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Growing Up Chapter3

Post #1

This one time, Mom dressed me up in a garter and stockings and a corset and black satin panties and also a wig, a short and silvery bob, . The stockings had an embroidered pattern and the corset was stiff and she cinched it tight but the panties were hers and so they fit me loosely with lots of fabric sliding against my skin.

She sits on the bed and takes me over her knees and gently, with a lot of lube from her nightstand, works her fingers into my butt hole, one and then two. The excitement of being penetrated gets my balls all tingly.

Rubbing my crack up and down with lots of slick lubrication she makes sensations zing through my body. I?m grinding into her lap and my dick feels so good through the satin panties I?m wearing added to the silk she?s wearing.

?Cindy, do you know where my special drawer is??

My little sister lover has been watching from nearby the whole time, enrapt.


?I thought so? she says. ?Well be a good girl and bring me the pink vibrator, the slim one. That?s it. We?re going to make your lucky sister a real woman now. She?s all ready.?

I am a little scared but I see Cindy smiling at me and I relax as Mom strokes and fingers my ass cheeks, my butt hole, my balls. The dildo is slim and translucent pink and I am pretty sure I can take it inside me but I'm still nervous. Mommy?s fingers feel good, she is being gentle. The tip of the pink tool presses against my anus and easily slides in with all the lube and preparation. Excitement doubles and my cock gets really hard and chubby. Sliding the phallus in and out of me produces waves of electric tingles. Fingers putting pressure on my crack, above and below my hole adds even more stimulation, like scratching a mosquito bite. Cindy watches me intently and smiles whenever we make eye contact and that makes me more comfortable and heightens my pleasure. I'm easily able to imagine that I'm taking a real penis into my vagina and feeling the pleasures of a woman. I was getting fucked!

I feel a cum about to burst out of me, different than ever before! I gasp and whine and make little girl noises as Twyla speeds up the insertion and withdrawal of the pink rubbery cock in my rectum. It builds up unbearably and with a silent gasp and then a high pitched squeal I flood my panties with spunk. My hips buck and wallow as I fuck into mommy?s lap. She slows the action of the dildo and finally leaves it motionless in my ass. I like the full feeling in there but my body seems to want to push it out.

It pops out into her hand.

?Good Girl,? Mommy coos and pats me and leans down to murmer in my ear. ?You?re not a virgin any more. You?re a woman now.? She keeps circling around my anus with wet fingers as I spasm and pant. My penis deflates and squishes around in my wet panties. My goo soaks through to Mommys lap.


Mom gets me some things she call ?cutlets?. They?re like skin colored silicon fake boobs. I have a few bras that they fit just right in (otherwise I wear training bras or a camisole or nothing). Once they warm up they feel like real boobs from the outside, but just numb to me. It?s fun though to go out in public and not look so flat.

Some times we get dressed up and just drive around in the car. I try to get people to look at me in the passenger seat. I wonder what they?re thinking. I even make sexy, fuck me faces at men in their cars. How old do they think I am? Do they think I'm serious? Do I make them sexually excited? Mom sends me in to the gas station to get cigarettes to see if they card me. One time it doesn?t work but another time when my dress and stockings and makeup are really slutty it does work!

We go to restaurants, a Mom and her two daughters. Cindy's always trying to play with me under the table. As I'm growing down there it's become necessary to wear some tight safety panties a lot of the time so that my member doesn't swell up and show. Cindy likes to get her little hands under my skirt or inside my dress and tickle my hole or rub my pecker. It's fun feeling her tug and stroke me while I'm watching other people in the place just going about their business. Mom gives us sips of wine and sometimes I'll flirt with a waiter if he's cute and especially if he's bashfull. I've had to excuse myself to go to the ladies room when Cindy gets me too wound up. I've jacked off, sitting in the stall with my panties down, listening to other women pull their underthings down and pee in the toilet.


I ring the door and Cindy opens it. She?s wearing stockings, nothing but stockings, pulled as far up her skinny legs as they can go! Striped silk stockings with frilly lace at the top, ending just below her little slit. Her bare flat chest pokes out it?s little nipples at me. She looks unbearably cute! Once she sees the expression on my face she squeals and bolts up the stairs. I dash headlong after her tiny butt bouncing at the top of those stockings, her pussy flashing with each double step as she scampers to her room, not getting the door shut in time and I follow her in, flopping down onto the bed. She?s under me, giggling hysterically as I cover her back with my body. My mouth is at her ear.

?I want you little sister?

I?m grinding my crotch into her little ass cheeks. I move my hands down to her naked waist and tickle under her ribs. She shrieks and wiggles and I feel my dick get harder.

?Stop! You?re squishing me!? She drives her elbows down to protect her tickelish zone and I roll off and begin shucking off my tshirt and my pants. She stays on her belly in a defensive position.

Under my loose jeans I?m wearing lace panties of course. Any day I can be sure of not going to P.E. class I've got satin on. Sometimes I wear garter and stockings under my loose clothes and I?m sure I look like any other dork but I can get myself hard in class rubbing my dick through my panties and thinking about the girls around me and about Twyla.

I pull my hardened penis out from beneath the blue satin and fit it between Cindy?s buttocks, sliding back and forth. Her giggle changes a bit to heavier breaths. I angle my cock down into the gap at the top of her closed thighs and the top of my shaft rubs against her hairless pussy as I hump and huff in her ear.

?I want to fuck you?

?I?m not ready? it?s not wet yet.?

I slow a bit. My legs are outside of hers and it feels pretty good, rubbing her skin, the silk of my panties scrubbing my ass crack, but I?d rather penetrate her vagina. She is really soo cute!

?Lick it!?. I lift off her. ?lick it!, make it wet and then you can put your penis in!?

Cindy lifts her narrow derriere up off the mattress a little and I slide down to be eye to eye with her brown crinkle. I dart my tongue out at it and then drag down toward her pussy. It?s too far to reach. I haul upwards on her hips and pull her well off the bed. She spreads out her legs to stabilize and I get access to her pink slit. I lap and lick and poke and prod and she squeals in a ?wow that?s great? way and not an ?ew stop? way. She tastes sweet but a little tangy, way cleaner than Twyla?s meaty cunt but the moisture seems to be coming from my saliva and not her body. I sit back up and position myself behind her tight little snatch. Cindy?s arms are spread out on the mattress and her head is turned to the side, resting on her cheek as I stab my erection at her barely unfolded pink flower petals.

?ouch, it?s not wet enough Shonda!? This must truly be my name now.

?get the head wet with your mouth? I say and she rolls over on her back and pouts up at me.

?Ok? big sister.?

I straddle her rib cage and scooch up till my glans rests at her lips and she circles it with her tiny tongue.

?Wetter. Lots of spit!? She bubbles some spittle on the tip and licks the underside like a popsicle. I don?t think that?s going to do it.

?Get some lubrication, from Mommy?s room.? she chirps. Without a second thought I leap from the bed and head for Twyla?s room.

?In the nightstand, by the dildo drawer!? Cindy calls after me.

It's then that I remember that Twyla has to be somewhere in the house and it happens to be here in her bedroom, on her bed. I see her in a black negligee, lying propped up on her bed as I dash into the room. There?s a half empty bottle of wine on her night stand and as I trot around the bed I see a completely empty one standing next to it.

?Well what are you two up to?? Twyla watches me as I squirt some lube from the bottle onto my hand. I look at her sumptuous tits in the black lace nightie and down between her legs where her brown snatch awaits but I don?t make eye contact. I slather the lube on my stiff pecker and Twyla shifts on the bed.

?Why you little slut! Get up here and show Mommy what you?ve got there.?

I?m slicked up real good and I turn away so I can get back to Cindy and stick my rod in her snug little hole.

?Don?t you run away! I?ve got a job for you? little slut of mine?Shonda!?

I?m back out the door and up onto Cindy?s bed in a flash. She is still waiting with her rump up in the air. She wants my cock, I know she does. I transfer some more lubrication from my hand to her pussy lips and poke a few fingers all the way in to get her good and ready for my penetration. My dick is so hard it is red and it?s shiny with the lubricant.

?Ok, go slow? please? OUCH!?

I don?t go particularly slow, the heat and the tightness make me want to be all the way in, till my belly presses against her buttocks.

?Oooooh? yow!?

I hold still for a minute, fully engulfed in twitching vagina as Cindy spasms and adjusts.

?Are you alright? Do you feel ok??

?Ya? gasps Cindy and breathes deeply and loudly. ?Aaaaaahh?.? as I grip her tiny ass cheeks in both hands and pull out and then press back in. She burys her face in the mattress but after several more strokes turns her head again and I feel her push back against me. I lean back a little bit so I can see my hard straight pecker go in and out of her vagina, stretching her labia as I pull back and then pushing them back in as I slide all the way up to my balls, right at the top of those lace trimmed stockings. I slide in. I slide out. I hear Cindy going ?uh, uh, uh? and I realize I?m pumping pretty fast now into her. She starts to schooch forward and I drill her down onto the bed so I?m laying on her back when I notice that Twyla is standing in the doorway.

?Look at you little fuckers!? Her voice is heavy and slow with the wine and she leans against the door frame. I change my angle and Cindy spreads her legs so I can get in between them and continue fucking her little cunt. I feel the sensation change in my cock as the shape of her vagina changes and the tingles start working up my legs to my groin. I feel the tensing in my belly.

?That?s right, fuck your little sister! You good girl! You little slut!? Twyla lurches close to the bed and her hand is on my ass, pushing me forward into her daughter?s pussy. She slides her hand down the crack of my butt cheeks inside the panties I still have on and I feel her long fingers tickling my ass hole and push me forward. I speed up my thrusting, almost without controlling it. Cindy is gasping and grunting and Twyla is working her finger into my bum hole. She uses the froth that our fucking has produced to grease my hole and it slips in and touches something inside me and I explode!


?Go baby! Cum in her! Shoot that cum!?

My semen squooshes out into Cindy?s pussy as Twyla drives me forward like a finger puppet that she is fucking her daughter with. I get one, two, three contractions and feel the fluid course out of my urethra in gushing tremors. My legs get all rubbery after that much frantic thrusting and after another spasm my arms give out and I collapse onto her tiny frame and then roll off of her to the side.

Cindy was humming and cooing to herself as her pussy lips buzzed from the rapid penetration. Twyla put her face close to her little daughter?s,

?Was that good honey? Did your big sister fuck you good??


?Did you like her cock inside you?? She was rubbing Cindy?s ass cheeks and slding her fingertips across her puffy pink vulva.

?Mmmm? yes mommy.?

Twyla kissed her cheek.

?Roll over sweetie, lemme see if there?s cum in there.?

I watched as Mom urged Cindy to roll onto her back and my sister?s legs spread apart. Twyla?s hands went to her daughter?s tender mound and whisked over her lips. Cindy squirmed with over-sensitivity and Twyla squatted down at the edge of the bed, bringing herself face to face with the girls well worked vulva.

?well, there?s something in here I see? some love juice from your sister. Shonda, you squirted some cum up in there didn?t you?? I was lying along side Cindy, propped up on my elbow, and I watched as Twyla?s mouth closed the distance to Cindy?s oozing vaginal opening and her tongue came out and lapped my sperm from her quim.

Cindy gasped and groaned. She spread her legs wide apart and I watched her flat tummy jump and writhe. Twyla delved inside with her tongue and slurped out as much jizm as she could get to and Cindy tensed up and shrieked.

?Oooohhhggggg.. Mommy! Unnnnngh!?

I put my hand on Cindy?s chest and she seized it and squeezed it really hard and I think for sure she was orgasming. Twyla lifted her head and looked at her daughter.

?There baby, there?s a good girl, cum for Mommy.?

She pulled herself up onto the bed and covered her daughter, kissing her face and her lips and wrapping her arms around her and then rolling to the side and we were all on the bed together, grasping and embracing. I nestled into Twylas bossom and snuggled with Cindy and we fell asleep.


Mommy bought me a French maid outfit and it was presented to me when I arrived one afternoon. They stripped me as soon as I came in the door. Right there in the middle of the living room. I was thrilled!

The whole outfit came in a big silvey box with a bow around it. First was the dress of course, black satin with white embroidered trim. The sleeves were bunchy at the shoulders and very short. The waist was corseted and Twyla snuged it up pretty good so that it made me stand and walk very prim and proper. The skirt was attached and came down to the top of my thighs and there were ruffly petticoats to make it flounce way out. I would have liked to feel the cool satin folds against my pecker as I moved back and forth but Cindy produced a pair of black high cut panties with white trim that I was to wear with the outfit. The panties had white ruffles on the butt like bloomers. There was an apron and white gloves, short and lacy. The neckline of the dress didn?t plunge, but I have no cleavage anyway and Twyla tied a black ribbon around my throat. The stockings were sheer white and turned down at the tops with black lace trim. They were clingy at the top so they stayed up without garters. I even had new shoes, black pumps with 2? heels that fit me perfectly! There was a little maid?s bonnet I wore and Twyla fastened a fall that matched my hair and made me look like I had a wild mane to the middle of my back that needed ribbons to keep it in control. Mom let me show off in the big mirror and I looked super hot! I would love to fuck a girl that looked like me!

I kept staring in the mirror at my gorgeous hair and my legs in the high stockings and my cock was chubbing up but I didn?t have time to think about that, I had lots to do! I had to wear my outfit and make tea for Twyla and Cindy. Part of my job involved a feather duster and I made a great show of walking around the room and whisking at things, reaching up on tiptoe and also bending at the waist to reach things near the floor so that they got a good look at my bottom in the ruffly bloomers

I made tea and served Mom and Cindy with a china tea set that included a sugar bowl, cups and saucers and a little pot of cream.

?Isn?t she a good servant?

?A very pretty servant? says Cindy

I?m trying to be carefull but I?m having trouble mincing about in the new shoes and I slip and spill some tea. They pretend to be angry but I can tell it?s just part of the game. They were planning şişli bayan escort all of this.

?She needs a spanking!?

?Upstairs with you young lady!? I blush with shame and slink upstairs.

First I?m made to bend over the chair and raise my sweet ass up high and receive swats from Twyla. It hurts a little bit but not really. She has a soft hand. Then she lays me over her knee as she sits on the bed and Cindy pulls my panties all the way down to my ankles and they take turns smacking my bare cheeks with the hairbrush. It gets really intense and my ass is burning and I start crying so Twyla stops and caresses my sore ass and sooths me and soon I feel her fingertips tickling my A hole.

?I think she needs a good fucking, don?t you dear?? Twyla says to Cindy.

?Oh yes indeed, maybe she?ll not be so clumsy if she gets fucked real good.?

Cindy smiles as she says it and bends down to look me in the eye. She is bubbling with glee at the prospect. My cock is lengthening from the fingers around my butt and the idea of something going in it. I want Cindy to do it to me so what I hear Mom say next gets me really excited.

?Well Honey, pick something from the drawer??

Cindy springs up, considers things and returns with a transparent blue tool, larger and more anatomical than the first one Mom used to take my virginity.

?Very good. Let?s lube her up now.? Cindy got that too and I soon felt the fingers of two different hands slickening my hole and penetrating me to make sure I was ready for the blue dick. I felt my ass rising up towards the attentive hands and my sphincter muscles relaxing and opening and I was quite positive I was ready to be fucked.

?I?I?? came out of my mouth in a stammer.

?Oh, are you saying something?? Twyla pulled my head back by my hair and turned my face toward her. ?Speak up you clumsy girl!?

?I? want? Cindy to do it.?

She seemed pleased with this idea and when I felt the head of the toy pressing insistently on my well oiled sphincter I new it was gripped in little Cindy?s hands. I pushed the ring of my anus back against the insisting object and it slid in, stretching and filling me. She went slowly but deeply for the first several minutes.

Twyla slides me off her lap and onto the bed and rolls me over on my back. My cock is raging hard. I grab behind my stockinged knees and pull my legs up as Cindy pumps into me. I look down past the ruffles of my petticoats and see the blue dildo in her hand sliding up inside me. Twyla is beside me, one arm cradling my head the other stroking my hard dick as I start to shriek and squeal. My guts are churning. Cindy is giving it to me hard and I?m taking it! My ass loves it. I?m tingling all over. I?m holding on to my legs and pulling them back so she can pump in and out faster and suddenly it?s unbearably fantastic and I erupt!. Long ropes of cum arc out of my penis and land on my satin bodice and on my neck and chin and shoot all the way up to my hair.

?Ohhh, eeeeeyy? Mommyyyy!!!? I?m almost crying again and my body is convulsing. Cindy is kneeling right between my legs and I stare into her beautiful blue eyes as the last shudders rack my body, my stomach heaving inside the tight satin corset.

?Oh good girl! Good girl! Says Mom. She runs her finger through the trail of semen on my dress and then brings it to my lips and smears it over my lip gloss.

?Such a mess we?ve made! Who knew you could come so much. My little baby.?

Cindy leans over to play with my cum trails too. Her fingers go in my mouth and I suck the salty semen off. She wipes it from my face and takes some for herself.

?Mmmm, creamy? says my little sister and she lies down fully on top of me and our lips and tongues come together. We kiss softly and gently but the bed is rocking from Twyla vigorously fingering her twat and nuzzling into us. She cums with loud, deep throated groans and then we all fall asleep together.


I was at my real house one afternoon and the phone rang. I heard my Mother answer it in the other room.

?Well hello? Yes, he?s available. Ok, I?ll tell him to go on over??

She called my name flatly,

?Mrs. Rodgers needs you to babysit again tonight,?

She walked into my room and handed me the phone. I put it to my ear and heard Cindy?s voice.

?I told your Mother you need to come over and fuck me in the fur coat.?

I turned white as a sheet and sputtered but my birth mother had already left the room.

?Just come over, Mom?s going out soon.? She was kidding about the first thing! I was up and out the door in a split second.

When she opens the door, Cindy is wearing her Mother?s grey fox coat and a hat. The hat is a black pillbox with a mesh veil turned upward. The coat goes all the way to the floor and then some. It envelops her.

?I didn?t really tell your Mom that you should come over and fuck me.?

I had figured that.

I locked the door and followed her up the stairs. My willy was already stirring. I was wearing my school jeans and t-shirt but underneath I had on a pair of burgundy lace stretch panties. Cindy led me into her Mom?s room and then let the luxurious fur coat fall open. She was dressed in an all white ensemble of sheer stockings held up by garters attached to a lace belt that rose up her tiny tummy in a sheer sleeve that stopped just short of the swell of her young tits. This chemise was held up by spaghetti straps over her pale shoulders. Her nipples poked out at me. Her face was unspeakably beautiful.

I moved toward her and held out my hand to cup her tiny vulva through the sheer stretched white material of her panties. My other hand went to her stiff nipple and our faces closed together and her lips reached up to mine. We kissed and licked our tongues together and my dick made itself known inside my pants. I hurried to take them off along with my shirt and as I stood in front of her in just my panties she grabbed at me with both hands and got my eager prick out into the open.

?Fuck me big sister? Her eyes were twinkling.

?Yum! Yes I want to! I want to get up inside your pussy!?

Her hands tugged at me and I was painfully stiff. I wrapped my arms around Cindy and pulled her down with me onto the fur coat lying on the floor of her mother?s bedroom. I slid my burgundy panties off and got Cindy laid out with her thin legs splayed wide. I kissed her little red lips some more and felt her writhing beneath me. Moving down I licked her taut nipples and areola and then slid down into her crotch and enveloped her delicate mound with my mouth, sucking at her through the satin mesh panties. She tasted a little bit sour and a little bit sweet. Twyla had taught us to put our panties on after hooking our stockings to the garter belt and so I yanked off Cindy?s panties without removing her stockings and her legs flopped wide open and her slit spread apart, pink and juicy. I went straight for it with my tongue and poked up deep inside.

?OOhhh, Ohh, oooooh, Shon? Shonda? Fuck Me! " She patted at my head and pulled me up toward her.

"Put your peen in my poon!"

I crawled up and got in position and we used her hands and mine to guide the tip of my penis into her tight but oh so willing vagina.

?is it ok??

?It?s good, it feels good!? Cindy said as she struggled to get me all the way in. I swear I had gotten bigger down there in the last few weeks, maybe from frequent use or maybe from something else. The volume of semen that shoots out now when I come is way, way more than the little spurts of only a few months ago. And Cindy seemed to get moist inside easily compared to at first when she would need lubrication. Now she was wet! And her hips were working up against me as I was bucking into her. I felt her sharp hip bones and her fluttering abdomen. I settled into a steady rhythm of full, deep strokes. Cindy's movements rose and fell counter to mine, maximizing our depth and matching my thrusts. She arched up as I pushed in. I was hard and insistent and she was tight and slick. She wrapped her arms around my neck and stared into my eyes.

"Right there, right there.... Mmmm, Mmmm, Mmmm" went her little girl voice making sweet pleasure sounds. I adjusted so that I was completely up and off of her body, supported on my elbows and knees and only touching where my dick slid swiftly in and out of her wet slit. Her eyes were closed and her head back, her arms up above her shoulders. I was pumping fast and her sounds got faster and louder and then with a wail she locked up and climaxed.

?Ahhh! Ahhhh! Ahhhh!? she howled. I felt her contractions and then I slowed. My arms were tired and I sat up and slid my legs under me and hers spread apart even wider. She looked like a little fairy insect spread flat. I pivoted my hips into her and watched my cock enveloped by her lips. My skin was prickly all over. I could feel my semen start it?s unstoppable course, rocked my hips a few more times and then shot a singe long stream, one seizure lasting a full minute. It felt like a ribbon of fire streaking up from my balls , along my ridgid dick and out into Cindy, writhing beneath me.

?Errrrrggggggghhhh? she moaned and I saw white froth seeping out of her canal, around the shaft of my penis. I bucked forward one more time into her and more of my jiz was displaced out of her vagina. I pulled my pecker out and battered her clitoris with the slimy head.

?Oh! Oh!? piped Cindy. She reached down and felt around her sopping hole where my jism was flowing out and down her ass.

"Oooooh, I'm messy! You made a mess!"


One time at the Mall, mom drops us off and goes off shopping or whatever.

I?m wearing a miniskirt with tights underneath and pumps with heels. I have my cutlets on under a little b-cup bra with a tanktop over it and a loose shirt over that with a wide neck so that it falls off of one shoulder. Mom did a little makeup for me and my hair is lightly curled so it looks wavy. I?m really convincing as a middle teen girl, maybe even sixteen!

Cindy has on little white shorts over her tiny bottom, a long sleeve crop top that shows a little belly and white knee socks and Keds. She doesn?t like wearing heels yet, not out where people can see her wobble. I?ve gotten really good at walking in mine and it makes my butt stick up just right and I bend my back a little and my boobs press forward and I hold my shoulders back. I swing my hips a bit and swish my ass. ?Hot chick, who knows what she?s doing!?

We're itting in the food court and Cindy sees a boy she knows. Cute guy, she likes him from school.

?Bobby, but I want to be called Robert now.? is how he introduces himself.

I can tell he likes Cindy but he seems to be captivated by me as well. He keeps staring at me and stumbling over words when he talks to me directly, since I?m an older girl. His nervousness makes me act all calm and cool. I?m Cindy?s older sister Shonda. I say he should come over to our house after school some time. He's taller than Cindy but shorter than me, especially in my heels.

"We have to go, bye."

Later we?re at the Gap looking at sweaters and jeans and halter tops that I would never wear in public when a high school guy comes up to me and starts talking. I get invited to a party that I recognize as being thrown by some popular kids from my school. The guy looks jocky but I can tell he?s considered good looking. He gives me a printed out flyer with an address. He inspects Cindy before adding that it?s high school only, sorry. We commence blushing and giggling after he leaves. "You should totally go" says Cindy.

"Ya, I?d never get invited if they knew who I was."


Bobby, er Robert, comes over on the appointed day after school. We start off on the couch, drinking soda pop and talking about school.

I?m wearing a short skirt with ruffles (because it hides my bulge), my cutlets are in a red satiny miracle bra and with two t-shirts on I look like I've got a bit of a rack! Not bad for a skinny girl. My hair is ponytailed except for a lock on either side of my face that hangs loose. I put on a good deal of red lipstick and get pretty confident with the blue eyeshadow.

Cindy is wearing shorts and a tanktop, no bra on her little nubbins. Casual but super cute.

Cindy starts the touching, innocent dragging of her fingertips up and down his arm. Robert seems worried that I?m there with them but I move closer and he gets the message that we?re both ok with it. Wow, two sisters! I wonder if he had ever formed that fantasy on his own?

While he is getting his first kisses with Cindy, I?m playing with his hair and murmering encouragement. I tell him how she likes to be kissed, slow down, use your tongue. I think I see a boner in his pants. I guide his hand up to her boob, over her shirt. It?s just the smallest swell but her nipple is hard and sensitive and I hear her moan of approval. They keep on kissing and I watch. Cindy is touching him playfully, tickling and kneeding his arms and shoulders, putting her hands up under his shirt.

Let?s go upstairs I suggest. Mom won?t be home for a while. We go into Cindy?s room and sprawl on the bed. We're all rubbing each other over our clothes. Robert is relishing the freedom to touch Cindy any place he wants and she is getting good feelings from his attention. He leans towards me one time and seems like he wants to kiss me too but he pulls back. His eyes linger a long time and his face is flushed.

?Robert, will you show us your cock?? I ask.

?Is it big?? pipes Cindy.

?Just normal? he says, squirming. Cindy touches and squeezes the front of his pants.

?It feels hard?

?Ya, it?s really hard right now. You?re really pretty? you?re both? really pretty?

There are lots of exchanged glances and deep breathing and I encourage Cindy onward with my eyes. Bobby frenches Cindy with enthusiasm and doesn't stop me as I unzip his pants and get my hand in to squeeze his hard penis. I tug at his jeans and get his cock to peek out of his underpants. Both Cindy and I start stroking his skinny four inch rod and fondling his tight balls that have not a hint of fur on them yet. His scrotum feels wrinkly like a rubbery walnut.

?Do you like blowjobs?? I breathe in his ear.

His face shows that he clearly has never experienced such a thing. He's unable to answer but stares wide eyed at me. Cindy gets him to stand up and she tugs his pants and underwear all the way down to his ankles. He sits back down on the edge of the bed and we two kneel on the floor and go after him as a team.

It starts with just one tongue licking him up and down but soon I dive in and get a taste. It just tastes like skin, and a little sweat.

He is shocked into silence for a while but soon there are lots of sounds coming out of his mouth.

Trading off on his cock, Cindy and I can both go all the way down. Four inches just gets to the back of my throat. I like feeling him pulse and jump on my tongue. I try hard to keep my teeth out of the way. I release him and lick from the bottom of his shaft all the way up to the tip and look up towards his face while I'm doing it but his eyes are clamped shut in an ecstatic grimace. I don?t get the eye contact I was hoping for. I wanted him to have the image of his dick in my mouth and my eyes looking up into his.

I have my lips around his head when his high voice moaning signals that he's going to have an orgasm. I guess I'm not the only boy who wimpers like a little girl when I'm about to cum! He whines something unintelligible like I! I! I! and sweet salty jism spurts out into my mouth.

Mmmm! I point the head to Cindy and she gets the second spurt in her darling mouth before pulling off and sliding her lips down the side of his shaft and letting the third spurt burble out of his pee hole. I slurp it up as it flows down his turgid cock head.

It tastes a little bit metallic, maybe a little bleachy. With a gush of breath Bobby flops backwards on the bed. He lifts his head and opens his eyes in time to see Cindy and I slide our cum covered tongues together and lock our lips in a fervent kiss.


We're very proud of ourselves and both shimmy up his body and come in for a kiss. şişli escort Bobby almost panics for a second but then gives in and goes with it as we three way kiss, getting a taste of his own semen from our tongues. In a little while Bobby and Cindy seem to be kissing exclusively and she rolls towards him. I discover my hard dick fighting it?s way out of my thong and my skirt and realize I need to get out of there before I make a spectacle of myself. I go into Twlya?s room and then into her closet and free my straining pecker. Stroking myself with a blue chiffon nightie, I pull my skirt off and drop my thong underwear to the floor and in a few seconds I release my cum onto the satiny material.

"Whoa! "

Bobby, er Robert, is standing in the doorway and definitely sees my stiff pecker, probably saw me as I blew my wad into the blue satin in my hand. He wheels and bolts downstairs. Cindy is a little behind him and looks at me blushing. "Uh Oh!" She starts giggling. I scurry back into my clothes.

We chase downstairs and gang up on him on the couch. I slide next to him and Cindy jumps on his lap, straddling him.

"You Can?t tell anyone. Robert! Do you want to come over again? You want to play with us again right?" He looks back and forth at our faces and I see him melting. Like his cock did in my mouth.

?Did you like me giving you head??

"Well...Yes.." He grins really big. He kisses Cindy. Then he turns and kisses me! We get all wet and tonguey but then he says he has to go home or he'll get in trouble. I pout but Cindy takes over for some more sloppy kissing before he's finally out the door.


One night I am lying in bed next to Cindy and I?m horny. She?s not interested and just wants to sleep so I get up and go into Mom?s room. She?s lying in bed with a bottle of wine and a magazine and the tv is on. I walk into her closet and spend some time slipping and sliding among the silky and satiny garments hanging there. I help myself to a pair of turquoise tap pants and a silk chemise to go over my top and hang down to my butt cheeks. I love the feel of two layers of silk over my hard pecker and I rub myself up to full erection. I walk back in on Twyla laying groggily on the bed. She has a bra and panty set on with a robe in blue and red, satin and lace. The robe is open and her tits loll outwards. The skin of her cleavage and down to her belly looked toasty and inviting. I crawled onto the bed beside her.

?Shonda Baby, come to your Mama.? She cuddles me.

I throw one leg over her hip and nuzzle into her lush tits. I nibble and mouth her nipple through the silk of her sheer bra and make it hard. I hump slowly on her hip, my dick sliding wonderfully with multiple layers of satin between us. She pulls her bra away from her breast and I suckled some more in earnest. Her hand goes down to her panties and starts rubbing her slit through them. I join her with my hand and get past the fabric and into the wet gash.

"put your fingers in baby"

She rubs her clit and I get one, two, three fingers in her hot wet cunt. She is moaning languidly and breathing deep. Her cunt is slimy with juices.

"more... more...good girl" as I insert all four fingers. I'm trying to concentrate on hand and mouth and grinding on her at the same time.

"Shonda, Shonda!" Twyla gasps, "All your fingers! Get them all inside me!" I have my four fingers in her like a mitten but I manage my thumb in there with them too.

"fuck!" She is rapidly strumming her clitoris and her legs are split wide apart. I push my slimy hand forward, twisting it back and forth and her vulva stretches a bit more still and my hand slides in! My fist! My fist is in her!

"OOOOOOHHHUUUWWW!" Twyla belts out a groan almost like a cow. I twist my hand back and forth inside her sloppy wet vagina. I feel a thing in there. It's disorienting until I picture the drawings from life science class and I can tell I'm touching her cervix. If I curl my hand the right way I?m in her up to my wrist! I also find a spongy lump that seems to make her gasp and shudder every time I push against it.

"That's it, that's it Baby, in and out"

I pull back and push forth with short strokes and Twyla gets really reved up. She's bucking and shuddering like I do when I have a really hard cum.

"Uh! UH! UH! UH!" She writhes around and screams and seizes up and then grabs my wrist and pulls me back out of her. I stare at her wide gaping hole as it relaxes back into shape. My hand is messy up to my wrist and I wipe it on the sheets. Twyla pulls me down to her and I lay on her sweaty heaving breasts. She kisses my forehead.

"Sweet baby, you made Mama feel so good. Soooo good!" She's stroking my hair and I become aware of my cock again and it thickens as I resume sliding against her silky body.

"Come up here and let me work on that for you." She encourages me to straddle her and move up her chest. I get my dick straightened out inside my turquoise tap pants and Twyla fits her breasts back into the bra and then wraps her robe back around her bust and I scootch up and settle my satin sheathed erection in her cleavage.

"There sweetie, how's that? Let Moma's titties show you some love"

I was now sliding luxuriously back and forth and Twyla was bunching her tits up, holding them together to form a satin lined trough for my rigid pecker to slide back and forth in. The feeling was unreal! My scrotum on her heaving diaphram and my shaft between her super soft warm melons! My dick made its way out of my pants and the tip emerged from the silken tit tunnel right at Twyla's throat. I was stroking faster and hastening the feeling and the friction at the sensitive end and the buzzing was beginning to grow along my shaft and my balls were tickled by the shiny lacy layers.

"Are you gonna cum for Mama?" Twyla asked, seeing my face twist up and feeling my pumping quicken. "Show me how much you love me! Show me how much you can cum now my sexy girl"

I was starting to wimper as I felt the release coming close. I looked at Twyla's sensuous breasts that I was fucking in and out of, at the rich skin tone of her upper chest and throat and her chin, her full lips and made up eyes, and all that fabulous hair. I stared into her face, her beautiful woman's face that I was bearing down on, humping towards. I looked into her deep brown eyes and felt myself overflow. I squeaked and sobbed.

She was just in the process of saying "Cum for me" when a creamy white bolt of lightning shot from the head of my cock, between her pillowy breasts, and splattered right between her open eyes and drenched her forehead.

"Urghhhh!" I cried.

"OH BABY!" she groaned and grabbed and kneaded my buttocks with both her hands.

"Ah! Ah! AH!"

"Mommy!" came a whimper as I convulsed and a second blast of pearly cum shot out and laid across her open mouth, lips and cheeks.

"Oh Mommy!" I gasped in a high pitched whine, staring wide eyed at her face as another rope of ejaculate arced up out of my thrusting dick and landed in her mouth opened wide in a gleeful laugh. A fourth jet issued out and hit her chin and dribbled down her neck.

"Unnnmmmmm.....! I slouched forward and depostied the last spurt into the hollow at the base of her throat.

"Good Girl! Sexy Baby! You got your beautiful cream all over Mommy!" Twyla was ecstatic, kneading my ass cheeks, licking around her lips to get the plentiful dops of semen that were coating her face. I rolled off to the side of her and curled into a fetal position. She murmered more to me and then got up and went into the shower. I fell very fast asleep.


I tell Twyla about the highschool party and she says I should go and she?ll drive me.

I get prepped and dressed up with her doing my hair and makeup. My best disguise is pantyhose and heels, a skirt with ruffles and those tight, tight boy shorts to keep me compressed and even a pair of safety panties underneath. I have my cutlets on under a full coverage bra and then two layers of cami on top. Mom does my makeup extra slutty and I totally look seventeen! Skinny seventeen!

She drops me off and gives me the number for a bar nearby where she says she?ll be ready at a moment?s notice. I give her a long kiss which would look weird I bet but nobody is looking.

The party is totally what I expected, meaning that it looked like something out of a movie. Loud music, punch bowl, drunk guys and bitchy girls. I walk around the big house, saying hi to people that didn't recognise me but not talking to anyone. I get bumped into a lot and it?s kinda ok, nobody knows me and nobody knows what I have under my hottie clothes.

I see people I recognize. I see the guy who gave me the flyer and he seems a bit interested but his girlfriend pulls him away. She?s wearing the plaid skirt and white oxford that's oh so typical and I imagine sticking my hand up under the pleats and grabbing a handful of pussy. I drink some punch. I make some small talk. I feel hands on my ass, not for the first time but very forceful now.

?Hey baby, you?re really hot!?

He?s really drunk. Football player type. I bet he?s handsome when he?s not so red faced, sweaty drunk.

?you wanna get with a football player??

?Ya, maybe?? I twist around as he grips my ass cheek and my bare midrift, keeping him from the front or the boobs.

?I?m hot in bed baby. I?m a real animal.?

?I bet? I smooth my hand over his pecs. We?re in the kitchen next to some liquor bottles. He tries to pour me a drink but I have to take over. I make mine weak but his super strong. Drinking with Twyla has given me a bit better tolerance than most 120lb highschool chicks.

He slams his and bellows out a ?Yeeha!!? and then staggars backwards a bit but controls himself.

He wallows into me and grabs me to him and then here comes his mouth and lips and his tongue in my mouth and it?s not terrible but it?s not Twyla?s mothering tongue and it?s not Cindy?s candy lips.

?You wanna fuck me baby??

?Ya, maybe? I say as coyly as I can. My pulse races but I have a plan. ?How about I suck on your cock?? Saying it sparks a wave through my body.

?Ya babe, YA! I bet you suck a mean dick!

He turns and wobbles to the stairway and stumbles up. I guess he assumes I'm right behind him. I give it a minute and then go upstairs to find him passed out face down on a bed. I lock the door. I don?t even know this guys name but I think he goes to my school. I think I?ve seen him in the hall. He doesn?t move when I shake him.

I go back in the hall bathroom where I saw the tub of Vaseline earlier as I was snooping around. Thinking about what I?m going to do gets me a hard on. I get back into the room and lock the door again. Football bro already took his shorts off just before he passed out and he?s laying there in his boxers and tshirt. I try prodding him a few more times and then tug at his boxers. With a bit of work I get them down and off his legs and then I tip one leg off the bed and he?s ready.

I take off the boy shorts underneath my skirt. I rip a hole in my pantyhose and yank my safety panties to the side and then get my stiff cock out into the air. I slather myself with Vaseline and then try a finger on sleeping creep?s asshole. With lots of lube my finger goes in pretty easily and I want to try my penis. I?m really turned on by the idea of fucking this jock in the ass. I get the tip in him and then I?m pushing, steadily, firmly, all the way till I bottom out. I pull out slow and drive back in. The sensations of his rectum are so different from Cindy?s tight pussy or any of Twyla?s holes. The texture and heat inside is intense. He's an unwilling but unknowing body. The sweaty smell and the pungent odor of his shit are way different, not good but not a turn off either somehow.

Then I see myself in the mirror! I?m a hot chick with nice hair and makeup, cute little tits in a camisole, taut bare midriff and a short frilly skirt, stockings and heels and I?m fucking this popular sporty guy in the ass with my hard cock! I can?t believe what I?m seeing! I?m so turned on and I look so good! I go really slow and watch my dick sliding in and out of his sphincter. He makes a groan but doesn?t move. I feel my cum building up and I imagine filling his anus with sperm. What?s he gonna think when he wakes up?

Do I want to cum in his ass? It feels so good sliding in and out but no, I suddenly get a better idea. I pull out of his smooth muscled rectum and move up to his face, wipe my shitty dick on his cheek and jack off into his slack jawed, half open mouth. I spurt a lot of creamy liquid on his forehead and his hair. He still doesn't move!

I get myself back together, slip my boyshorts back on and get the fuck out of there!

I call Twyla and she picks me up right away.

How was it?

I immediately spill my story and she stops the damn car. She laughs so hard she looks like she?s crying.

"That turns me on so much! You?ve got to do that to me when we get home!"

We get home and Twyla puts me right in the shower, soaping and scrubbing all the drunk jock booty juice off of me, along with the makeup and hairdo. I get to rub up against her wet body a lot and she has to hold me off.

"No, No, that cock is for something else tonight." she says as I get excited by her tits and ass and the water streaming down over her trimmed pubic V. We exit the shower and towel each other off.

"Now, what would you like me to wear for you?"

I have a file of delicious outfits in my head.

"The burgandy corset with black lace. Black lace stockings and panties that are... um.."



"I see. Well sit right there on the bed and watch me dress. And no touching that pee pee, you're saving that for me."

I did just what she said and watched Twyla pour her voluptuous flesh into the lace up corset, her divine breasts heaved upwards by the firm fit and her waist narrowed to an hourglass. Her stockings went on with luxurious slowness and fastened to the garter straps. She retrieved a few things from the toy drawer and then turned to me.

"Oh dear, I took too long. Let me get you back up and proud! Stand up for me."

She sank to her knees in front of me on the carpet and gazed up with her beautiful brown eyes.

"I need you to be a man for me." She enveloped my member in her wet mouth and her tongue curled and lapped and I was rigid again in under a minute. I swear it felt as if she could wrap her tongue around my rod like a boa constrictor.

"I need your cock to go to work for me."

She rolled into the middle of the bed and chose a large flesh colored dildo from her toys and switched it's vibrator on. I watched as she traced the outlines of her pussy through the mesh panties and then delved inside. She was wet in minutes and the buzzing schlong had fully penetrated her several times. Twyla spun onto all fours with her lush ass pointing towards me. I took the cue and got up behind her gyrating hips and pushed my boner into the wet action zone revealed by her split crotch panties.

"Get it wet in my pussy."

I stabbed into her sopping, dilated cunt and lubed myself right up to my balls with her juices.

"Remember boy, you're here to fuck my ass!" I did as I was told and used my hard prick to dredge pussy juice from her drooling slit up her ass crack and slather her puckered anus.

"Give it to me. Give it to me nowwwww!"

I lined up my prick with her hole and pushed into the tight smooth muscle.

"Ooohhhh Ya! Yes! Fuck me like a man!"

I got to humping and it felt so good! Twyla groaned and rocked back into me. She siezed the dildo and got it switched on and applied it to her exposed clitoris.

"OAHHH Fuck! Fuck! Yesssss!" Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

I turn and look at myself in the mirror and see a wildly different image than I had earlier this evening. I'm a naked boy child with my hair pulled back and my buttocks clenching with each thrust into Twylas ass. I'm fucking a luscious full grown woman doggy style. Giving it to her anal! Buttfucking! Her bossoms are about to burst from the cups of her lace bustier. I hunch over and reach under her and yank the cups of her lingerie towards me and her tits spill out. mecidiyeköy escort I see them dangling like udders beneath her and I slap into her harder to make them swing. She's working the vibrator vigorously into her vaginal canal. I can feel it through the thin wall between her vagina and her hot rectum. I feel the buzzing of the vibrator on the underside of my shaft. She's down on one bent arm and the other hand is working the dildo all the way up in her pussy. She's grunting and tossing her hair. And then she cums.

"OH! Fuck! Fuck ME! Fuck me in the ASS!"

That's all I need to bring me over the edge and I start filling her dirty hole with sperm. I jam my hips into her and pump my cream filling into that wide spread, panty wrapped ass. I still feel her orgasming muscles clamping and clenching on me as I pound through her wild spasms.

"Oh Uhhhhhh! MOmmy!!!" I shreik as jet after jet of cum blasts out of me. She switches off the vibrator but lies in place with it and me still filling her holes. She moans softly into the sheets and her body twitches with aftershocks. I keep moving inside her butt slowly. My cum has made it very slick and her muscles are relaxing.

My legs and back are tired and I finally pull out of her asshole which gapes in my absence and then she spasms again and farts a lot of air out and also a load of my cum which burbles out and drips down her thighs and black lace stockings and gets all over the bedclothes. This definitely has me heading to the shower again and when I peek back in she has stripped the bedclothes and is passed out on the mattress cover.


It's a saturday morning and Cindy and I just woke up in her bed. I'm wearing a long satin shift nightgown and loose panties. Cindy has on a camisol and lacy bloomers. I've just started to touch and fondle her when she says she has to pee. I have an idea.

"Come in the shower with me"

"I have to pee first"

"You can pee in the shower"

"Not with you in there..."

"Ya! "

"Ya? with our clothes on?" She sees me getting into the shower stall with my nightgown on. She gets in too and I sit down on the floor of the tub.

"Now sit on my lap."

Cindy straddles me and sits her butt on my thighs. I scooch so that her crotch is right over my genitals, pressed up against my belly. I wrap my arms around and squeeze her tight.

"Now pee."

"On you? That's weird!"

"Just do it. I want to see what it feels like."

"You think it's sexy?"

"I don't know."

"I really have to go."

"Just go."


I look at her face as she's trying to overcome the natural state of not peeing with your clothes on. She looks thoughtful and then winces and I feel a warmth down between us.

"oooop!" She squeezes it off and looks embarassed.

"go on."

She concentrates on not concentrating. I see the far away look in her eyes and then a smile and then the hot wet surge of her pee filling up my lap and triclking around my hips and running down the sides of my legs along the bottom of the tub.

"Aaaauuuuhhhh" She sighs and lets herself go all over us. I feel it tickling my cock and balls. The warmth pouring out from the inside of her body prickles my skin and stirs my groin muscles.

She's done and I hear the urine dripping down the drain.

"Did you like it?"

"I sorta did"

"It was funny! Now turn on the shower, we're icky."

We turn on the shower head and let the warm water rush all over us, wetting our satin clothes and making them cling to our bodies. We soap up right over our nighties and rub and scrubb and when Cindy pays extra attention to my crotch my pecker rises up nice and proud and clean. I tugg off my undies and drop my night gown in a wet lump and then divest Cindy of her bloomers. I turn her away from me and rubb my stiffy against her wet soapy buttocks and the small of her back. She puts her hands against the wall of the shower and flexes her back to point her rear up. I have to bend my knees and crouch a lot to line up on her cunny and I reach around and guide the tip in between her lips and push up and slide right in. She inhales with a squeak and I pump like a jackrabbit. It feels so good! With my legs bent in that positon, the angle and shape of her vagina feel fantastic and I am gonna cum immediately! I grip her by the waist and hammer in deep. One shot, two shots, threeeee shots of cum up inside her tight tunnel.

"Uhnnnngggg!" Moans Cindy as I empty my balls into her. Her right hand leaves the wall and goes to her stiffened clitoris and begins strumming it frantically.

"Ahhhh, Ahhhh, Ahhhh." she rubbs and flicks and swivels her hips around. Her legs start shaking and I wrap an arm around her narrow abdomen and brace against the wall, my still hard cock impaling her and holding her up.

"Gaaahhhh!" She shreiks and contracts.

"Ooooohhhh!!" A high pitched wail accompanies a fluttering of vaginal muscles that I feel around my dick as Cindy orgasms.

She is panting and sighing as I start to ease myself out of her. The warm water is pouring all over us. I look down at my cock re emerging from her tight gripping cunt and when it is half way out she contracts with a shudder one more time and I am forced out of her, followed by a splurge of white cum.

I gently wash her off.


We are trying on our new candydoll outfits that Mom ordered for us. I don't know where they make these sort of things, especially in Cindy's size? Crazy! We were supposed to wait for her to come home but a familair phone call let us know she was out drinking and we were on our own. OK then!

What looked like shiny patent leather was actually strechy vinyl! It squeaked when we moved and rubbed together.

My outfit was in black with neon blue trim. It was an underbust corset that laced in the back and a strapless bra that matched, also having black shoestring laces in the back. The pieces came together like they were one teddy almost and then they both had hidden zippers down the front so once we got the laces tied in the right place it could come on and off easier. The corset had garter suspenders that latched to thigh high black vinyl high heel boots! Black vinyl bikini underwear held me snug and elbow length gloves completed the outfit! The corset had boning and when we tightened it my waist scrunched and my hips looked curvier. I was a badass hot femme!

Angelic Cindy had a white outfit by contrast. A stiff white bustier in white vinyl that came up just past her nipples, with black shoestring laces in the back. A short white vinyl skirt and panties and white boots with little heels that stayed up at thigh level without garters. Finally shiny white sleeves that laced up and a band that connected just to the middle finger. Seeing the skin of her back and her arms through the laces was quite arousing.

We are lying on Mom's bed and playing with the funny purple dildo vibrator. It buzzes and wiggles and rotates and has balls in in like a gumball machine! We're passing it back and forth like a hot potato and trying to vibrate each other through our tight outfits.

"Do you want it in you?" I ask Cindy.

"No! It's too big and wierd! Your wiener is big enough!... but it's friendlier" she added.

She plays with it some more, and then whispers to me;

"I want to put it in your butt!"

"Woah!" I don't know if I like that idea. It's big and wiggly and vibro.

"Ya, I want to fuck you with it." Says Cindy with a sort of scary grin coming over her face.

That might be kind of a turn on actually, especially with what she's wearing right now, the underage japanese porno look. Maybe I want her to fuck me.

"well I want to fuck you in the butt too."

"Not with that!" She shouts. "With your own thingy. It's a good size, I'm sure it could fit."

This idea was starting to really work on me. I kissed her. She grinned mischeviously.

"I bet you want it in your butt!" She slid her hand between my legs and dragged her finger across my asshole and poked and tickled it through my panties. "I bet you want Bobby to do it in your butt. I bet you want him to fuck you."

I gasped but couldn't respond. The image of Bobby, er Robert, fucking me from behind, me bent over like a girl getting it doggie style exploded in my head. I think I turned bright red.

"Yes." I blurted out and immediately burst into hilarious laughter. Cindy shreiked with glee.

"You want to be his little butt slut!"

"Ya!" I giggled like a little girl.

"Let's try it with the purple wiggly!" said Cindy "Let's pretend I'm Robert and I'm putting my penis in your butt!" I think I'm ok with this!

She gets the lube from the nightstand and slickens up the dildo. I'm in the middle of the bed on all fours. I arch and bend my back, looking hot in the mirror in my new sexy outfit. My thighs from the top of the high boots up to the bottom edge of the corset, framed by the suspenders looked fantastic. Cindy tugs at my panties.

"These come off for now. When Robert is here we'll have to use some crotchless ones so we can keep this covered." She cups my balls and my cock. "I don't think he'll want to see that." I'm excited by the prospect of one day Bobby doing me with his real dick like Cindy is about to do me with the plastic one.


I feel a little finger exploring my rectum and after lots of smearing and spreading I feel two. I'm relaxing and preparing for penetration. Cindy kneels behind me and holds the dildo like it's her own cock. I feel the tip press against my sphincter. She twists it back and forth and I begin to accept the head of it.

"Here you go my sweet sister... I'm going to fouck you with my cock."

"Give me your cock..."I say in a sultry movie star voice," give me your big purple cock."

Cindy bursts out laughing and I do too but we settle down after a minute and the tip of the cock is back at my A hole. It makes my whole body tingle.

"You're gonna get fucked now Shonda. Robert?s cock is really hard and it wants to be inside you."

"Yes! Fuck me Bobby! Give me your cock!" I say in what I think is my sluttiest voice. I push back and distend my ass hole and the big rubbery schlong slides up my poop chute.


I hear Cindy giggling. I?m really excited by the big thing in my ass and I feel my erection growing, hanging down between my legs.

?Is it all the way in??

?No, you little slut, it?s only half way in.?

I feel Cindy pull it back a little and then push forward. I know more of the purple cock is sliding into my butt. I feel it touch the spot that Twyla touched when she was first fucking me and it gives me shivers.

?Fuck me? Bobby?? I say pensively. She starts pulling it back and pushing it in with short strokes.

?That?s a good girl? take the whole thing? take my big cock in your pussy? Says Cindy.

?Oooohhhhh? it feels so good! I love your big cock. Fuck me baby, fuck me!?

Cindy speeds up the pace and I feel a warm tingly sensation in my rear. I think about being a woman in this face down position with someone fucking me hard and good. I let a moan escape. The cock bumping into my g spot is making my pecker want some friction.

?Oh, oh, oh? I want to be on my back.? Cindy helps me roll over and we put a pillow under my lower back. She crouches between my legs and keeps manipulating the dildo with one hand but she is stroking my stiff pecker with the other one.

?Does it feel good? Do you want to come?? she asks with a gleam in her eye.

?Ya, fuck me!? I say and then ?OOOOOOHHHHH!!!!? as she twists the end of the dildo and the vibrator goes on! My bowels start to go crazy! I hear myself squealing and I see my hard cock in Cindy's hands pointing at my face and she looks like it belongs to her and the wiggling buzzing dildo in my ass feels like it's her cock and she's fucking me with it and the vibrations get sooo intense and then the flesh cock in her hands explodes all over me and I spazz out and contract and convulse. My cum lands on my face and in my open mouth and on my neck and on the black vinly bra and corset. I'm still thrashing because the sensations in my butt are still tweaking my insides and I'm humping my cock into Cindy's hands. She beams down at me with the biggest smile and then realizes she should switch off the vibrator ?cause I?m whining like a little kitten. I lay there all a mess, twitchy and jumpy, and try to catch my breath. Cindy lies down next to me and is cooing and stroking me and telling me what a good girl I am. She starts to gently twist and pull the dildo and I tell her to go very slow. I feel a burning but a deep satisfaction and I'm a little sad when it pops all the way out. Her lips are in my ear.

"What a good girl. I love fucking you like that. I love my sweet sister."

"Thank you" I say, stammering, and I kiss her. "you looked really hot doing that."

"I felt really sexy." She says. "I still feel really sexy. Will you use your fingers on me?"

"Yes little sister!" I nuzzle into her soft cheek ?I wanna make you come.? She winces because my face is still coverd in slimy jism.

"Woops... wait a minute though!" She laughs and jumps up and comes back with a wet wash cloth and cleans all the semen off of my face and neck and off of the vinyl of my bra and corset.

"That's better. You sure shoot a lot of cum! I could never get that all in my mouth I don't think."

"That doesn't mean we shouldn't try!"

"Ya, we can try sometime. Now touch my coochie over my panties, I'm really itchy for it down there."

I start with long strokes of my fingers up and down and all around her hips and thighs and belly. She twitches and jumps and then seizes my hand and directs it straight to her vinyl clad labia.

?Uh!? She pushes my fingers hard against her. I take the hint and diddle her forcefully through the stiff squeaky material. After a minute she makes a frustrated sound and shucks the tight panties off with both hands, tucking her knees up as they go down her legs and over her feet. Her knees fall open and she grabs my hand again and slaps it against her sopping wet pussy lips. I flutter my fingers over her slippery folds and dip into her vagina. So smooth and soft! My middle finger enters her and pushes up as far as it can go. She yips and yipes and writhes on my finger. I pull it out and flick her clitty and strum it and circle around. She?s gasping into my ear as I finger the length of her slit and even slide further down, slathering her wetness around her tiny sphincter.

Her moans are coming quicker and quicker, indicating that I should speed up my stimulation. I rapidly thrum two fingers back and forth across her clit and her moans build to shrieks until she finally grips my head and shouts in her high frantic voice,

?Fingers inside! Fingers inside! Now!"

I drive my second and third finger straight up her syrupy twat and keep pressure on her clitoris with my palm.


I feel her muscles lock and release, lock and release and she grips my head painfully hard and I feel teeth on my neck as her orgasm spins itself out.

?Ohhhhhoooooooooo? comes a long crowing sigh as she finally relaxes and loosens her grip around my neck. Her hand on my wrist holds me to her hot wet vulva as she twitches with aftershocks.

?Mmmm?Yummy! Yummy? Cindy is purrs and nuzzles into me. We snooze for a little while but later wake up and peel the tight outfits off that have become rather uncomfortable and un breathable and we take a shower.

Cleaned and freshened and moisturized and in our satin night gowns we get back in bed and spoon, my bulge fitting right in to the crack in her adorable derriere. It only takes a few minutes of subtle rubbing for me to get hard again. Cindy seems sleepy but her legs are pliable and she lets me position her and hike her gown up so that I can slide my erect pink prong into her moist opening. I stroke at a midling pace, enjoying the feel of her buttocks on my belly when I thrust all the way in. I hoist her upper leg farther and bend her knee and get a different angle with my balls sliding against her inner thigh. This change works to bring my sperm to a boil and in a few more strokes I pump out four healthy jets of pearly juice up into her love canal. She gives a sleepy murmer and I doze off before my dick is even soft.
12-02-2022, at 07:58 PM

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