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My Anna fantasy

Post #1

My Anna fantasyAnna, I got so turned on and hard reading your fantasy that I had to respond. I hope you?re wearing the outfit or at least stockings, no panties, want you to sit back a finger fuck your juicy wet cunt as you read the following story. All I ask is that you tell me, in detail, being as dirty as you want, your thoughts, by the way, difficult to type wanking my cock at the same time, perhaps you could help me!! I run a topless bar in town, I?ve seen you in the bar a few times with your husband, I?ve seen your tits, groped you as I pass a few times. I?ve had my fingers in your cunt but not actually fucked you, running the bar has seemed to get in the way. I?ve decided to change that.....I organised an evening with 10 of my male customers, their qualities, big cocks and cum more than once, the bar will be shut to the public, my staff will consist of me a 2 other women. Everyone will be bollock naked, cocks and balls free to be stroked, wanked, sucked, licked and fucked. The 2 female staff will be wearing stockings and suspenders with heels, that?s it.I arrange for your husband to bring you when all the male guests have arrived. As you come in you are greeted with this sight, I come up to you and tell you that you are to enjoy the evening, I feel your hand round my cock, and you smile. You?re stood in a room full of bollock naked men, fully dressed wanking my cock, I start to undo your button front dress and strip you, 2 men come up to you, as they do your hands take hold of their cocks, stroking them. Your dress gone, I remove your bra quickly followed by your knickers, I run 2 fingers along your wet slit and into your wet willing cunt. The other 2 men are sucking your nipples, as you wank their cocks. Everyone in the bar is looking at the exhibition, some stroking their cocks 2 men being wanked by the bar staff. In stockings suspenders and heels I tell you to suck my cock, you get on your knees, my cock is semi erect, you smile ?with pleasure? with my balls in one hand you stroke my cock then look at me as your lips go over the head before taking more in your mouth, a wet and warm feeling travel up my body from my cock up through my body. I feel your hands on my buttocks, gripping my ass cheeks, your mouth taking slightly more cock, then cold as you release my cock from your mouth. I look down and lift my heavy balls for your tongue, roll my cock over your face. Not wanting to cum I step back, your presented with 2 cocks, I watch as you suck, lick and wank them. What you don?t know is that each man has a number, they are going to be fucking and unloading their spunk in that order, Only 2 men don?t have a number, me and your husband, we can fuck any hole at any time.The first 2 men take you over to a table, you?re bent over it at such an angle that your cunt and arsehole can be seen, we all watch as one man feeds his cock into your willing mouth, the other spreads your ass cheeks and tongues your cunt and arse hole. Not that your cunt needs moisture, your fucking wet. After a short while I move up behind you, I will be first to fill your cunt with sperm, I feed my thick cock straight into your open cock hungry cunt. All the way up to my heavy balls, then start to fuck you, long hard deep thrusts as the others watch. All we can hear is moans as your mouth is full of hard cock, your being ?spit roasted? in the middle of the bar. Suddenly the cock in your mouth explodes, thick jets of white sperm straight into your mouth, some leaks out and drips onto the floor, he then pulls his cock out of your mouth and smears your face with saliva and sperm. Your mouth empty we hear you asking me to fuck you harder, ?fuck my cock hungry cunt with your hard cock, fuck me!!!? which I do, enjoying feeding your cunt every inch. I feel your cunt tighten round my cock just as I come, flooding your cunt. As I step back, spunk oozes from your open cunt. I run 2 fingers up from your cunt, covered in spunk and cunt juices and push them into your arse hole, your sphincter opens to allow them in, my next target.I step back, the second man quickly takes my place, he pushes his cock into your lubricated cunt in one hard stroke, not waiting for you to take your breath and starts to really fuck you hard, ramming his cock all the way in, balls slapping as he fucks you. You look over at the bar, 4 men are having their cock wanked and sucked, one is your husband. Then number 3 takes his place at your head, telling you to suck his cock, which you eagerly do just as you feel your cunt being filled again with sperm as the second man erupts deep up your cunt. You?re rolled onto your back as number 4 runs his cock between your cunt lips, he pushes his cock inside, getting covered in 2 men's sperm, he pulls out and the 2 men change places. The cock you had been sucking now fills your cunt, the other is pushed into your mouth. You can taste spunk and your cunt juices on his cock, you moan with pleasure. 2 other men are at your side, they place their cocks in your hands, you wank them. You?re now laid on a table with 4 men around you, one filling your mouth, one fucking your cunt and one in each hand. The cock in your mouth erupts and fills your mouth with cum, he pulls his cock out and smears your face with spunk, your tongue trying to lick his thick cock. He lifts his cock and tells you to lick his balls, eagerly you do. You then feel your tits being mauled and nipples pinched, 2 cocks cover your tits in sperm. You moan with delight, just as the cock in your cunt pulses and fills your overflowing cunt with more spunk.Laid there on the table for all to see, face, tits covered with spunk, your fingers dip into your cum filled cunt, covered in cum you suck your fingers clean only to repeat but this time you push a finger up your arse too. 2 men come up to the table, they are both close to coming having watched you fuck and having their cocks sucked by the 2 female staff. They get on the table either side of your head, you know what they want, to be sucked and wanked off all over your face, these 2 are heavy spunkers. As you wank them both, they are wet from being sucked by the staff, you take each in your mouth in turn, not to be out done they lift their cocks for you to lick their cum balls. One grabs your hair and pushes his cock into your mouth, you feel his spunk hit the back of your throat and swallow but he pulls out and comes all over your face, he smears spunk over your face and hair, when he is finished he pushes his cock back into your mouth to be cleaned. As this happens the second cock covers your face and hair with creamy spunk, swapping cocks he finishes coming in your mouth, greedily you lap up spunk and clean his cock.There?s one hole left, your arse, which has been lubricated by spunk, I walk over ?I?m going to fuck your arse?, you smile, spread your legs, ?I want you to fuck my arse and fill it with spunk?. I insert a finger, ?mmm? you moan, then 2 fingers ?get your cock in my arse, fuck it?. You feel the head at your hole, ?put a hand on each arse cheek and open your arse hole for my bare cock?, you do and I watch as the head is suddenly in your arse, ?fuck your arse is tight?, ?oh fuck!!, push your cock in deeper?. My cock starts to slide into your arse, all we can hear is ?Yes, fuck yes, stretch my arse hole, and fill my arse with your cock?. You feel my balls against your cheeks, I feel your arse relax a little, you look up, your husband is taking pictures of my bare cock deep in your arse, ?make sure you get some good pics of him fucking my arse, better still film it, you?ll hear me screaming for his cock, fuck my arse!!?. Slowly I move my cock back and forth, I feel your arse relax, I?m fucking your arse harder and deeper, Your saying, ?you?ve fucked and filled my cunt, I can feel your gorgeous cock filling my arse, fuck it you bastard, fuck my arse hole, hard deep? I pull out, ?fuck my arse? you beg, but I push my cock straight up your cunt, ?oh you sly fucker?, I fuck your cunt again, hard and deep, pulling out, ?get on all fours?, another man lays on the table, his cock fills your cunt, I?m going to fuck your arse doggy ?open your arse?, and I sink my spunk covered cock all the way in your arse, I hear you saying ?oh fuck, fuck, fuck, mmmmmmmmm? your mouth now full of cock, as I really fuck your arse. In this position, deep, very deep, I feel you tense as you come, not sure how many times! As I feel myself coming ?this is it, I?m going to fill your arse with spunk?, My cock is buried all the way up your arse as I unload and fill it with spunk. As I pull out spunk oozes out onto the cock in your cunt. ?Anna you?re such a good fuck?I would like comments, as detailed as possible, might inspire me to write a second !!
04-07-2021, at 02:13 PM

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