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Cryptid Unleashed

Post #1

Cryptids Unleashed:

When the verges of war skimmed the world. Where every single country were at odds on any given ally or enemy. Money begins to mean less and less, but the people of any given country know any real information. Mistakes were made. A long ran institution with the funds of a multibillion dollar corporation know as M.L.I, Mass, Logistics, Intelligence, Inc.

Many ex agents of the ?institution? have called them, Monster Lab Incorporated.

The rumor that many underground organizations have called it this.

After Interpol seized the institution, many of the ?Labs.? Fell into chaos. Recordings of deaths and ?things? began to appear all over the news. Debriefed members of the old Labs started coming out all over social media and online vlogs, all warning about, ?Cryptids?. A study known as Cryptidzoogolgy that studied, captured, and studied Cryptids around the world. With these, ?Labs? across the world in almost every country, the U.N gave every single lab to their correlating countries. Almost every country kept select top brass from each lab to assist in running it. Replacing their specialized security forces with military. In all parts of the infrastructure. Most of the labs around the world fell in a matter of months.

Cryptids began to show all around the world in short periods. People didn?t know how to react. People started losing what was real and fake. Reality from fantasy and fiction. Cults and belief in religion grew in troves across the world.

Cryptid hunting started to become more wide spread. Secret, and old societies of these warriors began to come out from the shadows. Some countries called them domestic terrorists, others, murder cults. A few simply turned a blind eye.

People began to travel and big cities became hot zones of violence and murder. Many by different cryptids. Some by fearful humans.

Brenic was traveling through the woods. A simple, creature. Brenic was greedy, vicious and prided himself on being sadistic. He was a ghoul. An undead creature with sharp teeth, dull, glazed over red eyes. He wore a loin cloth and nothing else. His flesh was cold and in areas peeling. His fingers were had been sharpened. He ate anything dead, but enjoyed torturing captured victims. Cutting slices of flesh and waiting for them to begin phases of decay and eating them. A single person could feed him for weeks.

On this particular night, wandering the woods. Always close enough to the road to follow it he spotted a car. A red Bug. The hood popped open. He crept to the tree line to get a closer look, where he spotted a woman.

A white and brown plaid patterned shirt. The bottom of it was tied under her breasts. A pair of daisy dukes. Her hips were ample and her butt was meaty as he would call it. Muscular, tone. Her legs were the same, thick. Her hair was long, brown, in silky kind of waves. Her lips had a dark ruby pinkish gloss. Nails white and long wearing a pair of wearing sneakers.

Brenic began to snicker, taking a few steps to the side in order to inspect his next meal.

Kelly was staring at her engine, bent over looking at it. A light hanging from the hood. Her outer plaid shirt was toed at the bottom with the rest unbuttoned. Under a thin red shirt with some lace at the top. It and the bra that helped pump up her breasts partially exposed. One leg angled out when she heard the snap of a twig in the woods. Across the road.

She lightly gasped looking in that direction, when she noticed a pair of head lights turning down the road.

She lifted her arms trying to catch its attention.

The large cargo van slowed to a stop right by her bug.

The window rolled down. A pale man with sunglasses and a black jacket leaned out.

?Car problems ms?? He purred with a smile.

She put her hand on her head lifting some hair, her hip jutted out.

?Um, yeah. I think the thingy in it broke.? She said confused,

Brenic shrugged, ?Vampire. They usually eat and leave the body. Good. Easy snack.?

The vampire eyed her up and down under his sunglasses. Staring from her legs, to her hips and directly at her cleavage.

?Well, why don?t you hop in little lady. I?ll. Give you a ride into town.?

She smiled widely, ?Really? Oh mr. how can I ever repay you. Thank you so much. She turned around and bent over reaching into her bug.

The vampire tilted his head staring at her ample rump. He smiled shaking his head. He began to have a few ideas before eating.

She got out and turned around with a backpack slung over her shoulder and a purse.

?You know what.? He started, ?I spilled some coffee on my seat earlier. Why don?t you hop in back. I?ll come open it for you.?

?Okay, yeah!? She said,

He got out of the driver seat pulling a key, he crawled in back. He unlocked the back doors letting her in. He slammed the doors shut.

Relocking them.

She set down her purse and backpack unzipping the bag.

She turned around to see the ?man? only a foot away from her. Looking down at her.

?Now, why is a pretty little thing way out here, all alone??

Kelly suddenly began to feel unsafe as the man got down on his knee. It going right between her knees.

?I. Um. Wanted to get away from the city.? She said, her breaths becoming more rapid and heavy.

?Mmhmm. Get away from all those nasty scary monsters hmm?? He chided, staring at her pulsing cleavage. He lifted his hand placing it over her left breast, grazing his cold fingers over the flesh.

She took a sharp breath at the touch of his fingers as the skin prickled along their path.

?Your skin is... cold.? She faintly whimpered.

?Shh, shh, shh, young one. You?ll enjoy this. I?ve been around for a long, long time. No need for you to speak.? He said grasping a handful of her ample breast. The cleavage filling the space between his fingers. Ankara escort He lifted his hand, touch a jagged fingernail to her plump lips lightly dragging it along. A little gloss building up.

He brought it to his lips sucking it.

?Mmm, cherry.? He laid and hand on her shoulder and pushed her back against the floor. He was leaned over her, one of her legs pressed up against his waist. She stared up at him in uncertainty. He looked down at her breasts, leaning in her kissed her cleavage grabbing it again. The flesh pushing into his face.

She took another sharp breath feeling his cold lips and saliva. His tongue lightly licking her breast and his firm squeezes.

He came up and pressed his lips over hers. As his hand slid down her sleek athletic frame. Grabbing under her thighs. Then up to her round butt. His jagged fingernails then found their way to her daisy dukes button. Popping it open and undoing the short zipper, revealing a red lace pair of panties.

Brenic sighed. ?Come on you prick. I know it doesn?t take that long to drain someone.? He complained.

He then saw the van begin to rock.

?Really?? He muttered.

Brenic stood back up and jogged himself over to the van. As he approached the van began rocking a bit more, the shocks squeaking. Moans coming from inside. He crept up to the front and lightly peeped into the windshield.

Her daisy dukes on the floor, her panties still on. Just moved, as her legs were up at the vampires sides. His pelvis pumping into her. Her hands on his shoulders. Eyes were closed as she moaned. Her cleavage jumping up and down. Her pelvis gyrating. The vampire had a solid hand on her thigh as he violently fucked her.

His other hand pinning her hands by the wrists above her head. She looked at him biting her bottom lip.

He leaned into kissing her again, her cheeks moving from his tongue.

?Hmm. Looks like fun.? Brenic whispered.

He circled back around and knelt next to the vans sliding door, knowing he?d most likely dump her corpse out the back.

He listened to her moan, they began to grow. Suddenly she stopped moaning.

?Wait, no, stop!? She suddenly said. Then. A sick slicing noise. The sound of a limp body slumping.

Brenic smiled deviously as blood began to leak from out the side of the vans sliding door. He dabbed his fingers in it, staring greedily.

?Mmm, just how I like it. Cold... wait a minute. That can?t be?? the sliding door opened as Kelly stood there, blood splattered on her chest and face. Her panties wet. A machete in one hand and a 9mm pistol in the other. She seemed surprised by him and immediately lifted the gun.

?Try and run and I?ll blow out you knee caps. Get in. Now.? She ordered,

The ghouls eyes were wide as he reluctantly crawled in. She grabbed him by the back of the neck and threw him against the side of the wall.

?Sit!? She ordered.

The decapitated vampires head stared at him as she strataled him.

?That fucker tried to bite me before I could finish.? She explained lifting the ghouls loincloth, her hand rubbing his member.

?Which is why I am glad you?re here. I?d have to guess that was you in the woods across the street right?? She asked, her voice in a cool purr.

?Well, Mr Ghoul.? She began, sliding the machete to his neck, slowly beginning to rub herself on his privates, ?I am glad you showed up. And if you want to live. You are going to do exactly what I tell you to do. I don?t mind little nicks from those teeth. But try and take a chuck, and behead you quicker then you can start to chew. Is that understood?? She asked,

Brenic nodded, feeling himself growing bigger, her warm hands twisting and pumping.


With the machete still in her hands, she pulled her shirt down exposing her breasts from the stretchy fabrics.

?Come on, don?t be shy now.? She cooed,

Brenic leaned forward taking her left breast into his mouth.

?Mmmmm? he grumbled.

It was always too much work to Brenic to force himself on women. Plus they made to much noise in screaming. Dead women were too stiff to have a lot of fun with. Which is why he always tried to get his hands on fresh corpses when he felt horny.

And now he had a fresh living one ordering him to suck on her tits.

He didn?t think twice. Especially seeing as his life depended on it.

Her nipples hardened as his cold tongue flicked against them. The more he pressed his face to her breast he felt her ample breast spread across his face. He lifted his hand gripping one in each hand. Squeezing the soft, tender breasts.

?Mmmm.? She sounded, sucking in her lips and then licking them. Sliding her panties aside, and moving the head of his erect member to her tight folds. She flicked his head back and forward teasing him. Wetting the head before biting her bottom lip and sliding down on his shaft.

She took a cold sharp breath.

?Mmm, congrats. Your bigger then the vampire.? She said as she slowly began to gyrate. Her round ass rubbing his thighs.

Brenic kept sucking on her breasts, his sharpened teeth lightly squeezing on her nipples taking sharp light moans from her. One of his hands began to wander lower. His fingers gliding across her soft smooth frame. Finding there way on her back and moving down to her butt.

Brenic was fascinated. He never had a horny living woman. He never felt how wet and hot they could be inside. Or heard these delicate noises when it was because of him. Never felt warm living breasts that weren?t pulling in every direction trying to escape. Never felt a gyrating butt that wasn?t puckered in disgust.

He squeezed her right butt cheek. So soft and firm. He moved his hand a little further down her butt scooping it from under, lifting it, squeezing. Letting it back down to do it again. Slower this time. Taking every second Ankara escort bayan in, while his mouth salivated on her breast.

Kelly began to moan a little louder, pleasure rippling from her breasts. Feeling her pussy hot and pleasure spreading through her body. Biting her lip with his cold hand grabbing her ass. His fingernails pressing into her butt. Cupping it and took an excited breath when his cold hard hand slapped her butt once.

Brenic let out a light growl when he spanked her. The way her relaxed fleshy butt gave a little jiggle excited him. The healthy smack that resounded against the metal interior of the van.

He wanted more. More of this. More of her, he thought as he squeezed her butt harder, slower, lifting her back flesh.

Kelly moaned as he sucked on her left breast harder. Her other breast being squeezed as his fingernails pinched and pulled on her hard nipple.

She started pumping harder on his own pelvis. She could feel her pleasure rising as she rode him.

His hand slid her panties down to the top of her thighs. A cold finger began to rub around her asshole. She smiled as he pressed it in.

?Mmm, fuck. Yes! Yes you fiendish bastard. You like the way my asshole feels?? She moaned, her voice airy with pleasures breaths. She slid down on his shaft as far as she could. Feeling his dick deep inside of her, gyrating hard as she took a shuttered breath in. Feeling finger slowly pumping inside of her butt. She lifted his head up and stared into his eyes as a climax washed over her.

Brenic could feel her wet pussy tighten as she stared into his eyes. Locks of hair partially covering her eyes, her glossy lips hung open. Leaning in she pressed her soft round lips onto his. He felt as her tongue slid along each of his lower teeth. The bigger ones. Then venture into his mouth and finding his tongue. Her tongue was so soft. Wet compared to his dried body. Twisting and folding on his rough tongue.

Kelly slowly pulled her head away. A webbing of drool from her lip to his. Her mouth hung lightly open, catching her breath she stared at the monster, enjoying her climax. She leaned into by his ear.

?Did you cum yet ghoul?? She whispered,

Brenic shook his head.

?Mmm, well maybe you should take your finger out of my ass, and put your cock into it instead.? She seductively said.

She slowly lifted herself from his member sliding her wet panties off all the way.

She turned around and slid her gun into her back pack. She went to both knees and bent over. Machete still in hand.

?Come on Mr. Ghoul.? She teased.

The ghoul slowly moved forward on all fours.

He grabbed her ass, squeezing. Soft flesh pressing down to flexed muscles. With his other hand he slapped her other cheek. Halfway between the center and her curvy hip. He growled leaning his face in. He put his lips around her slit, his tongue lapping into it. He licked up and down tasting his work. Her wet pussy tasted good. He lips met again with a little noise like the wet flesh of a kiss. He his tongue came out again. He circled it on her clit, sliding it upwards to her pert butthole. The monster licked around it. Then pressed it into her butt, diving his face inbetween her cheeks. Grasping both sides of her hips and surrounding his face with her ass cheeks.

He released. Slowly rising above her, keeping his body to hers he slowly worked his tongue up her back. His hands gliding up until they reached her breasts. His tongue at the nape of her neck he start sucking it. She gave a calm indulgent breath, tilting her head. Exposing her neck. Her hand reaching up grasping his oily hair. His phallus between her cheeks sliding. His knees on either side of hers began squeezing bringing them together.

One of his hands moved back.

He guided his almost stinging dick to her asshole. Lining it up he pushed.

He could feel her tight warm, slick asshole begin to stretch to accommodate his cock. Kelly bit her bottom lip again as his still wet, cold member begin to slide into her.

?Mmhmm. Do you like that Mr. Monster?? She breathed, her eyes closed. Feeling his hand squeeze her butt as he slowly drove it into her.

Brenic growled in her ear as he went in, inch by inch. Listening to her breaths. Then slapping her firm ass. He felt his pelvis meet her pelvis. Pushing in harder to feel every bit of his shaft to his testicles inside of her. He pulled and pushed in again and again slowly gaining speed.

Her ass was so tight and warm. Her butt being pressed up to him every time.

Kellys breaths began to take pleasured breaths again. Taking a small moan when his sharp teeth grazed her soft exposed neck.

She knew he could just bite her neck and she?d bleed out. She had the feeling however, that he knew she?d kill him before she died. All these monsters do what they can to survive.

Brenic was now pounding his pelvis into her. The muscles in her ass jiggling into rotations in tune with his hits. His pelvis slapping against her butt in tune with the squeaking of he van.

Her moans rose, with the word ?yes? peppered in between.

?Mmm, mmm, tear that asshole up you wretched monster.? She moaned, ?Fuck that little asshole!?

The ghoul began held her by her shoulders as he pounded. Her head limping down and up, her hair tussling.

He could feel the pleasure rising in his member. He pulled on her shoulders lifting her up, pressing her back against his. One arm reaching around and grasping one of her breasts. The other sliding up and down her thigh pumping into her ass. Her ass cheeks now pressing against either side of his member. His hand slid to the front of her thighs. His fingers sliding under her navel and down. Curving under to her still wet slit. He began to rub in a circular motion.

Kelly moans grew louder feeling her clit being rubbed. Her breasts being fondled. Escort Ankara The monsters dick pumping into her ass like a machine. She lightly gasped feeling a finger curving up into her. The other fingers rubbing her lips. Back and forth and side to side.

?Oh god, I?m almost there. I?m, I?m.? Her breaths got shorter and higher until she gave out a shrill moan. An orgasm washing through her again. The tips of her toes tingling. She pushed back and swing lightly around with her elbow. The leverage pushing the creature to its back. She turned around pointing the machete at him.

?Still haven?t cum yet? Well, ? She turned back around getting to her knees. She crawled backwards until her dripping lips we right about his face. And she was staring at his other head.

?Then we better make you cum.? She said,

She reached into her bag grabbing a washrag and wiped his dick. She then slid out her legs, her pelvis to his face. She lightly placed her soft wet, glossy lips to the head of his member.

The ghoul grabbed both sides of her hips putting her pussy into his mouth. His tongue lunging deep inside. She slightly moaned as she began sucking on the tip. Her tongue swirling.

Kelly slid her lips down as her lips widened to accommodate his width. Her tongue licked around the shaft feeling his head sliding to the back of her mouth. Taking it into her throat. Her eyes closed she moaned from him eating her pussy. She pumped her mouth on his shaft twisting her head. Her lips seal firm on his member. The creature squeezing her ass, and the back of her thighs. He spanked her again. His tongue deep in her pussy, licking, taking it out only to suck on her clit and lick up the slit. Driving another finger into her butt. His other hand firm on her thigh. The vibrating from from her moans felt amazing.

Kelly could already feel her pleasure rising again. As she began moaning on the things member she could feel his tongue working faster. Sucking on her lips. Moving his lips up and down her slit as the tongue licked and prodded her. The finger in her butt catching speed. A hand on her thigh squeezing. She lifted one hand and glided her nails across her clavicle and moving to her breast.

She moaned more and more until the pleasure tipped. Another climax washed over her. She slowed her blowjob sucking hard she slowly pulled up. Her eyes rolling back the Ghoul wrapped his arms around her waist and hips forcing his face into her snatch. Licking for every bit of flesh made flavor.

She got back to her knees and turned around. She widened the creatures thighs. Her mouth went down on his member again. This time, more concentrated, she began to bounce her head up and down on his member. She moved her hair to one side tilting her head looking up at him.

The ghoul stared down at her glossy lips wrapped around his dick. Moving up and down.

He began to give lighter growls in shorter breaths. Feeling his pleasure rising rapidly. She took her mouth from his member, knowing he was getting close. She flattened her tongue against the base of his shaft and licked upward.

She moved up wrapping her breasts around his cock. Squeezing them she rocked up and down. Looking up at him.

Brenic sat up on an elbow looking at her. She looked seductively at him, sexily licking her top lip. Eyes of desire.

Brenic growled, almost sounding in pain.

?Stand up.? She ordered.

The ghoul did so, having to bend over a little as she began pumping her breasts on his member again. She stared at him biting her bottom lip, breathing deeply.

?Mmm? Brenic sounded watching his member slide between her breasts. The breathing of her chest pressing her breasts harder around it. Her round hips just in sight behind her head. His grunts grew louder.

?Are you gonna cum? Hmm? You like the way my tits feel on your cock?? She asked, trying to bring his arousal to help him finish.

?These big juicy tits you were sucking up earlier, yeah? Did you like feeling my warm wet pussy bounce on your cold hard cock? Hmm? My pouty lips sucking your dick and taking it down my throat? I bet you did you bastard.? She kept going pumping her tits harder and faster, her voice getting a little more higher pitched, ?Yeah? Did you like fucking my tight, little asshole? I liked it when you ate my pussy. Come up baby! Cum for me, cum for mommy! Cum right my my big juicy tits! I want you cum on my tits!? She said moaning just for him.

Brenic growled punching the top of the van. Making a large dent.

?Arraahhh!? He cried as a burst of cum fountained up, raining on her ample breasts. She pulled out using her hand to pump his cock as another wave of cum spurted out onto her chest and face.

Brenic fell back onto his rump. His breathing labored.

Kelly smiled. She took off her over shirt wiping herself off. Then took a fresh pair of panties from her backpack.

?Now what?? Brenics grindy voice asked.

Kelly looked at him sliding her panties on and reaching for her daisy dukes.

?Now? Now you get a head start. If no bodies show up while I?m on your trail, I might let you go. If they do. Well, we might do this one more time, but that time I?ll be killing you. Take the vamps van. None of the bodies he?s left in his wake have been connected to it. Been following his trail because of bodies. Didn?t know you were going to be here. By the way. Bury the body before you reach a town.?

?You?re kind of strange for a hunter.? Brenic said confused.

?And?? She asked.

Kelly got out of the van. She walked to her car as the van pulled away.

She whipped out her phone opening an app. Showing a tracker moving down the road away from her.

?I?ll be keeping an eye on the news Ghoul.?

She put it away the phone and connected a positive wire to the battery and shut the hood. She got into her car taking a deep breath. The sky getting a little lighter.

She started up the engine as Night Moves by Bob Seger started to play.

She smiled with a quick chuckle and shifted gears into drive.
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