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neighbor lady

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neighbor ladyWhen I got divorced and was finally living alone I had many fun times getting fucked all I could by both men and women. I was always dressed when home and loved to stay that way all weekend long and would just put on some pants over my outfit to go shopping sometimes with a coat or shirt over my open cup bra depending on the weather. I was at the store one day when I saw my neighbor Jill with her k**s shopping and looking for some food and said hello. She was a little nervous to see me and finally said hello and then I could hear her tell her two daughters that sorry, but she only had a few dollars to spend on food and they would have to do without. I walked up to her and said wait do you need some food? She looked worried and said no we are fine and I looked at her and she finally broke down and said I do not know how I am going to do it after I paid the house and other bills I have only a few bucks to buy them food they need to eat but. I looked at her and said no problem put whatever they need in my basket and I will buy it for you. She looked at me and said no I could not do that and I said yes you can. She smiled and said well somehow, I will pay you back when I can and I said not a problem. We went shopping for all kinds of stuff and the girls had fun picking out stuff that they normally would not be able to buy. I paid for it and then we loaded it into my car and we went home. The girls wanted to ride with me in my car so I took them along and they kept looking in the bags and smiling. We got home and I helped them bring all the stuff into their house and I could see that things were bad but did not say anything. I said okay need anything else let me know and the girls came over and thanked me and gave me a hug and then went back to checking out all the food they had. The mom came over and said thanks a lot I really appreciate the help and gave me a hug also. she stopped and then whispered into my ear and said I will be over shortly and pay you back I want to see that outfit you have on up close. I was a little shocked but smiled and said okay and went across the street to my house and put my stuff away. Soon I heard a knock at my door and opened it up and the neighbor walked inside. She smiled and said so what do you have on under those things? I looked at her and she said well I could feel your bra when I gave you a hug and I could see your nylons when you bent over or reached up to get some of the food. I said well you already know what I have on then and she walked over to me and said yes but I want to see it without the clothes. She reached for my pants and took them down and saw my garter belt and nylons and I then took off my shoes, so she could see my red toes and then I took off my shirt and she could see my open cup bra and hard nipples. She smiled and reached out and started to pinch my nipples and stroke my cock and then said sit down. I did, and she got in front of me on her knees and started to suck and lick on my cock while pinching my nipples. Soon she stood up and took off her clothes and stood in front of me naked. She was nice about 5? tall maybe 110# small little tits and a shaved pussy. She moved around and started to play with my nylon legs and said I am going to be your slave you can do anything you want to me or with me I am yours to command master. I looked her over and reached out and started to play with her nice small tits and pinch her nipples and then started to play with her nice shaved pussy. I put a finger in it and started to fuck her and then told her I want you to have a seat on my face I need to lick and suck on your pussy. I got up and lay down on the floor on my back and told her to have a seat, so I could lick her pussy. She moved over and sat down, and I positioned her so I could really lick her deep and I started to lick and suck on her sweet pussy. She started to moan and move and I grabbed her nipples and started to pinch them while I was licking her clit and soon she exploded in a huge orgasm that flooded my face and mouth with her sweet juice. I swallowed it all down. I finally told her to get up and I said be right back and I went into my bedroom and came out with a nice strap-on cock. I put it on her and then bent over the couch and told her to fuck my sissy ass deep and hard. She got behind me and put some lube on her cock and slowly worked it deep in my ass till she was all the way in and then started to fuck me. I was loving it and told her to fuck me deep and she fucked me for a while till I said okay next and she got up and I lay down on the bed on my back and put my legs up and told her to fuck me some more and suck on my toes. she moved and soon was deep in my ass and then took my toes and started to lick and suck on them while she pounded my ass deep. This went on for about 20 minutes and then I said okay your turn. I told her to take off the strap-on and have a seat on my cock and she climbed up on the bed and sat down on my cock bareback and started to ride it deep. She soon had another orgasm and finally I could not take it anymore and I exploded deep in her shaved pussy and filled her with a huge load of cum. She sat there for a little while and I told her okay slide up to my mouth, so I can lick your pussy clean. She smiled and moved forward and put her pussy right over my open mouth and all of my cum flowed right into my mouth and I swallowed it all down. I started to lick on her clit again and soon she orgasmed again and some more cum flowed out and right into my mouth. She finally got up and said damn you are one kinky guy I love it and I said anytime you need more come on over I am always ready for kinky sex. She said oh yea well just how kinky do you want to get? I said well I have done anything and everything that anybody has asked me so far, so I do not think anything you want will be a no. She smiled and said well I would love to watch you get fucked by a couple of real cocks. I smiled and said well I have had more cocks in the past few weeks then you have had in a year so not a problem. She said what and I said just what I said I go to a club and I am the main person a lot of times and might take anywhere from 10 ? 30 cocks a night in my ass and mouth and will swallow many of them. She smiled and said damn I sure would love to watch you do that and I said well come over next Friday night I just so happen to have some friends coming over to fuck me that night and if you want you can watch or participate you decide. She smiled and said okay that sounds like fun. Friday finally came and my neighbor came over an hour early to help me get stuff ready. She was dressed in a nice dress and had on pantyhose under it so I said well that will not do so we went into the bedroom and I got out a nice pair of nylons and a garter belt and had her put it on under her dress. She looked real sexy now. I was dressed in a red and black garter belt, red nylons, sheer red panties and an open cup bra along with a sheer red and black silk nighty. I also had on a pair of silver high heel sandals to show off my red toes. My neighbor liked my outfit and was ready to start sucking my cock when I heard a car door and my friends came up to the door, so I let them inside. I introduced them to my neighbor and said she wants to watch me get fucked and might join in but she is not sure, so they said okay welcome. My friends took off their cloths and I started to play with their cocks and soon was licking both cocks. Soon I got up and we went into the bedroom and I lay down on the bed on my back and put my legs into the air and the first guy slowly entered my sissy ass and started to fuck me deep. The other guy got up on the bed and put his cock in my mouth and I sucked him slowly. Soon I looked over and my neighbor was in the room with us and watching and then she took off her dress and was standing there in just her garter belt and nylons. She motioned the guy I was sucking over to her and he stuck his cock in her mouth and she started to suck him while the other guy fucked me deep. Soon the one in my ass exploded filling my ass with a nice load of cum and he pulled out and the other guy came over and started to fuck me while she licked the first guy?s cock clean for him. I motioned her over to me and told her to have a seat on my face so she got on the bed and sat down on my face and I started to lick and suck on her shaved pussy while the guy fucked me deep. Soon she started to orgasm and continued to till the guy finally exploded in my ass and filled me with another nice load. she finally got off my face and the guys got dressed and said that was fun anytime you want to watch it is okay with us. They took off and I said okay put on the strap-on cock and fuck my ass now while it is full of cum. She smiled and said that would be fun so we went into the bedroom and she put on the big strap-on and I got back on the bed on my back she moved close to my ass and put my legs high in the air and removed my panties and then got close and finally entered my ass and started to fuck me deep and hard. She could see all of the guys cum flowing out of my ass and around the strap-on and she was really getting into it and she fucked me for what felt like hours. Finally, she pulled out and took off the strap-on and sat down on my now rock-hard cock and started to ride me. she did not last long and started to have orgasm after orgasm and I finally exploded in one of the biggest loads ever filling her pussy. We both finally relaxed and smiled, and I looked at her and opened up my mouth and she got the idea and moved up to my mouth and had a seat and I licked and sucked her sweet pussy clean of all of my cum. We both collapsed what a fun night.
04-06-2021, at 11:31 PM

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