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Clerk In Photo Department

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Fbailey story number 292

Clerk In Photo Department

I was seventeen years old at the time and a junior in high school when I got a job as the clerk behind the photo counter at the local Drugstore. We were the only Drugstore in our small community so I got to know just about everyone sooner or later.

When the new kindergarten teacher Miss Morris brought in her roll of film she asked for double prints and smiled at me as she said that she would be back in about two hours. Of course I told her that would be plenty of time. She leaned across the counter and whispered to me that I might want to keep other people from seeing her prints and then she gave me a sly smile and suggested that I might even want to make an extra set of copies for myself.

Actually I had done that before a few times with her and some of the other ladies in town. Miss Morris was completely naked in one whole thirty-six-exposure roll of film that had apparently been taken while on vacation on an island. I often wondered who took the pictures of her. I know that I had jerked off to those pictures of her on many occasions.

I loaded up the roll of film to get developed and then I started to print three sets of them. Holy crap! She was having sex with all kinds of teenage boys and girls. There were eighteen different boys and eighteen different girls with just one in each picture with her. Miss Morris was on her back getting fucked by each of the boys and on her knees eating each of the girl?s pussy. Again I wondered who took the pictures.

As I thought about the pictures I got hard of course but I also realized that I did not know any of the kids in the pictures. Therefore they were not from around here and that meant that they were from her previous school.

When Miss Morris came back in to get her pictures she was smiling. She asked me how her pictures had came out, if I had enjoyed them, and if I could take some just as good as those. When I said that I could she offered me a job. I was to come to her house that evening and take some test pictures of her. If everything worked out well I would have a permanent job. When I asked her if I should bring my digital camera she told me to bring anything that I wanted too.

I arrived right after dinner, just as soon as Mom excused me from the table. I grabbed me camera, got on my bicycle, and rushed over to Miss Morris? house on the outskirts of town.

I knocked on the door and it took a while for her to answer it. I though that she was expecting me and would open it right away. She was wearing a sexy black robe with a red dragon painted on it. It looked like silk and it was quite short. She greeted me and welcomed me in.

In her living room sitting on the couch under a blanket Ankara escort were three girls from my school. I recognized them all as freshmen. Ninth grade girls were usually about fifteen or sixteen years old. The formal introductions were made and Christy, Tammy, and Bethany all smiled and said hello to me.

Miss Morris removed her robe and revealed the body that I had imagined all day. She was gorgeous and she had a fantastic body. It was the very first girl?s body that I had ever seen but I just knew that it was fantastic. She had nice breasts and just a small amount of pubic hair on her pussy. When she turned her back to me to put her robe on a chair I got to see her fantastic ass too. I knew that I was in love with Miss Morris.

As the girls watched me I took about a hundred pictures of Miss Morris standing, sitting, and lying down; front, back, and from both sides; from far way, from closer, and from really close-up. She even opened up her pussy lips so that I could take pictures right up inside of her. I was so hard and excited that I fired off in my underwear but I didn?t care.

When Miss Morris was finished with me she turned to the girls and said, ?Okay! Now it?s your turn.?

The girls looked hesitant but they slowly slipped the blanket down exposing their breasts, their bellies, and then after the blanket passed their knees they dropped it to the floor exposing themselves to me. Since I was there to take pictures I was taking them the whole time as they lowered the blanket. Christy, Tammy, and Bethany were all naked underneath as I had suspected. They were very attractive girls, had about the same size bodies, and it was quite interesting that they had different colors of hair. Christy had dark brown hair, Tammy had bright red hair, and Bethany had Blonde hair. Another thing of interest was that their hair was all about the same length, cut about the same, and curled about the same too. The more I studied them the more resemblance that I saw.

Miss Morris said, ?Lovely, aren?t they? Their mothers are sisters, they have the same father, and they were all born just days apart. They could pass for triplets.?

I agreed that they were indeed lovely. I took some pictures of each girl by herself but the three of them made for much better pictures. I arranged them so that I got a staggered side view of their breasts all lined up. I did similar pictures of their butts and pussies too. Then I stacked their pussies and had them hold them open for some incredible pictures.

Miss Morris said, ?I really liked that triple open pussy picture. How about a reward! What if I let you fuck me while these three virgins watch??

I replied, ?Okay but I?m a virgin too.?

Miss Morris smiled and said, ?Not for long, you?re Ankara escort bayan not.?

With that said Miss Morris started undressing me. At first I was a little embarrassed about it but then I realized that all four of them were naked and had posed for me for over an hour. So I owed it to them to get naked?especially if I was going to loose my virginity to the new kindergarten teacher. This was a young man?s dream come true.

Miss Morris took us all into her bedroom. She said that the missionary position was the best because she could look at me as we did it. With some guidance from her I got between her legs and slipped my hard cock in between her soft moist pussy lips. She used her fingers to push it down a little until I slipped it into her hole. Wow! She told me to do whatever felt good and not to be concerned about her enjoying it. I have to confess that her enjoyment never entered my mind for an instant. All I knew was that fucking Miss Morris was so much better than jerking off that I might never jerk off again. Yeah right! The only way I could stop jerking off was if I had a girl to fuck all day long. I was pretty sure that I was the school jerk off king. Even going in my pants while taking pictures didn?t slow me down. I thrust into her like a kid in a candy story. My first time was great. Miss Morris was great too. She even got the girls to cheer me on as if I was the school jock during an important game. When I cum in her she held me close and then she cuddled me in her after glow.

After she finally released me she told me to take some more pictures. I watched as the three girls took turns licking Miss Morris? pussy to clean up the mess that I had left behind.

Miss Morris saw my cock get hard again and told Christy to let me fuck her. She was a virgin but her hymen had been taken care of. I was told to go more gentle, slower, and to consider my partner?s pleasure that time. Christy was nice and tight and she said that she could feel how big I was as I stretched out her pussy a little bit. Miss Morris had me play with Christy?s breasts and suck her nipples as I fucked her. About halfway through Miss Morris had Christy get on top. I liked her on top a lot better because I could look at her body easier. She was so pretty and I was fucking her. I assumed that Miss Morris would let me fuck all three of them and that thought made me cum in Christy. She said that she could feel me squirt and then she had her orgasm too. Miss Morris had Tammy and Bethany clean her up while she worked on my cock.

It was my first blowjob and Miss Morris was giving it to me. She said that she was only getting me hard for Tammy. She was too, because as soon as I was erect again I was slipping it into Tammy?s pussy next. Tammy enjoyed Escort Ankara it just as much as Christy had. Again halfway through she got on top but that time Miss Morris had her face my feet and give me access to finger her asshole. I had never thought of an asshole as sexy or erotic before but once I got my finger wet in her pussy and then all the way into her rectum I could feel my cock getting harder. Tammy moaned with delight and that made me even harder yet. All too soon I was holding her hips, thrusting up into her, and shooting off several gobs of cum deep inside her.

Once again Miss Morris was right there sucking my cock while the other girls sucked my cum out of Tammy. We all knew that Bethany was next so I watched her as she slurped up my cum with enthusiasm. Then she came over to help Miss Morris. She kissed me and slipped her tongue into my mouth. Then she moved around so that her pussy was right over my face. While Miss Morris sucked my cock I licked Bethany?s pussy, the very pussy that I was going to fuck real soon. That thought made me hard for the forth time in just a couple of hours.

Bethany said, ?Do me doggy and do me rough. Fuck my ass if you want too.?

Holy shit! I could hardly believe what I had just heard. I looked at Miss Morris and she just smiled at me. She left the room for a moment and returned with a tube of lubricant. Then she greased up Bethany?s asshole poking two fingers into it in the process. She wiped her fingers on my cock. Bethany got on her hands and knees, I got behind her, and Miss Morris held my cock at the entrance to Bethany?s rectum. All I did was lean into her and I felt the head of my cock penetrate her sphincter muscle. It was the tightest hole that I had been in so far and I really liked it. Bethany seemed to like it too. The other girls certainly cheered us on. That was when Miss Morris told Bethany and I that it would take a lot longer for me to cum the forth time around. Neither one of us seemed to care how long it would take especially if we were connected so intimately like that. In that position I got to reach under her and play with her tits too. In twenty minutes I was filling her bowels with my hot cum. As my cock shriveled up and slipped out of her she let out a sigh of relief.

Apparently the last ten minutes had not been very pleasant for her. Bethany had just allowed me to use her body for my own relief like Miss Morris had done that first time. Miss Morris had taught the girls that pleasing their man was the most important thing that a woman could do. Something about Bethany?s unselfish act made me fall in love with her.

After that evening I got the job as Miss Morris? photographer. Over the next couple of years I photographed Miss Morris having sex with almost every student in the high school. I myself had sex with a lot of the girls too even though Bethany was always my favorite.

The End
Clerk In Photo Department
12-01-2022, at 11:19 PM

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