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Glory hole at the office toilets part 2

Post #1

A week had past since my first glory hole experience, I was at first hesitant to go back fearing that I'd be found out or something but my urge to wrap my lips around a cock and milk it was growing stronger every day.
Eventually I succumbed and made my way to the downstairs toilet during my lunch break, I sat in the same cubicle I was in the first time but didn't know how to signal guys or how to spot a straight guy or a bi/gay guy.

I sat there bored for 5 minutes and tapped my feet, I heard a cough on the other side. I tapped my foot twice this time hoping my foot language was being decrypted to "stick your cock in through this hole here" nothing. I bit the bullet and stuck my finger in through the hole whilst kneeling in front of it.

"Open your mouth and put it up to the hole" the man said, I complied. Opened my mouth and put it up to the glory hole, within seconds my mouth was filled with cock. I started sucking away like I've been doing this for years. This guy was average sized compared to my first but I was in no position to complain, I kept sucking and speeding up my hands and mouth bringing this stranger closer to cumming down my throat.

"You suck cock like a professional, how many times have you done this?" He asked, I slurped up my saliva and took his cock out of my mouth "this is my second time" I replied and placed his cock straight back into my eager mouth, "well you are definitely learning fast, this bathroom is predominately used by people looking to get sucked off so don't be scared to just stick your fingers in the hole as a signal" he said in a whispered tone as I worked his dick. Interesting to know, looks like I'd be spending my lunch breaks here, cock meat for lunch special?

Eventually he tapped on the wall, I'm assuming to signal he was going to şişli bayan escort cum, I kept going and he abruptly burst out "careful I'm cumming" I hummed "mhmmmm" inviting him to continue doing so as he blew a hot load into my mouth, I didn't let up until every drop was in my mouth or down my throat.

"Woah! Swallower aye? Isn't this my lucky day" he said, retracting his cock from the glory hole and zipping up, "should I send in the next guy?" He continued.
"Next guy? Is there a line or something?" I said sarcastically, his silence answered my question, I heard him leave and another guy entered the cubicle. No need to signal this guy, his cock was in the hole after just a few seconds, without hesitation I had him in my mouth. I felt like such a little slut sucking two dicks in a row but it was so hot at the same time. This guy was average much like the last guy but was quite thick too, I deep throated him to the best of my ability and could hear him writhing in pleasure, pushing his cock further into those and as a result further down my throat. I kissed his cock head and licked up and down the shaft and continued stroking his shaft and sucking his head.

"Faster please" he said sheepishly, I sucked his cock faster and faster wanting to see how quick I could make him blow and was treated with another hot load, his was a bit too salty but I still swallowed and kept it up until he was drained.

"Thanks mate!" He said happily as his cock came back through the hole. I kneeled there quietly listening for perhaps one more guy and just as I was about to give up hope one more entered.

I waited looking through the hole, he took his cock out to piss and oh my god the thing was huge, a true big black cock was inches away from me. I had to see it, I had to suck it. I watched him pee şişli escort and shake his fat a large cock a few times. I quickly stuck a finger through the hole in an attempt to get his attention, I really wanted this cock. The shiny head just looked so inviting, the vascularity, the thickness, the overall size was just amazing. I dare say he was quite bigger than my first and thicker too,

I heard a laugh on the other side as the man came up to the hole, I stuck my tongue through the hole like a desperate slut hoping it would entice him, a felt his head being rubbed against my tongue and then he thrust his cock down my throat, the size sent me back but didn't stop me, I sucked his cock like a whore on a mission. Wanting nothing more than his load in my throat. I sucked him for five minutes straight when I heard another man enter the bathroom.

"Aye Dom you gonna be long?" The newcomer said, "How about we fuck this bitch boy good?" the man who's cock was in my mouth replied.

The cock was retracted from my mouth, leaving me sad. I heard a knock on the door as I slowly opened it, the black man "Dom" opened the door and shut it behind him.

"Bend over facing the hole and try not to scream when I'm putting it in, hope you're not an anal virgin"

Before I could even said anything I was bent over having my asshole licked by Dom, I felt the new guys balls flop onto my head , I looked up and there was a cock resting on the hole. I took it into my mouth as Dom continued tossing my salad.

I began working this new cock, this one was quite big too so I was enjoying myself. I felt movement behind me and something pressing against my asshole. Was Dom about to fuck my ass? I felt excited but scared, I haven't even stuck a finger in my ass before let alone anything remotely similarly mecidiyeköy escort sized to his cock. He teased my asshole with his cockhead while I continued slurping up his friends cock. "Ready...set....GO!" Dom said as he rammed the full length of his cock deep into my virgin ass.
My eyes widened, I tried to buck away or move but I was held firmly in place, he pushed my head further onto his friends cock to keep my mouth shut all while slowly thrusting into me, picking up momentum.

My ass was burning in pain but it hurt so good. Dom began pumping his cock into me sending jolts of pleasure through my body until it all felt like second nature, I was sucking his friends cock while he ass fucked me violently, I made quick work of his friend, swallowing his load and getting every drop. After he had taken his cock out I started to push back onto Doms cock, riding it.

"You like it don't you? You dirty little boy! You're my cum dumpster now"

He shouted at me, making me feel dirty but I was still rock hard throughout this whole experience. I felt his hand reach around my waist and wrap around my cock. He timed his jerks of my cock with his thrusts, we were both drawing ever closer to cumming and I was loving every second of it.

He started to hump more violently and stroke my cock faster until he gave me one final thrust and I felt his cock twitching inside my ass sending gush after gush of hot cum up my rectum. I could feel it filling my belly with his semen, he began to slowly thrust again making sure he had dumped every little drop of cum inside me. All this while still jerking my cock off, he kept his cock inside me until I was ready to cum and pulled out just as I was blowing which intensified my orgasm to mind blowing levels, he opened his other palm and caught my cum on it and smeared it on my face. He let go of my body as I dropped to the ground still in intense heights of sexual pleasure. Dom walked away saying "see you next week, you're mine now"
12-02-2022, at 07:51 PM

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