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How My Sex Life Came about part 2

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How my Sex Life came about part 2

Neither of my parents talked to me about my sexuality or anything. I only got the beating of my life with the belt. My heart was broken as well as my ass.

My butt and the back of my thighs were bruised from that beating. Today it would have been considered abuse. But in those days it was considered beating some sense into you.

Being gay wasn?t accepted back then as it is somewhat today. Mom told me I had shamed her and my father for what I had done. She sure in hell hoped no one in our small town found out about this.

My ass was so sore I could barely sit down. My father had gone too far or perhaps I was just a sissy boy who couldn?t take a beating. Either way, my mother noticed but I didn't think she cared.

That was not the worst. The worst was I was unsure of who or what I was. Was I gay or not? I had enjoyed my fun with Patty and also looking at my mother. However, I also loved my fun with Scott.

That beating didn?t knock the gay from me as I was unsure. My bruises would heal and fade away. But mentally it was going to take time for me to heal.

I was terrified of my father, my wet dreams were replaced with nightmares. My boogeyman was my father. I would dream of him beating me with his belt.

Even when I got wet dreams they turned into nightmares. As the boogeyman would come into them. My life seemed to turn into a living hell.

Chores and sleep were all I was allowed to do. No friends over nor was I allowed to go anywhere with them. When my friends called or came over, my mother politely informed them sorry he is grounded. Oh and my nightly visit from my boogeyman in my nightmares.

When around my father I was a yes sir, no sir person. I tried my best to avoid him at all costs. My mother heard my screams one night and came into my room she asked me what was wrong.

?Dad is my boogeyman,? I said to her.

Mom had this look of fear and anguish in her lovely eyes. I thought perhaps he was her boogeyman too. She seemed nervous maybe he beat her too.

My mother explained my father was no boogeyman. That he loved me as much as she loved me. I asked her then why had he beat me with the belt so badly.

?When god boys do good they are rewarded, when bad boys do bad they are punished,? my mother replied.

My mother had her short black silk robe on as she sat next to me. She gave me comfort hugging me tightly. Her robe was slightly opened as she hugged me.

I had a perfect view of one of her breasts. She told me I was safe in her arms. My cock grew hard faster than her huge thumb-sized nipple had. My mother saw that I was looking at her breasts.

?Do you like what you're looking at?? My mother asked smiling.

I shook my head yes. My mother smiled telling me maybe there was hope from me yet laughing. My mother cuddled me pressing my head against her breasts.

My face was right against her breast. I could have taken her nipple into my mouth. My cock was throbbing as my mother told me I was her good little boy.

My mother released me and got off my bed. As she stood up her robe fell completely open. Both her lovely huge breasts came into view. My eyes widened as I looked at them. My eyes fell lower toward her six-pack abs.

My mother didn?t close her robe instead she just smiled as I looked. My cock was throbbing as I saw her large patch of curly blonde hair covering her pussy. I looked back into her deep blue eyes as they were as lovely as the rest of her body. My mother smiled closing her robe.

Her hand rubbed on my thigh as she said, ?Remember good boys get rewarded,? before kissing me on my cheek.

As she walked out of my room she stopped. Mom looked back at me. She looked at my boner tenting my sheet from my bed.

?I will leave you to take care of that,? my mother said smiling.

Mom closed my door as she left. That was a first as I was not allowed to have my door closed any longer. I pulled my sheet down and pulled my throbbing cock out. I wrapped my hand around it.

I pumped and pulled on my cock thinking of my mother?s body. When my pre-cum started to leak out I wiped it from my cock with my hand. I licked it from my hand.

I went back to jacking my cock. I thought about what my mom?s butt must look like and what it would feel like to rub butts with her. I pumped it till I blew a nut into my hand. I then licked it all from my hand.

I fell back asleep waking in the morning with a boner. I took care of it then got dressed and went to the kitchen. I heard my mother talking to my father. She told him it was ok as she would handle it.

I walked in and went to my mother. I kissed her cheek telling her good morning. I walked to the kitchen island and sat down.

My mother looked at me as she asked,? what about your father??

I saw that look she had given me as well. I looked at my father. I was scared but at the same time, my blood boiled as I thought how could he beat someone as lovely as my mother.

?Morning sir,? I said as politely as I could.

My father looked at me. I turned from him not looking into his eyes. My mind went to him hitting me with his belt. I sat there without making eye contact. My father shook his head from side to side.

My mother continued to make breakfast. I watched her as she did. She was in that short silk robe. My mother was a skilled cook. She was doing three things at once.

Her tits were swaying back and forth against her silk robe. I watched as her nipples grew hard. My mother took the bacon she had cooking and placed it into a roasting pan. She took the pan placing it into the oven to make it crispy.

As my mother bent over her full bare ass came into view. I could even see her pussy hair between her legs. I just stared at her lovely ass as my cock grew.

?Damn woman, your ass is hot and making me hungry,? my father said.

At least we agreed on that I thought. I removed my eyes from her ass. I didn?t want my father to know I had seen her ass. I thought I would be in trouble.

?Kenny, not in front of the boy,? my mother said smiling at him.

My father looked at me and I hung my head. I saw him shaking his head again. Mom served us breakfast. She served my father first then me. We both watched her breasts shake as she did.

I finished first and asked my mother to be excused. My mother told me I could. I left and walked into the hallway toward my bedroom. I heard them talking however I couldn't hear everything.

?It is your damn fault,? my father yelled. ?Either you take care of it or I will,? he added leaving for his car shop.

I thought he was blaming my mother for me being gay. I hated him as it was not my mother?s fault. Besides I wasn?t sure if I was. I loved looking at my mother's body. Plus I had got a boner so how could I be gay.

I returned to the kitchen after my father left. Mom was crying. I asked her what was wrong.

?Nothing, just help me with the dishes,? mom said wiping her eyes.

As she washed the dishes, I dried them. She told me I used to call my father dad. That I should call him that. I told her I hated him.

?JOHN,? that is not polite,? my mother said.

I told her I was sorry. She told me a good boy would call him dad. My mother smiled at me shaking those big tits. I knew what she was getting at. Only good boys get rewarded.

?Ok mom, I will but only for you,? I replied smiling at her.

My mother smiled back as she hugged me tightly. We were the same size so her tits were pressing into my chest. I squeezed her tighter telling her I loved her.

?I am going to shower then we are going shopping,? my mother said breaking our hug.

I waited a bit then walked to their bedroom. They had a full bath in there. I saw the door was opened. I looked inside the bathroom. I watched my mother open those glass doors of the shower.

She bent over as she turned the shower on. Her lovely ass showing as she did. I rubbed my hard cock as she removed her robe stepping into the shower.

My mother didn?t shower right away. Instead, I watched as her hands went her big breasts. She ran her hand over both of them. She squeezed them softly and lovingly. I squeezed my cock as she did her breasts. Mom was moaning softly.

Mom made her nipples hard as she squeezed her breasts. My mother started to pinch her hard nipples between her finger and thumb. She moaned louder as she did.

I pulled my cock from my pants as I watched. I was pulling on my cock watching her. Her one hand drifted down between her thighs. She rubbed at her pussy as her other hand caressed her tit.

I did not know at the time this was how a girl jacked off. I watched pulling my dick wildly. My mother placed her ass against the glass door. It showed perfectly as she rubbed wildly at her pussy.

?Ahhh fuck me,? my mother moaned as she rubbed harder.

I watched as her legs and ass shook. It even causes the shower door to rattle. When I saw her ass shake my cock jerked and I caught my cum in my hand. I was still shooting when I heard my mother moan my name.

I left quickly thinking she had seen me watching. I went to my bedroom sitting down on my bed. I quickly cleaned my cum from my hand with my tongue. I was sitting there waiting for my mother to come in to yell at me.

She never came in so maybe she had not seen me after all I thought. However, I wondered why had she spoke my name. I dressed to go to the store with her. As I did all I could think of was her butt.

I got dressed having to force my hard dick into my jeans. Once dressed I joined my mother in the living room. She was standing in front of the mirror putting her diamond earrings in.

I could see her lovely cleavage in the mirror. My eyes drifted down to see she had on a pair of tight black leather pants. That ass was so lovely in her tight pants.

My mother smiled at me in the mirror as she finished putting her earrings in. She turned and walked to a chair she sat down and draped one of her legs over her other. She had an ankle bracelet and started to put it on. I was able to look up her top as she did.

She stopped smiling at me as she asked, ?Could you help??

I went to her and she handed me that ankle bracelet. She dangled her sexy lovely foot in front of me. I nervously placed the bracelet around her ankle.

?Relax John, it is ok,? mom said smiling.

I did as I got it hooked up around her ankle. My mother?s foot was encased in nylons. I rubbed her foot as I brought it up to my lips. I kissed it lightly like I used to do to Scott?s lips.

?Your so beautiful mom,? I said as I did.

My mother told me I was a sweet good boy for telling her that. School was about to start and my mother was taking me to get some new clothes. As we drove to the mall my mother told me she would talk to my father about ungrounding me.

?Thanks, mom, your the greatest,? I said to her.
08-04-2022, at 01:16 AM

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