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Lydia Dogged

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Lydia DoggedI hadn't suspected anything at all. Lydia and I were a very happycouple, we enjoyed a lot of sex and told each other our darkest fantasies.When I first got my hands (figuratively anyway) into Lydia's knickers Icouldn't help but notice how big her cunt lips were. They were fantastic,they must have hung down 2" and they were constantly wet. She sits next tome on the sofa and just pulls and stretches her lips while we both sipwine. She can easily pull them out to 5".Once our relationship became more serious I threw away all her knickersso that there wouldn't be anything to stop her lovely lips from hangingdown where they wanted to be. Lydia responded by wearing her shortestskirts and making sure her legs were always partly open so her lips could"breath".Soon after that I began to shave her cunt. At first I tried all theclever shapes; hearts, arrows, etc, but eventually settled on a 1/2" widelanding strip that stops an inch above her cleft. Everything else issmooth. It is fantastic. Lydia likes it so much that she has taken overshaving it herself.You can see that my woman is a very special, very sexy and very amenableperson. There wasn't anything this woman wouldn't do if I asked her to. What I didn't know was that there wasn't anything she wouldn't do even if Ihadn't asked her to!While we are in the house Lydia wears just a man's dress shirt with acouple of buttons done up. This gave me loads of flashes of her big titsand her horny cunt, and when she sits she generally has one leg pulled uponto the sofa so that her legs are wide open and she can pull and caressher lips as she watches TV.One particular morning I was in a rush. Lydia was dressed in a whiteand blue pin-stripe shirt with one button done up, standing leaning againstthe counter top sipping tea when I left the house.I hadn't even got to the car when I realised I had left my phone on thetable in the kitchen. I rushed back to get it. I left the front door openand walked towards the kitchen door. I saw her reflection in the windowopposite and stopped stunned. She was leaning back against the counter. She had the shirt tails in her hands pulling the shirt open from the bottomand her thumbs and forefingers stretching her cunt's lips apart. Our dogwas licking her cunt. Her lips were spread so wide that the dog's tongueeasily slid up between them. I just stood there watching in disbelief. Icould hear her muttering. "Oh you naughty dog, you shouldn't do this now".Shortly after I saw her lower her body slightly and open her legs a bitmore to give the dog more access to her lips. "Oh, I am such a dirty cuntaren't I?" she was asking the dog. I could see her knees trembling, shethrew her head back and started gasping "Oh, Oh, Oh, I'm coming, fuck, I'mcoming, Oh, Oh , Ooooh" as she couldn't stand it any more and squeezed herlegs shut on the dogs, still busy, tongue.I watched in amazement as she then dropped to her knees and spread herlegs wide. I could see her cunt in the reflection. Her lips were huge andred and even in the reflection I could see her cunt was gaping open. Sheput her hand back between her legs and called to the dog "Come on, quicklyyou naughty dog, now see what you've made me do!" The dog had clearly donethis before because he just walked up behind her and she grabbed his bigcock in her little hand and fed his hard rod into her cunt. I could hearher murmuring with pleasure as she made sure she had all the dog's amplemeat in her cunt before dropping her shoulders to the kitchen floor andpushing her arse up into the air to give the dog the best angle to fuckher. And fuck her he did. I have never seen a fuck so fast. I could justabout make out her face and I could see from her chin that she was red withdesire and excitement. The dog didn't stop pummelling her cunt until hespewed his spunk into her. I could hear her talking again. "Oh no youdon't, I'm not having you knotted inside me this morning you bad dog". Shecrawled away from the dog who just went and laid against the wall.I wasn't prepared for what happened next either. Instead of standingup, she got up on one knee and then crouched with her back against thekitchen unit with her legs wide apart, her arse virtually on the tiledfloor and began to scoop the spunk out of her cunt with her fingers andlick the spunk off them. She continued doing that while she told herselfwhat a dirty cunt she was. She was right though!I slipped away quietly, waited 5 minutes then came back into the housemaking a lot of noise, swearing loudly about having forgotten my phone. Lydia was standing with her back to me, leaning over the counter with hertea cup in her hands. As I walked in the kitchen she turned to me andsmiled. I could see her pert bum at the bottom of her shirt. There was novisible sign of the rampant sex that I had seen 5 minutes ago. I grabbedthe phone and went behind her, kissed her neck, patted her bare bum andleft.For the next few days I could think about little else other than seeingmy wife being fucked by our dog. I wondered how often they "did it" andwhat else they might get up to. I had to know! I decided to go on anundercover mission to find out all about my wife's b********y escapades.I came up with a plan, not particularly ingenious, but enough for me tofind out what I was dealing with before deciding whether to intervene.First, I made sure that I left at exactly the same time each day. Thiswas 15 minutes before the time that I had used to leave. I was able to bequite flexible regarding my arrival time at work so I had between 45minutes and an hour to observe my wife's habits. I had taken the lock offthe side gate. There was no reason for her to go round there so I wasn'tworried about her noticing it missing. Each day I would leave, drivearound the corner, park the car and come back into our street from theother end so I could get to the side gate without being seen from the frontwindow.The first day I did it I was trembling. Part was worry that I would beseen, part was worry of what I would see, and part of it was just theexcitement of creeping around and being a voyeur.I wasn't seen; she was far too busy! I had only been out of the housefor just over 6 minutes and she was lying on the floor with her legs wideopen, her shirt undone. She was squeezing her nipples and massaging herbig tits while the dog lapped at her cunt with gusto. I watched and aftera few minutes I could see the signs of her impending orgasm. She put herhands on her thighs and grabbed hold of her cunt lips and pulled her cuntas wide as she could to get as much of the dog's tongue on her throbbingclitoris. She had her lips fully extended to about 5" so they formed aguide from her arse to her clitoris for the dog's tongue. She wassqueezing her tits together with her upper arms and I could see her facegetting red as she began to reach her peak. When she did I heard herscream through the closed window! She closed her legs tight with the forceof the orgasm. Then she dropped her legs to the floor and went back tosqueezing her nipples. Her nipples were rock hard and sticking out aninch. She must have been so horny. The dog stood there between her legswaiting. From my vantage point I could see his huge member twitching andthe precum dripping off onto the kitchen floor tiles. Suddenly Lydiarolled over onto her tummy and opened her legs and began to raise her arseoff the floor. I could see the dog getting excited as his bitch preparedher cunt for him. Lydia was fingering her cunt, spreading her cunt lipsand dipping a finger into her soaking hole before she rubbed her juices allaround her labia. The dog was getting very excited and was shuffling hisfeet and pushing his nose against her hand, hurrying her up. Eventuallyshe opened her hand and beckoned the dog to her. He just walked up behindher. She expertly took hold of his huge pink cock and stuffed it into herhole. Lydia kept her face and tits on the floor tiles so I couldn't seeher face, but I could see the dog pounding his cock into her willing cunt.Even having seen it before I was still amazed how he could fuck so fast. He was pulling his cock out of her cunt almost 7" then ramming it back inso his balls hit her clitoris and I knew that she would have anotherclitoral orgasm before he came. Although I couldn't hear her scream Icould see her little hands clenching and banging the floor as her orgasmtook control of her body. The dog fucked her harder and harder. Then heseemed to stop with his cock deep inside her and I wondered whether herorgasm had made him cum. It hadn't. I could see him pushing and movinghis big cock from side to side and pulling and pushing. It took me sometime before I realised he was pushing his knot into her. This time sherelaxed her cunt muscles and let him get it in. Once it was in the dog,once again, began to pound her cunt and I knew from the size of the dog'scock that the end of his cock would be grazing her uterus as he thrust hisbig cock deep inside her. I could see that Lydia had come again and thistime it brought on the dog's orgasm too. I could see the differentmovements he made as he filled his bitch's cunt with his spunk. His knotacted as a plug to keep all his spunk inside her. Isn't mother naturewonderful!Soon the dog wanted to pull his cock out of Lydia's cunt, but with herorgasm having tightened her cunt and his big knot still inside her hecouldn't get away. Classically, he moved around until they were arse toarse and he stood there tugging his cock until his knot had reduced enoughfor it to plop out. As soon as it did it was followed by a big gush ofdoggy spunk that began to run down Lydia's inner thigh. She reached backand scooped it up on her finger and licked it off. I was also treated toanother show of her cleaning her cunt by crouching down and scooping thecopious amount of spunk out of her cunt and feeding it to herself on herfingers. Stunned by the display I slipped away and went to the office.A few days later I decided to come home for lunch. I was hoping to findLydia horny and "discover" spunk in her cunt as I had watched her beingfucked again that morning, before diligently cleaning her cunt. This wasobviously part of her ritual and I wondered why she did it.When I got home I parked around the corner and went through the sidegate. I didn't expect to see anything going on as I had already seen herbeing fucked a few hours ago. I could see Lydia standing at the sink doingthe washing up. Her shirt must have been done up because I couldn't seeher big tits. Then I saw the dog walk into the room. He walked straightup behind her and put his nose up her shirt, lifting it above her arse. Iswear he prodded her between her legs with his nose to make her part herthighs. I was gobsmacked when she opened her legs, pushed her arse out andcarried on washing up as the dog licked her cunt from behind. From thisvantage point I could see the dog's cock growing as he licked her. I musthave been 9" of rigid pink doggy meat! His tongue was working its magictoo as I saw Lydia had stopped washing up and had lowered her head onto herhands on the front of the counter so her back was flat and her cunt wasmore available to the busy tongue. I couldn't believe she was beingbrought to another clitoral orgasm by the dog. It was only a few hours agothat he had fucked her and filled her cunt with his spunk. I saw her arsestart to lift up and down as she approached her orgasm and could see herface go red as it reached the point of no return and she screamed out loudwith the force of the orgasm. This time she wasted absolutely no time. She dropped to the floor and put her hand out for the cock. The dogshuffled forward until his cock flopped into her hand and she greedily fedit into her hungry cunt. The fucking was as frantic as it had been eachtime I had watched them. I could see that Lydia had several orgasms beforeletting the dog get his knot inside her tight cunt. I continued to watchuntil I knew he had spunked and that they would be knotted for 5-10minutes.I walked round the side of the house to the front. I took out my keyand put it noisily into the lock. I opened the door and called out "Honey,it's such a nice day I thought we'd do lunch" as I walked into the kitchenand found her knotted to the dog. She had herhands over her eyes and she was whimpering "No..., no...." over and over,followed by "Sorry, I'm so sorry....". I walked up to her and lifted herhead with my hand. I pushed her hands away from her eyes and told her toopen them. She did and saw my rigid cock was millimetres away from hermouth. She opened her mouth and I slipped my cock in. She sucked my cockdeep into her mouth, then swirled her tongue around my glans, then shebobbed up and down on it before she swallowed it. I was in ecstasy. Hermouth was doing wonderful things to my cock and I knew she was trying towork out in her head what she was going to say to me when I had finishedfucking her mouth and the dog managed to get his cock out of her cunt. Bynow they were arse to arse and I could feel the tugs as the dog triedto pull his big cock out of her. It came out with a plop just as I floodedher mouth with my spunk. I saw her gulp as she swallowed my hot spunk,then her hand went down between her legs and I knew she was about to starther cleaning ritual as the spunk was already running down her thighs. Suddenly she remembered I was there and stopped; her hand was holding hercunt, stopping the doggy spunk from dripping on the floor tiles. I took mycock out of her mouth. I didn't want her to know that I had been spying onher; neither did I want to stop seeing the sight of her scooping the spunkout of her cunt and licking it off her fingers.In a moment of sheer brilliance I told her to stand up. She stood infront of me, still holding the spunk inside her cunt with the palm of herhand, her magnificent breasts were rising and falling, she was stillpanting from the energetic fuck. I told her to back up to the fridge, thento crouch down with her legs wide apart until her arse touched the tiles.Then I told her to scoop the spunk out of her cunt and lick it off herfingers. She did as she was told and I wondered if she was relieved orshocked that I had told her to do exactly what she would have done had Inot been there. As soon as she was "clean" I told her to stand up. I senther off for a shower and to dress to go out for lunch so we could talk.I sat in the kitchen, watching the dog lick his cock and balls, untilLydia came back down. Her hair was still a bit wet. She looked fantastic.She had on a silky dress that was tight enough to show off her magnificenttits but loose enough for them to be able to bounce around. Her erectnipples left me in no doubt she was braless. I knew she was knickerless toobecause she doesn't have any. She did a little pirouette to show me howher dress would fly up and show off her naked shaved cunt if there was theslightest breeze. I stood up and took her in my arms and kissed her, justto make sure that she knew that I wasn't angry with her. Then I walked herto the door, I turned back and saw the dog looking balefully at me. Icalled him over and we all left the house together. We had to walk aroundthe corner to the car but Lydia didn't ask why I hadn't parked on thedrive. I held the dog's leash in one hand and held Lydia's hand with theother as we walked along. By the time we had reached the car we had beentooted at three times by drivers admiring Lydia's naked bottom as her skirtpuffed up. It was a long time ago that I forbade her from holding a dress,or a skirt, down in the wind. Initially she had found it a reflex and veryhard to stop, but gradually she had mastered it and now she couldcompletely ignore the feeling of the wind wafting between her thighs as herdress came up to her waist, or higher, even if someone was walking towardsher and would not be able to miss seeing her naked cunt.We drove out to a nice little pub that had low ceilings and boothseating. I bought us drinks and ordered a light lunch. We settled into abooth in the corner opposite each other, the dog went under the tablebetween our legs. We sat sipping our drinks, looking at each other insilence until I broached the subject that was on both of our minds. "Why"I blurted out "did you let the dog fuck you?" "Well, it was your faultreally" she said. "And how is that?" I asked. Then she told me her story."Well, you know I don't have any knickers, and I only wear a bum skimmingshirt while I am at home. As, you know my cunt's lips are always wet, andmost often one or both of us can smell my arousal. You know I am alwaysaroused! You know I can't keep my hands off my cunt lips, and that makesit worse because they just stay wet and I stay horny. Well one day, I wasin the kitchen cleaning the worktop and I dropped a spoon and it went underthe oven. Instead of pulling the oven out as I should have done, I gotonto my hands and knees and stretched my arm under the oven to get thespoon. It was right at the back by the skirting board, but I thought Icould reach it. I sort of lowered my back and spread my legs a bit more toget under the sofa, I had to get my head and my left should completelyunder it in order to reach the spoon."I looked at her expectantly waiting for her to continue as she took asip of her wine. "Well, the position I was in must have left my cuntcompletely open because before I knew it the dog's cock was deep in my cuntand he was fucking me hard before I could move. I tried to get out but Iwas jammed up agaiinst the sofa and with the dog deepinside my cunt I couldn't move because of the weight of the dog. He justfucked me so hard and so fast I was cumming all the time. I can't begin totell you how good that first fuck was, even though it was a total and uttersurprise and I would never have let it happen given the opportunity to stopit - honest, you have to believe me?.""So, what happened then?" I asked."I felt so guilty. Guilty that it had happened and guilty that I hadenjoyed it so much. I was terrified you would find out and that you wouldwalk in the door in the next minute and find me full of doggy spunk. So Icrouched, like you told me to today, and scooped as much spunk as I couldout of my cunt"."Then you licked it off your fingers?" I prompted."Yes, I don't know why but when I had a scoopful of warm spunk in myhand I smelt it and stuck my tongue in it. It tasted so good that I havedone it ever since"."So, how long have you and the dog been fucking exactly?" I asked. Iwasn't prepared for her answer though."It must be about a year, I think" she said. To say I was surprisedwould be a major understatement! I hadn't even guessed. I hadn't smeltanything, nor had I felt anything different about her cunt, even though thedog's cock is longer and fatter than mine is."How often do you let him fuck you then?" I asked."Oh, as often as he wants really. He is quite demanding! Ever sincethat first time he treats me like his bitch. When he wants to fuck he juststicks his nose between my thighs to give me the message. Sometimes hewill lick my cunt until I come and then fuck me, or sometimes he just wantsto fuck straightaway"."So, how often does he get to fuck his bitch then? Every day?""Oh no" she said, "probably 4 or 5 times a day""But what about weekends when I am around?" I asked, confused."Well, when you go to play golf on a Saturday he fucks me at leasttwice, sometimes three times. He seems to sense that he isn't allowed towhen you are there so he makes the most of it when you aren't. Then, Iusually manage to get enough time to give him a blow job or two, andsometimes I take a chance and let him fuck me while you are in the study onthe computer. That's why the cleaning is so important, so you don't see merush to the bathroom to wipe away the spunk as it is running down mythighs. Imagine if you came out of the study as I walked past and you couldsee the congealing spunk running down my leg?". She laughed.I was stunned. My wife is telling me that she not only fucks the dog,she sucks his cock. She continued."Sundays are a bit harder. He always fucks me twice while you are outgetting the papers and when you disappear while I prepare lunch he usuallylicks me to orgasm and I either let him fuck me quickly or I suck him off.Usually it's sucking because it is easier to get away if you were to walkin the room"."So", I said, "you get fucked and/or licked by the dog 4 or 5 times aday, every day? And you still have enough of a horny cunt to fuck me everynight? Except when you have your period. So, how does the dog manage whenyou have your period?".She smiled. "Oh, that's easy! I just put a tampon in when I get up soyou see it going in. When you leave I take it out and the dog deals withthe blood with his tongue. Even when he fucks me he licks the blood off mythighs and off his own cock, if I don't get there first. Then when youcome home I "change" the tampon, which means I put one in".I looked at my lovely wife. She was smiling at me as she told me herstory. I could see her left hand had slipped under the table. I ducked myhead under and could see that she had her legs wide open and her dresspulled up. She was gently tugging and caressing her cunt lips as she ownedup to fucking the dog. What a woman!I told her to use both her hands to stretch her lips wide and open hercunt up and let some of her smell out. Then I kicked the dog so he startedto get up. He couldn't stand properly under the table but he could standenough to get his head, and more importantly his tongue, between my lovelywife's thighs so he could lick her clitoris. I sat there watching hergetting redder and redder as the dog's magic tongue worked on her clit. She began to shake and tremble. She said she needed to stop because shewas nearly cumming. I smiled at her and told her she could only stop AFTERshe had cum. She was shaking more now. She was begging me to let her stopin case she screamed as she came. She told me she often screamed when thedog licked her because his tongue was so rough the orgasm is more intense.I smiled and sat back and watched as she got closer and closer untilfinally she threw her head back and clenched her teeth as her orgasmarrived. She mewled loudly enough for someone in the next booth to put hishead around to see what was going on. When the guy saw her sitting withher legs wide apart and her hands still stretching her naked cunt's lipsapart and down her thighs, fortunately the dog had already slumped back tothe floor. The guy quickly turned away and I could hear the shockedwhispers as he told his party what he had seen. If only he had looked 20seconds before and seen the dog's tongue at work! Someone opposite himleant out of the booth to look, but could only see one of her spread kneesand me smiling at him.I was enjoying myself immensely with my newly found ultra horny cunt. Ihadn't realised that Lydia was being fucked up to 7 times a day, between meand the dog, and the more she got it seemed, the more she wanted. Wefinished our lunch and walked back to the car, oblivious (well she was) tothe breeze lifting her skirts and displaying her charms. I opened thepassenger door for her and she smiled and sat in the seat. I told her topull her dress up to her waist, which she did willingly, even opening herlegs wide to show me her engorged lips. She was a bit shocked though whenI put the dog in the foot-well in front of her and between her shinythighs.As we drove along the road I watched out of the corner of my eye asLydia held the dog's head between her thighs so she could feel the heat ofhis breath on her hot cunt. I told her to recline her seat, spread herlegs and put her feet on the dashboard and to put her arms behind her neckand to close her eyes. I watched the dog. Occasionally he stuck histongue out and licked her cunt lips but he made no concerted effort to lickher properly again. Even so, it was a very horny image. I could smell herarousal too. I took the chance to divert to a more major road, a dualcarriageway. Lydia wasn't paying any attention to the road as she had hereyes shut and was concentrating on the feeling of her cunt with the warmdog breath gently blowing on it and the touch of his tongue. I told her topull her cunt lips out and stretch them apart, without opening her eyes. She did so and the increase in the musky smell of her sex was magnified inthe confines of the car. The dog couldn't ignore it now and he began touse his long tongue to stroke the passage that Lydia's parted and stretchedlips made between her arse and her clitoris We passed a truck and I sloweddown until we were level with the cab. The driver had his window open andI stayed next to him as he cruised alongside us watching our dog feverishlylick Lydia's cunt. I managed to find two other trucks for her tounknowingly flash at before one of the driver's blew his horn and Lydiajumped up, opened her eyes and pushed the dog away. I made her look up andsmile and wave at the driver before turning off and heading for home. Mymind was full of different ideas of what I was going to do with my hornywife and our horny dog.When we arrived home we entered the house and I told Lydia to take offher clothes. She was used to this and reached for her shirt once she wasnaked. I told her that she couldn't put it on today, and to come into thelounge. I made her tell me everything she had ever done with the dog. Bizarrely she told me that once she had a threesome with our dog and astray in the park. The dog had put his nose up her skirt while they werewalking through the park. She had tried to say no, but since she had neversaid no before he wasn't having any of it and kept ramming his nose betweenher legs until she stopped walking and opened her legs. He began to lickher cunt, enough for her to know he was serious, but then he went roundbehind her and stuffed his nose between the cheeks of her arse. She knewthat meant she had to kneel and be fucked. She was rather nervous butquite excited as she dropped to her knees and let him ram his horny cockinto her cunt in the park. She was worried when another dog approached. More worried that the owner was just behind! There was no way she couldstop the pounding cock in her cunt and the other dog was barking at them.She managed to coax the dog over and pulled him down in front of her andlicked his cock. When his cock grew she sucked his cock. She didn't wantto really (she said) but was scared of being discovered by someoneattracted to the barking; clearly no thought about stopping her dog fuckingher! She told me that the dog had spunked in her mouth before our dogspunked in her cunt and she had swallowed the whole load before carryingout her cleaning ritual on her cunt to eat our dog's spunk. I asked Lydiato demonstrate giving the dog a blow job. She smiled briefly, then droppedto her knees and called the dog over. She had her legs spread wide and wasfingering her cunt and offering the fingers to the dog. The dog licked herfingers and began to push his head between her thighs. Lydia reached underhim and grasped his growing cock. When she was satisfied it was erectenough she rolled the dog onto its back. I was amazed to see her just puther mouth over his cock and appear to swallow the whole thing! This was sosexy, as was the view I had of my wife's gaping cunt as she sucked thedog's cock. I quickly stripped off my clothes, caressed my hardening cocka few times before kneeling behind her and shoving my cock into herslippery cunt. God it was good. She wasn't ready for it and I could feelher muscles tense as my cock slid past them. I kept up a steady rhythmuntil I saw the dog tense and I knew he was spunking into Lydia's mouth. Itold her to keep the spunk in her mouth and to wait until I told her toswallow. Then I began to fuck her really hard. My sac was banging againsther swollen clitoris and I knew she was likely to have another clitoralorgasm before I could fill her cunt. Her orgasm came much quicker than Ithought. Although she squeezed hard I managed to maintain control andcontinued to pump my hard cock in and out of her superbly juicy cunt. Shehad her head on the floor and she was pinching her nipples. She had hermouth shut tight, still full of doggy spunk. That got me thinking. When Iwas ready to blast my spunk into her cunt; I quickly pulled out, turned heraround and made her open her mouth and stick her tongue out. I could seeall the doggy spunk lying there under her tongue and it just brought meover the top and I released my spunk all over her tongue, where it ran offto mix with the doggy spunk already there.We laid there on the floor on our backs. Lydia had her legs spreadwide, she was moaning that there was no spunk in her cunt to clean up. Itold her to wait a while. We laid there and dozed. I was nearly asleepwhen I felt a slight movement. Lydia had her left hand between her thighs.I just knew she was spreading her lips, trying to get her sex smell toarouse the dog. It was only just over 40 minutes since she had sucked thedog off and been fucked by me but she was already horny again.The dog came and stood between her spread thighs and began to lick. Ilaid there and thought I must be the luckiest guy in the world to have sucha horny wife. It didn't take long, and after another monstrous screamingclitoral orgasm Lydia turned on to her knees and guided the dog's monstercock into her needy cunt. Then she smiled at me and grabbed my cock in herhand and brought her mouth down on it. My vision was watching my wifebeing fucked hard by our dog while she gave me an expert blow job. Withher expertise it didn't take long for me to come in her mouth. Then, as asurprise for me, she turned around and pushed the dog onto its back andstarted to suck his cock, her mouth still full of my spunk. I looked upand could see the gaping hole where the dog's huge cock had just been takenout of her cunt. She expertly sucked the dog until he spunked, then showedme the mess in her mouth before swallowing.What a woman! I couldn't believe what a voracious appetite for sex thiswoman has. Now she doesn't need to hide her desires from me she is beingfucked more than ever; probably eight to ten times a day by the dog andseveral times a day by me, or as much as I can manage anyway! I can't waitto see her performing with the dog while she is menstruating and I'mkeeping my eyes open for other dogs, and maybe owners, that can help mekeep up with her needs.
04-06-2021, at 11:31 PM

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