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Control little sub

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Control little subControl little_subHe presses his body down on me, keeping his lips on mine. My raised legs wrap around his body instinctively, pulling him tightly against me, not wanting to break this contact. His hand snakes around the back of my neck, winding my hair around his fingers, tugging gently, making me moan against his tongue. His other hand is stroking over the welts on my ass which is now raised slightly off the chaise as I cross my ankles behind him. I cry out as he takes a firm hold of my ass and squeezes, putting pressure right on the marks he had just left on me. I'm looking up at him as he does this and see the flash of joy in his eyes at my reaction as he smiles down at me. He pulls gently at my thigh, encouraging me to loosen my grip on him. My cheeks flush and I mumble an apology, uncrossing my ankles and lowering my legs to the side. He untangles his hand from my hair and pushes up off me. I feel cold and miss his weight on me. I start to push myself up to sitting but catch his eye as I do and lower myself back down. My legs are still spread with my feet placed on either side of the chaise. "I didn't tell you to get up did I?""No sir, sorry sir."He turned around then and walked over to our cases. He placed them up on the bed and unzipped them both, flipping the lids backwards. He surveyed the contents of mine and I could see him nodding in approval at what he could see. I tried to remember what I'd packed last and remembered suddenly. I closed my eyes in embarrassment, groaning out loud when I remembered the underwear I'd thrown in at the last minute. Red lacy knickers and a red underbust corset. I'd hesitated at bringing it, thinking it too slutty, but had a last minute change of mind and threw them in along with my 4 inch high red stilettos. I regretted not at least making more of an effort to hide them in amongst the rest of my clothes."Stand up, little sub," he said firmly but quietly."Yes sir," I said as I struggled to get to my feet quickly.I stood at the foot of the chaise, awaiting my next instruction, my hands loosely clasped behind my back. I looked up and saw him watching me. It was then that I remembered my half dressed state. I must look a mess, I thought. My skirt pushed up around my waist, my hair disheveled and my pussy on display. As I stand, my thighs brush against one another and I quickly spread my feet slightly to stop them aggravating the welts on the other. As his eyes continue their journey over my body I feel my pussy tightening, becoming even more wet if that's even possible. My heart is thudding in my chest and my breasts are rising and falling rapidly as I try to compose myself."What is this?" he asks, holding up the knickers and corset."I...I...I bought them for you sir. As a surprise sir." I stammer. I can barely look at him. A smile plays on his lips. He's enjoying this. "You really are trying to please me, aren't you, little sub?""Yes sir " I whisper while looking down, trying to hide my embarrassment. I hear him stride across the room to me, quickly, before I can even react he has his hand around my throat and is using this as leverage to force me to look up."I told you I wanted to be able to hear you. No whispering. Now, tell me, are you trying to please me by buying underwear that a slut would wear. No, no, don't struggle. You have to admit, the colour alone makes it slutty. I can only imagine how that will look against your pale skin. But it won't even cover your tits. What kind of self respecting young woman would wear something like that for a man? Exactly. None. Only a slut would. And that makes you a slut." The entire time he's talking to me, his hand is getting tighter around my throat. I can feel my lungs protesting as they try to fill up, the blood rushing in my ears, everything is growing a bit fuzzy in my mind. I keep my hands behind my back, trying to focus intently on what he is saying to me. I can feel my body starting to weaken, wanting to collapse to the floor when he suddenly lets go and I fall against him. "So tell me, did you buy that slutty underwear to please me?" He breathed into my ear. "Yes I did sir," I gasped out as loud as I could."And what does that make you?""It makes me a slut sir," I replied, still leaning on him."Good girl, we're getting somewhere at least."I wasn't sure whether to be offended by his words or not, being treated like a misbehaving little girl. But my tummy flipped at his words and my indignation disappeared. "Now, strip for me."I pulled back, looking up at him in shock. He had asked me to undress for him before, but I was taken aback for some reason. He retreated to the armchair in front of the desk which he had pulled out to face where I was standing. I took in a deep breath and released my hands from their own grip at my lower back. I let them adjust to being by my side again and pulled my skirt back into place, relishing the feeling of the fabric against my caned backside. I took my time, moving my hips to get it in place, soft moans escaping from my mouth as I did. My hands moved up my sides then, my fingertips trailing up my clothed body, over my breasts, taking my time when I reached my nipples. Enjoying the slight contact. I reached the buttons of my blouse, and with shaking fingers, I began to unbutton it slowly. My eyes were flitting between my master's face and his crotch. He had been hard when he went and sat down, but I could see almost imperceptible little twitches beneath his trousers now as I revealed more of my body to him. I left my blouse tucked in until I got to the last button."Turn around for me, slowly, while you take off your blouse."I felt my cheeks flame, knowing he wanted me to feel exposed and on show. Slowly shifting from foot to foot I turned on the spot, continuing to pull my blouse free from my waistband. I had my back to him once it was completely free as I reached up and swept my hair to one side. I then slid it back off my shoulders until my bra strap was visible. Gathering the unbuttoned edges together in front of me, I continued to turn for him. Once I was facing him again I let my arms fall to my sides and the blouse slid off my body and to the floor. I was looking down at that point, waiting to see if he had any further instruction for me. I looked up past my lashes to see his reaction. He had been sitting casually before, each arm resting beside him on the arms of the chair, but now he had one hand placed over his crotch and I could see him placing pressure down. I stood in front of him dressed only in a skirt, heels and sheer, lace black bra. My nipples were hard beneath the fabric, as a result of the friction against the soft fabric and of my state of arousal, and were clearly visible through the lace. I could only imagine how I looked to him at that point, but his reaction made me feel desired. His eyes never left my body so I continued to strip for him. I hooked my thumbs into the waistband of my skirt, at either side. I turned again, my hips rising ad falling in turn. Once my back was too him once more, I started to pull my skirt down slowly. As it slid down my body, over my hips, grazing the cane marks on my ass, I couldn't help but moan loudly. This performance for him, although making me feel self conscious, was only increasing my arousal. I could have let the skirt fall to the ground once it was past my hips, but instead I kept it gripped in my fingers and started to bend over while pushing it all the way to the ground. The hem hit the ground and only then did I let it go. My ass was in the air and I was bent over, just more than ninety degrees. My legs were slightly parted, my pussy most likely in his view. Down to my bra, which may well not be on for all its sheer material covers and heels. I started to slowly right myself but was interrupted by his voice."Stop. Stay bent over. Spread your legs wider and hold your ankles.""Yes sir," I said, letting my body fall back towards the ground, further this time in an attempt to follow his instructions.Bent over like this I felt so much more exposed, my cunt open to my master's view, to his use. My ass in the air, ready for whatever he would do to it. I felt uncomfortable and self conscious to a whole new level. My hair had fallen over my head, creating a curtain around me, meaning I couldn't see anything above floor level. I heard, rather than saw, him pick up and place back down several items from the table. My tummy flipped in anticipation for what he was going to do to me in such a vulnerable position. I saw his feet approaching me. He was still fully dressed, making me feel so awkward in my state of undress. My muscles were already feeling stretched beyond what they're used to and I tried to shift slightly to make them less so. I heard the familiar noise of the nipples clamps as he walked to me. My nipples stiffened and tingled. Stopping in front of me, he lightly rested his hand on my ass, making me press against him, desperate for his harsh touch."Patience, my little sub." He said as he caressed my ass. He startled me by dragging his fingernails over my skin and I arched my back, causing my ass to press deeper into his touch. I cried out as the first spank landed, shocked at the force. My body moved forward as his hand made contact again, but the third I was more prepared for and managed to hold myself still. My initial cries turned to to groans of pleasure as my ass started to warm and the tingle caused by his hand spread across it. Each blow that landed on a previously caned area only made me groan louder. Several times his hand came in contact with my pussy and I was biting my lip to keep from screaming out by then. My legs were shaking by then, struggling to hold me up. I felt his hand weave into my hair once more and pull me upright. He was standing behind me and pulled me against him, let me feel his cock through his trousers, the fabric of which was making my ass feel like it was on fire. I was writhing against him in an attempt to relieve some of the pain but it only increased it. And made me want his cock badly.He let go of my hair then, letting me rest back against him for a moment as his hands came to rest on my tits. He started to handle them roughly, squeezing and massaging them with his strength. I keep my hands by my sides, letting him use me mercilessly. My mind was hazy with lust and need by that point, wanting him to do whatever he wanted to me. Anything.I found myself pleading with him to stop as I struggled under his hands. Empty, meaningless pleas since I knew he wouldn't stop until he was ready to. My hands stayed by my sides the entire time, invisibly bound by the control he held over me, mentally as well as physically. Knowing that he expected me to accept whatever he gave me, to obey his every command. My tits were feeling so tender and bruised beneath his fingers by the time he stopped and ran his hands down my stomach, curving around my waist and coming up my spine. He used a little force to push me away from him as he unclasped my bra, his hands sliding over my shoulders under the straps to push it away from my body. My tits weighed down when they were free, feeling even more tender. He threw my bra off to the side, and his fingers returned to my nipples. Circling them and stroking them as I leaned back against him again, my burning ass grinding against his cock still. He started to get rougher with them, pulling and twisting, enjoying my gasps and squeals. He dug his fingernails into my nipples and used them to twist my nipple round and pulled away from my body until I was on my tip toes with my back arched, begging him repeatedly to let me go. He toyed with me, loosening his grip, letting me sink back down every so often, the tightening his grip again. Over and over. Finally he did let go, so suddenly that I found myself thrown off balance and I fell to my knees as my body tried to curl up in a protective way. But I kept my body open to him, knowing that to cover myself would lead to punishment. He sat on the edge of the chaise, facing me now. His fingers were stroking over my aching nipples, flicking at them every so often. His face was a picture of concentration and lust. His hand disappeared into his pocket then and came out with the nipple clamps. Those deliciously stingy clover clamps that we both liked so much. I knew to keep my eyes open for him,to look him in the eye as he out them on my sensitive nipples. I couldn't keep myself from crying out as the first one bit into my flesh. As I adjusted to the feeling, the weight from the chains attached causing it to tighten and tighten, he started to place the second one on.He placed it over my erect nipple an started a cruel game, letting it tighten on my skin then opening it again. He did this again and again until I was begging him to stop, struggling to keep eye contact with him, my head dropping forwards, my eyes closed in an attempt to cope with the pain. He continued to play this game until I held his gaze, my eyes glaze over with need, then he let go firmly and my nipples were both clamped. He tugged on the chains a few times, just out of simple enjoyment of my reaction. He stood above me for what felt like minutes, but was most likely only seconds. My body was shaking from the intensity at which it had been used up until now and I was desperate to feel him inside me. "Please sir, please can I touch your cock sir?" I surprised myself by asking, not even sure what had been about to come out of my mouth when I started speaking. "Beg me properly and we'll see," came your response."Please sir, please let me touch your cock sir. I want to feel you in my mouth so badly sir. Can I please suck your cock sir? Please please please let me lick and suck your cock sir," I begged him, feeling so desperate, I was willing to do anything, "please let me sir, please?""You really must be desperate to be kneeling there, begging like the submissive little whore you are," he replied, while unbuckling his belt and unzipping his trousers. I was licking my lips, readying my mouth for his cock, desperate to taste him, to feel him in my throat. As he pulled his cock from his trousers I moved forwards towards him, almost touching him with my lips when I felt the slap across my face. The force caused my body to jerk and the clamps swayed on my tits. "Did I give you permission you slut?""No sir, I'm sorry sir. I just, I just," I trailed off."You just what?""I just assumed sir, I'm sorry sir.""Beg me properly this time.""Please sir, please please please let your little sub use her mouth to please you. Please fuck my mouth, fuck my throat sir. I am here for your pleasure and I desperately want to show you that sir. I'm in need of your cock in my mouth sir, please let your little sub suck and lick your cock sir, please please ple..." before I could get the last word out, he had pinched my nose closed, my mouth opened in response and he had thrust balls deep into me. Keeping my nose closed with his fingers he thrust in and out of my mouth as though he were fucking my pussy. Pulling out after a few thrusts to allow me to breath before plowing back into me.I started to flick my tongue against his balls every time they came within reach, saliva running down my chin as I did so. I was looking up at him the entire time, watching him as he brutally fucked my sub mouth. He kept my nose closed, deciding when I could breathe, making me gag when his cock hit the back of my throat. He pushed into my throat several times, and held me there with a hand on the back of my head. Each time he did this I kept my lips tight around the base of his cock, only opening them to attempt to breathe around him. I heard his gasp as I did this, my throat tightening around the head of his cock. He pulled my head back by my hair and took over his cock with his hand, wanking over my face, forcing me to look up at him while he did. I kept my mouth open for him, tongue out waiting. I wanted to beg for his cum in my mouth, but thought better and kept quiet, begging with my eyes instead. Waiting for his cum, wherever he chose for it to land."What are you?" He asked me, tightening his grip in my hair."I'm your submissive little slut, sir," I replied, with confidence.I felt his cum land on my cheek, then across my nose, my open mouth, my tongue. I flinched at the first shot, but then relaxed into it, accepting it. Accepting his cum over my face. I was moaning now, so turned on by his use of me for his pleasure. He stood back, letting go of my hair. I kept my head tilted back though, letting him see me covered in his cum. The hand that had been holding my hair came round to my face and he started to use his fingers to push his cum towards my mouth. I opened my mouth obediently for him once more, licking and sucking his fingers clean of his cum, savouring the taste before swallowing each mouthful. Once I had eaten all the cum from him fingers, he pulled me towards his crotch once more. I didn't need prompting and proceeded to greedily lick him clean, dipping my head down every so often to lick imaginary drops of cum from his balls and his thighs. Once I was sure I had licked every drop up, I sat back on my heels and looked up at him. From my position at his knees, where I belonged, awaiting my next instruction.
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