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Our Honeymoon, Every Woman Should Have ? Part 1
Our Honeymoon, Every Woman Should Have ? Part 1I am Garima. I am going to narrate my honeymoon experience with you.Even if I say that it is true, most of you will not believe. So it does not matter.I am youngest of three siblings. The eldest one is sister and there is one brother Rahul between two sisters. Our family was / is very rich.Though my father was a reputed successful real estate developer and builder he was very conservative.My elder sister got married while she was only in school. I did not want, I wanted to be free like a bird but my father was keen to cut my wings so that I can?t fly.Though my mother had come from an educated liberal family she has no say in our family. She was too weak to disobey my father who liked to be called as babuji. That time My brother was in 2nd year of engineering. It was a holiday after my board exam. One evening when I returned back home after spending some time in a local club I was informed that next day my would be husband with family members would come to see me and take an interview.This sudden

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