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Saya's Week - Tuesday: Fraying Jenna_(1)

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Day Two: Tuesday
Frying Jenna

When Jenna went to school this morning, she had no idea it was for the last time. Her 18th birthday was only two weeks ago, and she was one of the best in her class. Her good grades secured her the decent stipend she badly needed, since Jenna was an orphan.
No need to worry.

This morning the principal came to her class and took her to the nursery for an "routine medical examination". This happened from time to time, so she was used to it.
As usual, the medical examiner took notes, and probed her hips and breast with his gloved hands, and took an careful examination of lower body. As always, he worked with the professional distance to be expected from medical staff, so this wasn't to embarassing to Jenna. He would make some ticks on his list and say "Your'e good to go!", and then she would resume class.
Only he didn't.

Faster as her eyes could follow he gave her an injection, and her body went limp. She wasn't numb, only paralyzed, and the medic begun talking to her.
"According to Federal Stock Regulation 23 you are hereby graded and informed of your grading as a 'Meat Girl, Nonconsensual, Grade A', and are therefore to be marked and held in custody until processing.
You are hereby stripped of your human rights in accordance to Federal Stock Regulation 14a and therefore have the same rights and obligations as defined for human live stock in Federal Stock Regulations 16, 17 and 18. This is to adhere the need of your owner, the Northern Ridge Quality Meat Ltd..
Do you have any questions?" he recited in a bored voice like he did a hundred times before.

Jenna's eyes widened in anger and surprise. "Is this a practical joke by the class or something like that? A pregraduation ritual of some sorts? I'm certainly not amused!"

The man looked down to her, only a small flicker of compassion in his look, for a split second, and answered, while he was putting a branding iron to her hip:
"Thats no joke, girl. You are not an orphan, you are, and always have been, quality stock, bred in the Northern Ridge Meat Farm. Some people just don't have a taste for obedient meat girls, so the farm puts some girls on a normal live on college, and fund it. You never got a scholarship from the government, it was the stock funding from Northern Ridge you have been paid."
She tried to move so desperately to escape the pain on her hip, but her body wouldn't respond. The pain was so immense, stronger than anything she ever endured, that she had problems to follow the man's words.
"It's the next best thing to kidnapping a girl from school, only its legal with you, for you have been bred stock from the beginning. Did you never wonder why of all the girls in class only you and Sarah needed to attend the medical examinations? It's a quality check, nothing more.
If you got no other questions, I'd like to get you shipped."

Jenna listened in disbelief. It made some sense, for the medical examiner was always a bit too routinized about the check, and never spoke to her more than necessary, nor did he show any sign of special attention to her quite beautiful body. She wrote it off as professional attitude, and it was. He checked her like she would check the frozen chicken in the supermarket. But she didn't believe it, her mind just couldn't accept this to be real. She had a live, was successful in school. Everything was fine. She would awake from this weird dream. Now. Now?
Her mind still struggled to fully grasp the complete wreck of what she believed to be her reality as she was put in a cushioned crate and rolled out.

Jenna awoke by a slap to her face.
"Awake, piggy!"
Her eyes opend and gave way to a blurred vison of a redhead who seemingly had just hit her. She opened her mouth to give her an aprobiate answer, and then the memory came back.
She was awake, and could feel shackles on her arms and legs, attached to thin metal bars formed like a 'T'. It made moving impossible.
As her vision cleared, she saw that the girl was nude, and realized she was nude, too. The redhead wore a branding on her hip, classifying her as a meatgirl, and suddenly Jenna felt a mild, pulsating sensation on her own hip. As she turned her head to the right, a similar marking entered her view, of course it was on her own body. This nightmare was no nightmare. It was the pitiful rest of her once glorious life. She started to laugh and sob at the same time, only to get another slap in her face, and the backhand a quarter second later.
"Focus, piggy! Don't go hysterical on me, we need you to stay sharp! Concentrate! Look at me!"

Jenna did as she was told, if only to avoid another hit to her face.
The girl was quite a looker, her body features more than similar to hers, they could have been twins. She recognized the enticing hips and the meaty labia on the redheads body, and wondered if this was some inbred trademark of the meat farm, to realize in terror how fast she had grown to the idea of just being stock.
Even their faces were reminiszent of each other, but not enought for twins.
Of course, Jenna had ash blonde hair and green eyes, while the woman obvously was a blue eyed redhead.
The girl smiled cryptically as she looked over her body.

"My name is Claire, and you are Jenna, as far as I'm told. It will be a pleasure to make you ready for our Mistress."
Jenna looked at the ground.
"And then you will butcher me and eat my flesh?"
It was more of a statement than a question.
"Look at me, Jenna, you do as we tell you, when we tell you. Now look up to me, not at the ground! This way you might undergo the least unpleasent treatment. Not that pleasant is the right description for what lies ahead of you, but believe me, our owner Saya can be much more vicious. And no, she hasn't paid half a fortune to just butcher you, she wants a show, and that means preparing you alive."

Jenna was petriefied. She was beginning to come to terms with being killed, but live preparing?"
"So you want to torture me first?"
Claire smiled, but her eyes stayed cold.
"Pain makes your meat softer, thats it. And you will get quite a good dose of it. But first we need to raise your pain threshold, so you wont blank out while cooking. By the way, are you into girls, Jenna?"
She couldn't grasp what she just heard. This was only a bad dream...
"No, I'm not. Not that I didn't try, the caretakers at boarding school made sure that I had no boys around me, so... oh my god, thats all part of it, isn't it? Are virgins more... valuable?"
Claire simply nodded.
"You will get used to girls over the course of the next few days. But lets start."

With a swift motion, Claire brought Jenna to her knees and fastened the T-frame to the ground, so the girl was bend over on all fours. Then she extracted something out of shelf, a device wich looked like a multi tailed whip, but it had to many tails to be counted, and they were made of thin leather stripes about one finger broad.
"Thats a flogger. Good for beginning." said Claire and went behind the girl. Then, after a fast, sizzling sound, Jenna felt the impact on her butt. It was like being slapped, only the pain transformed after the hit into a burning sensation, but it was moderate and bearable. Ten strikes later she realized that Claire had just started low, for she was strinking harder and harder now.
Tears formed in Jenna's eyes, she clenched her teeth, and after three more hits the pain won over her dignity, and she screamed her pain out.

It felt like hours, but it lasted on 5 minutes. Claire removed the T-frame from the sobbing girls who lied on the cold marble floor, shaking.
Jenna wasn't able to move only on finger without beeing answered by aching pain.
The redhead went down to her heels, so her triangle rested on Jenna's stomach, and bent over her, grasping her head by her hair, almost gentle.
She lowered her face over the sobbing girl and put a soft, probing kiss on her lipps. Then, she gradually forced her tongue over and kissed her deep and long.
Jenna could see and feel the desire in Claires look, but she didn't gave in because of that. Her mind was just filled to the top with disbelief and the strongest pain she ever felt, and it was this small bit of compassion she cried for.
To Claire, who exactly know what she was doing to her victim, it was just a bit of calculation and lust.

She released herself from the girl and said firmly:
"We need to get on."
Then she put the flogger to its use again, striking the breasts and hips of the meatgirl, which tried to escape the blows by rolling and moving, only exposing her side and arms to the mercyless leather strips of her tormentor. Claire avoided hitting the face or the pussy of Jenna, but one blow found its way to her cheek, and the howling and screaming peaked to a new height.
When the pain on her front wasn't bearable any longer, Jenna rolled over, but her swollen skin on the back responded even more to the assault, she even got on her feet and moved one step before giving away to the agony and sinking to the ground again.
She screamed, and at some point she had not even the energy left to do that, and just lay still, tears forming a puddle around her face, to weak to even shake or twitch when the next hit came in.

She could hear Claire's voice like through a thick layer of cotton, somewhere on the other side of her consciousness, somewhere outside her small world of pain.
"This lotion will decrease the swelling, and it even contains some spices which will get deep into your skin. Get into bed and sleep a bit, you need it."
A flask was put beside her head, and Jenna felt a kiss on her lips, just as unreal as everything else, then she felt the other girl moving away, and heard a closing door.
She was alone.

Jenna couldn't say how long she was just lying on the cold marble before she got the power to move her arms. Ignoring the pain, she rubbed the lotion into her skin, hoping for some relief.
It was pleasantly cool on her burning skin, and the pain decreased a bit.
Somehow she managed to move into the bed, not caring that she left lotion on everything she touched, and slept away quite fast.

She woke up as Claire gently shook her shoulders.
"Rise and shine, piggy. We need to do the next step, then you'll get breakfast. Follow me."
Jenna got up, and was glad that the swelling on her whole body was nearly grown back. The pain was merely a background noise now, constantly present, but bearable.
She followed Claire out of the room and down a long floor to a small, tiled room. The thick doors looked soundproof, and the whole room looked like a crossing between an old medieval torture chamber and an operation room.
As she hesitated to enter it she got a fierce snap to her still aching nipple.
"Move on, and sit down on the table!"
Claire pointed towards a metal table with sink, of the sort one might expect to find in a hospital. Jenna responded quickly.
With fast, routinized movements she was leaned back, so that the pits of her knees rested on the edge of the table, then her upper body was bound to it by leather strips, as well as her spread legs. She was fully exposed, and felt embarassed by Claire openly scrutinizing looks to her pussy.
Withoutany further words, the girl started eating her out.
It was so surreal, but after a while Jenna started to relax and tried to enjoy it. Claire was definitly more skilled than her friend in school, with which she was testing her sexuality for the first time, to not repeat it again.
But the expirienced redhead pushed her easily down the road toward climating, and Jenna felt ashamed and embarassed.
The person was about to torture and kill her, but could singlehanded force her to orgasm against her will. She felt betrayed, by the world, by her body, and by herself.
After all, she was only a peace of meat, stock, like a cow or a stout, to be used as wished if the right button is pushed, confined to her lowly, animalic instinkts.
Not selfcontrolled nor disciplined like a civilized girl is expected to. Only some kind of animal.

"You quite enjoyed it, for not being into girls." was she reminded by Claire, and her voice had an hard edge to it.
Jenna gave her an angry glare, but for a splitsecond only. Then her eyes got looked broken again.
Claire went on, ignoring the look.
"This is a selfcauterizing scalpel, it reduces bleeding. Prepare for some pain, as I will now remove the protective skin on your clit."
Panic filled the mind of the bound girl, but she couldn't move her hips one inch.
In pure terror she saw the redhead bending over her wide, open, spread femalehood and moving the blade towards her.
She screamed and begged, but Claire just did not listen, and then, as the scalpel hit home, she screamed.
Not like yesterday when she was beat up, not like when she got branded, she screamed and cryed like never before, in pure agony and terror.
Claire worked slowly, as if she enjoyed it, so it took over a half minute untill she was finished. Jenna's voice had already died down by then, to be only a sobbing groan in the background, and she nearly passed out.
But she wasn't as lucky as to just black out, and felt the blade cutting and cauterizing every millimeter of her precious, intimate skin.

Her clitoris was now fully exposed, and Claire gave it a kiss, as if to smack down the last humilation, then she released the shaking girl from the table, and led her, tears still running from red eyes, to the dining room.

On the dish in front of her was some meat, a handfull of wedges and some vegetables. Claire told her the meat was from a boy named Jeff, and reluctant she took a bite, but it tasted quite good. But bit after bit she was forced to think about her situation. She would get reduced to some pieces of meat too.
Jenna had seen the frontdoor on her way to the dining room, and wondered if she could manage her escape somehow.
The pain between her leg was not too much, it had already decreased to a slow, pulsating ache, and she assumed this had to do with the cauterizing electroscalpell, so she felt quite able to run a bit.
But then?
She needed to find some clothes and hide somewhere... no, cross that bridge when you face it.
After Jenna made sure nobody was in sight, she went to the frontdoor, only to find it locked.
A quick search on the wardrobe and the surrounding furniture revealed no key, but she took a nice, grey trenchcoat and went down the hallway. Maybe she could escape through the backdoor.
A quick check of the trenchcoat brought up some cash, so she wasn't down on nothing. Claire and her owner were nowhere to be seen, and Jenna reached the backdoor uninterrupted.
Quite reliefed she swung it open, only to face a garden, encircled by walls. No door anywhere, but the walls were topped by barbed wire.
"Most try it at least once. It's only natural, after all you have some survival instinct in you." said a friendly voice behind her.
Jenna turned around to face the speaker, a beautiful asian woman, and she assumed her to be Saya, her and Claire's owner.
This was planned from the beginning, she realized. They gave her some hope, only to shatter it even harder. Anger boiled up in her.
"But then again, where would you run to? You have been graded, so every policeman you encounter would just catch you to bring you back."
"Why? Why me? What have I done wrong in my life?" Jenna cried in pure hatred.
Saya pushed her to the ground and restrained the struggling girl.
"Nothing. It's no punishment, it's just how it works."
Then she took a cane and started beating her, in slow, accentuated hits.

Claire released her legs and pushed her to her feet.
"Follow me."
Jenna took one hesitating step and felt the pain of every single stroke on her skin. As they walked down to the dining room, Saya went right behind her, but in her state, beaten and bound as she was, was running away not even an afterthought.
A raised plate was arranged on top of the dining table, one half covered in cushioned leather, the other half bare metal.
The meatgirl was laid on it so that her head came to rest on the leather, her knees on the edge so that her feet were hanging free, than she was strapped onto the plate.
Saya put some kind of gag in her mouth, wich consisted only of a metalpiece formed like a horseshoe, it didn't disturb her speech or breathing, but she couldn't close her mouth nor bite this way.
Then the Asian climbed up to her and over her, so that her pussy filled Jennas full view, and she felt a soft kiss on her exposed clit.
"You will eat me out." ordered Saya.
"It will get painfull, so I will give you a good time to, but how much pain you will feel, don't stop, or I'll just boil your whole body alive, and not only some parts. Do you understand?"
Instead of giving an answer, she raised her tongue to softly touch Saya's rosy perl, and shortly after she felt the same on herself.
It was better than her last try on woman, and Jenna started enjoying herself a bit, so she was surprised when her feet suddenly were in touch with could water, but Sayas tongue let her no time to think to much about it.
Claire fastened some really thight leather straps around her lower legs, and after a while the water got warmer, and became quite pleasened.
She was now nearing climax, but the water kept getting warmer and warmer... and hot.
As if she had the abillity to read her mind, Claire said to her:
"Don't be too surprised, we just want to make sure you wont try to run again."
Jenna realized: They were going to cook her feet, while still attached to her!
A soft and not really painful bite on her clit followed as she stopped licking her owner.
"Don't stop, piggy!"
She continued her job on Sayas pussy, but the pain in her feet increased as the water was boiling now, and her whole body was shaking, but she forced herself to work her tongue on the Asians clit.
Having her feet cooked was the most painful expirience she ever had, and she didn't want to give Saya a reason to keep her promise and cook her whole!
Tears were running down her cheeks, and her feet were shaking in what would have been wild spasms, but they were restrained quite carefully.
Saya could feel Jenna's body tremble in intense agony, and in the rate her trembling pain rose, the Asian got wetter, until a cry escaped the meatgirls throat, and Saya climaxed, hard.
She got down and started to pet Jennas red face, but the girl was screaming, her eyes glossy from all the tears, and as Saya gently stroke her cheeks and kissed her, speaking gentle words to her as if to soothe her, she touched herself and came again and agin.

Jenna couldn't see anything. Not only was her view blurry from her crying, and the pain in her feet distracting, but she couldn't move her head to much in the restraints.
After they removed the boiling water, the plate on wich she was lying was lowered to the level of the table, her legs spread and bound again, this time with a metal band.
The pain was still high, but it reached new peeks as some thick metal poles were driven through her flesh, so her feet were secured to the metal band in a way she couldn't move them even one millimeter.
Then she could feel a cold object being pushed under her feet, and a thick liquid being poured ontop of it.
Some stings followed and a sharp pain in her burned flesh. Jenna could get a blurry vision of Saya and Claire, and the letter was raising a fork into her mouth.
There was meat on the fork. Her meat.
Bit after bit they ate up her cooked feet, every time the sting of the fork, the cutting pain of the knife, and every time she prayed it to be over.
And every time she was moaning or even crying, fresh tears in her eyes, as Saya praised Claire for her good idea on cooking the meat not whole, but to remain red inside, since it tasted better this way and the meat was just a bit more entertaining during lunch, for the nerves weren't completely killed off.

After Claire had cauterized the stumps she was drugged and brought to bed, and Jenna slept deep and well.
She awoke past noon.
On all four she moved to the bathroom, carefully avoiding to get her stumps bumping against anything, and then got back into the bed again.
What could she do now? Her fingertips felt the branding on her thigh, and Saya was right, every policeman would just return her. Not that that mattered, she couldn't even walk, much less escape from this horror!
It was so strange. Saya and Claire were torturing and planning to kill her off like some animal, but then again they gave her sexual pleasure...
In that moment Jenna finally realized that she was going to die within the next days. It was no distant event on the far end of her life, it was the very near future, the only perspective left to her. She would die and be consumed.
And she would die in an agonizing way to entertain her perverse owners lust.
Her thoughts were interupted by the opening door, and Claire entered the room.
"Good morning piggy. Had a good nights sleep?"
Jenna lokked up and gave the redhead a weak nod.
"Thats good to hear." said Claire as she got onto the bed herself, and gave the other girl a soft kiss.
"Today it is, so I'd guess we wanna make out one last time."
With this words her hand found its way between her legs, and, still tongue to tongue, Jenna repaid the favour.

She was led to the tiled room where her pussy got cut, and bound to a sink-like metal table. Claire gave her something to "dull the pain, but only a bit", as she put it, and started gutting her.
It was painful enough to get her crying, and she screamed to Claire, begged for her to stop it, but she could feel having her incestines, her bladder, the kidneys and her liver removed. The redhead ignored her completely, and Jenna got more and more desperate and angry at the same time.
Then Claire bend over her and gave her a silencing Kiss.
"It's of no use to scream my lil' piggy, the gutting's done. Lets stuff you up and be done with it, ok?"
When her body was filled with the stuffing it was closed and sealed with the help of some protein-glue, almost seamless.
Claire pierced her breasts multiple times with a sharp skewer, "to make sure they don't pop", and released her from the table.
Jenna raised her upper body, looking around her, and realized she sat in a puddle of her own blood.
The punctuations in her brests hurt, and she touched her belly in disbelief.
Her incestines were gone, and it felt a bit strange to her touch, but it hurt less than her tits.
With a gentle pull Claire dragged her legs over the table, so the girl came to sit on the edge, and started to examine her again.
It was like a surreal blur, and then Jenna realized her body was mutilated to the point of no return.
Her feet and her inner stuff were just gone, she couldn't walk, and without her guts she couldn't even eat... she was as good as dead.
Claire lifted the girl over to a serving table, and laid her on her belly.
"This is gonna hurt." she announced while folding Jennas arms behind her back.
In one fast movement, Claire pushed both folded arms up, dislocating them in the process, and shoved some skewers through them to keep them together.
Tears ran down Jennas face, but she made no sound, she only wanted it to be over.
Why did they have to torture her like this?
Wasn't it enough to kill and eat her?
Her thoughts were interrupted when Claire dislocated her legs the same way, and her selfcontrol didn't prevent her from screaming when her lower legs were skewered too.
But this proved to be nothing compared to the pain inflicted when Claire pulled out her inner labia and pinned it to the sides of her pussy, leaving her wide open.
Then she felt an approving slap on her butt, and as the serving table, her on top, was rolled out of the room, she heard Claires saying:
"You'll taste wonderful, lil' piggy!"

The ride to the dining room was horrible, every little bump of the serving table translated into painful sensations on her dislocatd limbs, and the ride seemed to take half an eternity.
Of course, only death would await her in the dining room, and her mind was spinning around in desperation.
She was in fear, in fear of the pain and agony.
And she didn't want to die.
As her ride entered the room, she could see Saya standing besides some kind of table wearing a red dress, and talking to a middle aged man in a suit. He was enjoying a slow and cozy blowjob by a girl of light brown skin and black hair while chatting with the asian, smoking a short, filterless cigerette.
Claire produced a snap hook from the table and fastened the skewers in her arms and legs together, and Jenna felt like her back, now strained, might break every moment from the stress.
Her legs were sperated even further, too, overstretching her pinned labia, wich caused even more pain than her gutting, and she screamed like never before in her life.
This secured her the attention of Saya and her guest, who blew his load over the face of thr darker skinned girl and smiled.
"Well, Saya, I must admit I didn't really believed you, but she is extraordinary! And this meat is absolutely nonconsensual you say?"
"Absolutely Mac, she screamed and begged to us over the course of the last days to let her go, and I'm quite sorry to have been occupied this much, I would have liked to use her much more."
"I see."
Saya went over to her and gave Claire a nod.
"Turn her over."
The meatslave did as she was told. Sice Jenna was clinched she came to rest on her skewered limbs, neither her back nor butt touched the table.
Tears ran down Jennas face when her whole weight was placed on her dislocated arms and legs, directing much more strain to her joint and back, and her screams would have risen to new heights, but Claire used the first moment her mouth opened to fill it with an apple, so she was down to a sobbing mumble.
With scrutinizing looks Saya and her guest inspected Jenna's body, touching it here and there.
Then the meatgirl was turned over again, and she enoyed the reduced strain on her body, but only seconds later it returned, as the snap hook holding her limbs was fastened to a chain wich lifted her up.
She couldn't shake or tremble in pain, as her body was restrained too much, and the apple gagged her quite well, so her screams remained unheard, but her eyes got red from her tears as her full weight was pulling in her joints again.
From her new position on the height of Sayas head she had a better look on the room, and saw a girl chained in the corner she hadn't seen before, naked, with bruises all over her body, her face a mask of fear and desperation.
"Like my own" she thought.

The table was dominated by a black sink, wich had a foam cushion on one end.
As Jenna was lowered down she heard Saya whispering into her ear.
"Well, Jenna, I promised not to boil you alive when you behave, and you did behave yourself thereafter.
But I wasn't entirely truthfull either, you know, for I'm gonna fry you."
Jenna could feel some drops of the simmering oil splashing up and burning her belly.
The sink was a deep fryer!
She should have thought of it immediately. They were going to deep fry her alive!
She shook her head in terror, please, please, you can't do this, this is way too cruel even for the likes of you, I don't wanna die, why me?
But no word bypassed the apple gagging her mouth, and Saya continued:
"Well, don't worry, you'll taste just fine. And the oil is quite hot, so you won't last too long, but of course your'e gonna miss most of the fun."
In her panic Jenna didn't realize that Sayas idea of being nice and mercyfull to her victim was to heat the oil up more than usual to shortend her pain, but Saya didn't griefe for that, since she understood that Jenna was a bit preoccupied.
After all, her job was not to understand anything anymore, but just to suffer a bit and turn delicious.

Her belly touched the boiling oil first, despite her frenetic tries to avoid it. Even with her dislocated limbs and all the pain they were causing she managed to struggle a bit, but not too much.
It felt like she was lowered into pure fire, the heat was unbearable, and she could feel her skin roasting and frying, producing a thin crust wich oainfully crackled only moments later.
All that while more and more of her body got exposed to the oil. Only seconds after her belly she could feel her nipples touching the hot oil, but she didn't had the energy to struggle anymore. Her breasts started their way into the oil, and she could feel her soft nipples turning hard and crispy, and a sharp spike of even more pain as her right nipple split in two parts.
The fat in her tits was heating up quite fast, and now, additional to the pain on her skin, she could feel her breasts boiling from the inside.
Dear god, why couldn't she just loose consciousness, why couldn't it be just over?
It was the pinnacle of pain, only to get topped soon as her exposed clit got into the oil.
Her eyes widened in pure terror and agony, her field of view became blurry, and she nearly blacked out.
And then she was lowered a handspan at once and could feel the boiling liquid pouring into her wide, open vagina, frying her pussy from the inside, and a new surge of pure hurt filled her body.
Jenna bit so hard she crushed the apple between her teeth, and a scream, transporting her world of pure agony, was filling the room for a splitsecond, then Claire managed to shove another apple into her mouth.
The heat in Jenna's womb was building up, and the air inside her uterus heated up to the point of expansion, so it popped out by ripping through her cervix.
But worst of all, she could feel her labia getting cross and crispy too.
By now her whole front and part of her legs were submerged in the oil, and her head came to rest on the cushion.

The pain numbed after an agonizing eternity, an Jenna figured the nerve endings in the fryed meat must have died. The words around her were just a blur for she couldn't focus on them, and she started to slowly drift away. Finally the torture ended, and she was pleased to be dying away, leaving this nightmare of pain and humilation.
Her blurred vision started to turn, and it seemed like the whole world was spinning. Then something touched her face, and her view cleared once more.
The world wasn't spinning- she was, for they had lifted her out of the oil and turned her over. She could smell something familiar, and recognized it to be fryed meat.
And suddenly, her eyes focused again, and she saw Claires face, and some movement on it, and Jenna understood she was talking to her.
But she didn't want to be talked to!
She just wanted to drift away again into this black ocean of painless numbiness, just slowly sleeping away.
A piercing sensation on her neck followed, and Jenna was fully awake again. She could hear Claire purring in her most lovely voice to her.
"Phew, that was close, we almost lost you sweetheart! I gave you some stimulants."
Why? It was almost over, and they brought her back? Why would they be so cruel on her?
Tears of pure desperation rolled over Jenna's reddened face. This was never going to end.
They would torture and revive her forever, she would be never allowed to pass away...
She tried to raise her head a bit, and could see her body. It wasn't at all like the body she knew, for it had turned brown and crispy, and her breasts were steaming.
She was fryed!
A feel of pressure and movement came from her pussy, and Claire's face entered her view again.
"Saya thought you might enjoy the first bite of cuntlip. Your'e smelling damn good!"
With this words, the redhead gently pushed Jennas mouth open and inserted a piece of meat. Sice Jenna wasn't be able to do much chewing on her own, she moved her jaw a bit up and down.
It tasted quite good, but she couldn't swallow it.
Not only had she lost control of her mutilated body, but it was, for all the taste, her own labia she was chewing on.
Claire gave her a smile and whispered "It's almost over now, lil' piggy. Goodbye."
With this words Jenna felt herself lowered again, her crispy front pointing up, her unharmed back, arms and legs pointing down, towards the oil.

Saya was enjoying her meal. The meatgirl was back in the oil again, and Claire was cutting big parts of her fryed breasts, cunt, ribs and belly.
While crunching a piece of crispy cunt between her teeth, she enjoyed watching Jenna.
Her back was now frying, and the look on her face was priceless. One could almost feel her pain through her broken eyes, and somehow she even managed to twitch and tremble a bit.
It was quite inspiring, and she could feel lust boiling up in her, when Mac interrupted her thoughts.
"This was very enjoyable, and tasty too, thanks for the invitation."
"Well Mac, thank you for bringing over both young ladys here."
The indian girl, now wearing a red sari, looked up from her breast steak and smiled.
"Nandita has a crush on you, so I had no choice but to bring her over. I can't hold her back anyway, and when she wishes to end on your dish, I can't refuse."
"Yeah, it's always a bit strange to have free meatwoman around, one can never be sure who might enjoy them in the end..." Saya agreed.
A moaning reached them, and they looked over to Jenna. The oil must have found a way inside her, maybe frying her lungs or heart, so her face showed a new wave of pain. Claire took her time to look up from her piece of belly to check the fryer, but there wasn't too much she could do now, the life of Jenna was ending.
A quiet sob was emerging from the corner of the room, where the bruised girl was watching Jenna's death carefully while nibbling unmotivated on a peace of rib.
She would be on the menu soon too, and they would make sure to do her much more painfull than the poor girl in the deep fryer.
"And when will you do Claire, if I might ask you?" Mac inquired.
Saya had kept Claire for almost a year now, and knew well the danger of getting too attached to your slaves. Claire seemed to share Saya's lust for torturing meatgirls, and did her assigned jobs quite well, and Saya liked her. Maybe too much.
She shrugged the thought of.
"It seems to be time, you are right. Soon."
A quit glance over to Claire showed her that the slave was listening, and she smiled to Saya and Mac. No, she wouldn't resist even a bit. Saya might as well order her to prepare herself in the most painfull way imaginable, and Claire would comply, for she was really submissive to her.
Maybe that was the reason she kept her for so long now.
A gurgling scream, more of a squeak, accompanied by some frantic twitching showed Jenna was finally dying.
Suddenly it stopped, and the room got quiet. Jenna' eyes and mouth were wide open, her face a document of pure terror and agony.
Saya was more than aroused now, and she thought about getting a good hard fuck from Mac after dinner, and when he was gone, spending the night with Claire.
In this moment she decided to do Claire for real on the weekend.
Their eyes met, and Claire knew what was on Sayas mind, so with a grin she just nodded.
But Nandita was first, and the asian gave her a warm smile.
The room seemed filled with lust and promises, and then Claire got up and took a knive from the table.
"Fryed arm anyone?"
08-04-2022, at 01:16 AM

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