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Bicycle tied up_(1)

Post #1

A Day of Bondage

?Wow!? both Oscar and Donna thought. Now both their daughters liked being tied up. Thus a day of bondage began. She didn?t like it very much last night being all tied up when they came in that morning though she liked it a little more and now she was envious of her sister.
Oscar nearly fainted at the thought of taking care of both his tied up little girls. Memories of RAH ran though his head as if those memories had taken place yesterday. He could barely answer her he was in too much of a state of shock. ?Ok sweetheart but after breakfast we will tie you both up in different ways.?
She was disappointed but could hardly wait; then she was even more disappointed when Titania got to stay tied up through breakfast.
They all sat down and before Titania could say anything about not being able to eat, tied up. Her father picked up her fork and scooped up some food then bought it to her mouth.
She wasn?t quite sure she wanted to be fed like a little baby but she liked being tied up and taken care of yesterday so why not. She opened her mouth and her father slipped the food between her lips. He was very careful as to not force her and she liked it, she really liked being tied up now. Elincia wanted to be fed like a baby too but she liked watching just the same.
They fed Titania and ate there own breakfast too. It was a lot of fun but a lot of extra work. After Breakfast their mother took the plates from the table and started doing dishes; while Oscar took the two girls up stairs into Elincia 's room, where all the rope was.
He first started by untying Titania and then took the rope and started explaining things. ?Being tied up is called bondage and bondage is a form of sex, I will explain sex more later. Your Mother and I are into bondage and have been for sometime, we just never thought you two would be into it. For now we won?t do anything sexual. We will start with tying you two up.? Elincia walked into the middle of the small lesson in bondage.
Both the girls knew that sex was a grown up thing, Elincia knew it had something to do with being touched but that was only because of before. They were both quite anxious to learn about sex.
Their mother then spoke ?Girls I want you both to lay down on the floor on your side.? They both hesitantly did so and soon they were into position. Oscar kneeled down behind Titania and Donna knelt behind Elincia. They both took the girls ankles in their hands and tied the ankles of the girls together. They then bought both girls legs up and used another piece of rope to tie their wrists together. They then tied the ankles and wrists together so each girl was hogtie. Titania still only wore her panties and Elincia was naked from the waist down.
?Now to complete your bondage for now, we will gag each of you.? Oscar said. ?But daddy.? Both girls said in unison. Oscar and Donna quickly grabbed two socks from Elincia 's drawer, Clean socks. They then balled each of the socks up and stuffed them into the girl?s mouths. Elincia tried resisting the gag but Oscar digging his fingers into her ribs and tickling her, quickly fixed that little problem. ?Now we will see you two later. Bye.? Donna said as there parents walked out of the room. ?Mph.? Came from both girls as they realized their parents were just going to leave them tied up, alone.
Oscar and Donna didn?t wander far from the door. Leaving it open a crack they could peer inside and see their almost naked daughters tied and bound. The two girls struggled for a bit but they soon settled down until they were relaxed. They noticed that Titania?s panties were growing wet around the crotch area. They weren?t sure whether she liked being tied up or she was scared and let some pee out. They stood by the door for sometime, just staring at their bound little daughters before finally leaving to go make lunch.
They made two grilled cheese sandwiches for themselves and ate them in the kitchen. They then made two more grilled cheese sandwiches for the girls and started up the stairs, with a glass of milk for each.
They arrived in the girl?s rooms and knelt down beside a girl. Their mother took Elincia again and the father took Titania. Before they started to feed the girls their bit size pieces of grilled cheese Oscar inspected Titania ?Honey Daddy?s just going to check something real quick just relax.? He waited a few seconds for her to take in what he said before he reached down her panty?s and felt the dampness. She was visibly shaking in fear as her father reached down the front of her panties. But when his hand brushed along her there it increased the tingle, she had been feeling since last night. He quickly removed his hand from her panties and he sniffed his finger. The smell was not of urine but of her being aroused.
Elincia knew how Titania felt when her daddy put his hand down her panties. She could tell her sister was very scared though. She wanted to tell her sister that it was ok and daddy would make her feel good, but she decided against saying anything; her parents might not feed her then. She wanted her daddy to put his hand on her pussy because she was wet down there as well.
They didn?t untie the girls instead they left them tied and fed them the food themselves. They helped the girls drink the milk with bendy straws. ?Ok girls were going to leave you tied for a little while longer, then we will allow you a fifteen minute break. But after your short break we will retie you in a different way.? Their mother said. Then both Oscar and Donna got up and left, after stuffing the socks back into the girl?s mouths of course.
Outside of the room Oscar spoke with Donna about what he discovered. ?Titania was damp between her legs alright and she didn?t smell of pee, she really must be enjoying herself. Although were going to have to take things slower with her because she was visibly scared, when I put my hand down her panties. I don?t think we should allow her to talk to her sister because her sister might tell her about having an orgasm. I know you hate the idea of having them gagged but I think they should remain gagged.? Donna nodded in agreement with her husband. Then they went down to the basement to set up for the next bondage session.
They moved some of the boxes, which covered the basement and the place where they played some of their games before they had the girls. They had two Y tables one was older and falling apart but should still work to restrain one of the girls. They quickly set both of the Y tables up. Then Donna decided to test the hooks in the wall, just incase they decided to tie the girls to the wall. The hooks held so all their old equipment was still in working order; with the exception of a few of the straps on the older Y table. They would have to use rope to secure a person to that Y table.
Oscar also called up his friend Sean. Donna had been Sean?s Mistress a few years ago. She trained him on how to escape certain tie-ups and how to tie knots. Then she met Oscar and she learned new knots. Sean managed to convince her to tell him more about Funiculaireville and in the end Oscar got Sean a job at Funiculaireville. Oscar called up his good friend Sean, who was now part of the Funiculaireville council. He called to see if they could do some other things with the girls. His good friend Sean, or now Master F. should be able to help him out. He hoped he could take the girls on vacation to the famous Funiculaireville Adventure Hotel, RAH.
After they finished tidying up the basement a little more, they went to join the girls and get them ready for their next bondage session. Titania probable wouldn?t like being tied with her legs spread on a Y table but she would have to endure. Elincia on the other hand would probable get even more turned on.
They arrived in the girl?s room and untied the girl?s; they would let them have a fifteen-minute break as they had promised. They left the girls gags over their mouths to ensure quiet Elincia. Elincia was the first to try to stand up but she couldn?t get used to walking and she fell over into her dads? arms. Oscar knew such a thing might happen, because she had been tied up with out the use of her legs for so long. He picked her up and carried her into her bed. He then went back to Titania who was trying to stand as well and helped her into her sister?s bed. Donna was already working on massaging Elincia?s legs so Oscar started on Titania?s legs. They needed at the muscles and help by simulating walking by bending the legs at the knee?s a bit.
It wasn?t long before the girls started to feel better enough to try walking again but they wanted their parents to rub them a bit longer. Elincia got more and more excited as her mother got closer to the juncture between her legs. But Titania was getting more and more scared as her daddy?s hand got closer to her private place. The fear had increased the tingle even more and she was growing wetter, she thought she might have started to pee a bit. Oscar knew he was scaring his daughter so he decided to stop massaging her at about midway up her thighs. After their massage they let them go on their fifteen-minute break.
Of coarse the girls still had the gags in place so they couldn?t talk to each other they resided to watching cartoons on television together. The fifteen-minute break was up all to quick for them, but their parents weren?t going to stop now. They picked a girl up and carried the children kicking and trying to scream all the way to a bathroom. Each was then instructed to go to the bathroom. Because it was going to be a long time before they were allowed a break again. After each girl had used the bathroom, they again picked the girls up and carried them to the basement.
When Elincia saw the Y table she immediately knew where her legs were suppose to go. She didn?t much like the thought about being that displayed to her parents but she knew they wouldn?t hurt her, or at least she hoped.
Titania kicked harder at her mother as she saw the Y table, and realized as well where her legs were going to be and how open she would be. She knew it was wrong to let someone touch her between her legs, but she also knew that her daddy shouldn?t have touched her nipples the night before. She was ok with her daddy touching her nipples because that felt good, but she didn?t know what it would feel like if she were touched between her legs.
Titania was placed on the Y table, which was in good condition and didn?t need to be re-strapped. Elincia got the older Y table and was tied down to it with Rope. The girls were still wearing the same thing they had on that morning. Elincia only had a T-shirt on and Titania only wore her panties. Titania was thankful for still wearing panties, because if she weren?t she would have probable peed herself, as soon as her legs were fastened to the table.
When the girls were done being strapped to the table Both Oscar and Donna left. They shut off the lights to the basement and started up the stairs. They both paused on the stairwell and listened to the muffled screams of the girls.
The gagged sounds were too much for Donna she couldn?t take it anymore she needed Oscar to make love to her that second. She grabbed his arm and pulled him to his feet. They both ran up the stairs. Donna grasped at her shirt and pulled it over her head, before they had reached the top of the steps. They paused at the top of the steps and kissed madly. Oscar grabbed at her full breasts he felt the rapidly hardening nipple in his palm. That was enough for him and he grabbed her hand and led her upstairs.
The girls heard their parents running around upstairs they wondered why their parents would run. They never seemed to run around and have fun like they did. They were so anxious to find out what their parents were doing but they couldn?t, they were tied up.
Oscar struggled out of his pants at the door to Elincia?s bedroom. They chose Elincia?s room because it was their girls that were going on. Donna quickly slid her skirt and panties off. She was too worked up to wait for her husband while he unbuttoned his pants, she just couldn?t wait her right hand flew to her extremely wet snatch. She put two fingers in her vagina and pulled them out quickly, making an obscene noise.
Oscar had a little trouble getting his pants off with a hard on but he managed to do so fairly quickly. As soon as he had his pants off he jumped onto the bed and got into position. He didn?t wait for her to say she was ready he just lunged his pelvis forward, driving his cock to the hilt in her already extremely wet and ready pussy. They started out fast and kept fucking harder and faster until they both came once.
The second time around was a more relaxed, pace Oscar was still worn out from the first time around. He wasn?t getting much from the sex anymore but he was glad to help his wife feel good. He grabbed at her clit and tugged as hard as he could until it slipped from his fingers and snapped back against her body. Donna loved that because it made her even more excited. After pulling and releasing twice he paid more attention on just flicking her clit with his fingers. This got her even more excited and she was really humping back at him, even though his penis was only semi hard inside her. His tactic changed as she was just about brought over the edge. He again pulled at her clit and let it snap back. That was all it took for her to cum a second time.
The screams that the girls could hear from upstairs was scaring them, what was happening to their parents. Finally after an hour and a half later the screams and moans stopped and seconds later they heard footsteps on the basement stairs. Their hearts pounded in their chests as they wondered who was coming and what happened. Finally the figures on the stairs came into view and they were both relieved to see that it was only their parents. But their parents weren?t dressed instead they were naked. Titania got scared at the sight of both her parents being naked; she hoped they didn?t want her to be naked. She was too scared of what her parents would do to her tiny body and her little peepee. Titania shook in her bounds as they neared. But they didn?t go between her legs instead they came to where her head was.
Her father reached out and gently pealed the tape back from her mouth. She was thankful for finally having the gagged taken off. He pulled the sock out of her mouth, with the help of her tongue. When he finished removing the gag he did the weirdest thing, he bent down and kissed her on the lips. His tongue played over her lips as he kissed her. This was one weird kiss unlike any kiss she had had before.
Elincia received the same type of kiss from her mom as soon as she had her gagged removed. Elincia knew what was happening though, she was older and knew that her mom was trying to French kiss her. A boy at school showed her how to do that, but she hated the boy afterward because he tried to pull her shirt off when he did that. Elincia didn?t let her mothers tongue inside her mouth though, because that would have been gross; but maybe it was a part of the bondage thing she thought. Or what made better sense is her parents said Bondage was a part of sex, maybe it was apart of sex.
After their parents kissed them both, very strangely, their parents untied them. They were both glad for their bondage session to be over, but they hoped they could enjoy bondage again. They were allowed to go upstairs and watch TV but they weren?t allowed to do so together. One would have to watch TV in the living room while the other watched TV in her parents? bedroom. Why weren?t they allowed to be together they questioned in their heads. Elincia thought back to lunchtime and remembered thinking about not being fed, if she told her sister about being touched, maybe that?s why they were separated.
Their parents got dinner ready while they watched TV, in separate rooms. Dinner was uneventful with very little talking from any of them. The rest of the night the girls were not allowed to be near each other. They weren?t allowed to watch TV together they weren?t allowed to play together they were hardly allowed to see each other.
Elincia was right in thinking it was because she knew of masturbation. Her parents didn?t want to scare Titania or force her into being touched. They had forced Elincia and they both looked at that like rape, they wanted Titania to decide.
They even weren?t allowed to take their baths together. Titania was first in the bathtub and she didn?t want her parents in there so she washed herself. Elincia had been washing herself since she was eight, just like her sister. She was usually embarrassed about being seen by her parents so they never bothered her in the bathroom. Tonight though she decided she wanted her Daddy to wash her.
Oscar made sure the water was still warm enough for Elincia before he started to leave the bathroom. Elincia stopped him before he managed to leave the bathroom and asked him. ?Daddy will you give me my bath tonight like you always used to do?? She asked with a pleading look on her face. Oscar couldn?t resist that sweet innocent look on her face. She stripped of her clothes right in front of him. She took extra time on removing her panties; that she put on after her bondage session.
Oscar watched his daughter slowly and sexily as she removes her clothing. She seemed to take extra time in removing her underwear. Only revealing the top of her slit, with the prominent clit that was probable erect by just the thought of her Daddy seeing her. It was too much for Oscar to take he had to see all of her that second or he would have exploded in his pants. He grabbed at her underwear and yanked them down. Natural instinct was for her to cover her sex with her hands. ?I?m sorry honey I didn?t mean to.? Oscar said apologetically, for scaring his daughter. ?It?s alright daddy you can look at my peepee if you want to.? She said this and then removed her hands.
Oscar starred for what seemed like hours at the most gorgeous pussy he had ever seen. Finally though his big head started thinking again. ?You?d better be getting in the tub or that water will get cold. I will look at you later.? That excited her at the thought of him looking at her later so she obeyed and stepped into the tub.
Oscar helped her in the tub and started washing her. He washed her extra well this night, making a think coat of lather all over her body. He washed her upper body first not paying any special attention to her nipples. Although he did feel them grow hard under his touch. He was gentle when he washed her hair and rinsed it. Then it was time for her lower body. He started at the bottoms of her feet of worked his way upward.
Finally he reached the top of her legs and started rubbing her slit. He washed it first then rinsed it and continued rubbing. He found her small clit at the top and peeled the hood back. His rubbing was helping bring her close to orgasm but it wasn?t enough for him. He lifted her from the tub and placed her on the toilet seat. ?Alright honey daddy?s going to lick your peepee it wont hurt I promise.? She accommodated by spreading her legs for him.
He licked at the water from the bath and tried getting his tongue into the inner parts beyond her prominent outer labia. He wasn?t getting at her clit, which was enclosed behind her outer labia and clit hood. ?Honey daddy going to spread your peepee apart.? He told her then placed his thumbs on each labia and spread. This exposed her inner pink folds and the now prominent clit. He gentle brushed his finger over her clit. Exciting a small squeak from her. He followed his finger on her clit by his tongue licking in broad stokes. He kept his thumbs on her outer labia to keep her inner goodness revealed.
He paused in his effort for a few seconds so he could get a better look at his little girl. He could see just inside her tiny vaginal hole. He couldn?t see very far because she had still had her hymen. He would love pushing through that piece of skin with his cock.
He took one good lick from the bottom of her peepee all the way to the top of her pubic mound. Along the way his tongue scraped over her clit and again excited a squeak from her lips.
Her pussy was once again growing wet not from the bath water but from her own lubrication, she was moaning constantly at her father?s tongue, which didn?t leave her clit.
Donna could hear the moans coming from the bathroom as she tried to read Titania a story. Titania could also hear the moans, but thought that Elincia was probable in some sort of trouble. Finally the bedtime story was over and Titania was instructed to wait patiently for her father to tuck her in. That was weird why would she have to wait for her daddy to tuck her in, before she could go to sleep. Usually she would go to sleep before he came in. But she was instructed to stay up.
Donna went to check on how Elincia and Oscar were doing. She slowly opened the bathroom door and saw Elincia sitting on the toilet seat, with her legs spread as wide as she could get them. Oscar was licking furiously at her pussy. She was moaning with pleasure but she just wasn?t getting release; she had to help.
Donna stood next to her daughter and reached down. She grasped both her daughters? nipples and gently massaged them between thumb and index finger. Elincia being only nine had not begun developing yet, but she did look forward to having breast like her mommy.
The added pleasure on her nipples brought her over the edge and she announced her orgasm with a load scream. Her legs clamped shut around her fathers head and she nearly flew off the toilet seat. Her mother held her in place until she was able to calm down.
The only thing still wet on Elincia?s body was her hair from the shower and her pussy from enjoyment. Donna grabbed a towel and dried the ends of Elincia?s hair while Oscar washed his face. ?So I see you couldn?t wait to molest our daughter. Well just don?t go to far with her. Also don?t you think it?s time Titania learns about sex also. She?s in her room waiting for you.? Donna said to her husband. Before leaving the room Elincia said, ?I love you Daddy.?
He then went to Titania?s room. She sat there waiting just like she was instructed to do, by her mother. Oscar walked over to her bed and sat down; he bent down gave her a kiss and said, ?goodnight?. He just wasn?t sure how he would introduce her without scaring her. What they did to Elincia that day was considered rape he didn?t want to rape his other daughter as well. He was sure in time with the questions she had asked the night before that she would want to be touched.
Oscar finished tucking her in then went to Elincia?s room to say goodnight to her, again. She had just gotten into bed when he got in there. He did the usual of going up to her sitting on her bed and kissing her on the forehead. He got up to go to bed himself but she stopped him. ?Daddy why was your thingy all hard in your pants while you rubbed me in the bathroom?? ?Well honey boys get excited just like a girl during sex. That little button at the top of your peepee sticks out right?? She tried to think of what he was talking about but she couldn?t. ?I don?t know.? She answered.
If he was going to teach her about sex, then she would have to know about her own body before she knew about a mans body. ?Honey are you wearing your underwear or not?? A sly smile crept across her face and she shook her head no. ?Then push the covers off and spread your legs.? Oscar instructed. She pushed the covers off but kept her legs together ?will this hurt daddy?? She asked because she was still a little scared about just spreading her legs to her father. She knew it was wrong to be touched down there and women always complained about it hurting so she asked. ?No dear it won?t hurt.? In response to his answer she pulled up her nightgown and spread her legs.
Oscar reached over and grabbed a hand mirror; she had on her desk, and then placed it between her legs. He reached down and spread her pussy open. He grabbed at the hood of her clit and pulled it back. That was all it took to get her excited and her clit stuck out. She let out a soft moan of pleasure, but her father reached up with his hand and placed it over her mouth ?This is not the time to play.? She stuck out her lower lip to pout for a second but then looked down.
?See this little thing sticking out here? That?s called your clit. It sticks out like that when you are sexually excited. A similar thing happens to men when they are excited. It feels good for men to be rubbed also.? He said and started her education of sex.
?That really good feeling you get at the end of being rubbed is called an orgasm, we told you that before. Men can also have orgasms but when they have orgasms white stuff comes out of their penis. The white stuff is called sperm and it is used in making babies.? He said.
?I know that you do sex to have babies, but how are babies made?? she asked.
?Well a mans penis goes inside the girls pussy.? He said while patting on her pussy to show her there were other names for her sex than just peepee. ?You see this hole at the bottom of your pussy?? He lowered his finger and pushed just the tip of his finger inside her pussy. She squeaked at the sudden intrusion. ?That?s where a mans penis goes. Then when he?s inside he has an orgasm just like the girl and his sperm gets inside her and it might get her pregnant. And that?s what is called sex? He removed his finger from her, which excited another squeak from her.
?Daddy would you put your penis in me?? She asked. The thought excited Oscar but he knew that it would hurt her so he decided not to try. ?No honey because it would hurt if daddy did that.? She seemed a little disappointed but didn?t fully understand. ?I don?t mind Daddy.? She said hoping he would say yes. ?Honey it would hurt a lot the first time so no.? She really wanted her father inside her so he could have an orgasm just like her. ?It?s just because I?m too small but could you try.? She said trying to convince him yet again. ?It?s not because you?re too small. It always hurts the first time. I?m sorry honey but the answer is still no.? ?But daddy I want you to have an orgasm just like me.? She pleaded. ?Honey if that?s all, you could rub my penis.? That cheered her up. ?Really daddy I can??
Oscar got off the bed and pulled off his pants. Elincia tried helping him when he pulled down his underwear. When his underwear was down she grabbed his already hard cock. He helped her by stroking her hand up and down the shaft. She learned quickly without being told that that was how to rub his penis. She was smiling from ear to ear as she made her daddy feel good, just like he did to her.
Oscar grabbed a tissue from her dresser and placed it over the head of his penis. She continued to stroke until his dick started to spasm in her hand. She let go and watched the tissue get wet. When he looked done having an orgasm to her she asked, ?Did you have an orgasm daddy?? Oscar was to worn out to give her an audible response that second, so he just shook his head yes. ?Can I see daddy?? She asked reaching for the tissue. He handed her the tissue and she opened it and looked at it. She saw what appeared to be a white sticky liquid. She sniffed it once just to see if it would stink. It didn?t stink it actually smelt kind a good she thought. He took the tissue away from her before she decided on tasting it. He was saving that for tomorrows lesson.
Again he tucked her in and said goodnight before he left to join his wife for bed. Donna wanted to have sex but Oscar wasn?t in the mood. He told her why and she was glad that they were doing all these things with their daughters.
Donna thought back to that morning and remembered how angry she was, when she first saw what had happened with Titania. But now that she realized he wasn?t going to harm them and only do things they wanted him to do, she was ok with it. She just hoped she could molest the girls as well.
Late that night Titania woke her father up. She only wore her panties while she asked her daddy to tie her up and sleep with her again that night.
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