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A Night To Remember

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A Night To RememberI knew today was going to be something different just after I had climbed out of the shower. Jill had set out some very special clothes for me to wear. Underneath my "Normal" clothes this day I would be wearing the sexiest panties, garter, back seamed hose, and camisole I owned. All of course in the most delicate shade of pink except the hose, which were of course nude.But now it was 5:30 on Friday afternoon and I was on my way home from work after almost getting "discovered" three times. It is hard to keep my secret when my work as a network engineer requires me to route computer cables around other workers.But that was behind me and I am wondering what Jill has planned for us tonight and the upcoming weekend.I pull into the driveway and walk into the house. There is Jill dressed to the nines. She is wearing a long black flowing gown with a low neckline and a split running up her left leg almost to her waist. Her makeup is perfect and her selection of a pearl necklace and earring combination is wonderful. Underneath the slit in her gown I see a beautiful black slip with a matching split lined with lace. Under that I can just barely see her sexy hipster black panties and garter belt. Her low cut dress is also revealing just a glimpse of a gorgeous black satin bra with lace inserts. Her slim figure had always complimented her choice of clothes but tonight was the best I had ever seen her look in our 10 years of marriage. My panty covered cock immediately responds by starting its trip up my abdomen to peek out over the top of the panties.I tell her how stunning she looks. She smiles and says "Thank you honey but you didn't have to say anything, the bulge I see in your trousers tells me what I need to know". "How was your day honey?" she adds, "Did you like my choice in underwear for you this morning??"Yes it was perfect, but did almost cause me some embarrassment today. Three times." I respond."Well let's see what I can do to make it up to you" she says. "Why don't you change into something a little more formal and we will go out to dinner. My treat"."Wonderful but I need to clean up a bit as well. Is that O.K.?" I respond."I thought you might want to so I laid out some more clothes for you. I hope you don't mind?"She knows I don't. I take a shower and shave off my five o'clock beard. I walk into the bedroom and sure to her word, there is a complete set of clothes for me to wear. Boy this is going to be a formal night. I start to wonder what she is up to. There on the bed is a satin bra, my breast enhancers, a beautiful new satin ivory white camisole with lace trim, matching garter belt and high cut brief panties with lace side panels, and a pair of sheer dark black back seamed thigh highs. What is she up to? Hanging on the door is my best navy blue suit along with a pastel pink shirt and navy blue tie. She is up to something but I don't know what.I started to get dressed and I noticed she had scented all of the lingerie with her perfume. This was marvelous. She really knows how to drive me mad and tonight she was pulling out all the stops. I finished getting dressed and looked at myself in the mirror. I hate to brag but I looked good. The suit jacket did a good job of hiding my "breasts" and the suit looked good. Over the years I had realized that my wearing lingerie actually helped my suits fit and feel better. I didn't think anyone would notice my ankle showing under my pants so I did not put a pair of socks on over the dark thigh highs but did put on my favorite ankle bracelet. I felt really good dressed this way.I went downstairs and my wife immediately stood up and complemented me on my attire. I said "Thank you. What in the world has you treating me so special tonight?"She said "Oh nothing, can't a girl give her husband a treat once in a while?""Sure" I said, "But it sure feels like you are trying to butter me up for something."She said "It's your imagination dear, but if you wish we can pull out the butter and other lubricants later on." She was wearing a grin I recognized as meaning I was in for one hell of a night."Where are you taking me for dinner?" I asked."How about Michelle's?" she asked. Michelle's was a small, romantic, dimly lit restaurant she knew I loved."Great." I said, "Let's go." With that we both got in the car and left.When we arrived the waiter seated us in a corner by a wonderful fireplace. We ordered wine and began to talk. Just small talk. The waiter arrived with our wine and took our order. Then the small talk resumed. I felt something at my feet and realized Jill was using her toes to ?play? with my ankle bracelet. I leaned over and kissed her lightly on the neck. She smiled and before I could return to my original position she gave me a little kiss. We continued to talk about different things and she started moving her ?playing? further up my leg. I grinned and said ? Be careful now, we wouldn't want any accidents.??Why not?? she asked. ?Don't you like what I am doing???I love it. That's the problem. You wouldn't want me to stain these suit pants would you?? I responded.?I'll pay for the dry cleaning.? She said. Just then our meal arrived and the ?playing? stopped.The meal was great and the conversation with my wife was even better. We both have always believed that communication is the key to our happiness and there is no one I would rather communicate with then my wife. Even after ten years we can still just talk for hours. The meal ended and we were just about ready to leave. ?Honey?? she said. ?I have to admit there is something we need to talk about.? Oh boy, here it comes I thought to myself. I had been wondering what was going on all day and now I was about to find out.?What's that dear? I responded.?You know I told you that mom is going to be selling her house. Since dad passed away two years ago she has realized that she really doesn't need that huge house and lately it has become a real chore to keep up with everything. Well she called me a few days ago to tell me she had sold the place and had found a new place to live. There's just one problem. She has to be out of the house before her new place is going to be ready. I hope you don't mind but I told her she could stay with us for a while.?Well there it was. This is why she had been working on me all day. I really couldn't be too mad. Jill and her mother Linda were always very close and Linda was a wonderful woman. My Jill definitely got her personality and good looks both from her mother.Linda was fairly young when Jill was born and more than once people have mistaken them for sisters. Linda and I have always gotten along very well and I enjoy talking to her almost as much as I do Jill. The only thing that bothered me was I would have to were boring, male, underwear for a while. But I wasn't going to let Jill off the hook just yet.?Honey I don't know. I really don't want her discovering my underwear drawer, and I really hate wearing boxers. You know that I really enjoy her visiting but that is a lot different then living with us for a while.??It's only for a month and I will make it up to you.? She said.?Is this why you've been buttering me up all day?? I asked.?Yes. Since you will be making a sacrifice I thought I would try to give you an evening to remember for a while.? Jill said.?When did you tell her she could move in?? I asked.?Well that's another surprise. She needs to have some construction work done at the house before they close on it and she really needs to be out of there fast,? Jill tried to explain.?When?? I said.?Monday... I know it isn't much warning but it IS only for a month.? Jill tried to smile but she was really worried I was mad so I decided to let her off of the hook.?Well... you did say you WOULD make it up to me. Right???Oh god yes honey.? Jill smiled and let out a large sigh of relief. ?Starting tonight. Lets go home and let me get started.?The whole trip back home Jill leaned over and was resting against me. She had moved her hand down and was rubbing my panty-covered cock through my trousers. The feeling was exquisite. ?Jill I love that, but if you keep it up we might have an accident, and I don't mean a wet spot.? I said.She grinned and responded ?It's you that had better 'KEEP IT UP'. We have a long way to go before morning.?We pulled into the driveway and I noticed a light on in our guest room. I asked, ?What's the light doing on in the guest room???I was in there earlier preparing for mom and I must have left it on. Don't worry about it I'll turn it off later.? Jill responded.We went inside and just as I closed the door Jill turned her back toward me and said, ?Honey will you help me unhook this dress?? I reached over and undid the hooks. As I unhooked the last hook she turned around, put her arms around my neck and started the hottest, wettest, kiss I think I had ever received. I went to put my arms around her but while she was still kissing me she let her arms down, wiggled her shoulders and her dress fell to the floor around her feet. She then grabbed the lapels of my jacket, peeled them outward, and with a little wiggle of my own the jacket fell to the floor. She replaced her arms around my neck. I was then able to place my arms around her and hold her. The kiss seemed to last for the longest, most pleasurable time but finally she pulled a way and started to take off her slip.I stopped her and said, ?Leave it on for a while, I just love to look at your sexy body covered with such fine lingerie.? She smiled and wrapped her arms around me again. We started to kiss again and as I held her I felt her leg moving up wrapping around my upper legs. I picked her up and walked over to the couch, laying her down gently across the cushions.Before I could start kissing again she reached up and started to unbutton my shirt. I quickly gave her a hand and removed my necktie and shirt. She looked at me in my camisole and said ?You're right honey. There is something nice about looking at a sexy body covered with silk and lace.?I leaned over and began kissing her again. I started out on her neck then wondered over to her ear lobe. While I was nibbling gently I let my right hand start to massage her left breast through the slip and bra. The satiny texture on the two fabrics felt good and made the motions across her breast almost frictionless. I let my index finger flick across her nipple a few times and Jill moaned her approval. I let my hands do some wondering of their own over to her other breast to make sure that I gave them ?equal time?.I then stared to move both my kisses and hands southward. I kissed my way down her neck while letting my hands gently explore her stomach and abdomen. I kissed her breasts, taking turns with both, and started to gently bite her now enlarged nipples through the material. Again she moaned her approval. While kissing her I began, ever so lightly, to rub her pubic area through the slip and panties. Again the fabric made the motions feel so smooth and frictionless.After a few moments I continued kissing my way down her stomach and abdomen, stopping for a moment at her belly button to lick it and push my tongue through the fabric into this small indention for a little exploring. I repositioned myself between her legs and with my left hand I moved the slip aside. I then began kissing her clit through the material of her panties. This drove her mad and the groans grew louder. I let my left hand wonder down and stuck my index finger in between her thigh and the leg opening of her panties. I then used my right hand to pull the slip back over her panties and began to rub her again, only now I picked up the pace a little. Her breaths started to get a little shorter. While I rubbed her clit through the slip I let my left index finger run up and down across her vaginal lips. I picked up the pace more. Her breaths were staring to get very short. I inserted my index finger inside of her wet pussy and starred to rub the top of her pussy about an inch or two inside of her. I was now rubbing both her clit and g-spot rapidly. This pushed her over the edge and she began to cum in waves. At the end of each wave I would slow down the pace a little to let her ride through the wave of pleasure. As soon as her orgasm started to subside I would pick up the pace again and start her next wave. I was able to take her through four or five of these waves before she reached down and gently held my hand panting, ? My god darling, stop before you kill me with pleasure.?She pulled my right hand up to her face and kissed the palm over and over. Then gently using her fingers she folded all of the fingers on my hand down except my middle finger. This she brought to her lips and kissed then slipped it inside of her mouth and began working it in and out. After a few minutes of this I was going mad. She stopped, got up, and said ?Follow me panty boy and ditch those trousers on the way.??Yes mam.? I uttered, as I quickly removed my pants and followed her to the bedroom almost tripping on the way. She just turned and giggled then kept on going.Once in the bedroom Jill had me lie on my back. She removed her slip and panties, throwing them up onto the pillows of the bed next to my head. She then got on top of me; her legs straddled my abdomen. She then started kissing me in much the same way I had done to her on the couch. She started at my neck and worked her way over to my ear. While she was nibbling on my ear she reached under the pillow and pulled out several pairs of panties she must have stashed there earlier. She said ?All right panty boy now I'm going to show you some things panties can be used for that you never knew.? With that she took one pair of the panties and using one of the leg holes looped it around my wrist then back through the open leg hole and gently pulled it tighter. Now I knew what she was going to use them for. They were now binding my wrist.I said ?Honey I don't know about this?? but before I could finish she said softly ?Don't worry honey, trust me.? I let her continue knowing that we were now both entering territory we had never been before. She repeated the panty binding on my other wrist then got up and gently pulled the other leg hole of the panties over to the edge of the bed. I did not know until later that while I was at work she had installed 4 small metal hooks to the bed frame, one at each corner. She bound both of my wrists on two of these hooks then repeated this operation with my ankles. She removed my ankle bracelet saying ?I know how much you love this and I wouldn't want to see it damaged.?Oh boy, what in the world am I in for now I thought to myself? I had let my loving wife bind me to the bed. I now had no control over what was going to happen and I knew it. I was very nervous but also very excited. Jill stepped back and said ?There now. Look what I have done. You know honey you lying there in your lingerie makes such a pretty picture I think we need to capture it for our scrap book.?I said ?Jill I don't think that is a good idea.? But it was wasted on deaf ears. She went to the closet and pulled out a camera and started taking pictures commenting as she did so.?Smile honey these are going to be great pictures and that flag pole peeking out from your panties looks great to me.? I just tried to grin a little trying to please her. She saw the discomfort in my face and laid the camera down on the dresser. She crawled back on top of me as she was before and gently whispered ?Don't worry honey I would never do anything to hurt you. These pictures are just for you and me. OK?? then she leaned down and gave me the gentlest kiss of my life. I knew then that it was all right.She resumed her kissing and now in addition I felt her hand massaging my cock through the panties. I was as hard as I have ever been in my life and she knew it. After a few moments she gently pushed the waist band of my panties back over my balls letting my cock spring free. She raised up her pelvis and slowly lowered herself down on my cock. I moaned loudly the entire time.She began a slow rocking, bringing her face down to mine while raising her pelvis, kiss me, then raising up while lowering her pelvis. This went on for a long time. It felt wonderful. I wanted to reach up and just hug her but the panties around my wrist would not allow it. She saw the tension in my arms as I tried to touch her and started whispering. ?Do you like that honey? Do you like my wet pussy fucking you? I love it,,, and I have full control. I am going to make this last for hours. Do you like that??It was all I could do to moan ?God I love you Jill and I'll do anything you want to keep you here the rest of my life.??Honey I have another surprise for you.? She said as she picked up her used panties that were next to my head. She turned the panties inside out and folded them so that just the damp crotch area was exposed. She the laid them across my nose and placed another pair of panties over my head to hold them in place. She began her forward and back motions again and I stared to moan. She would rock for a while; sometimes bringing up the pace, sometimes slowing down, but she would always stop before I could cum. She managed to bring herself to several small orgasms doing this but never let me cum.Once again I heard her say ?Are you ready for another surprise??I whimpered out ?After all you have done tonight I'm not sure I can take it.?She giggled and responded, ?I told you I was going to give you a night to remember.?I mumbled ?I just hope I survive to remember it darling.?Jill then reached under the pillow and pulled out something. While she was rocking back and forth she reached under the pair of panties over my face and pulled out her damp folded panties, She then replaced them with another pair of damp panties, lifted herself off of me and got out of bed. As I smelled the new panties I realized they were not Jill's the aroma was strong and wonderful but did not belong to my wife. At that moment I felt someone get into bed and straddle me. At the same time I heard Jill say from across the room ?Surprise honey!?? This new woman lowered herself on top of me. God her pussy was so wet. She began moving up and down and before long her movements became bouncing up and down on my cock. She was moaning loudly and so was I. I knew that I was going to cum any second.Just then this new woman moaned out ?Oh my god Jill this is wonderful.? Oh no, I recognized the voice. Just then I felt Jill reach over and pull off the panties that were on my head and I was now looking straight into the contorted face of Linda. She was now going through a powerful orgasm and this sent me over the edge. My orgasm lasted for what felt like hours. With each spasm it felt like a pint of semen was flowing. Linda collapsed on top of me but kept pumping up and down, slowing just a little with each thrust finally coming to a stop. I looked over and found that Jill had lain down next to us and was on the tail end of her own orgasm. As I watched her spasms subside she opened her eyes and mouthed ?I LOVE YOU.?Linda lifted herself off of me and lay down next to me on the opposite side of the bed from Jill. Both women laid their heads on my chest. After a few minutes Jill whispered ?And now panty boy here is your last surprise for the night. She wont be leaving in a month.? With that she closed her eyes and went to sleep.There it was. The night that changed the rest of my life was ending. The rest of that night I slept like I had never slept before. Still bound to the bed with two beautiful women beside me, hugging me from both sides. I was exhausted but somehow knew there would be more to come.The End.
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