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I Thought Mom was an Angel Ch. 03

Post #1

As I watched my house waiting for Danny to leave I couldn't believe what I had just watched him do to mom! I thought mom was such a sweet innocent angel! But I'd just watched her get screwed by the school team football captain before he ass fucked her senseless all while my dad talked to her on speakerphone and I watched!

It wasn't long before Danny left. I waited a little longer and just as I was ready to head back into the house none other my little sis came walking down our street on her way home. I waited for her to go inside first so I wouldn't look suspicious creeping out of nowhere, and headed inside.

"Hey stupid." My little sister shot at me as soon as she saw me enter the kitchen where she was picking up snacks and juice. Sis was a real brainiac. Sis was very pretty but way too nerdy to ever have a boyfriend herself. In fact I had already bet money with some of my friends and hers - that one friend she actually had - that she would never get laid in her entire life and she would die a virgin!

"What's up cocksucker?" I teased, knowing for sure she would never in her life see a real mans dick!

"I think moms still sleeping so you should be extra quiet or she'll get mad at me as always!" Lil sis said.

"Hmm! So you mean I should play my music really load and get online for a real hardcore gaming session that racks up the whoops and cheers you mean? So mom can come and scold your ass whenever I do something wrong as usual?" I laughed.

Little sis had always been the kind of Z kid of the house while I was the A-Team. I guess mom kind of knew the dominance and importance of men and that it little girls would never make much of themselves, and that was especially assured of my Little sister. Sure she was smart, but mom had big dreams for her fav boy.

"Do what you want." She shot back as she headed up to her room. "You know you're moms little can-do-nothing-wrong Prince aren't you." She spat back angrily.

"King! Don't you mean I'm her little King." I laughed as she headed upstairs. Sure she was a brat, but as she headed upstairs in her jean shorts and tiny belly top she was actually really cute under all that obnoxiousness!

Sis was actually only 24 minutes younger than me. But I never let her forget it. I kind of wasn't sure how she could actually be my sister though because she was so much shorter than me or even mom. Mom had a real full woman's body, amazing heavenly big breasts, while little sis was a tiny under 150cm skinny ass kid.

After seeing my mom naked and getting pounded by Danny I couldn't help but imagine her naked too and compared her to my mom. I was sure little sis had a really tiny set and I was sure her pussy must've been almost hairless. I figured on her 40th birthday little sis would still look like a prepubescent teen.

Grabbing snacks and juice from the fridge myself I headed up to my room. Now moms bedroom door was closed. Shit! I thought, she must be totally shagged out and fast asleep. Or else she was in the shower cleaning all that cum out of her ass and pussy.

As I passed little sis' room I caught a whiff of a real strange smell! Was that weed I thought to myself? Surely it couldn't have been. There was no way the brainiack would ever do something so crazy. But I couldn't resist the chance of catching her out for something as I always did, and this was big, real big!

I crashed through her door and sure enough straight there in her room was little sis smoking weed. Holy crap! My sister never put a foot out of place but now she was jumping off a mountain into the sea and swimming her stupid little ass into a world of hurt. She knew mom and dad would ruin her little ass for smoking weed.

If I did weed dad would probably congratulate me and mom would be proud. That was boys dues of course. But little sis? Uh uh! That was a super no go. Her ass was mine now and as soon as she saw me crash through the door and catch her she knew it.

"You're doing weed. Mom and dad are gonna murder you. You'll never work your way out this one." I said noticing how her tight jean shorts were unzipped and one hand was slipped down the front of them. Hell she was getting high and slipping her finger in her pussy at the same time.

Little sis immediately pulled her hand out and I could clearly make out her wet fingers as they glistened in the light. She quickly put out the weed and jumped off of her bed to plead with me.

"Don't tell mom or dad. Please!" She begged. "You know this would be a dig deal to them.

"Yep!" I smiled. "Guess you should have thought about that before you were sucking on weed." I laughed back.

"Please don't tell. I'll do anything if you don't tell." Little sis pleaded!

This was gonna be fun. She knew how deep she was in it now and she would have to give a whole lot to me to get herself out of this stupid mess. Hmm! How could I really humiliate her? Oh shit! I knew.

"Take off you top." I said without even thinking. I didn't actually kürt porno care too much to see her tiny titties, but it sure would be fun to see her squirm with humiliation.

"Eww!" She said clearly disgusted by my demand. "You're my brother I don't want you to see my naked breasts." She admitted embarrassed.

"Breasts!" I repeated. I'm pretty sure those tiny things in there aren't breasts, closer to chicken wings is my guess." I laughed at her. "Now show me now or mom is gonna know just how much of a pot head you are." I threatened.

Resigned, little sis slowly took off her top revealing her tiny titties. To be honest they weren't as tiny as I had thought! Maybe a half hand full. Maybe even a whole one. But of more interest was the fact that I was starting to actually get turned on by my annoying little sister.

Even though sis' 18 year old body looked much younger, there was something sexually desirous about it. That was confirmed by the rising bird in pocket! From the look on my face as she switched down to where I held it in captivity, sis was realising the same thing too!

"Ok I did it." She said. Now can I go back to my room and do you promise not to tell mom about the weed?" She asked flipping her gaze back up to my face.

"Haha!" I laughed. "Kid, I only just got started. You know how bad it will be for you if they know what you did. That's always been their biggest no no for you. Now slip of your shorts.

Little sis just stared at me. She knew she was caught bad and she would need to just do pretty much whatever I told her to from now. Reluctantly she shimmied her jean shorts down her legs, stepped out of them and kicked them over to the side of my room.

Wow! Looking down at her tiny panties I could see she was hornier than me! She still wore kiddy panties even though she was 18. Cute little red bows at the hem of each side and flowers all over them. But what caught my eye was the pussy juice leaking onto them. Sis was supper aroused by this, hell it even occurred to me then that she might actually have set me up for this! I didn't call her brainiac for nothing of course.

"So I guess you want me to take these off too don't you?" She said almost matter of factly.

I don't even answer and she slowly started slipping her tiny panties off her ass, down her legs, around her ankles before stepping out of them left foot then right foot. All the time she kept her eyes glued to mine, switching every now and again to watch my cock as it flew to attention quicker than ever before.

"Happy now?" She asked.

"Wow! Yes ma'am." I thought ogling my naked sisters body. "Now turn around. I wanna see it all." I told her.

Slowly my little sister turned around letting me see everything I wanted. Hell! When her back was turned fully towards me she even had the audacity to learn straight over and touch her toes! I could see right into her beautiful hairless beaver! OMG! My little innocent obnoxious sister was actually really hot and my cock was ready to break through its containment area and slam right into her sopping pussy.

"What now?" She asked keeping the position but turning her head back towards me.

Oh shit! This was crazy. Little sis had set me up for this I was sure now. I figured there was no way she would ever come on to anyone at school so I was her safest bet! Sis wanted to loose her virginity and she had chosen me, her brother, to fuck it out of her!

As she looked back at me I just felt my cock bulging with the cum filling up inside it. There was only one way this was going to end and it was with cum dripping out of my little sisters cunt after I'd wrecked her tiny little snatch with my hot rod.

I immediately started to undress. First my T then my shoes, socks and jeans. Hell! I nearly fell over I was going so fast. All the while little sis just watched, her pussy sticking out, back bent over and fingers touching her toes. When I finally slipped off my boxers and let my huge cock bounce up to attention little sis let out a huge gasp.

"Holy shit." She gasped. "How'd that get so big? I didn't think it could be so..." she started before I cut her off.

"On your knees." I told her, to which she immediately did what I said. I wanted to work my way up to the great finale, which would be this huge, now sopping wet cock, penetrating my little sis' tiny tight virgin pussy and filling it full with my hot white cum.

Suddenly she looked super cute staring up at me from her position on her knees. I immediately took hold of my huge hard cock and started stroking its wet length from the tip where the pre-cum dropped out all the way to the shaft. Sis watched, my cock inches from her face, mesmerised.

"You got it?" I asked. "" It's hard. You can do it yourself now brainiac?" I mocked.

"I'll try my best." Sis said taking my cock into her hand and replicating my motions. She too rubbed more of the pre-cum into the head of my cock and then slid her whole hand down it's shaft from tip to toe! Actually she was pretty good, for a little sis.I laughed to myself. Soon she was really getting hard and fast pummelling my cock with her hand, hell she was really good! Boy I was already good to blow! I was gonna enjoy every moment of this so I didn't hold back at all! Without giving her any idea what was about to happen I shot my hot cum all over face. It went everywhere, in her hair, in her eyes, up her nose, over her lips. When it happened she instinctively shot her eyes closed when the cum hit them. As the cum shot up her nose, like in a bath when you accidentally breath in the water, she gagged for breath opening her mouth.

That was my cue to ram the whole rod in that tiny little pretty face. Grabbing hold of the silly little pony tails she still wore, I used them as handles to guide her mouth on and off my hard cock.

"Eat that" I said ramming myself deeper into little sis' mouth making her gag.

When I pulled out her entire body was gasping for air. Her chest was heaving up and down and her mouth was open and gasping like a fish out of water. I watched her knowing that this was actually what she wanted! She'd planned this all along because she desperately needed to break her cherry and move out of this girly phase she was still stuck in. Now that I was making her a woman hopefully that would all be over.

Watching her gagging and convulsing i guess my brotherly instinct took over again. Now my massive erection dangling beneath me, I lowered down and kissed her cum covered lips and went deep inside her mouth with my tongue. Little sis actually looked kind of cute with her face and mouth covered and matted in my jock shock. Feeling her ass and breasts and nipples with my rapid hands I slipped my finger inside her gapping pussy and started to jack her off.

Her eyes and face changed immediately. This was what she really wanted, to finally have a man inside her pussy. After feeling her out for a while whilst kissing her pretty little lips and cum covered face I lifted her tiny little body up into the air and lowered her finally onto the pedestal that she'd probably been waiting for her whole life. My huge throbbing man cock!

"Thanks brov." She said her arms clutched tight around my neck. "I knew you'd fuck me. Even if I am your nerdy brainiack little sister." She whispered in my ear as I heaved her horny teenage body up and down on my dick.

Oh boy! Sister really wanted to get fucked desperately and I never even guessed! Hell if I'd have know I might even have brought a couple of the guys back to team up on her. They would have loved that and so would I.

As I pounded my hefty tool in and out of my sisters tiny tightening pussy hole I got the shock of my life!

"Are you two ok in there?" Moms voice asked as she knocked on my door. "You're not fighting again are you?"

Sis felt so good on my shaft I couldn't stop even if I wanted to. And right now I really wanted to. "No mom." I shouted back. "We're helping each other out with homework. We're ok. We're not fighting.! I replied.

Sis laughed and whispered in my ear. "No we're not fighting mom. We're fucking." She bit my ear. "My big brother is bigger than ever right now and his bigness has filled up my entire pussy." She continued whispered in my ear. "Any minute now his gonna blow a second delivery of cum all up inside my pussy mom. Just stay there mom and you might even hear me scream when he makes me cum too. All over his juicy hard cock."

Holy crap. Sis really knew how to dirty talk. Who would of guessed!

"Ok kids. Keep at it." She said. "As long as you're both working together nicely I'm happy for you both."

"Yeah mom, we are." We both replied in unison. As we said it I walked sis over to her bed, still sat on my hard cock and lowered her onto her cutesy flowery bed. Fucking her harder and deeper now I wiped all the cum off of her face with her bed cover. She looked a little pissed that I soiled her covers. But she was getting such a good screw I guess she kind accepted the trade off.

"Don't forget your dad is going to be away for a while so you'll need to say a proper goodbye to him tonight." Mom continued as I pounded sis harder and harder kissing her deeply as my ass pounded in and out of her pussy.

"Yeah mom." I replied. "We will." It was then, finally, that I realised I was starting to get horny for my mom!

Fucking my sisters tight pussy while talking to my mom my mind suddenly slipped back to a few hours earlier when moms ass was getting pounded by Danny. Now my mind kind of lost track of where I was and who I was with. Instead of seeing my sisters face beneath me I imagined my mom beneath me!

"That's great." Mom replied as her hot body filled my brain. As I fucked deeper and deeper in my sister I was reminded what it looked like when moms ass was being pounded before.

"So come down latin porno and help me out when you're finished hunnies." Mom said.

"Yeah mom I'll come down on you later." I muddled out banging my sister harder than ever, eager to shoot my cum while was still talking outside.

"What did you say hunny?" Mom asked confused.

"I mean, yeah we'll be down later." I said, my hand now clasped over my sisters mouth muffling her moans as she got loader and loader the harder I was doing her.

"Well I gotta go out now to buy some things. I'll be back soon." She said her voice growing distant at the end as she headed downstairs. After a while the door shut behind her and we heard her car drive off down the road.

"Oh fuck now it's just me and you. We have the whole house to ourselves." I said picking up my sister, still slid down onto my cock of course, walked over to my bedroom door, opened it and proceeded to my moms room. Once inside I slammed sis back down on moms bed and proceeded to fuck her brains out as I took in my moms smell on the bedcovers. Now I was super horny. Sis didn't know what had hit her. Now mom was in my mind, instead of fucking her like the girl she was I was pounding her like a woman. Like I would if I were in my moms pussy right now.

"Oh fuck!" She gasped. "You're gonna break me!" She winced her eyes beginning to roll in her head. "But don't stop no matter what happens." She managed, her words and breath now laboured.

There was no way I was gonna stop now. I could see my sister was slowly loosing consciousness just like mom had done when Danny fucked her so hard in her ass. Now my little sister was doing the same. But I was so hard and wanton I couldn't stop.

"Oh fuck. Oh baby." I said drilling her some more. "Take it, take it all. Take everything I have in your hot sexy pussy."

My sisters arms started to slip from my ass now, and her eyes began to glaze over as she lost consciousness. Shit I was only fucking in her pussy and it was too much for her! She would never be able to take a guy in her ass with this tiny body.

My cock was ready to blow. Seeing her unconscious and bouncing up and down with my thrusting erection made me feel so hot. All I could see was mom being fucked in the ass, but this time it wasn't Danny doing her, it was me, her son! I was in my moms ass using her like a punching bag for my cock and her hot plump ass was red from the pounding.

"Oh fuck mom." I said pounding harder and harder. "I bet you never thought your son would ever grow to to have a cock as big as this did you. I bet you never imagined this cock would be packed into your ass tighter the a Twinky in my sisters mouth." I pounded on her pussy harder and harder, finally I was ready to blow. Remembering that it wasn't my mom and just my sister I was screwing I quickly pulled out and at that exact moment I shot my cum all over her naked teen body. Sprayed from her pussy to her belly button and all the way up to her tiny titties and nipples with even a splash on her little chin, my cum covered her good.

As I eased up and crashed over to the side of moms double bed beside my sister I noticed a tear welling up in her eyes!

"Mom?" She asked.

Oh shit! She'd heard everything I'd said. I'd thought she was totally out. Hell this was her first time and every teen girl wants that to be the most memorable. And here was I orgasming in her to the thought of my mom. Now that sounded really mean.

"You were fantasising about mom when you fucked me." Sis said, her eyes now full of tears.

Shit! Now I felt bad. I scooped her up in my arms hugging her and kissing her like a good guy would have done after taking a young girls virginity.

"I'm sorry sis." I said. "I don't know what came over me. I really don't."

"I know you came over me but while you were doing it you were thinking about coming over our mom." Sis shot back her eyes streaming with tears. "Mom!" She said shocked. "How could you want to fuck our mom?" She asked.


"And more than me!" She exclaimed. "Wasn't I enough for you?" Sis asked hurt. That hurt was quick moving to anger now. She stood up collected her clothes and started to head back to her room. Before she left she seemed to think better of it, returned she gave me a little hug and then whispered something into my ear. The shock on my face as she said it must have been something to see. She kissed my lips and then slid down onto her knees again and gave my cock a light kiss too before saying "thanks" to my cock! She then stood up, turned around and left for her own room.

As I watched her leave my mind was racing! What the hell was happening to me? I just fucked my sister while fantasising about fucking my mom in the ass because hours earlier I'd just seen her get fucked senseless in the ass by Danny the football team captain. But maybe bigger than any of that was what my little sister just whispered in my ear!

Like an echo in my head what she'd said reverberated. I would never get it out my head again. I replayed everything in my head again over and over. Sis strolling back over to me leaning down, hugging me and then whispering those words into my ear.

"Dad lets me fuck him too!" She'd said.
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