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KAW - Online Dating Can Be Hell

Post #1

This Story was submitted as a "For Fun" entry in the current KAW competition. I encourage you to go to the sex story forum and read all the entries! Cast a vote and help make a writer's day

This is a work of fiction. It involves a Japanese woman who decides to meet a "Man" she first met online. This story contains sex and humour. It is not serious and I hope it makes you smile

Have a wonderful day!


Online Dating Can Be Hell!

My name is Chiaka Kurigawa. I am a 27 year old professional woman who has always put her job ahead of relationships. To say that I am lonely would be an understatement. I have no one to blame but myself I have never made time to try and find someone before.

Finally it all got to be too much. I needed a man in more ways than just one. My isolation had me talking to my cat like I was going to get an intelligent answer. Crazy images of becoming some weird old cat woman started to terrify me.

Without any real thought I soon found myself signed up on a dating site. Essentially I found many men to be pushy or simply not my type of guy. I didn't believe for a second that over half the guys on this site were into mountain climbing and scuba diving.

It was not until I got to start chatting with a guy who called himself ?Bob323? that I decided maybe I was doing the right thing.

Both of us did not post pictures of ourselves and we talked about that. I didn't because of my job and the danger posed by having myself so exposed. It can be risky for a single woman to do such things. If the wrong guy figures out where you live it could get dangerous.

Bob didn't for a different reason. He said he was a very private person and did not like the attention that posting his picture would get. He liked to chat with a person before he ever met them to make sure their was some common ground.

That was what we did, we chatted about everything under the sun for about 2 months. It became something I looked forward to everyday. Bob was really enjoying our chats as well. The odd part to me was that through it all Bob did not want to use cameras to chat. So, we just used a chat line without cameras enabled. He had a deep and very comforting voice. I loved the way he laughed.

Finally one day I convinced him that we should meet. I asked how I would recognize him and he told me that he would wear a NY Yankees ball cap.

I don't know why but I agreed to that. I thought we would meet at a restaurant, but he suggested a coffee shop. It was a bit disappointing that he just wanted to meet for coffee. It may sound a bit shallow, but I was worried about whether or not he was attractive. After some pondering I decided that even if he was not it was not automatically over. We had bonded during our chats and at the very least we could be good friends. Besides, his sense of humour was incredibly attractive and he definitely made me laugh.

I drove my car to the coffee shop for our 9pm meet. It had a big parking lot and was at the edge of town. I must have spent five minutes in the car just fussing with my skirt while I pondered meeting him.

To make a good impression I had gone with a tan coloured wrap around skirt, tan nylons, white 3? heels and a white blouse. My long black hair hung straight down my back. My makeup was light and tasteful and I was happy with the way the blouse showed just the right amount of my cleavage. The bra clearly put my ?C? cup breasts in the best possible position. I had even gone for a manicure to make sure my french cut nails were flawless and tasteful, not overly done.
Stepping out of the car I walked across the parking lot and went inside. I ordered a tea and sat down in a corner booth and waited. The wait became unbearable as I saw no one come inside with the right hat on. I never imagined that Bob would have stood me up. Growing tired of the leering looks of some of the men I got up and left.

As I walked toward my car I saw someone had placed a dozen beautifully wrapped roses on it. I picked them up and looked at the note attached to them.

?Chiaka, I am sorry I am such a coward. You are too beautiful for words. I lost my nerve. Bob.?

I just about cried. I turned the card over and saw a phone number written there. I immediately got in my car and called it.

?Hello? said Bob's familiar voice.

?Bob it's Chiaka... where are you?? I asked him gently

?I'm sorry Chiaka... I just... you don't want to be with a guy like me. You can do better.? he said sadly.

?You decide to just tell me this without even the courtesy of letting me meet you?? I replied somewhat angrily. ?Do I not get to have some input here??

?It just hit me... you're a really gorgeous Japanese women and they don't like guys like me... guys of another.. race.? he said sullenly.

?Of all the... that is not a very kind thing to say. If I decide to date someone because they are as great as you have been then I don't give a damn what colour they are!? I said forcefully as his words had hurt me. ?Now... answer the question... where are you?!?

?I just think... ? he started to reply.

?Bob, listen to me. I did not put all this effort in to getting ready to be stood up. I deserve to meet you... you owe me that at the very least. Now where are you?? I demanded.

?Chiaka... please don't be angry but...? he started again.

?Bob... we have been chatting for two months almost everyday. I love those conversations with you, but this one is starting to piss me off. I don't know why you are so shy about race... you should take some pride in the fact that you are definitely one of the sweetest, most intelligent and best read men I have ever met. So... stop being afraid and take a chance for a change. Do you think I am the type of person to freak out because you may not be as handsome or whatever as you wish you were? Do you think I am that shallow?? I asked him.

?No.? he said simply

?Okay, so I want to see you tonight... where are you?? I asked softly this time.

?Don't be mad please.? He said.

?I'm not going to be mad... I just want to see you.? I said

?I'm at the far end of the parking lot. Do you see the red pickup truck?? he said like he was going to cry.

?Yes?. I replied softly ?It's okay Bob... I promise it will be okay.?

?Alright... that's where I am.? he said

?I will be there shortly.? I said with a smile in my voice. ?Don't go driving off on me.?

?That I can promise.? he said almost sadly. That struck me as an odd comment, but I was so excited to be able to meet him I let it slide.

I got out of my car and began walking toward the red pickup truck. It was hard to see into the cab, but I was pretty sure I did not see anyone inside it. When I got up to the pickup truck I looked inside, putting my hands on the glass for a clear view.

?Chiaka.? I heard Bob say behind me.

I turned to face him. What I saw scared my to the depths of my bones. Every Japanese school girl has as innate fear of this very situation. Being a grown Japanese woman does not change that. I had seen the Hentai comics, the news reports and even a few girls who had been attacked. My heart was pounding and my body froze in terror.

?No... please.... please don't hurt me.? I said as I sank to my knees, my fear making it impossible to stand. I knew my life was over, that this thing would rape me and drag me off to a demonic dimension. It was a certainty in my mind. That what tentacle monsters do and one was standing over me.

As I looked up at the monster with fear filled eyes, my body had turned to jelly. I could not make myself run. The terror had a firm grip on me and I could not even manage a whimper.

?I knew it would be like this... that is why I did not want you to see me.? The monster said in Bob's lovely voice.

My previously fear numbed brain said ?WHAT THE FUCK!!!!?. My eyes darted over him.

Bob was a big monster. Each of his tentacles, about twenty of them, were at least 8 feet long. The center mass had a sort of octopus look to it, with two really big blue eyes. The blue eyes were regarding me with what was clearly regret and sadness. Tears were flowing from them running down his cheeks onto his large lips. The large lips were trembling and I could make out the razor sharp teeth behind them, contrasted against his blue skin they shone a brilliant white. I was further surprised by the scent of ?Hugo Boss? cologne coming from him. Finally on top of his head was a New York Yankees baseball cap.

?What the fuck!?? I said out loud. ?Bob???? I asked in shock and surprise.

He made a bowing gesture and said ?Hi Chiaka... It is nice to meet you. Sorry about all this.? he said apologetically.
?Sorry for what? I asked. I was thinking is he sorry for being a monster or for the fact he is about to rape me?

?This is why I didn't want to meet you... I knew you would be afraid of me.? he said as he cast his eyes down at the ground and made scuffing the ground motion with two tentacles.

?What are you going to do now?? I said in a trembling voice.

?I'm just gonna go home... I think I can see that you must hate me now.? He said softly and just turned and began shuffling away

I could not believe this. A tentacle monster had me at his mercy and was just going to walk away? I slowly raised myself to my feet as I watched him moving away. The way he was just going to leave made me angry.

?What? Am I not good enough for a tentacle monster?? I said in a harsh tone. I had heard they would have sex with any woman they caught. His walking away hurt my pride. It was obvious he was not going to rape me, but the fact he was rejecting me irked me.

Bob stopped moving and turn partially to face me. ?What did you say??

?You heard me! What? Am I too old... too skinny... is it because I am not a virgin?!? I practically yelled at him.

?Chiaka... what the hell are you talking about?? He said just as firmly, turning to face me fully.

?So that's it? You just scare me and then shuffle off home? I'm not done with you yet!? I said to him as I pointed at him. ?You owe me an explanation Bob! While we are on that subject what the fuck kind of name is Bob for a tentacle monster?!?

?I said my name is Bob because Bxyitalioxb is too hard for humans to say.? he said.

?Fair enough Bxyit... Bxyita... Bob! How come you are just walking away?? I said wanting an answer.

?Because you are clearly afraid of me... there is no way you would ever want to be around me again. Oh... I forgot... I bought this for you and can't take it back. I got it online.? He said. He moved toward me and extended a tentacle holding a small gift box.

I stared at it for a moment and then reached out and took the box in my hands. ?Um... thanks.? I said as I stared at the box. ?What is it??

?Isn't this the point where a person normally opens a gift?? he said in a kind of reproachful way. It was very embarrassing to be lectured on common courtesy by a tentacle monster.

?Yes... sorry... may I open it now?? I asked with a bit of shame as I looked at his big blue eyes.

He nodded, sort of, and said ?Yes.?

I delicately removed the lovely gold and white two layered paper. Inside was a small cherry wood box. When I opened it I was shocked. Inside was a beautiful gold butterfly pendant. He remembered I like butterflies I thought in a mushy way.

?It's very beautiful.? I said as I brought my eyes to him, and remembered who I was talking to. This was definitely the strangest day of my life.

?You... you really like it Chiaka?? He asked almost shyly.

?Actually... yes. It is too much though. You are too generous.? I explained to him and realized I was talking to him like he was just some boy who had confessed his love to me.

?Well... I'm glad you like it. I will see you around Chiaka.? Bob the Tentacle Monster said as he slowly turned and began moving away.

?Bob! You can't just leave... come here.? I said firmly.

Obediently Bob turned and came back overt to me and stood there sort of slouching. At least, to me it looked like a slouch. It was difficult to tell and he was the first tentacle monster I had ever met.

?Bob... I don't get it. I'm sorry if this makes me sound... Oh fuck.. racist maybe. You are not acting like any other tentacle monster I have ever heard of. I mean... shouldn't you be restraining me and taking full advantage of me already?? I asked.

?See, that is what I have to deal with!? Bob said completely exasperated. ?Look... tentacle monsters who like human females are considered total sexual deviants in our society. To like anything on two legs is considered so perverse. To put it in terms you might understand... imagine telling your parents that you are a lesbian who only has sex with female dogs, in groups, while covered in pee and eating ice cream. That is how out there they think it is. Maybe add in telling them you are also a crack addict, have a criminal record, and plan to have your family pet's love child.?

?That's pretty fucked up Bob.? I said in shock. I had no idea they suffered like that. I thought they were all that way. I had no idea it was a perversion. Everything I had believed was based on a negative stereotype. I actually felt guilty. ?I am sorry.?

?Well... now imagine that you are one of us... you love human females and it is the only way you can feel pleasure. You can't tell anyone, you try to deny what you are, resist your impulses. The ones that finally snap are the ones that rape human females. It is a total negative profiling and bad media relations that causes all humans to think of us this way.? Bob informed me.

?So you... you're not crazy with lust or whatever? You don't want to rape me?? I asked.

?Rape you!? Oh no... God no... I... how could you say that to me?!? Bob asked. He looked genuinely hurt.

?Do you... do you think I am attractive Bob??

?Chiaka... I first saw you when you were still in middle school. That is when you captured my attention. I just liked watching you, you were so full of life... smart... full of energy. That smile of yours did me in. Of course, I could not talk to you or even let you know I was around. Finally, a few months ago I got the courage to talk to you online. You're amazing... beautiful... kind and so funny. I think I have fallen a little in love with you Chiaka.? Bob said in a voice full of emotion.

My mind froze. A tentacle monster had first noticed me so many years ago, actually loved me, and was acting like a really nice guy. It was too much input and I just stared at him. I did not know how I should feel, how does one respond to this sort of situation? No one would understand this or even believe me. I was so lost in thought that I kind of forgot I was not alone.

?Chiaka?? I finally heard as I felt a tentacle gently touch my shoulder. ?Are you okay?? Bob asked in a voice filled with concern.

I felt a strange tingle run through me at that touch. It felt like my pussy was heating up. I could feel my face starting to flush and my nipples becoming hard inside my blouse. My eyes snapped to Bob and I started to smile.

?Yes Bob, I am fine. You don't have to worry about me.? I said as I gently placed my hand on the tentacle touching my shoulder.

?Oh no!? Bob said suddenly. ?I'm sorry... I'm sorry! I have to go... gotta run... bye!? Bob suddenly said as he began to try and quickly move away.

I quickly grabbed the tentacle closet to me and held onto it tightly with both hands, digging my heels into the ground to stop his movement.

?Chiaka! Let me go! You have to let me leave... this is not safe... it's not right!!!? Bob yelled at me.

?No fucking way Bob... I want you... I want you to fuck me... I want you to drive those nice long tentacles into all my holes. Come on Bob! I know you want to!? I yelled back. A small part of my brain was screaming at me, demanding to know what the fuck I was thinking. It was like all the pent up sexual frustration had exploded to the power of ten and I wanted to fuck him. I wanted to be a complete slut for Bob. I just could not stop myself!

Bob could not break free no matter how hard he tried. When I saw the chance I leaped at him, wrapping my arms and legs around his body, and licking my tongue along what would be a cheek on a human.

?Chiaka, listen... you are under the influence of an aphrodisiac my body produces when I am aroused. You are not thinking clearly. You need to get off of me now. I don't want to do it like this... please... please don't make me...? Bob pleaded.

?Oh Bob.? I began as I kept licking and kissing his cheek ?You talk to much... and so do I. Maybe you should put something in my mouth to shut me up.? Saying that I grabbed the tentacle closest to me and sucked it into my mouth. It tasted like the sweetest candy I had ever had. It reminded me of the delicious taste of something of caramel.

I heard Bob whimpering as I blew his tentacle. My tongue circling the end of it as my soft hands caressed it's shaft.

Wrapping my legs around his torso had caused my skirt to ride up. My panty covered pussy was drenched with my juices. I could not help myself and began grinding my eager pussy on him.
With my free hand I reached out and grabbed another tentacle and began stroking it with my hand. I brought it up to my mouth and began alternating, deep throating first one tentacle and then the other. My arousal was completely consuming me and my moans of pleasure were only muffled when I was forcing him to throat fuck me.

?Please... Chiaka... let me go... we hardly know each other... I don't want my first time to be like this!? Bob pleaded. I took perverse pleasure for some reason in knowing that I was going to take his virginity that night.

Slowly I moved my body back a bit, running one of the captured tentacles over my pussy lips. Hearing Bob's pleadings only aroused me more. Without hesitation I slid my panties to the side and impaled his tentacle deep into my tight little human pussy.

?Oh fuck that feels so fucking good Bob... come on, lets fuck... you know you want to... come on Bob... what kind of tentacle monster are you? What's the matter? Can't you handle it? I guess your not Monster enough!?

I felt him go rigid for a minute and then his tentacles began wrapping around my wrists, my waist, and my tits. With his strength he held my up and out from him. He spread my legs and arms wide. When our eyes met I stared at him defiantly. His eyes had filled with lust.

I slowly felt another tentacle come up and wrap itself around my neck as he stared at me and began to speak.

?Chiaka... I tried to be good... I tried to act like a gentleman... then you had to taunt me and worse. I have now felt your pussy juices, absorbed them into me... I can't stop now... I don't want to. You are MINE.? he growled as his lust over took him.

That was when the tentacle inside my pussy began rapidly fucking me without mercy. As I screamed out in pleasure my body was flooded with sensations.

Bob ripped my blouse and bra from me. Two tentacles encircled my now exposed breasts and began mauling them. They were suddenly joined by two other tentacles that had little suction mouths at the end of them. They fastened onto my nipples and began sucking hard on them. It was so amazing I thought I was going to lactate!

My head went back and my mouth opened, moaning in pleasure as I felt my pussy contracting. The orgasm Bob was giving me was the best I had ever had. I screamed in pleasure as waves of it flooded over me.

Bob the Tentacle Monster now had me at his complete mercy and I loved it. When I felt my panties torn asunder and one of his tentacles began working into my tight ass it was heaven. The double penetration was too much and I knew he was going to fuck me absolutely stupid.

I heard Bob growl ?You need to keep your voice down!? as he suddenly forced a tentacle into my mouth. With all my holes penetrated, my breasts being worshiped, and Bob's large tongue starting to lick all over my body it was too much pleasure.

In this dark area, near the parking lot of a lousy coffee shop, I was having the greatest sex of my life. I could feel Bob's tentacles cumming inside me, while I writhed in wanton sexual bliss on them. He never stopped and displayed legendary stamina. For my part, I was lost to it and my orgasms were beyond number. I lost track of everything as I drowned in the pleasure.

I must have passed out during the sex. When I awoke I was laying on my back, supported by Bob's tentacles. He was cradling me in them and holding me close.

Smiling up at Bob's huge blue eyes I stretched languidly. I could see the happiness in his eyes as well, combined with a feeling of satisfaction.

I felt Bob moving a couple of tentacles around under me and closed my eyes awaiting more of the delicious pleasure. When I heard a click sound I opened my eyes and was completely shocked.

Bob had been very kind to me. He had always been so interesting and an entertaining conversationalist. As far as the sex goes it was simply epic. Of course the fact he was a tentacle monster was a big shock. However, what I saw now astounded me!

?Bob, what the hell are you doing?? I asked him in a voice filled with irritation.

?Ah... enjoying an after sex smoke?? He said as I watched him draw on the cigarette and blow three large smoke circles.

?You did NOT tell me you were a smoker!!?
08-04-2022, at 01:16 AM

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