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(C) Mojavejoe420 2020

Ships, particularly warships, have watertight compartments to stop internal flooding from torpedoes, bombs, or other hull damage to the ship. Sailors slam the heavy steel doors (hatches) shut and seal them tight, also known as dogging the hatches. This keeps the ship afloat during times of crisis.

Military people, particularly those who have seen combat, also have compartments. When you?re flying off of your leader?s wing (who is also your best friend) and he gets blown out of the sky and you can?t do a damn thing about it, you have to lock all that in a compartment or you will be dead, too. When it comes time to bring your fighter back on board a carrier, the only thing that is on your mind better be landing the plane. Everything else needs to be locked away in its own compartment. One moment of worrying about something else will land you on the blunt end of the boat instead of the carrier deck.

You can?t let shit leak out of your compartments into the others, or your own personal ship might founder and sink. You learn to say, ?Don?t mean nothin?? and you close that hatch and dog it tight.

And I did all that. My compartments are sturdy and strong. I didn?t ever let those compartments open, my traumas stayed where they belonged; locked behind thick steel hatches. Psychologists and PTSD specialists will argue I should let them out, talk about my feelings. Well I don?t like those old feelings, that?s why they are kept locked up where they should be. How could I function if I started reliving old traumatic events?

Sometimes, though, we have compartments for good things. Even amazing things, ?best thing that ever happened? to you kind of things. But they have to be locked up, too. Oftentimes those fantastic compartments are usually accompanied by sadness, by deep longings for things that were, and what might have been.

Such is the case for me. Long retired from the Navy, there?s only a couple of my buddies that are even still alive. We typically talk around the first of the year to wish each other well, that sort of thing. So to get a call from Don Jacobson in July was? concerning, even unwelcome. It usually meant someone died.

?Johnny, I?ve got some news. Is this a secure line??

He meant, is my wife around within earshot.

?Yeah Don, I?m good. Who died? I?m guessing it?s Maxwell because it?s just us three anymore??

?Johnny. Stop. It isn?t Max.? He sighed heavily, then the silence dragged on.

?Well? Out with it Don! I don?t have much time left on this earth and I don?t want to spend it waiting for you to??

?Maggie.? he said. Just like that, Maggie. Then he mentioned brain cancer or some shit I don?t even know what.

My internal ship jolted from the shock. The dogs loosened and all of my compartment hatches flung open. The flooding began and I was going to lose my ship, lose my fucking mind.

Fortunately, my wife, Jeanine, had left to go visit our granddaughter for a few hours. I staggered down the stairs to my office and slumped into my chair. I was holding on as best I could, but I couldn?t stop the flood. The memories of Maggie, rogue waves of immense proportion, slammed into me repeatedly.

My eyes flooded and I cried like a baby. Me. Naval Captain, Fighter Pilot, then Captain of Industry. Crying like a little fucking baby.

Brunswick, Georgia. May, 1961. Sunday Morning

?Honey! Where?s my razor?? I was packing my bag, I had to catch a transport that was leaving in thirty minutes.

?Look in the shower, silly.? Jeanine always knew where everything was. I don?t know how she did that.

I checked everything one last time, then went out to the kitchen.

?There?s my little punkins!? My daughter, Caroline, smiled and said ?Dada? as she held up her arms in wait for me to scoop her up and swing her around, which I did.

We hurriedly packed the car and drove the two miles to what passed for a passenger terminal there at Naval Air Station Glynco.

NAS Glynco. What a shithole. Short for Glyn County. The only thing worse than this installation was the stupid town of Brunswick. Racist assholes, bugs, heat, humidity, alligators, bugs and heat. And humidity. Yeah I said it twice, it sucked down there. My pregnant wife was due in two months and the hospital didn?t even have air conditioning.

I kissed Jeanine in the sun and the heat. And you know what? That shit fell away when we kissed. I loved her so much I couldn?t stand it. I started getting a hard on there in the parking lot.

?What are you going to do with that, handsome??

?I guess I?ll save him up for you when I get home!?

?Awww? even looking like this, you still like me??

I patted her seven month tummy.

?More than ever, baby! I love you so much sweetheart. See you Saturday.?

I hopped on the C-1 and waved goodbye to my little family.


In a few hours I landed in St. Louis where the McDonnell aircraft company was located. My fighter pilot career was tracking nicely, but the Navy determined that I needed to be an instructor for a couple years there at Glynco. The Navy?s newest fighter (the F-4 Phantom) was coming online and it was my job to train the backseat guy how to run the new sophisticated radar system. I would rather be learning to fly the plane instead, trust me. But you gotta take some shit in the service so I put my negative feelings in a compartment and strove to become the best instructor anyone had ever seen.

I checked in to my hotel and inquired about any golfing opportunities in the area. Turns out there was a small 9-hole course right here by Lambert field. The hotel clerk got the superintendent to drive me over and said he would be back around sunset to get me.

I went to the pro shop to see about renting some clubs and getting a few holes in. The pro shop was open, but I couldn?t find anyone. Nobody seemed to be playing, either. I walked around back, there?s always an ?around back? where they usually have a shed with all the lawn equipment. Sure enough, I saw some movement behind some equipment.

?Hey buddy!? I called out. ?Anyone running the pro shop today??

A loud crashing noise was the only response for a few moments. Then a head popped out, a female head. A very beautiful female head. Followed by a female body encased in dirty coveralls.

?Well, sir. I ain?t your buddy, least not yet. And we?re closed today. Pipes busted and half the course is flooded.?

We stood there looking at each other for a few moments. I understand the social conventions, I knew it was my turn to speak. I also knew how to be witty and charming. But all those powers seemed to have escaped my brain. You see, she just stood there in dirty coveralls, her wild red hair reigned in by a dirty Titleist visor, her piercing green eyes, face streaked with grease and dirt? I wasn?t prepared for how she affected me. I felt an immediate stirring in my loins. I had never met anyone so striking before.

?You gonna say something, flyboy??

Yes, yes I?m going to say something. I expect my powers of speech to return very shortly. Come on! Say something!

?A flood, huh?? Whoa, look at me go! I?m talking! ?Anything I can do to help??

?Did you drive a backhoe here today??

?Uh? no?? Jesus Christ. She?s messing with me and I still ain?t got shit going!

?So then you aren?t exactly my knight in shining armor, are you.?

?My armor is a little rusty, I?ll admit.?

?Yeah, I can tell.?

?You?re the only one here? Must be something I can do, the hotel guy isn?t coming back until sunset.? I took off my Ray Ban Aviators so I could get a better look at this woman.

?Yeah it?s just me. Fucking Spackler? ? I raised my eyebrows? ?got the Locke stuck in the mud and then broke his ankle. So yeah it?s only me? what? Don?t they swear in the Navy anymore??

?No ma?am we certainly do not. They busted me down to Private once for saying ?darn it?.?

?They don?t have Privates in the Navy.?

I looked down at my crotch, looked back at her, then leaned forward, ?I beg to differ. We most certainly do have privates.?

She cocked her head a little. ?Alright then, Captain, is it??

?Almost. Lieutenant.?

?Full looey??

?Well, JG. Junior Grade.?

?So you?re like a trainee, then. A non-swearing, overly salacious Naval trainee. And? oh great, you?re married, too. Just what I needed.?

I felt the weight of my wedding ring pulling on my arm. I had forgotten I was married there for about four minutes. I had better snap out of this.

?So? what?s the plan for getting the Locke?? That?s a big-ass walk-behind power mower, about eight feet of chopping blades. A golf course depends on these.

?I?ve got an old Ford tractor here but it won?t start. It cranks but? well I don?t know what.?

?Is it a 9N? My grandpa had one of those.? She showed me the old dog. They were pretty straightforward and dependable. I checked a few things; starter worked, spark worked, gasoline? didn?t work.

?You got some tape?? She found me some duct tape. I undid the fuel filter, just pulled it out, and taped the fuel line together.

The tractor started right up, with a few drops of gas dripping from the line.

?That will be okay for today. You need to get a new filter, though.?

She stuck out her hand. ?I hereby promote you from trainee to Captain!?

I shook her hand firmly and was rewarded with an even firmer grip in return. We both held on a little too long.

?Well thanks, Admiral. My name is John, by the way.?

?Maggie. Malucci.?

?Ah yes, your flaming red hair gave away your Italian heritage. It?s nice to meet you.? We let go of our handshake.

She picked up a shovel and tossed it to me. ?Let?s go over to Six. We gotta dig.?

She grabbed another shovel and some rope and we headed to the sixth hole, her on the single-seat tractor and me walking.

The drive wheels on the Locke were mired in the muck, as were the roller wheels which supported the rest of the mower.

?Pretty muddy, shit.? Again, I was being real smooth with the lines. Maggie punched me in the arm.

?I thought you didn?t swear.?

?Shit isn?t swearing. Shit is just shit. I?m not exactly dressed for this.? I had two pairs of shoes and two pairs of pants, and I was already wearing half of this right now. I took off my shoes and socks, then rolled up my pants to about my knees.

?Don?t you look handsome! Start digging.?

After about a half hour we had quite a bit cleared, then I slipped in some sick clay-mud and landed in a push-up-like position, somehow saving my pants. I gingerly stood up.

?That?s like regular Georgia clay right there. I hate that shit.?

?Language,? was all she said.

I really didn?t want to mess up my clothes. I wasn?t staying at the Hilton where they had on site laundry. Shit.

I walked over to the creek and rinsed off my hands and feet, then skirted the mud as I walked back to Maggie.

?You got another set of coveralls back there??

?This is the other set. And you can?t have them. Even though it is fucking hot.?

Yeah I forgot to mention that St Louis was at least two degrees cooler than Georgia. It was only 99 here. Maggie unzipped her coveralls halfway down so she could free her arms. Obviously bra-less, her nipples poked through her sweat stained T-shirt.

?Well I guess there?s nothin? for it.? And I carefully slipped my pants off and folded them. I set them on the tractor seat, followed by my casual shirt and white T-shirt. ?Let?s dig.?

We sweated in the lowering sun, the temp barely dropping. Maggie barely got dirty, but I was glad I took off my good clothes as they would've been ruined. Finally, we got to where we thought we were good and tied the rope from the tractor back to the mower.

?I?ll start the mower, and give you a head nod when I?m ready. Go slow and steady. Something goes wrong. Just stop and we will dig more.?

I got behind the Locke and fired it up, letting it run for about a minute to make sure it was good to go. Finally, I looked up and gave Maggie the nod. I let out the clutch the same time as she did in her tractor, but I had a little too much gas on.

The drive wheels on the Locke spun, covering me head to toe in black and red mud. The tractor pulled the Locke forward and it was now out of the deep mud and running by itself. I scrambled to catch it and managed to get it in neutral when I slipped again, and again. Maggie pulled the mower a good hundred yards onto firm ground before shutting the tractor and the mower down.

I lounged there in some mud, resting comfortably under a shady oak. Maggie trotted back to me, laughing and cackling and evening guffawing a few times. I have never seen anyone have such a laughing fit as that one.

?You got sprayed? then you fell backwards? then you fell forwards hahaha!?

?Yeah, it?s funny to you. You didn?t sprain your ankle!?

?Oh no! Really?? She burst out laughing again. ?I?m sorry. You?re like all three stooges at once!? She chuckled more and began to bend over me to check my ankle.

?Do you think you can stand Whoa!?

I pulled her hand just a little and she slipped and fell completely in the mud right next to me. She burst out laughing again until I scooped some mud and painted her cheeks with it.

?Oh no you don?t, Lieutenant! You?re not going to get away with that!?

I was already covered, caked in mud. I laughed, ?What are you gonna do? Throw mud at me??

She scooped up mud in each hand and came at me, a wild and crazy look in her eye. She Ankara bayan escort tried to smear it in my eyes but she had forgotten I was a Naval Officer and had hundreds of hours of jiu-jitsu training in case we had to fight the Japanese again. Well, not really. But I did wrestle in high school.

I easily caught her hands and pulled them over our heads, rolling her into her back, my body pinning her to the mud.


?Never!? I found I could hold both her wrists over her head with my right hand, thereby freeing my left. And with that hand I finger painted her entire face with mud as she squirmed and fought me.

?Stop fighting! Who?s your buddy? Huh? Who?s your pal??

She burst out laughing and finally relented. ?Truce?? she offered.

?Hmmm. A negotiated settlement, eh? What?s your offer??

?Well? if you let me go? I won?t tell your superior officer about that thing poking me down there.?

Oh. She felt that, did she? I felt it, too.

?Maggie, that?s just a natural reaction when I wrestle in the mud with girls. It happens a lot. It?s nothing personal.?

?Nothing personal, huh?? She shifted her position and wrapped her legs around mine. ?What about now, is this personal??

It?s all just fun and games until the hard cock appears.

I released her hands, then slowly got up and helped her up. My cock strained the limits of my boxers while. her nipples threatened to tear a hole in her wet T-shirt. Both of us covered in mud like this, we couldn?t even carry my clean clothes back to the greens keepers shed. We walked to the creek so we could try and get our hands clean at least. We strolled back to the shed, leaving the tractor and the mower high and dry on the sixth fairway.

Neither of us talked on the way back. My mind raced with thoughts of Maggie, thoughts of my pregnant wife and my baby girl. I had promised Jeanine I would never hurt her, and I should stop this nonsense now before it went any further. This could just be a happy little flirtation I had once. Yes! Nothing to worry about, I?m still a good husband.

?There's a hose over here, I think we both need it. Sorry we don?t have a shower.?

She held the water over my head as I scrubbed and scrubbed to get the now drying mud off. Maggie had to get my back. Her fingernails felt good as they scrubbed my skin, finally free of mud.

She surprised me when her hand slipped under my boxers to rub my ass. I assisted her by just pulling them all the way down. She expertly rubbed and cleaned me everywhere.

?I guess you Navy guys do have privates, after all.?

Totally clean now, I unzipped her coveralls fully and helped her out of them. Taking the hose from her, I repeated her process of holding the hose on her and helping her get clean. Except I helped clean her front, too. Her medium-sized breasts seemed very dirty and I needed to rub them a lot. Her panties just hindered our cleaning efforts so we removed them.

I had never been with a redhead like this before. Her lightly freckled skin was set off by her beautiful fiery but sparse pubic hair. That section had some mud on it, so I thoroughly worked that area over and over. To get her clean, of course.

She gasped as my finger slipped inside her sex, she leaned forward a little and held on to my shoulders as the water continued to cascade over both of us. She looked into my eyes while she moved her hips back and forth slightly in response to my finger. Well, now two fingers. And? three?

I dropped the hose.

I kissed her soft lips gently, and she came right there in the waning sun. I pulled her close to me, keeping my hand where it was. She came quietly as we kissed, just little gasps into my mouth. I pressed harder, fully grasping her mons and clit in the palm of my hand. I kissed her harder and she came again, this time moaning loudly.

She squirmed away from my hand. ?Too sensitive,? she told me. ?You better call your hotel. Tell ?em you got a ride back.?

Yeah, I forgot about that. My hard cock and I walked back to the pro shop and I caught the super just as he was about to leave the hotel to pick me up. I hung up the phone and looked out the window to gather my thoughts. I was going to cheat on my wife in about two minutes. I could still change my mind. This isn?t the person I want to be, a cheater. I married Jeanine because I loved her, I do love her, she?s a great woman and we could be happy for the rest of my life. As long as I don?t do something stupid. All I have done so far is kiss a girl. Well, and some, uh, light fingering, but that?s all something that can be swept under the rug.

Yep, my conscious was clear. I?ll just get my clothes and go back to the hotel? oh i just cancelled my ride. Shit. Well I?ll get dressed anyway, come back and maybe get a taxi for some dinner or something.

Flaccid now, I came back around the shed to find Maggie kneeling on an old lounge chair. Her face and arms were pressed into the matting and her hind quarters stuck straight up into the air. I had never seen such a lascivious display. My cock grew, stretching the skin tight.

Fuck it.

I pawed at her ass while I got behind her. My cock, a raging steely monster at this point, poked inside her sex so easily. My wife had never bent over like this, I was amazed how ?open? Maggie got. Pressing my cock in more and more, feeling her grip me, well lust just washed over me. She moaned as I plunged in deeper, sinking my shaft as far as it would go until I hit ?bottom.?

She jerked as I hit her cervix or something. I stopped for a second but she claimed, ?It?s fine! Don?t stop. A little pain is fine.?

I worried that maybe I should have gone slower at first but she was so wet I couldn?t help it. She wiggled her ass, which I took as encouragement. Pulling out and then pushing back in deep, slow, strokes produced an almost constant moan from Maggie. I squeezed her bottom cheeks which produced a different moan. She turned her head and looked back at me.

?Fuck me harder, Lieutenant.?

I got on the lounge chair with her and properly mounted her, driving my full weight into her tipped-up behind. Both of us panting hard by now, we scooted the lounge chair across the concrete a couple inches each time I slammed into her. I knew I couldn?t last much longer, plus we would literally hit a wall in about a minute.

?I?m? almost there, Mags.?

?Finish? unh? in my mouth.?

Just then the freight train began to arrive, I pulled out and scurried up to her head. She grabbed my cock in her hand and engulfed my cock head as she stroked the shaft with her hand. I lost everything and grunted loudly as I emptied myself into her mouth. She swallowed my hot sperm as I pumped jet after jet into her mouth. She continued to suck so she could get every drop.

Spent, I slumped down with her on the lounge chair, kissing her hard and squeezing her tight. After a few moments I realized she hadn?t cum from our sex, just from my hand earlier.

?How you doin? down there?? I inquired of her lower parts.

?Mmmmm I?m wonderful, Lieutenant. I won?t call you trainee anymore.? We both laughed a little.

?I think you have one more of those, uh, you know??


?Yeah, organisms. Let me go check and see if you have any left.?

I crawled down her past her breasts, saying hello for a few moments before I got to her crotch. I had never been with a redhead before and I wanted to see her close-up.

Her dainty pubic hair tickled me as I rubbed my nose in it. Firecrotch, indeed! Her pale skin changed color to a deeper red as I got to her lips, puffy from just a few minutes ago. I ran my tongue over them, eliciting a deep moan from Maggie. She tasted so clean and even sweet, sort of like a nectarine. I pushed her legs apart farther and licked up and down her blossoming flower. I stayed clear of her little bud as I wanted to tease and explore her first. I felt her wet fire as I pushed my tongue inside her tunnel. I had to swallow several times to keep up with her juice flow. My thumb went lower and played with her little bottom.

?Jesus? Johnny? where did? where did you learn this? Most of you boys just cum and go? could you move up to? yes yes yessssssss? there oh my God!?

My flat tongue pressed over her bud and stayed there. Then I sucked it and her surrounding folds of skin into my mouth. As I let her slowly slip through my lips I pushed my thumb inside her bottom. Maggie clamped her legs in my head and I think she squealed but it was hard for me to hear much with her legs wrapped so tight on me.

But I felt her shudder and shake, then tremble, and then her legs relaxed as she gently pushed my head off her sex. She pulled me up by my neck and she kissed me full on my dripping lips before she lapped my chin and cheeks like a puppy.

?I knew there was still one in there. Want me to go look for more??

?Stop!? she laughed. ?Just sit here with me awhile, I need a breather. Your wife, does she know how lucky she is??


?I?m the lucky one. She?s a great woman. In fact, I should probably get--?

?Wait, Johnny! I?m sorry, I won't? I won?t mention her again. Just stay here with me for a little bit.?

?Okay, Mags. I?m sorry. It?s just, I?ve never done anything like this before. I?m, well I thought of myself as a good man. Now I?m not so sure.?

?Johnny, look. I?m not going to take you away from her. This is just? a fling. Okay? No strings, just a fling.?

?No strings, just a fling.?

?Yeah, you can file this in your brain somewhere under ?Fun things that I shouldn?t talk about.? How?s that sound??

And so, I built my first compartment.


Our first session started promptly at 7:30 in the morning in some dank back office at the large McDonnell complex. Azimuth, elevation, tracking, scanning, frequency? yeah it all came fast and furious. They threw so much at us so fast that I literally couldn?t spare three seconds to think about Maggie and our day yesterday.

Class supposedly ended at five, and the guys were planning the evening?s adventures. Being the only married guy, I begged off. So, naturally, I quickly garnered the nickname ?Old Man? for my lack of suaveness.

5:00 came and went. So did 6:00. About 6:50 they finally let us out, without about two hours of studying to do. Jesus Christ. It was almost dark when I got to my room and I quickly called the golf course.

?Hello?? she answered. A shiver ran down my spine. ?Hello? Anyone? Come on, I don't have time for games??

I cleared my throat. ?Maggie, it?s me, Johnny.?

?Oh? Johnny, you say. Johnny who??

?Very funny, Mags.?

?Oh, Johnny that was about to get his ass whupped for standing me up? That Johnny??

?Listen, if you want a spanking, just say so. You don?t need to get all bratty about--?

?I want a spanking.?

I just looked at the phone. She always seemed to have a better comeback than I did. I mean always. It was a bit disconcerting and? fun.

?Hon, I gotta study for a couple hours. Then the rest of the guys are going out but I want to see you, if you?re able.?

?I suppose I have to come over to your tawdry motel??

?Maggie. This isn?t a tawdry motel. It?s a downright sleazy motel!? Hey, I finally got a zinger in!

?Well why didn?t you say that in the first place? Can I come over now, help you study? Then you can spank me.? God damn if she wasn?t quick.

?I gotta be with boys, group work. But I?ll call you.?

Two and a half hours later the guys jabbed and jibed me a few more times while I got a Doctor Pepper out of the vending machine. They grabbed a couple taxis and I called Maggie as the taillights left the parking lot. She showed up twelve minutes later with a six-pack of Budweiser because, St. Louis.

She thrust the bottles into my arms and went straight to the bed. Before I could even crack one open she was undoing her skirt, dropping it to the floor. I sat on the bed next to her, my beer in hand, and she crawled over my lap, settling her rump right over the center of my lap.

She squealed as I rested the cold beer on her panty-covered bottom. I switched hands and with my right I slipped my fingers under her panties.

?Hello Maggie.?

?Mmm. Hello Lieutenant. I masturbated five times today thinking of you. That?s pretty bad, isn?t it??

?That?s very bad, I?m afraid.? I picked up on the game already because, you see, I?m a Naval officer and we are trained to evaluate combat situations and make split-second decisions.

?So bad, in fact, that it?s a bare-bottom infraction.?

?Is that so??

?Yep.? I struggled with getting her panties off. I mean, I smoothly removed her white cotton panties.

I rubbed her bare ivory cheeks, massaging and squeezing them. She just lay there, letting me play with her, not instructing or even hinting at me to do something. No, she just enjoyed the moment, enjoyed my touch. She seemed to really enjoy it when I touched her pink little rear orifice, which I enjoyed dripping saliva on and probing gently.

I suddenly SLAPPED her right cheek fairly hard which elicited a yelp from her.

?Goodness, I wasn?t ready for that, you had me so relax OWWWW!?

That second one was even harder. Her skin immediately showed the effects, turning a few shades of light red. My beer still in my left hand, I set it on her hot skin, causing her to jump and almost spill it.

?You?re supposed to thank me, you know.?

?Right! Of course. Thank you. Isn?t that what they do in the stories? I guess you've read them, you?re doing much better than I expected.?

?I Escort bayan Ankara don?t know about stories, but I have been to Singapore.?


She buried her face in the bed as she squealed so loud. I didn?t let up. I spanked her for a solid two minutes, smacking her ass up and down and on the side and in the middle and? well her entire ass turned a delicious shade of red. Not pink, not rosy, but red.

The sudden silence seemed strange compared to the violence of just a few moments before. Maggie turned to me, tears pouring down her cheeks. She scrambled up and kissed me so hard I barely got my beer on the nightstand without spilling it.

She kissed my cheeks, my nose, my whole face before kissing my lips again.

?Thank you, Daddy,? she whispered. ?I came twice, look at your pants.?

Oh shit, a nice puddle formed on the upper leg of my chinos. We got ourselves undressed before any other bodily fluids got loose and endangered my clothing.

?Johnny, Daddy, will you let me do something for you??

?Well, I guess that would be alright. Whatcha got in mind??

?Just lay back and relax, tiger.?

She took my cock in her hand (which was already at full military power (which means maximum thrust (which is a metaphor for me having a hard-on (okay I?ll skip the lingo from now on)))) and stroked me firmly. I loved that, most girls grabbed it way too lightly. Grab that big boy, show it you mean business!

She licked up the main vein, producing a dollop of pre-cum, which she lustfully swallowed. She returned to her task, licking back down my hardness, all the way to my balls. I tensed as she kissed my left nut, Hoping she was going to be easy with it! But her expert mouth gently engulfed him and covered him in saliva. She got the other ball, too, and let me tell you, this was one of those things that I was going to have my wife do in the future.

Her testicle kisses were a surprise indeed, but they were child?s play compared to her next surprise. She kissed between my balls on the hard underside of my cock. Her hands pushed my legs apart wider as she kissed further down.

?Pillow please,? she requested. ?Up!? And she slid it under my lower back. I felt a little silly as she pushed my legs into the air. I mean, this was getting ridiculous! I was about to put a stop to all of this monkey business when her tongue touched my asshole.


Sparks ran though my body, starting and stopping at my asshole and cock. Her expert tongue slathered saliva all over the area and in a few moments she surprised me again with her stiff tongue, pushing insistently. Making her tongue as stiff as she could, she pushed and pushed.

?Relax, big boy. It?s okay.?

She gripped my cock and resumed her assault, and this time she succeeded. Her tongue sank inside my ass. The exquisite pleasure derived from her sultry tongue was beyond anything I had experienced up to that point in my vast twenty five years of earthly existence. Combined with her grip on my cock, I knew I only had a few seconds.

?Maggie! I?m gonna? oh fuck!?

She quickly jumped up and managed to get her mouth on me just as I began to cum. I watched in amazement as her head went lower and lower until her face pushed against my stomach. She swallowed every drop of cum.

She snuggled up to me and we kissed as I came down from the clouds.

?I don?t know how you do that! Nobody has ever gotten half of my cock in my mouth. You look like you could take more. Where did you learn that!?

?West Virginia. You don?t wanna know.?

Fair enough. And no, I didn't really want to know.

We drank a couple beers and talked quietly in the dark room. We both drifted off for a little while, but were awakened by a pounding on my door and several voices hollering for the ?Old Man? to come out. I looked at my Omega, it was after midnight.

?Go get in the shower. I?ll get rid of these assholes.? Maggie wasn?t happy but she slunk off to hide. I opened the door, stark naked, and told the guys to fuck off.

?Hey fuck you, McMahon! I outrank you!?

?Yeah,? I retorted. ?By three days!?

At this point the light came on in the manager?s office and a few guest doors opened, heads peeking out.

?Guys, let?s not get kicked out on our first night, huh?? I was trying to be the voice of reason.

They broke up and threw a few more fuck you?s around but headed off to their rooms.

Maggie and I fell into each other?s arms again, we made quiet love two more times that night. She slipped out of the room around 1:30 in the morning, unbeknownst to all.

Or, so I thought.


?Hello, my love!? I was so happy to talk to Jeanine on the phone, even if it was only for three minutes. Long Distance calls were expensive back in the olden days.

I got the quick rundown of all the goings on and I told her how the boys are all wacky youngsters but I was staying home in my room. We made kissy noises and told each other how much we loved each other, then the operator cut in and asked for another $1.80 in coins, so we hung up.

I then called the Golf Course, only ten cents, and explained to Maggie that tonight I had to go out with the boys or face some real consequences as the instructors were having a to-do for us. She seemed okay as the course re-opened today and she was pretty busy. But I told her to pick out a steakhouse and we would go Wednesday night.


We were gathering up our stacks of binders and I began begging off for the night; I had an aunt and uncle in town and I had promised to visit them. Some of the guys went to chat with the engineers and I was left alone with Don Jacobson for a while.

?Aunt and uncle, huh??

I was going to start my spiel about how they were so special when I was younger when he blindsided me.

?Was that your aunt leaving your room the other night? She looked pretty young for an old lady.?

Without even thinking I moved quickly, pinning Don against the wall with my forearm on his neck.

?What? did you just say? to me?? My voice and actions put quite a bit of fear in Don.

?Hey buddy, it?s cool man. I didn?t say nothin? to the other guys. I?m just jealous, that?s all. Fascinated, really. You?re known as Mister Square, and, well? you know.?

I was terrified. The only way to really keep a secret is to kill everyone who knows it. That seemed extreme for this situation, but I considered it, briefly. I relaxed my hold on old Don.

?Don. We?re friends.? We had been in the same squadron a couple years ago on the Hancock. ?You can?t say anything--?

?Johnny, it?s covered. I?m only talking to you now cuz all the other guys are gone. Hey, you saved my ass there in Po City. I haven?t forgotten.?

I did save his ass. He would?ve gotten drummed out of the Navy after what happened in Olangapo. The Navy frowns upon their officers committing lewd acts in public. And they frown even deeper when said officer gets arrested and was going to miss his boat?s departure. Enlisted men get busted down a rank. Officers get asked to resign.

?You damn right I saved your ass. Don, if this ever got out??


?I mean ever. So help me??

?I know, Johnny. I know. Don?t worry. How?d you meet her??

While I told him the story of the golf outing, he sat, enthralled. ?Why doesn?t this shit happen to me??

?Probably because you?re a fairy.? The thing that got him in trouble in Po City was a ladyboy.

?Hey shut up! I like girls! I like women!?

?Keep it down tiger, or I won?t have any leverage over you.?

He half-heartedly punched me in the shoulder and gathered up his books. ?We?re equally fucked, right? If any of this ever got out, we?re both dead.?

?Yeah, so keep it zipped, Jacobson.?

?You too, Old Man. Hey, can I meet her??

Hmmm. I hadn?t thought about that. I told him I would let him know.


?Will there be anything else, sir?? The waitresses in this place were stunning, every one of them. Including ours, Cheryl.

?Couple more drinks, darlin?. Thank you.?

Maggie lit up a cigarette and I cozied up to her in the leather booth.

?You know how to show a girl a fine time, Lieutenant. That?s the best steak I?ve ever had.?

She looked ravishing in her little black dress. I took her Parliament from her and took a nice long drag, blowing the smoke off to the side.

?I?m just trying to spread your legs, ma?am.?

?They are already spread, touch me.?

I handed the cigarette back to her and slid my hand up her dress. Unsurprisingly, she wore no panties. I spoke in very low tones as I nibbled her earlobe.

?Why, Miss Maggie. I do believe you are being very scandalous tonight. Is this? ohhhh yess you are so wet aren?t you? Is this for me??

?Sorry Lieutenant. But that little busboy over there has caught my eye.? Cheeky.

I slid two fingers inside her and she gasped just as the waitress returned with another Dirty Martini and a Sidecar.

?Are you? alright, miss??

?Talk to her,? I whispered.

?Oh? yes, I?m fine. My date is just being, ohhhh? you know? a little romantic. Has anyone told you how pretty you look tonight??

I nibbled on Maggie?s ear as the waitress swooned a little.

?Well, aren?t you so sweet? Lots of men give me compliments, along with their hands, especially that table over there. The one with the big fat cats? But coming from you, miss, well that just feels mighty fine. Thank you.?

By now I had three fingers inside my girl and I was flexing them inside her vagina while my thumb mashed her clit repeatedly.

?Well it?s true! Your body is magnificent? oh shit? Are you a ?D? cup, hon??

Her lobe still in my teeth, I turned my head to look at the waitress.

?Huh uh,? I said through clenched teeth. ?Double D.?

The waitress blushed and thrust her shoulders back a little.

?Well, he?s right. Now I don?t usually talk about? Miss? You sure you?re alright??

Maggie?s eyes had de-focussed and she breathed little short breaths for a few moments. Her left hand made a fist and took up some of the tablecloth with it.

?Don?t mind her,? I spoke quietly to the waitress. ?She?s about to have an orgasm.?

?Oh! Well I? um? okay??

?Cum for Cheryl, honey, she?s watching you.?

I felt her pussy clench my fingers and her juices flow over my fingers. Maggie gritted her teeth to keep from screaming. I watched as Cheryl put her hand to her own lips, then lowered her hand slowly down her tight-fitting lacy uniform. I saw her fingers press into her breasts as she went by them.

I took my dripping wet fingers out of Maggie?s pussy and showed them to Cheryl before I licked them clean. Maggie slumped down and rested her head on my shoulder, her dreamy gaze said it all.

?I?m going to go to the walk-in freezer for about twenty minutes. Uh? I?ll bring you some ice cream, on the house.?

Maggie looked up at me as Cheryl left.

?You dirty dog!? she whispered excitedly. ?You tortured that poor girl!?

?She will be fine. You are so fun, though.?

?She?s going to give us her phone number, just you wait. Hey, we?re going back to my place, right? I want to make more noise than we can at your hotel.?

?Yeah? about that.? I took a big swig of my martini. ?One of the guys saw you leave the other night.?

She covered her mouth with her hand. ?Oh my God! I?m so sorry! Is he gonna say anything??

?No no no, it?s fine. He?s a buddy and I saved his ass more than a couple times. He will be cool. But, he did want to meet you. Said he wanted to meet the woman who could thaw out the ?Iceman?, meaning me.?

?Oh! Well? okay. But I don?t want him to cut into too much of our time together.?

?No, I sure don?t either. I?ll figure something out.?

Cheryl came back with two scoops of Neapolitan ice cream and the check. I inwardly cringed at the $3.87 bill, even with the free ice cream. That was lunch for the next three weeks. Ouch.

?What?s that on the back, Johnny??

I smirked as I turned the check over.

?It?s a phone number.?


A film of sweat covered each of our bodies despite a ceiling fan blowing over us. Maggie had cum three times and I had one under my belt. Maggie licked my chest, then down my stomach, collecting some on her tongue and swallowing it.

?I love how you taste, Johnny. All of you. And I love pleasing you.?

?I love pleasing you too, Mags.?

?What else can I do for you, though, Johnny? Don?t you have some deep desire? Some dark secret? Ask me! Maybe I?ll say yes.?

?It?s, uhhh, it?s kind of perverted.?

?Out with it.?

?Hmmm. Okay. I?ve always wanted to fuck my wife?s ass. But she won?t hear of it. ?Said sodomy is against God.?

Maggie got up from the convertible sofa and walked to the bathroom. I figured I scared her or something. But she quickly returned with a jar of Vaseline petroleum jelly.

Shocked, I watched as she dipped her fingers in the greasy goo and rolled over on her tummy, sticking her ass up in the air. She rubbed her asshole in slow circular motions, then pressed a finger inside her own butt.

My tired cock forgot all about his troubles and got right back into the game. I got some jelly on my fingers and helped her open up her tight ass.

?Johnny?? Maggie asked as I climbed on top of her. ?Fuck my asshole? Okay? Fuck my asshole hard??

?You keep talking like a dirty whore, I?m going to treat you like one.?

?Oh but I am your whore, Big John. Fuck your whore in the ass, please??

I Bayan escort Ankara pressed my cock against her opening and was amazed at how tight she was, even with our three fingers in there a moment ago. I pressed harder and felt her begin to give way.

?Open that whore asshole for me, baby? yesss? that?s it? oh fuck, you are a whore.?

?Your whore, John. Your?unh! Yes! Fuck! I forgot how big you are. Jesus!?

My cock passed through her strong muscle guarding the entrance and slipped about halfway in. Then it seemed to hit another chamber of tightness after that. I pushed and fucked my way in deeper. Maggie just moaned and growled as I drilled deeper into the place where the sun don?t shine.

?Fuck me, rape me, John. Rape my asshole.?

There?s a saying ?swearing like a sailor? or ?mouth like a sailor.? Well, I?m an officer, not a sailor. But I hung out with them all day long. I let her have it.

?Why, you little fucking whore!? Ass slap!

?You?re just a slave to your filthy pussy aren?t you!? Ass slap!

?You just want fucking cock in your mouth and sperm in your throat, don?t you!? Ass slap!

?Yes daddy! Yes! Oh fuckkkkk!? Hard ass slap!

I reached under her and grabbed her pussy and shook it as I rutted inside her asshole. I had turned into a wild fucking animal. And I loved it. She did too.

I hurled more degrading insults at her and while I kept squeezing and shaking her pussy, my other hand went underneath her breasts and molested them to no end.

She let out a bone-chilling shriek as she orgasmed hard from my onslaught. I clamped my hand down over her mouth to try and keep the neighbors from calling the police.

?Shut the fuck up, bitch! Just shut up and take your raping like a good little whore, yeah??

She nodded and I let go of her mouth so I could pull her red hair while I continued to rail inside her. I wanted to fuck her ass so hard it would hurt for her to sit down tomorrow. I wanted to fuck her so hard she would never forget me, and every time she fucked someone knew she would compare them to me. I wanted to fuck her so hard she would? wait? here it comes? here it comes?

?Aaaauuuughhh! Maggieeeeee!? I roared as my cock erupted in her asshole. My body quivered and shook as my orgasm swept through my body and out my cock into her bowels. Maggie began to scream also but I pushed her face into the pillow. My hand still holding her pussy, it felt like she wet the bed?

I pulled out of her ass and grabbed her by the hair, pulling her to my cock. She greedily cleaned it up nicely although I was pretty rough with her. Then I pushed her face into the wet spot, dampening her face and hair.

Finally, I pulled her to me and kissed her deeply, passionately? for so long? we kissed so hard? she orgasmed again from my fingers as we kissed tenderly...

Eventually the passion began to subside and we each had tears in our eyes from the letdown of emotions.

?Who are you?? she asked with a grin. ?You?re the wolf in Lieutenant?s clothing, aren?t you.? She kissed me hard as we clung to each other in the dank, humid night.



I couldn?t see Maggie on Thursday as we had to cram for our class project. When I called in the evening she did play-complain about not being able to sit all day. Then she surprised me.

?Why don?t I pick up you and your spy-friend and we?ll go over to Cheryl's place tomorrow.?

?Cheryl from the restaurant? Wow.?

?Yeah, we?ve been talking. I can pretty much guarantee your friend will get laid as long as he doesn?t look like Lon Chaney. What does he look like??

?Lon Chaney, Junior.?

?Bring some Wild Turkey, then.?


Don was so excited about getting laid, and by a woman, no less. But I kept him under control and we managed to evade the other guys for Maggie to pick us up. Don was very impressed when he saw Maggie, giving me the thumbs up from the back seat.

We got to Cheryl's place and it was pretty swingin?. A three story complex, there seemed to be a couple parties going on each floor. Blue Moon and Runaway we?re competing on the first, Elvis and Roy Orbison clashed on the second, and Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow dominated the third floor, our destination.

Cheryl let us in and gave Maggie a big hug and kiss on the lips, and then gave me a kiss on the lips, too. Her voluptuous chest rubbed up against me and she gave my butt a squeeze.

?Hey!? Don joked. ?I thought I was getting a girl??

Cheryl kissed him hello next and we ambled into the mini-kitchen to make some drinks. Her place was larger and better decorated than Maggie?s, waitressing seemed to be paying off for her. And, I was glad to see it had a bedroom. Maggie just had the studio, which could be a little tight for two couples.

I got to pouring the Wild Turkey in some shot glasses, telling the girls this is the Navy Way and we must uphold tradition. After the second shot I allowed soda and ice to be used for a more formal cocktail.

Don was Mister Smooth, far smoother than I remembered from when we assaulted the Philippines. He started regaling Cheryl with some story how he saved Westinghouse (the makers of the new radar we learned about) millions of dollars? anyway he eased Cheryl over to the couch.

Maggie caught my eye and tilted her head towards the bedroom. I took her hand and we slid past the animated couple. We shut the door behind us.

?Cheryl said we could. This way she can get rid of Don if she doesn?t like him.?

I wrapped my arms around my woman.

My woman. It seemed so strange to think like that. But she was mine.

We melted together, slowly dancing to the sounds of Sinatra?s Come Fly With Me, a hit from a couple years before.

?I love flying with you, Johnny.? Mags got a little emotional and hugged me tighter. I sniffed a little, too, as we held each other on our last night. We didn?t want to talk about the future as we both knew there wasn?t one for us. But we also knew there could?ve been one, under other circumstances.

I unzipped her dress, she stepped out of it to reveal her naked body underneath.

?I didn?t want to waste any time,? she explained. She turned around and leaned over on the bed, her legs spread open wide.

?Hey, wild man. Are you going to fuck me like your whore again??

I got undressed as fast as I could. ?Yes, I?m also going to fuck you like my lover. Because that?s what you are, my love-whore.?

I stopped for a moment to take in her natural beauty, to enjoy her open sexuality, and to give my cock those three extra seconds to get fully hard.

I came up behind her, my cock resting right against her slick sex. My hands went around her waist and I pulled her back up to standing, but still facing away from me. My hands roamed all over her soft skin. I kissed her neck as I clutched her breasts, rubbed her tummy, cupped her sex. Her hands reached back and held my head as she mewled and moaned in raw sexual abandon.

I eased her down onto the bed, making some tactical choices like grabbing a pillow to stick under her pelvis and another one for her to scream into. I dipped the head of my cock into her honey pot and slid it up and down, back and forth on her pussy and even up to her delightful little asshole.

She cooed as I pushed there just a little bit, then brought my steel hard cock to her dripping opening. Really, juice trickled down her right leg. I pushed inside an inch or so, then deeper, and deeper still as I opened her up.

?Daddy, you fill me up like nobody else.? She sighed, contented and fulfilled. I picked up the speed a little to jar her out of her little trance. My cock began slamming into her pussy, she grabbed the pillow and moaned into it.

?Yes Johnny? yes? yes? fuck your cunt, Daddy? fuck me good??

Wow. People didn?t say cunt very much back then. Especially women. The sound of that word drove me into a frenzy. I laid on top of her so I could fuck her right into the floor through the mattress. My entire body weight drove my cock into her cunt at a blistering pace.

She was climbing and I was too. We didn?t have to verbalize by this point, we could feel it in each other?s body. I grabbed her hand and brought it to her puss so we could both get her off. In moments, her body froze, then her pussy convulsed rapidly in orgasm.

I didn?t hear the bedroom door open, but the next thing I know is, right as I?m pulling out and grabbing my cock to ejaculate, Cheryl is standing next to the bed. Topless, just in her skirt, she smiles as she watches me cum. My first shot of sperm fired up Maggie?s back, with six or seven long ropes firing out after that.

?Sorry, good timing, huh?? Cheryl giggled. ?I just needed to get some condoms.? She fished around in the nightstand drawer and pulled out a couple.

She glanced back at the door, then whispered, ?Let me help you with that.? She set the condoms down and proceeded to scoop my cum up from Maggie?s back, gathering it all in her right hand. She held her hand to Maggie?s mouth and Mags licked and slurped it from her fingers and palm.

?Your boy is a kinky one,? Cheryl commented, referring to Don. ?I think he bats for both teams, he will probably like this.? She rubbed the remnants of my cum into her own breasts.

Maggie rolled over to kiss me as Cheryl shut the door behind her. She had bits of my cum on her cheek and lips, which I greedily licked and shared with her. We clung to each other as we lay side by side, our bodies and limbs interlocked.

?Imagine... if you stayed,? she whispered.

I couldn?t answer. My throat went dry and clenched up. We both knew that was impossible, my career, my life, and my wife lay in Georgia now.

?I could call her back in?? Maggie whispered.

?No, hon. I just want you.?


I remember my reunion with Jeanine that Saturday so many years ago. She had dropped off little Caroline at a friend?s house and waited for me there at the base. She looked gloriously radiant, her face glowing in that way that pregnant mothers do.

We made love several times that day before we picked up Caroline. But I was careful not to introduce anything new I had done with Maggie. You don?t ever want to come home from a cruise or an absence and have new sex techniques you want to try!

I did sneak them slowly in over time, though. Throughout the years, I made sure that we had one night a month where we dumped the kids and made love for hours. We played out all kinds of games and scenarios, our relationship grew stronger because of that special bonding time.

Did I ever think of Maggie? I suppose so, but I could always lock that compartment back down quickly. Did I feel guilty? Hmmm. I devoted my life to Jeanine, never cheating again, never even flirting with another woman for over 60 years. I rationalized it away, telling myself I was 99.9% a good man, a good husband. It was in the past, nothing to worry about.

Until today.

Don went ahead and married Cheryl. We stayed phone buddies (and then Facebook friends) but never served together so our paths only crossed a few times. Cheryl and Maggie became lifelong friends so Don would update me every now and then. But, it was like, that was just someone I used to know.

Until today.

The guilt crashed over me and threatened to drown me. Guilt for teasing and hurting Maggie. Guilt for not loving my wife like I should. Guilt for lying, cheating, being an adulterer, pretending to be a good person.

What would assuage this guilt? What purpose would it serve to tell Jeanine now? None. It would just hurt her unnecessarily.

Fortunately, I managed to put Maggie back in her compartment. But it was as if all those other compartments were rattling and shaking, they all wanted to be let out, also. I kept them locked tight for so long, I didn?t think I would ever unlock them.

Until today.


?Hi Johnny! Caroline and Cassie send their love and, ohh!? I grabbed my eighty five year old wife and kissed her hard as I held her close. She kissed me back, and found my face wet with tears.

?Are you okay, John? What?s the matter??

?The matter is, I haven?t thanked you for my life. You are the most??

My voice cracked, but I had to say this.

?You are the best thing that ever happened to me. I?ve tried to do right by you, but I?ve come up short now and then.?

?Johnny, my love, my captain. What happened??

?An old friend died. You didn?t know ?em. But? the dam kind of broke. I know it?s late in life, but I made an appointment with a VA shrink for tomorrow.?

?Oh honey! I?m so proud of you!? She hugged me as tight as old people can without hurting each other.

?Was it Maggie?? she asked. I looked at her blankly. ?John. You keep things wrapped up tight, but you occasionally talk in your sleep. Usually it?s about the war, or me. But now and then, Maggie pops up.?

I couldn?t speak.

?I knew something happened back at Glynco, that trip you took. But you?ve been so amazing ever since, I didn?t worry too much about it.?

?I?m? im so sorry Jeanine.? It was killing me that I hurt this woman.

?Shush. It was sixty years ago, and part of being a Navy wife. But you straightened up and flew right ever since, I could tell.?

I buried my head in her neck, ashamed. ?I love you so much, my love. I can?t begin to even say how much. I don?t deserve you.?

?No, you don?t.? She laughed as she ran her fingers through the remains of my wispy hair. ?But you?re stuck with me, and I?m still stuck on you.?

I felt the slightest of stirrings in my tired old loins. ?I?m gonna go get a viagra.?

Her eyes twinkled at me.

?You do that, tiger.?


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