coming soon. After several minutes had passed and I was fairly sure Mom would not suddenly reappear, I got out of Ari?s bed and went back to her computer.I grabbed the mouse and maximized the video window and got the surprise of my life. Diana filled the screen. She was sitting naked at her computer. I could see her from mid-waist up. ?Hey Jeremy, how?s it hanging??She could see me! Then it hit me; how long had she been sitting there? I looked up at the webcam. It was pointed towards me and the bed was directly behind me.?Jeremy, cat got your tongue?? Diana was smiling. ?Or should I say, pussy got your tongue???Hi Diana. How long have you been sitting there???Long enough little guy?.That stung. ?I?m not little?.?Well I guess I would have to agree to that from what I?ve seen. I just meant you are younger. That?s all. I bet Ari and Cissy are going to be a bit upset?.Uh oh. ?What do you mean???I mean I don?t think Cissy and Ari are going to like sharing?.?How did you know? Did Ari tell you???Ari and I talk about everything?. Diana looked at me for a moment and then repeated, ?Everything. Besides, Ari didn?t have to tell me. I?ve been watching you, just like you?ve been watching me. Didn?t you ever wonder why Ari and I always leave the light on in our bedrooms??No I hadn?t. I hadn?t really pressed the point of turning the light off because I enjoyed looking at Ari?s naked body. But the part about Cissy and Ari finding out could ruin everything. ?Please don?t tell Ari?.Diana smiled and said, ?I?ll give that some consideration?. She then stood up and stepped out of the range of the camera. When she didn?t return I got up, left the window open, and went to join Mom in bed. I didn?t fall right asleep. I kept thinking about Diana watching Cissy and Ari having sex with me, and now with my Mom. Would she say anything?Thursday morning Mom woke up early. I reached for her as she started to get out of bed but I was too late. ?I?m sorry Honey, I have an early procedure. I?ll make it up to you later?. My head flopped back on the pillow and I was quickly fell back to sleep. I didn?t even hear her leave.Around two in the afternoon I was getting ready to meet my buddies when the doorbell rang. I answered it to find a guy with an ID badge from the hospital. ?Are you Jeremy?? When I nodded he added, ?Your mother asked me to come pick you up. She said she needed to talk to you at the hospital?.As I walked out to the car I immediately began worrying. Why does she want to see me there? Has something happened to Dad or Ari or Cissy? Maybe it?s something else but why didn?t she just call me if it?s something minor?All the way to the hospital and then to Mom?s office I worried about what could have happened. I asked the driver if he knew what was going on but he just said he was supposed to pick me up and take me to the hospital. When I reached her office her secretary motioned for me to go on in, ?She?s waiting for you?. I looked at her face but got no clue. I knocked lightly on the door and then opened it and went on in. Mom was sitting at her desk. She looked up, ?Hi Jeremy. Would you shut the door??I shut the door and walked over to her desk expecting the worst. ?What?s going on Mom??Mom reached for the phone and pushed a button, ?Maggie? No interruptions please. I need some time to talk to Jeremy?. She put the phone down and looked up at me. ?I?ve had a morning you wouldn?t believe: Jerks to the left of me and blowhards to the right?. Mom stood up and walked around her desk. As she walked towards me she began unbuttoning her blouse. ?I?ve been thinking of this all morning. I had to leave early this morning and really missed you?. Mom?s office was on the first floor, facing the grounds behind the hospital. Over her shoulder I could see people walking around in an almost park-like setting. There was something like an alcove right outside her window where people could sit with some privacy, trees providing shade and some shrubs blocking some of the view of the area from beyond.By the time Mom had reached me her blouse was off and she was unhooking her bra. She kicked her shoes aside, followed by her pants and panties. ?Mom? There are people out there. They can see us. What if someone walks in??As Mom began unbuttoning my shirt she replied, ?You heard me, I told Maggie, no interruptions?.By that time Mom had my pants and boxers down to my ankles. I lifted my feet to help Mom get my shoes off and then stepped out of my clothes. I looked around the room. It was obvious what Mom wanted to do but where? There were a couple of chairs and a small sofa that would be too short for us to lie on. Her desk was big enough. I had seen movies where people sweep things off a desk onto the floor and then go at it but it did not look the least bit comfortable. That left the floor. At least she had thick carpeting.I started to ask Mom where we were going to do this but just got out the word ?Where? when she grabbed me by the cock and turned around and started walking back to her desk with me trying to stay up with her; I don?t stretch.Over Mom?s shoulder I saw an older man and a younger woman in scrubs step into the alcove and sit on the bench. They had not looked our way yet but they had to see us if they turned. ?Mom, they?ll see us?. I tried to stop as she started to walk behind her desk but she had a good grip on me. Where ever she went I was going to follow.?They can?t see through the glass. We can see out but it?s like a mirror on the outside.?There was a credenza behind Mom?s desk running along the windows. Mom finally stopped walking once she was between the desk and the credenza. The couple outside had begun kissing and the guy?s hand had disappeared inside the young girls top.I could hear a little hiss come from Mom, ?I don?t know how many times I?ve told Gordon to not hit on his interns. One of these days his wife is going to find out and he?ll be missing that cock he is so proud of?. Mom turned to face me, ?But watching Gordon is not why I wanted to see you?. Mom took my cock in both hands, fondling me, stroking me. I looked around, still trying to figure out how we were going to do this. Mom then turned her back to me and faced the window. She bent at the waist, putting her hands on the top of the credenza. I was slow catching on. ?Come on Jeremy. We don?t have all day?.Just as the light bulb finally went off in my head I saw Mom?s hand appear from between her legs, reaching for my cock. I moved a bit forward so she could grab me. Once she had me firmly in her grip she pulled my cock straight and then tugged me towards her. As I shuffled my feet a few inches forward I felt her shift her grip down my shaft. Mom then pushed her butt back against me and I felt myself enter her. The air-conditioning in Mom?s office was cool on my naked body but Mom?s pussy felt hot as it sucked me into her. I moved my hands to her hips and began stroking in and out of her; pulling her against me as I moved into her. Shallow strokes at first and then interspersed with several hard deep strokes, my body slamming hard against her butt as the tension built up in me. I slowed down as I felt Mom?s fingers brush against my shaft several times. I thought she was feeling my cock, and that she was not doing it particularly well, when I realized she was rubbing her clitoris and I was just getting a side benefit. The couple outside still bothered me. They were just a few feet from Mom?s window, just a few feet away from seeing my cock buried completely inside my mother?s pussy. I could see them so clearly it was hard to accept they could not see us. And if they could see us what would it do to Mom?s job.I couldn?t help looking up at them every now and then. When I looked up this time it was to find the girl holding the old guys erect cock up through a slit in his pants. I could see the purple head sticking up above her fingers. She was slowly stroking him up and down as one of his hands worked its way under the waistband of her pants. I wondered what she saw in this old guy. He looked old enough to be her father.He put a hand on her shoulder and gently pressed, trying to get her to lower her head to his cock. She shook her head and tried to sit up straighter but his hand kept her where she was. As I watched, he looked around to see if anyone was watching and then lowered his head and said something to her. Once again she shook her head no. The man looked at her for a moment his face looking stern, and then said something again to her. The young woman didn?t look up at him. She seemed to be staring at the head of his cock. The man said something again and moved his hand away from her shoulder, resting it on the bench. It looked like whatever was going to happen was now up to her.I looked at the path beyond them. People were walking past on the sidewalk, not looking in, not aware of what was taking place just a few feet from them. After a few seconds the woman lowered her head so that the man?s cock was just grazing her lips. She stayed like that for a few more seconds, the dark head of his cock in stark contrast to her pale skin. Then in one motion she opened her lips wide and took him into her mouth. The man reached down and pulled her hands from his shaft and then placed his hands on either side of her head, guiding her head up and down on him, showing her what he wanted her to do. Once she was doing it like he wanted he removed his hands and stretched them out along the top of the bench. Now the only motion was her head moving up and down on him.While I had been watching the couple outside Mom had continued rubbing herself. Mom let out a couple of cries and pushed back hard against me. I had not realized the effect of watching the couple had on me. My hands were gripping Mom?s shoulders, pulling her back against me as I thrust hard and fast into her. Mom?s short cry became a long one. I could feel her muscles tighten around me, holding me in place as she came.I had stopped thrusting into Mom when she came. Now that she had finished I began moving in and out of her again, ready for my turn. I was looking down, watching my cock appear and disappear in her pussy, a ring of her pussy pulled back with my cock each time I pulled from her, when I heard her say, ?That old fart is going to get us a sexual harassment suit?.I looked up to see Mom watching the couple outside. The girl was still sucking on the guys cock, his eyes were closed and now he had one hand on the top of her head. It looked like he was trying to get her to go faster. His hips were lifting up partially off the bench to meet her head as it came down on him. His hips moved up sharply and I could see the strain on his face as he held them there. His body gave a little jerk and the girl started to pull away, trying to get him out of her mouth. He quickly brought his other hand out and pushed her head back down on him. It took me a moment to realize he was cumming. The thought of his cock squirting his cum in her mouth excited me and I began to thrust faster in Mom. I grabbed her hips to hold her tight against me as I thrust up in her. Mom turned her head around trying to look at me. ?You like that?? She turned back to face the couple. ?Let me know when you are ready to cum.?My mouth was dry so I just grunted an ?uh huh?.The guy must have been finished, he had removed his hands from her head and she was starting to sit up. As she rose his cock slipped from her mouth and fell limp to his thigh. She was close enough to us that I could see a line of sperm that had leaked from her mouth, down her chin and was now creating a wet spot on her top over one breast. Her lips were pursed together to keep more from leaking onto her clothes. She stood, slapped him in the face and then walked away, leaving him smiling on the bench.I grabbed Mom?s hips and pushed hard into her, lifting her onto her toes. I held myself deep in her, feeling the tingle spread over my body signaling my approaching rush of sperm. ?Mom, I?m close?.Mom surprised me by trying to move away from me. I moved quickly with her to stay in her but then she rose up and turned to face me. Before I could begin to ask what was wrong she dropped to her knees; my cock bobbing in her face. She put one hand on my thigh, cupped my balls in her other hand, opened her mouth and my cock disappeared in her mouth. Her tongue began darting around my cock, licking the head, flicking back and forth at me. Her fingers were gently moving my balls around in their sac. I groaned and leaned towards her, feeling my cock go deeper in her mouth, her tongue now licking the underside of my shaft.I happened to look up to see the guy outside staring at the window towards us. I felt my face get hot thinking he could see us, my mother sucking me off. I looked back at Mom. I could see her cheeks sink in as she sucked on me. It may have taken a minute, it seemed like she had just started when I exploded in her mouth. Seeing the girl outside try to pull away made me think Mom would do the same but she never moved. If anything, her tongue moved faster around the head, seeming to try and encourage more sperm to come out. About halfway through my orgasm my knees felt weak and I had to lean back against Mom?s desk to remain standing. I could hear slurping sounds as Mom continued to lick and suck on me as I began to soften. It was a few minutes before Mom finally pulled me from her mouth. I was completely limp by then. She gave my cock a squeeze and a small drop of sperm oozed out. She quickly licked it off and I watched as her tongue moved around in her mouth, like a person swirling wine, testing its aroma and flavor.She looked up at me and smiled, her mouth opening slightly. Foam and bubbles appeared in the opening and began to spill over her lower lip. With a sucking sound they disappeared back into her mouth. I watched her head bob as she swallowed.Mom looked up at me and said, ?That?s how it should be done.? She then stood up and gave me a hug. ?Thanks, I needed that. I?ve had boring meetings all morning.? She proceeded to get dressed while I first looked out the window. The old guy had got off the bench and was now standing in front of the window. Watching himself in the window, he straightened his clothing and hair and then turned and walked away.When I turned away from the window Mom was completely dressed and had a compact out checking her makeup. I walked over to my clothes and began dressing. ?You don?t like that guy???He?s a jerk. That young girl was one of his surgical interns; in other words, one of his slaves. She thinks she has to do what he says or her career will suffer?.?Will it???Not if she comes in and talks to me. I?d love to fry his ass?.I finished dressing and Mom walked me to the door. She opened it and said, ?Jeremy, I?ll see you at home later. Just remember our visit here. I hope it made an impression on you.?I quickly glanced at Mom?s secretary. She was smiling up at me. Did she know what we had been doing? I didn?t say anything, just nodded to Mom.?Maggie, would you please arrange for Jeremy to get a ride home??All the way home I thought about how Mom?s mouth felt on my cock. I finally had to think about something else, I was getting a hard-on in the car.Later that evening Mom called to say not to wait up for her. There was an emergency at the hospital and she would be home late. I spent part of the evening in Ari?s room spying on Diana. She did not have a repeat with the vibrator but I got to watch her walk around nude in her bedroom for a while. When I went to bed I lay there for quite a while thinking about what Mom and I were doing. It didn?t seem to bother her. In fact, just the opposite, she seemed to be enjoying herself immensely. But what would happen when Dad came home? Would it stop or would we continue on the sly? I mean, I love my Dad, but I?m fucking his wife, my mother.Then something much more immediate hit me; Cissy and Ari would be coming home in just a couple of days. How can I keep this secret from them? Would Diana let me? I can?t just wait for them to go to sleep and then slip into Mom?s bedroom; Cissy or Ari could easily come to my bedroom when I?m out. Or Mom could come into mine while I?m with Cissy or Ari.For the next hour I tried to think of solutions that could keep me in three beds but nothing seemed failsafe. The only thing that could possibly work was Mom knowing about me and Cissy and Ari or visa versa. I had no illusions of what Mom would think of me fucking my thirteen year-old sister. That meant the only thing that might work was Cissy and Ari knowing about Mom and I don?t even know how to approach that conversation.I finally drifted off to sleep with no resolution to my problem. A couple of hours later I halfway woke up as Mom slid into bed next to me. She moved up against me and we both drifted right off to sleep.It must have been several hours later when I felt the bed move as Mom got up and went into the bathroom. It was still dark out so I closed my eyes to go back to sleep. I was drifting in and out, not quite asleep and not quite awake. I could hear Mom moving around, not coming back to bed. When she turned on a light I finally gave up on sleep and looked up to see what she was doing. She was walking back and forth in the room naked, moving from her dresser and closet to the bed. I watched her breasts sway back and forth as she walked, admired how they hung from her body when she bent over to get something from the bottom drawer of her dresser. After a couple of trips she stopped at her dresser and bent over with her back to me. Even from across the room I could see the lips of her pussy and my cock stirred as I remembered standing behind her in her office.I watched her make several more passes while she selected clothes and brought them over to the bed and packed them into a suitcase sitting on the bed. Mom still hadn?t said anything. My curiosity finally got the better of me, ?Why are you packing? Where are you going??Mom stopped folding a pair of pants, lay them in the suitcase and looked down at me. ?I need to go see your father. I leave in a few minutes. I?ll be gone for a week?See Dad? Oh no. Mom?s feeling guilty. She wants to tell Dad what?s happened. I?m dead meat. My mouth was dry and I didn?t know what to say. I finally croaked out ?Why??Mom looked at me for several seconds before answering, ?Jeremy, I thought they taught you better in school?.School? What did school have to do with her going to visit Dad??You have been cumming in me, twice,? and then with a smile, ?sometimes three times a day for the past week. And this last week I might add, was the worst week of the month for you to be doing that?.Mom must have seen from my face I was starting to catch on. It had never occurred to me that Mom wouldn?t be on the pill. Oh My God, I might have gotten her pregnant. ?But I thought you were on the pill or something?.?I was. But your father was going to be gone for so long I thought I?d go off it for a while. That?s why I have to go see your father. I miss him anyway. If I?m already pregnant, and I think there is a good chance, I need to have sex with your father right away. I don?t want to have to explain to him how I got pregnant with him thousands of miles away, or that his son got his wife pregnant. This way, if I am, he will think he did it.?Mom talking about me cumming in her and that she might be pregnant was having an effect on me. It also didn?t help that she had been walking around the room naked for the last ten minutes. I glanced down and saw my erection was causing the sheet to stick up. I looked quickly back at Mom to see her looking down also. Mom reached over and pulled the sheet down to my feet exposing me. The sudden movement of the sheet made my cock swing back and forth for a moment. ?My, My. It seems that talking about sperm and babies gets you excited?.She was certainly right about that. I reached out and caught her hand and pulled her towards me so that her breasts were dangling above my face. I grabbed her other hand and pulled her up partially on the bed. ?No Jeremy. There isn?t time. My ride will be here any second.?But with both of Mom?s hands in mine she was caught; she had no leverage to get up. I spread her arms wider, causing her chest to lower until I could reach one of her nipples with my mouth. I sucked it into my mouth, running my tongue back and forth over it, feeling it harden.?Please Honey. I have to get ready; I?m not dressed yet?.I pulled her until she was on top of me and then rolled over on top of her. ?Jeremy, we can?t?. I moved my knees between her legs and felt her knees spread apart under me. ?Jeremy, really, we shouldn?t.?Still holding her hands in mine, I stretched her arms out above her head. I felt so hard. I was trying to move my hips up so I could get in Mom but at the same time she was wiggling her hips around, still making some effort to keep me out of her. But then with one stroke I was halfway in her. I let go of her hands and lowered my body onto hers; pressing her down into the bed. I slid my hands under her butt, pulling her tight to me as I stroked deeper inside of her. Mom wrapped her harms around my neck and whispered into my ear, ?You are going to have to be quick. I don?t have much time?. I would have preferred about an hour but I knew she was right.I could feel Mom?s lips against my ear, ?What was it? The thought of your sperm swimming around in my body, their long tails speeding them through me as they searched for my egg?? That thought did raise my blood pressure some but that was not the thought that set me off. I had settled into a fast rhythm in her; stroking deep until our bodies hit against each other then pulling half way out of her before thrusting into her again. ?Or was it the thought you getting your mommy pregnant; her tummy swelling up with your baby inside of her??That was it. Just her saying it made me groan and push deep inside of her. I stayed there, grinding against her. In my mind I could see Mom walking around the house, her stomach swollen with my baby inside of her.I started to pull back so I could push hard into her again but mom grabbed at me. ?No, back where you were?. I pushed hard back into her again and felt her lift her legs up so her heels were digging into my butt. I could feel Mom tilt her pelvis up to be flusher with me. It took a moment for me to realize I was rubbing right on her clitoris; Mom was about to cum.It was just another minute before Mom let out a long groan and arched her body up against me. I held myself deep in her, not moving, letting her orgasm play out. I could feel her pussy spasming around my cock; a throbbing sensation that gradually ebbed. I knew I was just moments away myself. But then thoughts of why she was leaving filled my head. I turned my head and asked, ?Should I pull out??It took so long for Mom to say anything I thought she had not heard me. I was about to ask her again when she said very softly, ?No, stay in me?. As I began thrusting faster into her Mom asked, ?When my stomach is big and fat will you still fuck me?? I turned my head towards hers and said ?Yes?.Mom hugged me tight to her, her legs trying to lock at the ankles around my waist. It took just a few more strokes in her and I erupted. Each stream of my sperm shot into her was accompanied with a small jerk of my body against hers. I could feel her chin bounce against the top of my shoulder; a little ?unh? escaping her mouth each time I thrust into her, leaving more of my sperm in her, ready to begin racing around in her.When I was finished we lay there, me still on top of her, both of us trying to catch our breath. We heard the faint honk of a horn outside and mom said ?I hope that?s the first time she?s honked?. Mom then patted me on the back, ?You better get off me. That?s my ride?.I rolled off her and she quickly climbed out of bed and began dressing. She took a quick look in the suitcase, nodded her approval, and closed the lid. I just lay there in the bed, my limp but now very satisfied cock lying to one side. Mom stepped into the bathroom and gave her hair a quick couple of brushes. She started to walk out of the bathroom but stopped and opened a drawer. She pulled out a small plastic case, saying ?I almost forgot?, closed the drawer and came back out to the bed and put it in her purse. I looked at her, ?Forget some makeup??Mom closed her purse, ?No, my diaphragm?.I must have had a questioning look on my face because Mom then explained, ?I need this with your father. If I?m not pregnant already, I don?t want to get pregnant when I visit him?.I just nodded. It wasn?t until much later that I thought about Mom saying it was okay for me to cum in her while she was going to use her diaphragm when she visited Dad.When the doorbell rang Mom hurried over to me and gave me a kiss on the cheek. ?I?ll be gone for just a week. I?ll be back next Sunday. Now remember your sisters will be coming home tomorrow. Just tell them I missed their father and went to visit him. And you take good care of your sisters. No fighting. Keep your eye on them. You are the man of the house when your father is gone?.?Don?t worry Mom. I?ll take good care of them?. But I?ll be keeping more than my eye on them.Mom kissed me again, grabbed her purse and suitcase and walked over to the door. She turned and said, ?It?s still early. You get some more sleep. You deserve it?. She turned out the light and was gone. I closed my eyes and lay there. Just before falling asleep I began making some plans for Ari?s return tomorrow and then Cissy?s on Sunday. I had not been asleep long when the doorbell gradually pulled me from a dream that had Cissy, Ari and Mom and I all in a bed together. I was trying to keep it with me, but as the seconds passed, the harder I tried the faster it faded away, like a morning mist under a hot sun. The only reminder was the hard-on I now had.The doorbell rang again. Whoever it was certainly was persistent. It had better not be some religious nut trying to bring me to Jesus. Not worried about impressing some door-to-door person I put on some boxers and went to the front door. I opened the door ready to be rude.Instead of some holy rollers it was Ari?s friend Diana, ?Hi Diana?.?Hi Jeremy.? Diana looked down at my boxers. ?Is that for me??I looked down and saw my morning wood had not completely subsided; the front of my boxers were sticking out. But then Diana had already seen me naked so it really didn?t matter. ?What do you want??Diana said, ?My batteries ran out I was about to go to the store for more when I remembered your house is closer than the store?. She put out her hand and pushed the door open wider and I stepped aside as she entered our house and closed the door.
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