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Dom'd by 2 men

Post #1

Dom'd by 2 menLike most guys, I turned to the internet to satisfy my urges. For as long as I could remember I had fantasized about being forced to serve a dominant man, suck his cock, be degraded and humiliated; basically I wanted to be treated like nothing more than a cum slut used for a real mans pleasure. Recently I had found a site that allowed you to post ads searching for other guys who were into the same thing I was into. I posted an ad saying that I was a younger (26) submissive guy looking to be dominated by a larger, older man. I also added that I was about 5'9, 160 pounds and smooth. I did not add that my cock was only a thin 5 inches hard, as I am quite embarrassed by it. Finally I said that I needed to be discreet as I had a girlfriend who did not know of my "other" life. I waited patiently over the next few days and received a few emails to my profile and ad, but nothing that really caught my interest. Then, on a Thursday, I received a message from a guy named Rick. Rick told me that he was a businessman from out of town and that he and a co-worker would be traveling to my city the next weekend for a conference. He indicated that he was 46, about 6'1, 210 pounds, hairy and had a thick 8 inch cut cock. Rick also told me that his co-worker, James, was 42, 6'0, 185 pounds and also had a large cock, thick and 8.5 inches. Rick went on to explain that they would be looking for some relaxation and relief after their conference, and they were in search of a cocksucker; he also said that they could both be very dominant and loved playing with cock slaves. He ended by stating that both men were married and therefore promised to be very discreet.It took me about 20 seconds to read the email, but only about 5 seconds for my cock to get hard. Wow, these guys sounded exactly like what I was looking for! Not only did they have huge cocks but they were also dominant. I had never really thought of being with two guys at once, but I was immediately intrigued by the idea. I responded back that I was free this weekend and would love to meet up with them. A couple of hours later Rick emailed me back his hotel and room number and told me to be there precisely at 6:00 pm on Saturday wearing short running shorts with nothing on underneath and a plain tight white t-shirt. He also told me that once I walked into his hotel room I was required to do whatever Rick and James told me to do. If I wasn't willing to accept this then I should let them know right now so we didn't waste anyone's time. I emailed him back that I understood his instructions and would be there.The next two days dragged on with me sporting a hard-on that I couldn't get rid of. All I could think about was Saturday night with Rick and James. Finally, Saturday evening arrived and I put on the clothes that Rick told me to and headed to the hotel. As I walked through the lobby of the hotel, it seemed that everyone was looking at me and the hard-on pushing up against my tight shorts. Of course, with the size of my cock, nobody probably noticed.I rode the elevator up to Rick's floor and found his room. I was nervous and a little scared, but I knocked anyway. When Rick opened the door I was immediately drawn to his muscular physique."Hi, I'm Rick," he said, without a smile."I'm Dave," I responded."No you're not, from now on this evening you will be known as slut," Rick responded a little too loudly for my comfort. There were two ladies down the hallway a little bit and I was sure that they heard. "Do you understand?""Yes""Yes, what?""ummm, yes sir.""Much better, come in slut." Relieved to be getting out of the hallway I followed Rick into his hotel room. Sitting on one of the beds watching a porno of a cute small blonde sucking a huge cock was James. James, like Rick, was very well built. Both of these guys made me look like quite small, which was more of a turn on for me."Good work Rick, this slut is cute and looks like he might be a good whore for us," James said."I guess we'll have to find out. Slut, you look pretty ridiculous in your short shorts and tight shirt, take them off," he ordered."Yes sir." I took off my shirt first and showed off my smaller frame. Being very conscientious of my small cock, I hesitated to take off my shorts. Rick didn't hesitate though, he grabbed me by the shoulders and pushed me down to the bed."When I tell you to do something, you do it immediately. If you can't follow our rules, you should leave now."I was still a little stunned by being forced down to the bed, but was also very horny. "Yes sir, I'm sorry.""Good, now get up and take your shorts off." I responded by standing up and slipping out of my shorts. I was very self conscious about my cock and was humiliated to be standing naked in front of these two guys who both had their clothes on. What made it worse was that both guys started laughing when they saw my cock."Holy shit," James laughed, "no wonder you are a pussy little cocksucker, there is no way you could please a woman with that thing. I feel sorry for your girlfriend, you should have brought her with you so that she could experience a couple of real man cocks." I must have turned eight shades of red in front of them, but somehow James degrading me made my cock stand up even more."Look at that slut," Rick started in, "He likes being humiliated, what a whore. Slut, get on the bed and get up on all fours and stick your ass in the air." I did as I was told and got on my hands and knees with my ass presented. Rick grabbed both of my balls from behind with one hand and started to pull them down. I let out a slight cry when he did this and he quickly smacked my ass hard."James and I are here to do what we want with you, you do not speak or make noises unless we tell you to. Do you understand that?""Yes sir, I'm sorry, it won't happen again.""Good," Rick said as he smacked my ass again.Rick grabbed my balls again and it took everything I had not to make a whimper. "Much better slut," Rick told me. "Now get off the bed and get on your knees, where a sissy is supposed to be." I immediately did as Rick told me, scared to be punished again. I was also still a little humiliated to be naked while these two men were still clothed, but the humiliation did very little to bring my erection down."Look at how horny that little slut is," James pointed out again, "you do realize that you are not getting any tonight, right slut? We are not pussy little cocksuckers like you, so we will not be touching that little oversized clit of yours.""Yes sir," I responded, "I realize I am only here to make sure that you two real men are taken care of tonight.""Good, why don't you get started then," Rick joined in as he stood up and moved next to me with his cock at face level only inches from me. "Take my cock out and get it hard, slut." I didn't hesitate, I undid his pants button and unzipped the fly and pulled out a semi-erect cock that was as thick as any I had ever seen. I must have let out a slight gasp, because Rick laughed and asked if I liked it."Yes sir, that is a very nice cock.""That's right slut, this is why the ladies come to me for sex and probably laugh at you when you pull out that little thing between your legs. Maybe after I use your mouth I'll call your girlfriend over and show her how a real man fucks." I heard what he was saying and it scared me, but I was mesmerized by his cock. I reached back out and grabbed it and started to jack it off as it wasn't erect yet. Rick immediately slapped my face, not as hard as he did my ass, but hard enough to get my attention. "You are a cocksucker, you only use your mouth to get me off.""Yes sir, I'm sorry," I responded. I then opened my mouth and took his cock in my mouth. It did not take long for it to get to its full size. Before I knew it my mouth was completely full with this mans massive cock, it could hardly fit in my mouth it was so thick. Rick didn't care though. Instead of letting me suck his cock he decided to just start face fucking me. I wasn't ready for this and it caught me off guard. Immediately I started gagging and drooling and I tried to pull back a little but Rick grabbed my head and continued fucking me."Yea, take that cock you little bitch. I've got a three day load waiting for you. Choke on that real mans cock you fucking whore!" I didn't have much of a choice, Rick was bigger and stronger than me and even as I tried to get away there was nothing I could do, so I kept my mouth open as wide as possible like a good slut as this man fucked it."Yea, ram that little pussyboy's mouth," James jumped in as I realized he was standing right next to me, jacking his cock only inches from my face. "Watching you fuck that little whore's mouth is hot!" Rick continued to pump his cock in my waiting mouth and just as I thought I wouldn't be able to take anymore he let out a quick moan, pulled his cock out and squirted a huge load all over my face and opened mouth."Swallow the cum that got into your mouth slut." Rick ordered me. I did as I was told, then two seconds later James grabbed my head and said "Open up" and shot another huge load all over my face and in my mouth. "Swallow it," I was again ordered. And again, I did as I was told, the taste was a little bitter but I was able to get it down without gagging. I was able to feel the hot cum all over my face and was not sure what I should do with it. I did not want to make them mad and be punished again so I sat there waiting for instructions. Because the cum was covering my eyes I could not see anything, but I was definitely able to hear the next thing that happened."These we are going to use for an insurance policy, shall we say," Rick said as he snapped four or five pictures of me splattered with cum all over my face and two semi-erect cocks inches from my mouth. Oh shit, I thought this is not good. "Don't worry slut, everything will be just fine as long as you continue to do what we ask."James grabbed a small washcloth and wiped the cum away from my eyes. "The rest, he says, stays on until it dries. Now put your clothes back on, we're done with you for tonight."I got up and put my short shorts and my white t-shirt back on."Okay slut, you may go now, but James and I are going to be back in town next weekend for more business and we will definitely be calling you. We will have a few more things in mind than what we did tonight, so you better be ready.""Yes sir," I said, a little nervous about what he meant, but not surprisingly, my cock was still hard. I walked out of the hotel, again with a hard cock barely poking at my shorts, but this time with dried cum all over my face. I was now sure that everyone was looking at me. I made my way out of there as quickly as possible and got to my car. The urge overtook me and I masturbated right there in the parking lot thinking about what James and Rick had done to me and also about what was in store for me next weekend.
04-06-2021, at 08:46 PM

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