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A surprise for birthday present

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A surprise for birthday presentAnother year? so; another birthday.And of course, another boring business trip by my dear Victor?I woke alone at our marital bed that morning, feeling I needed a hard dick inside of me. I really wanted it so bad.As I was inserting my naughty fingers in my cunt, my loving girlfriend Helena called me, to wish me a nice Birthday?I told her my bad feeling about being alone; but she laughed and said we could make something different that evening for a birthday party. We could celebrate it at her house, along with the other girls.Then I knew what she did mean: Helena would arrange everything for me and the girls. She would hire for sure a black male stripper to come and show us a huge black dick, while we all cheered up?When I arrived to Helena?s home, I was a bit disappointed, finding that there were just the girls; no male black stripper at sight?We had some drinks and some of the girls stripped off their sexy outfits. They kissed each other between them, but none of those bitches got close to me during the night.Suddenly I felt a pair of soft hands pressing my arms and another hands put a blindfold around my eyes. My wrists were cuffed to my back and other naughty hands started to strip me off.I tried to protest; but then some soft lips kissed mine, making me shiver in pleasure. They stripped me naked, except for my heels. Someone made me spread my legs wide, as I was sitting on the couch. Then a sweet mouth started to explore my pussy lips.I started to moan as that mouth found my swollen clit; but other soft lips covered mine, making me forget any claim?Suddenly I heard Helena announcing the surprise had arrived.The bitch came close to me and whispered in my ear that I could not see what did she meant about ?surprise?; but she added I could feel and taste it later?All the girls made a deep silence and then I could hear the first notes of ?nine and a half weeks? sounding on the living room?I knew it: Helena had brought a well hung black male stripper for me. But I could not see his sensual strip tease performance?All those bitches cheered up like crazy and I just could imagine and fantasize about that huge black dick getting close to me as he danced around my girlfriends. I could feel that man every time he touched some part of my body with his full erect cock.The music ended and then I heard Helena?s voice; announcing that I could now enjoy my Birthday present; just for me in private...A pair of sweaty strong arms lifted my body from the couch and Helena guided that man to her own bedroom. She closed the door behind her, after telling me I could enjoy my present all night long.The strong man threw me onto the bed. He did not remove my handcuffs or the blindfold. I felt him spreading my thighs and soon his bald head was between them, kissing the insides?Then I moaned, when his lips finally reached my shaved mound and entered my pussy lips up to my clit. I had a first orgasm as he licked my swollen clit. That bastard was as good as my own husband licking my pussy...He sucked and licked a bit more, making me shiver with pleasure. Then he suddenly put his dick onto my pussy lips. I felt it was thick and it was very hard. I asked him to suck it; but I heard him laugh?He slid that hard cock head onto my wet pussy lips, over and over; making me to yell and beg him to stop teasing and fuck me hard.The man laughed again and suddenly he thrust his thick head between my wet pussy lips. He withdrew a bit and I begged him to go on. Then he shoved more inches inside of my hungry wet cunt.I yelled out loud and he stopped; but I cried I wanted him deeper. Then he thrust again, until he reached my cunt up to the bottom.He stayed quiet for some seconds and then he lifted my ankles to his shoulders. I felt him staring to pump me hard and fast. I cried in pleasure and that man kept thrusting his dick harder in my cunt.Suddenly I felt my body tense and I started to groan and cry, as that huge dick was making me have a very, very intense orgasm.I relaxed and I felt with my back onto the bed. I heard the door open and Helena`s sensual voice asking if everything was going fine.The stripper took his dick out of my cunt and then I heard Helena was sucking that incredible dick; trying to get it hard again for me.Soon I could feel he was hard again, as that nice piece of meat rested onto my exposed labia. Helena said goodbye and closed the door behind her. My unknown lover made me bend over my knees and he pushed my head against the pillows. Soon I felt his hard cock invading again my stretched vagina. He pumped me wildly, as I cried and screamed with pleasure; until I had a second wild loud orgasm?He slipped out and climbed off the bed. In that same doggy position; he grabbed my hair and made me suck his semi rigid dick.I enjoyed it. His dick was really thick and was getting hard quickly.The door was open again and I could recognize Camilla and Laura?s laugh. Both bitches announced they would love to help by getting hard again that magnificent cock for me.I laughed and encouraged them to go ahead.I could hear them sucking and slurping; as they were quarreling for their turn on that cock? Behind them; Helena announced the stripper was just for my pleasure?When all girls left, he had again his dick fully erect and very hard. This time the stripper lay on his back and dragged me to climb onto his hard body. I still had my hands cuffed at my back and I was blindfolded; but I managed to set my pussy lips just over his cock?He grabbed my hips and slowly made me go down onto his hard cock. Soon I felt it stretching again my swollen cunt. I started moving back and forth on his dick. I impaled myself on it, as I wanted desperate to get my hands free and the blindfold out.As I was starting to moan, sensing my third orgasm, the door was open again. I began to cry in pleasure, when Helena took off the dark cloth off my eyes. She held my shoulders and made me look down.Then I cried in both pleasure and surprise, looking down as I had my climax and finding that hard cock inside my cunt belonged to my loving husband Victor.Helena laughed as she looked at my facial expression and she got my hands free from the cuffs. Then she left us there. I leaned against my husband?s chest, still breathing hard as my orgasm subsided?Then I lifted my head and looked at him.Victor was smiling to me; he just said he was not black?
04-07-2021, at 02:13 PM

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