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Forced incest torture adventure

Post #1

I had been scouting the elegant mansion and casing it for a month. The cute blonde almost never left her house, which she lived in with her two sisters and her mom. They lived in total elegance, with no men. One could only assume that the MILF who lived on the top floor had divorced a millionaire.

One night, I arrived to the home around one in the morning, brick in hand. They lived a half mile from any neighbors, easily enough to quietly break in unnoticed. I hurled the brick through the sliding glass door that opened into their luxury dining room on the ground floor, and immediately sprinted toward the bedrooms upstairs.

I kicked in one door, but found nothing except clothes and an empty bed. I surged into the next, and found one of the sisters lying in bed still asleep despite my noise. I gently gagged her with a knotted pillowcase, still not waking her.

Next, I arrived at the bedroom of the girl I was looking for. She started to scream before I pointed my gun at her and gagged her too.

Finally, I reached the milf's bedroom, where I repeated the process. But there was still one girl missing- the dark haired sister I couldn't find.

She was a very short girl, maybe five feet tall, and very thin. She went to the high school in town, unlike the other girls, so I knew she was a bit younger. I yelled out into the dark and silent house, "Come the fuck out you retarded bitch!", In hopes I could scare her into surrendering herself.

I began stealing all the valuables, a hefty task considering everything in the house was valuable. I loaded all their furniture, silverware and technology onto a truck, at which point I knew the girl couldn't call for help even if she was still inside.

All of the sudden, a creak came from the third floor, just above me. Everyone else was below me- Both girls were tied up on the first floor, and the milf tied to the stairs between the ground floor and first. I sprinted upstairs and burst into the bathroom, kicking down the door. At first I saw nothing, but I heard a very soft whimper from the linen closet, at which point she was found.

I grabbed the girl, gagged her, and hogtied her hands and feet together above her back. I carried her downstairs before placing her on a large marble table. The table was about ten feet by ten feet, three feet off the ground. It was in a giant room on the first floor, clearly for entertaining guests. This guest was about to be very entertained, albeit uninvited.

I hogtied and placed each of them, including the mother, side by side onto the table, facing me. As a penalty for hiding, I started with the shy, darker-haired girl.

"What's şişli bayan escort your fucking name?" I grunted.

"My name is Jessie" she whimpered.

"Alright Jessie. Are you virgin?"

"Yes, please be gentle..."

"I don't think so. You shouldn't be treated that nicely. You're a bit of a bitch and bitches don't get gently fucked, they get fucked roughly."

I slapped a real ballgag in her mouth, hoping to hear some of her moans. As Jessie writhed against my muscular arms pushing her down, I stripped her clothes off. I re-tied her in the missionary position and began the action.

The other girls and the mother stared in horror as I whipped out my eleven-inch penis. I put it in and began railing Jessie, without hesitation tearing her hymen open. As the drops of blood evaporated off my thrusting dick, I kept pounding for ten minutes, railing her until I was at the edge of cumming. After I pulled out, I let her know she wasnt done.

"Alright bitch, that's a good start".

"Start? What the fuck do you mean st-"

Enraged at her tone, I punched her in the pussy, and began fisting her.


Jessie yelped as I shoved my massive cock into her ass without any lube. She kept screaming into her ball gag as I re gagged her, attempting to silence her wails of agony.

After almost fifteen long, long minutes of vicious anal, I finally pulled out of Jessie. Her anus was ripped, torn and slightly bleeding, like a chapped lip.

"That's it you fucking whore. I'll be back for more once I deal with your sister here."

I slowly stripped off the next girls clothes. Her name was Carlie, and she had long, straight blonde hair and a very slutty and stupid face. She was just eighteen, and already loose in the pussy and ass.

"Since it's all so fucking loose, what's there to enjoy, shitbag?" I asked her.

"Sir, please..." She trailed off as she sobbed.


"M-m-my mouth..." Carlie stuttered.

"ALRIGHT THEN!" I screamed as I shoved my dick into her tiny mouth. I put my pistol next to her head and let her know not to try to bite my penis or things would be much worse.

I deepthroated her until her gag reflex gave up, forcing my way to the back of her throat. As she involuntarily groaned, I grabbed two sides of her long hair like handlebars as I forced it in even deeper.

Soon, I pulled out of Carlie's mouth, much to her delight. But her delight was short lived when she saw what was next. I had brought something şişli escort to make sure the girls would suffer- my electrodes.

I put the crocodile clips on her clit and one on each of her tits as she lay on her back on the table. I turned it to 2 of 10, sending a tingle into her erogenous zones.

Carlie flung her head back with pain and flailed her limbs as I turned the shocks to 6. When i turned it to seven, I had to tie her down to the table. I made sure to spread-eagle her and cuff her to the table by her wrists and ankles.

At 8/10, she screamed as loud as she could into her ball gag. I left her like this for over an hour as I started on the last girl.

The next girl, Taylor, was the cute blonde I had been watching. Her body was delightful, and she had the cutest, most innocent face ever. Without saying a word I seized her and lifted her up. I held onto her standing, and began using Taylor like a human masturbation sleeve. I pulled her up and down on my dick, railing her in her virgin asshole. She actually seemed to enjoy it as her mild moans and orgasmic eyes indicated. I got off to the sound of Carlie writhing in pain on the table below us, before finally pulling out of Taylor's ass and jamming my dick into her pussy.

Taylor screamed in horror as I shot my load into her tiny, tight pussy.

"God, no! NO! NOOOOOO!" she exclaimed as I viciously drained my balls as deep inside her as I could.

"Sorry slut, you're getting my cum and I don't fucking care if you're off the pill! We can always abort it!" I shouted at her.

I held Taylor by her thighs over the still-tied Jessie, and my creampie began leaking out of Taylor onto Jessie's face.

There was still one to be fucked, however- the mother. The mother was simply too loose to be enjoyable, so it was only her agony that could please me. I went in the kitchen and had a look around.

With some of the items from the kitchen, I prepared to have fun with the mom. I buttered a cucumber and sprinkled it with chili peppers before shoving the entire thing into the mother's vagina, then I drove three avocados into her anus and gagged her mouth with an apple like a cooked pig.

I tied the mom to the ceiling, leaving her hanging. Next, I went to sleep in the girls beds until morning, once I had them tied safely and out of sight of any windows.


When I woke up the next morning, I decided to be especially cruel. I came up with a disgusting set of challenges for the girls and forced them to do vile things.

"Wake up, fuckers!" I bellowed. Carlie and Taylor were awake, but I had to wake the Mom and Jessie, who had passed out. mecidiyeköy escort

I blindfolded all four of them, and put a bag over the three sisters' heads. Then I lined all three girls up side by side on all fours on the table. Next, I took off the mom's blindfold and forced her to make a choice.

"Obviously you can't tell the difference by body and ass alone, bitch. So choose on of the three sisters to let go, and I won't rape her anymore. Let's hope it's the one you wanted!".

"Um... I choose the left one."

Carlie was the girl she picked, and I locked Carlie in a cage I wheeled in from my truck. I had all the tools to make it a very bad and very long time for the family.

Carlie sobbed and whimpered as her mom and sisters were still going to be tormented. Just because Carlie wasn't being raped, too, didn't mean she wasn't in pain. Carlie was caged, naked, and watching her family be raped.

My first challenge came for the Mom. I took out a massive, thick, veiny black strapon and forced her to wear it.

"I want you to put this footlong strapon on. And you're going to choose one girl to fuck with it, and the other girl I will rape in the ass until you can make your daughter cum with that strapon."

"Oh god... I don't know... Taylor!"

"Jesus, mom! You are disgusting! Why would you choose to have sex with me?" Taylor yelled.

"Oh god, Taylor, it will be better than anal rape I promise."


As the mom put Taylor on the table to begin fucking, I lifted Jessie up and lowered her onto my dick.

Jessie screamed bloody murder as I slammed my dick harder and harder with each thrust. She was forced to look down into Taylor's eyes, who was being buttfucked by her own mother.

Taylor couldn't even get her clitty firm, let alone cum. But she needed to, as part of the challenge, cum before I would stop raping her sister. So it was Taylor's fault that Jessie got banged.

An hour later, they were still banging away. Taylor was crying as her mom was forced to drive the dildo harder and harder into her ass, ravaging her own daughters innocence.

Meanwhile, Jessie began to become dizzy, vomiting onto Taylor's face as I fucked her without mercy. The banging just went on, with Taylor's face under a pool of her own sisters vomit while her own mom fucked her with a huge strapon.

After four horrifying hours of rape, Taylor finally squirted all over the couch. Every one of us was drenched in sweat from so much fucking without break. The other two collapsed onto the couch while I held Jessie down on my dick while I spurted cum deep into her bowels.


Part 2 coming soon
12-02-2022, at 07:33 PM

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