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Wrong Text to My Phone PT2 Gay

Post #1

Wrong Text to My Phone PT2 GayI was shocked! It felt like I was watching a porn video and then the guy impossibly stepped off the screen and stuck his wet dick in my face! Without any warning I was suddenly transformed from anonymous audience to active participant with the lights shining on me and the cameras rolling!And my impulse was to obey, to suck.I opened my mouth and took his rock hard cock in my mouth without even thinking... just doing.And I knew in one second, in one impulsive moment, that I wasn't as straight as I'd thought. Just like a guy in one of those stories.It felt completely natural to have this foreign hard object with the soft, wet skin in my mouth, although I was grateful to have the wall hiding who I was.It was so hard... like iron.It was so soft... like velvet.It was so thick... like a wrist.It was so perfect... like a cool sprinkler on a hot summer day."Suck it, faggot," he ordered, which made me flinch. Somehow being called a cocksucker didn't really faze me, but being called a faggot did.Yet, I obeyed, beginning to bob back and forth on the stranger's cock."So tentative," the black stranger said, before correctly recognising, "this is your first time, isn't it?"I reluctantly took his cock out of my mouth and admitted, wanting to show my submissiveness to him, as I replicated the other cocksuckers' response, "Yes sir, it is.""And yet you want my cock, don't you?" he asked."Yes sir, I do," I again answered, a mixture of shame and excitement coursing through me.I definitely wanted his cock."Unfortunately, I already have a cocksucker here and it wouldn't be fair not to allow him to finish what he started," the guy said, pulling his cock away.I felt complete disappointment."But stick around," he added. "Another black cock is bound to show up for you."I remained on my knees and resumed watching what I couldn't have, but still wanted. Feeling like a fat k** not allowed to go into a candy store.I watched the cocksucker resume cocksucking, in awe of how hot it was to watch. I had watched hundreds of hours of porn and never once looked at gay porn.Yet, watching the black cock disappearing into the white mouth was hot as hell.I moved my hand to my cock and began rubbing my cock through my jeans."Hi, cocksucker," a voice said from behind me, startling me. "Enjoying the show?"I turned around; my hand on my cock, and stammered, as I looked at a large, well-built black man, clearly a football player, "I-I-I guess.""It's really a yes or no question, cocksucker," the black guy said as he closed the stall door, the two of us now sharing a small space.There was no point denying the obvious since I'd been caught stroking my cock while watching a white nerd suck a black cock.I admitted, addressing him as the sudden submissive I found I was, "Yes sir.""You want some chocolate dick, cocksucker?" he asked, moving in front of me.I turned around to face him as I admitted, wanting more black cock in my mouth. "Yes sir, I do.""Well come and get it," he ordered, not moving.Somehow it felt more intimidating to crawl over to him the few feet, we being in the larger handicap stall, than kneeling in front of him. My hand trembled as I reached up and unfastened his pants and pulled them down to discover he wasn't wearing any underwear.I was now staring at the same glorious cock that I had been texted.Except this time it was completely flaccid and yet still bigger than mine was when it was hard.I wondered what my girlfriend Tasha would think of such a cock. She seemed to be completely satisfied with my four inch cock, but how would she handle this one? It was more than double the length, not to mention almost double the circumference of mine. If she took it inside her, would she scream in pain or scream in rapture?I was also intrigued by the fact he had no pubic hair at all. I wondered if that was simply for convenience (Tasha always complained about getting pubes in her mouth when she sucked me) or more for appearance.I assumed both."I know I'm showing you the Mona Lisa of cock," he said, as I stared at his thick monster. "But I didn't invite you here for an art exhibition, but so you could become the newest white cocksucker on campus."Well that settled the matter of introductions: I knew who he was and he knew who I was. At least by phone number, if not by name. And we each knew what had brought the other one here. Nothing to hide. No pretensions were even possible. This was so different than the dating scene.... How many dates until I get blown? How many dates until I get to fuck her? How much money will it set me back on dates and flowers? This was simple... and the answer obvious: now... the cost... free.I took his cock in my hand and was instantly in awe of how heavy it was.I lifted his thick heavy snake, his big black snake, and took his thick head in my mouth.I was in awe at how different a soft flaccid cock felt in my mouth compared to the super hard one I had tasted a couple of minutes ago."There you go," he groaned. "Become the white cocksucker you were born to be."I thought to myself, 'I'm pretty sure that wasn't what my mother had in mind when I was born,' but this didn't seem the place for a debate.Instead, I focused on the cock that was thicker than any jawbreaker I'd ever had in my mouth.I swirled my tongue and stroked the massive hardening shaft.I focused on the odd exhilaration I was feeling as I brought magic to his magic wand.A wand that had just turned a straight man into a cocksucker.A wand that was making magic at this very moment as it grew in my mouth.From soft to hard.From flaccid to erect.From snake to missile.From big to huge.I couldn't fathom how any girl could ever complain about sucking cock. I mean if you compared sucking dick to licking pussy it was a no brainer.Although I enjoyed licking pussy, loved getting Tasha off with my tongue and hearing her breathing escalate until she came, it wasn't a very tasty experience.In truth, impossible to deny, a cock was undeniably tastier and more beautiful than a pussy.A cock was also a lot easier to understand."I think we've found a lifer," he judged, loud enough for the guy in the next stall to hear.The other guy laughed, "They all become lifers once they fall to their natural position on their knees and worship a higher power."The guy whose dick was in my mouth laughed, "Your father should use that in church on Sunday."The guy I'd sucked briefly was a minister's son? Oh, God, now I was sinning."Yeah, although I think he's running out of white married cocksuckers to convert," the guy laughed."There are always more straight white guys to turn," bragged the guy whose cock was now completely hard in my mouth... even as I tried to process the idea of a minister converting parishioners to become cocksuckers. I mused: 'Was there such a thing as a pants-optional church? Cum to Jesus? What did communion look like?' I'd always been skeptical of church and church leaders and this only added to my skepticism."True enough," the guy agreed, before joking, "our work is never done."It felt weird to hear such a surreal conversation as I seemed to be proving all their statements true.I was now sucking, slowly, still getting used to having something so thick, long and hard in my mouth.I heard the hallway door open again.I froze."Only one stall left," a deep voice said."Keep sucking, cocksucker," he ordered, as he explained to me, "You should know that this is where shit cock suckers and bottoms come to get their daily dose of black cock. So whenever you want black cock in your cock sucking mouth or even in that ass of yours, here is where you come.""So we can come," the black guy next door said"So we can come," the other black guy saidMy eyes went wide at the thought of getting ass fucked.Sucking cock was one thing, it didn't seem gay at all to me at the moment... it actually felt natural.Yet, taking a cock in the ass... that was definitely gay.Not to mention it seemed impossible for a dick like the one in my mouth to even remotely fit in anybody's ass, never mind mine!"Don't worry, cocksucker," my guy said. "I won't take your ass today." My guy?!!That, of course, implied that 'my guy' intended to fuck my ass at some point.I pushed that horrifying thought out of my head as I focused on the task at hand... umm, mouth.I now had only about half his cock going in and out of my mouth.The third voice asked, "Who's here?""Carter," the guy I was sucking announced."Jimmy," the guy I'd briefly sucked said.Names somehow made this more real.The unnamed guy asked loudly, wanting to clearly show his dominant side, "Mouth or ass, Coach?"'Coach?' I thought to myself."Ass," the coach answered... oh fuck. My heart sank down into my testicles. That was my coach. I played college volleyball and I'd know his voice anywhere. He was an ex-military ramrod who only had one tone of voice... loud and intimidating.I couldn't possibly fathom how my no nonsense, six-foot-eight, muscular, head-shaved, tattooed coach could possibly be taking somebody's cock in his muscular ass."You love big black dick in your ass don't you, Coach?" the voice asked, clearly enjoying his power over a man who was technically his superior."Yes," Coach Price admitted, no hint of embarrassment in his tone."Tell me what you want, Coach," the guy ordered.Coach's tone had no hint of his normal aggression, but instead was one of wheedling, nancy-boy hunger: "Please, Sam, I need that big black cock in my tight pussy."Hearing Coach calling his ass a pussy was even more bizarre... far more so than anything else in the past couple of hours.Carter ordered, pulling his cock out of my mouth, "Suck on my balls, cocksucker."I didn't really want to, I wanted to keep sucking, having just gotten into a decent flow of bobbing. But I did as I was told.Sam shocked me even more as he responded, "Like I did your wife's last week?"Coach responded, "Yes sir."Hearing Coach Price address a student as sir, a complete role reversal, as well as admit he was okay with a black student fucking his incredibly hot wife, just kept piling on shock after shock.I wasn't sure how to suck on balls, not really as obvious as a dick, but I started licking them.Carter explained, "White women are eager black cock sluts too."I instantly thought of Tasha. Would she be able to resist the temptation of a majestic black cock?Jimmy grunted, "Swallow it all, cocksucker."Coach grunted, "Oh God, go slow.""Cunts are for fucking," Sam pointed out, "not making pussyfoot love.""Yes, sir," Coach whimpered, sounding so different from his usual loud booming voice, as I finally found purchase on a ball and sucked it into my mouth, just as the door opened again."Bend over the counter, faggot," a new dominant voice said."Yes, Master," a new submissive voice said.'Master?' I questioned to myself, as I found Carter's other ball and replicated the ball sucking attention. That seemed a lot more abject than 'sir'.Coach groaned, "Oh yes, Sam, make me your slut."Suddenly I heard loud, hard slapping and Coach actually squealed. "Yes, fuck me."Carter ordered, "Now get back to cock sucking. I have a late night booty call with Professor Walker."Once again, I was shocked as I eagerly returned my focus to his cock.Professor Walker was my English 1A professor and cute as hell. But no way could I imagine her getting fucked by a student.As I began bobbing again, Carter continued to reveal more dark secrets that I'd been oblivious to before this evening. "There are only three professors who haven't yet become submissive black cock sluts."Jimmy corrected him. "According to the updated slut chart there are now only two.""Who fell now?" Carter asked, white pussy apparently all Pink Lady apples on a tree just waiting to tumble to the ground."Professor Roosevelt," Jimmy answered.I didn't know her."Who turned her?" Carter asked."Bubba," Jimmy answered"Fuck, really?" Carter said annoyed, as he suddenly grabbed my head and began fucking my face, totally beyond my control. "That's a hundred points!""Yep," Jimmy said."Shit, he just passed me in points," Carter sighed, as he roughly fucked my face, forcing loud slobbery noises and gagging sounds from me."You two are too competitive," Jimmy said."Go big or go home," Carter said, vigorously using my mouth for his own personal enjoyment."That should be the motto for all our faggots, ''Go big and then go home.""Yeah, but I still like the old school, once you go black you keep coming back," Carter said, slowing down.He looked down at me and ordered, "Now finish me off, cocksucker. And then receive your first facial load to baptize you as a..." he punctuated what came next with balls-deep pounding all the way down my throat: "Cum! Craving! Cocksucking! Cum-Slut! for Black! Cock!!"I couldn't believe that after all that he hadn't shot his cream down my throat, but he was still strong and hard and deep in my mouth.Such name calling was so humiliating, and I couldn't believe how turned on I was as I bobbed hungrily on his cock just like the cum slut he told me I was.Sounds of guys getting fucked echoed loudly all around the tiled room.Coach was literally squealing like a bitch in heat as he babbled, "Oh yes, fuck my ass, pound me like a little cum slut."Someone else said, also getting fucked but with a much deeper voice, "Oh yeah, give me all that black cock."As I sucked, I couldn't help but think how different my life had just become.I was straight a couple of hours ago.I had been oblivious to the reality that my macho ex-Marine coach eagerly took it in the ass... something that suddenly intrigued me. The current moaning and obvious euphoria these bottoms were experiencing from getting topped had me curious.I'd never remotely considered taking it in the ass.Of course I had never considered sucking cock until that wrong number text had awakened an unknown side of me.Now I was confused and curious.Suddenly he pulled out and ordered, "Open wide, time to get baptized by cum."I obeyed, curious what cum tasted like, and as I watched him furiously pump his cock I also wondered what it would feel like.Tasha had only allowed me to give her a facial once and complained it was disgusting and sticky.She'd swallowed on a few occasions, but only when she was drunk enough to be a lot kinkier.When she was sober she said cum was gross, but when drunk she said it was kind of yummy... like the worm at the bottom of a tequila bottle.One grunt, and suddenly I felt a big rope of cum splatter my face, hitting me in the right eye; porn stories should have taught me to close my eyes, but I wanted to see the eruption as well as feel it. Rope after rope of cum coated my face.Some landed directly in my open mouth, but I kept it open until he was completely done. Not because I felt I had to, but because I wanted to.I was surprised by how warm the cum felt on my face. It was like a warm spa... a warm sticky spa.I then swallowed what was in my mouth. It was slimy and gooey in texture, but salty in taste.Wanting to be slutty, and show my complete submissiveness, I opened my one non-coated eye, and took his cock back in my mouth."Need more, cocksucker?" he asked.I moaned on his cock as I retrieved every last remnant of cum and found I did indeed want more. I wanted to feel a full load in my mouth. I wanted to savour cum. I wanted another black cock.Carter explained, as I slowly sucked his addictive cock, "Any time you need black cock, come up here, and there will usually be a dick for you to serve, although sometimes you may have to wait a while."He pulled his cock out and continued, "You can also go onto kik and join whiteboycumsluts and look for cock there. Somebody may come directly to your door to use your holes, or he may order you to come to his home.""Really?" I asked, in awe of how elaborate a system they seemed to have."Oh yeah, sometimes this room has a dozen white cum sluts doing more than a dozen black cocks," Carter explained, as he pulled his pants up and tucked away his glorious cock."I can't believe it," I said, in awe of what was obviously true."We even have a points system," he continued. "Turning a new straight guy is fifty points, taking his ass is fifty more. Having him willingly walk home with cum on his face is twenty more.""Oh," I said. Instantly worried that he was going to make me take it in the ass or walk back to my dorm with cum on my face."You're not allowed to let anyone else take your ass before I do, is that clear?" he asked."Yes sir," I nodded absurdly, thinking I sure wasn't ready for that at all... although the sounds of Coach and some other guy moaning in clear rapture did have me curious... the meaning of the term 'rapturous' now perfectly clear to me, or at least what it sounded like."But you can suck as much black cock as you want," he offered generously."Thanks," I again replied, again absurdly. "I can't believe all this happened from a wrong number text."As he opened the stall to leave, he added, with a laugh, "That wasn't an accident.""What?" I asked, shocked one last time."One of your teammates, a great little two hole cum bucket himself, suggested you would be a willing addition," he revealed."Who?" I asked."I'll let you figure that out," he shrugged. "I don't turn white straight boys and tell. Which means you're safe, too. No worries."I knelt there, still on my knees, cum all over my face, unable to speak.He added, as I'd worried he would, "Don't you dare wipe that cum off your face until you get back to the dorm.""Yes, sir," I nodded, realizing I was earning him more points.He added, as he pulled out his phone, "I almost forgot to take the photo evidence for the points.""What? No!" I pleaded."Shut up and look up at me smiling," he ordered. "This smile will be whiter than your usual ones."I reluctantly obeyed. Worried this would somehow end up being seen by my girlfriend, my teammates, or my family."Don't worry," he said. "This is just for the points and master board. We don't out our white boys.""See ya, cocksucker," he said, and walked away.I remained there down on the tiled floor, my head spinning.Who would have suggested I would make a good black cocksucker?Who else was being fucked at the moment?Curious, I stood up, just as Coach screamed, "Fill my cunt with your dominant seed, Master."I knew I had to get out of there before I was seen by Coach.I walked out of the stall and froze.Our white quarterback, a senior who was ranked as a first round NFL draft pick, was bent over the counter getting really reamed by a black skinny nerd. A skinny, freshman nerd who was in my psychology class.I stared as he slammed into the quarterback.My first thought shocked me as all my attention went to wondering how big his cock was.Near the urinals, I saw another white guy I didn't recognize, on his knees, sucking a fat black guy.The nerd looked at me and said, "Damn it, someone got to you first."I laughed awkwardly, turning to watch the ass fucking."Come and get a closer look, Joey," he ordered, pulling his dick all the way out to showcase a length that was way too big for his scrawny body.And although part of me wanted to do just that, my mouth watering at his chocolate stick, I quickly left the bathroom before Coach Price could notice me."See you in class," the nerd called out. "Or after!"I kept my head down and scurried out, down the stairs and out of the building, thankful no one had seen me.I took a dark back route to my dorm and got a text from Carter:Be sure to take a selfie and send it to me to prove you obeyed.Otherwise you will be banned from the white cock sluts' society.I texted back, knowing there was no way I couldn't suck cock again. I was already regretting leaving... already curious how many people I knew who were part of the society either as givers or receivers.Yes sir.I kept walking, at last reaching the dorm. It had been almost impossible to avoid anyone seeing me, but I had managed it. There were always people milling around.I stopped.God, I could use more cock.What was coming over me?I texted back:Is it okay if I go back and see if there is more cock to suck?I turned and started heading back to the notorious bathroom.He texted back:Of course, cocksucker. I'm sure there will be another cock or two looking for a slut.PS: You still must not wash off my cum until you get to your dorm. But you may add as much more Black Dominant Cum as you wish before you get home and take the photo for me.I texted back as I climbed back up the stairs, hunger controlling me:Of course, sir.I was hoping the few minutes I'd been gone was enough time for Coach to leave.I walked into the room and saw all the stalls were open. There was no one there.I couldn't believe how fast it could go from gay orgy to ghost town.I waited a few minutes. I looked at myself in the mirror.My face had a shiny gleam, but it had dried a lot and unless you really looked closely, you wouldn't have a clue it was covered in cum.I headed out, disappointed, especially after the crazy wildness of the past half hour... there was no one home. The party was over.I returned back to my dorm and got a text. This time it was from my girlfriend.Hey, honey. Girls' night is over. Care for some company?I had never rejected this offer, ever. She was most likely drunk and horny.Yet I was still reeling from my black cock submission.I texted back:Sorry, super tired. Can I take a rain check?I quickly went back to my dorm and into my room... thankfully only having to say hi to Max who was texting someone and not looking up.I went to the bathroom, my eye itchy, and looked in the mirror. My eye looked bloodshot where the cum had splashed into it.I sighed, before I took a selfie of myself and sent it just as Tasha texted back:Fine!Of course, I knew that meant that it wasn't fine. Yet, instead of calling her, or inviting her over, I went online and found the kik group whiteboycumsluts.I created a username that would hopefully draw attention. I chose eagerwhitecocksucker after I learned that eagercocksucker was taken.I typed:Just sucked my first big juicy black cock tonight.Want more.Anyone available?A guy named 9inchhammer responded almost instantly:Can you host?I was about to respond when there was a knock at my door.I called out as a picture of a nice hard black cock popped up from another guy named BlackAttack. "Who is it?""Someone horny," Tasha called back.I sighed as I stared at the cock.Apparently I was going to have to fuck my girlfriend instead of sucking cock.I shook my head at the disappointed feeling that had just popped into my mind.I went to the door as she was knocking a second time.She staggered in and asked, "Don't you love me?""Of course I do," as I prayed she didn't know anything about what I'd just done, realizing I still had cum on my face and a bloodshot eye."Then why didn't you want to fuck me?" she asked with her fake pout, as she grabbed my hard cock. "Peter seems ready!"My cock still hadn't shrunk from sucking cock, but I smiled as I sighed dramatically, "I guess I'll fuck you, then.""Asshole," she said, playfully slapping me."Fine, I'll fuck your asshole," I teased."Don't push your luck," she said, as she kissed me. Oddly, she smelt like fish. When I broke the kiss, I noticed she had a gleam on her face. Had she been eating pussy while I was sucking cock?As I pondered this, she dropped to her knees, fished out my cock and began sucking.I looked at my phone, stared at the black cock for a moment, before closing the app and focused on getting a blow job... wishing it was me on my knees instead.Fuck... how could everything change in one night?As she sucked me, I realized this was obviously a sign from above. The fact that Tasha showed up the moment I was considering sucking more cock was crystal clear... what I'd done was against the laws of the universe.I decided then and there that I wouldn't ever do it again.Of course, I would learn quickly that Carter's earlier quote, 'once you go black you keep coming back' was spot on.Because half an hour after I deposited a load all over Tasha's face and she passed out on my bed snoring, I was walking out of my dorm and going to another room two floors up to meet with a guy named BarrelsLoaded to get to suck one more cock before bed.
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