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A cuckold

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A cuckoldMy wife told me that this Saturday she was having her ladies group over for some relaxing and sunning by our pool. This group of ladies are some of her co workers and a few are neighbors for our neighborhood. I've met most of them but not everyone. I was told that a " new" member would be there and the ladies would be discussing things of a personal nature. So that ment I couldn't hang out with them. A big part of the joy of cuckolding is being obedient.Friday after work I cut grass, cleaned the pool and made sure enough lounge chairs where placed on the tanning deck. The get together was to start at eleven Saturday. I had the table set and music going while my wife was getting ready. My wife came out to see if I had everything to her liking. She was wearing a bikini I'd never seen before. It was bright yellow , almost neon. The top was a typical triangle style and the bottoms covered only half of her ass cheeks. I commented on it and she did a quick model of it. She told me it was made without any lining. That it was for tanning only , if it gets wet it would be like she was naked. Yeah I had a thought pop in my head. The ladies started showing up right on time. Everyone wearing two piece swim suits. As the started chitty chatting my wife came over and excused me. She said you can go inside and stay there until we need something. Now we don't have a slave master relationship but at times my wife can be a tad domineering. I looked around at the ladies all looking at us, I did a small bow and said " ladies enjoy your self's " . I went inside and grabbed a cold beer and turned on the TV in the den. Soon after getting nice and relaxed I started hearing car door closing. It was just after twelve noon. I looked out the front window and noticed a couple of cars I hadn't seen before. More women I thought. I went to the kitchen for another beer. While in there I looked out toward the pool. Some of the ladies where in the pool others standing in a small group talking. I started back to my relaxing in the den when I heard the patio door open. I turned to see my wife coming in the house and she was topless. I just stared at her for a second. She was walking fast and said as she passed me I gotta pee. I sat down and waited for her to come back past me on her way out. In a few minutes she came down the hall and was headed out without stopping to speak. Hey sweetheart I said, hang on a second. She turned around and said WHAT? Hurry its cold in her said added. Her nipples where rock hard. I said where is your top? She said it's outside, I don't want tan lines on my tits , is that all? Well yeah I said , OK have fun. She hurried back out. It was the same with each of the wife's out there, one by one they would come through headed to the John. Some like my wife where topless. Not all of them where what I'd call hot. Several where soccer moms. Belly fat and chubby thighs. My wife was by far the cream of the crop. At five foot four and one hundred pounds even , her thirty four b cup tits never needed a bra and her legs are as a perfect pair ever made. After my show was over on the TV I went for another beer. After poping the top I walked out onto our screen porch. I know you can't see in the porch from the pool when the sun is overhead. I immediately noticed several men out there. Some where laying on the lounge chairs and it looked like they where getting head from a couple of ladies. From where I was I couldn't be sure. I looked around for my wife and found her in the pool. I recognized her blonde hair. She had her back toward me and there was a tall black guy standing very close to her. They looked like they where olny talking. I remember what my wife said about that bikini. I wanted to see what it looked like wet, so I stayed there until she started to come out if the pool. She and the man she was talking to started toward the spa steps. As she came up them I saw she was leading the man by his hard cock. It was at least a nine inch piece. She was naked, her bottoms where off. They walked over to the chair that her bikini bottoms hung on the back. He laid back and she got on her knees and I could tell she was blowing him. The back of the chair was raised just enough to block my view. In a minute my wife sttod and swung a leg over the chair then settled down on him. I could easily see her from the waist up. Her hands looked to be on his chest and her tits bobed up and down as she fucked him.Glancing around I saw most of the women had guys fucking them. Not all the guys where black but every wife was white. I watched long enough to cause my dick to try and become erect but thanks to the chastity device that wasn't possible. My device of the day was my favorite on. It's stainless and has a screw in urethral tube. It's total comfortable. My wife must have finished off her stud because she climbed off of him and walked to the table I had set up with refreshments on it. She took a wine bottle from the cooler and poured herself a cup. She turned a leaned back on the table and sipped her drink as she glanced around. Then she looked up to the screen porch and right at me. I know she can't see me but I know she can tell I'm there. She held her plastic wine glass up like a salute and with the other hand ran a finger between her pussy lips and stuck it in her mouth. Since I couldn't really see I went back inside and it was a good thing because she came in the house not even one minute later. She asked if I enjoyed the show? I played dumb and she didn't buy it. She told me to lay down on the couch. She sat her freshly fucked pussy over my mouth and started telling me how bad that mean black man treated her pretty white pussy. She was just making my cock harder by doing that and she knew it. As I tried to breath and suck the sperm out of her she continued telling me he had stretched her almost to the point of treating her pussy. I know she is full of shit, I've seen her vagina except some monster cocks. After she felt I was done a adequate job she stood up and pulled down my shorts. She laughed at how my hard dick was pushing the cage out. She grabbed it and asked if it hurt? I told her not really. She told me if I wanted to come out and watch all the sex I could for doing such a good job on her pussy. I had to undress first and my wife lead me out by my chastity cage. I stood by the table and looked at all the wife's allowing men that where not their husbands access to their lady parts. The meeting starting coming to an end about two o clock. One by one the ladies would say their good byes and leave, but I didn't see any of the guys making an effort to go. By three all the lady guest had gone. I looked around there where seven guys still at my pool. Most where laying getting sun and a few where in the pool where my wife was. My wife had me turn the music down so she could make an announcement. She got the guys attention. She said I know most of you fellows are spent, but if any of you want to stay and have dinner with me I'm in the mood to be gang banged. She said I take it in the ass and I'm looking forward to being stuffed with your thick man meat. Every one of those guys said they would stay. I fired the grill up and cooked steaks for everyone. My wife fixed a soft pad next to the pool and told them to come and get it as she lay back and spread her legs. One guy started eatting her pussy as she gave a blow job to another one. Then when he was hard he entered her vagina and she began blowing another guy. When he was hard since he was the thickest cock there my wife had him lay down so she could straddle him . once he was wedged in her pussy she leaned forward and told another guy to shove his cock up her ass. In a flash she was air tight. Her pussy lips where tightly holding onto the meat in her pussy and another long cock was sliding in and out of her butthole. She had a cock in her mouth and both hands. These seven guys fucked my wife until just after seven that evening. That night in bed I serviced her sore pussy and asshole with my soothing tongue. The next morning I was up and cleaning the trash from the pool area. My wife came out wearing her short robe. It did nothing to hide her ass cheeks of her hairless pussy. Her hair was a mess and she had on very dark sunglasses. Good morning beautiful I said when she walked up. She let out a little grunt sound. As I worked I asked how she felt. She said why did you allow me to pull a train, she said my butthole is have spasms every time she thinks about how it was abused. I said does your pussy hurt? She said it feels like I was kicked in it. I said well set down here and relax and I'll go get you a cup of coffee. When I came back with her java she was setting in a lounge chair with her legs on each side , her robe was open and her beautiful tanned body was soaking up even more sun. She must have had her eyes closed because I had to speak to get her attention. I handed her the cup and took a quick glance at her pussy lips. They where apart . I wanted to fuck her so bad that I accidentally blurted out cab I have sex with you? She looked at me and then down to what I was looking at. She never tried to hide her exposed lady part, then she said no. And turned her head, she then said you need to get this placed cleaned up. My shoulders drooped down and I turned to get back to work. She must have felt sorry for me just a little. She said if you don't bother me I stay out here so you can look at my body. I agreed and she took the rode off and laied down totally nude. I did peek at her tits and her legs the whole time I was picking up. I asked her a question once and noticed she had fallen asleep. I didn't wake her after I finished.At noon I was in my garage when my buddy if mine came by. I know he has fucked my wife in the past but I haven't heard her speak of him lately. I told him the wife is by the pool go say hey to her. He opened the privacy gate and went in. I stayed in the garage. After he was in there for about ten minutes I peeked through the gap in the gate to see he had my wife on her knees and was sliding his dick in and out if her pussy. I went inside so he wouldn't feel awkward when he left. An hour later my wife came in the house carrying her robe. You bastard she said as she tossed the rove on the couch. What did I do I played dumb. She said you knew my pussy was sore yet you sent him in to fuck me. Wait I said, I never told him to fuck you. She said well Einstein what did you think would happen? I was naked and he has had sex with me in the past. Well was it good I ask? She said yes it was. Do you want to eat my creamypie? I did.
04-07-2021, at 02:13 PM

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