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He Planned a Secret Ch. 02

Post #1

Her blouse came off, followed quickly by her bra. Ann's smile never left. I looked, savoring the look of her. I already knew her breasts looked slightly heavy, with oblong areola and nipples that pointed forward. The skin of her chest had no tan lines and no tan except for a slight darkening in a "V" where the conservative neckline of blouses may have let a little sunshine in on occasion. Blue veins were visible around her areola and the lower parts of her breasts and I determined to spend some time tracing those lines with my fingers and tongue.

"Most men are in a hurry when a woman starts undressing." Ann said.

"Most men aren't me. I'm savoring the look of you. I'm thinking, anticipating what is to come, while I enjoy what already is."

"Please shut up and help us get naked."

"Always willing to help." I moved closer and while we kissed her arms wrapped around my shoulders and she pressed her chest against mine. My hands started at her waist, then cupped her butt, squeezing and slightly lifting her.

In the second kiss my hands moved between us and opened the button and drew down the zipper of her pants.

"Oh, kind sir, it seems I have a wardrobe malfunction!"

"Oh, may I help you with that?" I asked, then kissed her again. She nodded. I ended the kiss and dropped to my knees. My hands grasped the waistband of her pants and drew them slowly down, over her hips and then all the way to the floor while I also kissed lots of the freshly exposed skin. She was wearing a pair of white, boy-leg, lacy panties.

"You like?" She asked.

"I love how they look."

I helped her out of the panties and stood up. My interest was pushing on the inside of my jeans like it wanted freedom. Ann noticed and liberated my interest, aiming it and me toward our bed.

She pushed me onto my back and climbed on top of me, straddling my hips and pinning my cock against, but not in, her pussy. "Do you need to always be the aggressor?" She asked.

"Not always, but often." My hands held her breasts and squeezed hard enough that when I pulled she came to me rather than my hands slipping off. We kissed again.

"You like foreplay?" She asked between kisses.

"And fiveplay, sixplay and sevenplay." I shifted her and kissed her breasts, from collarbones south, lifting them one at a time to kiss under them. Suddenly I flipped her onto her back and continued kissing and caressing her breasts.

"Ben, I'm not saying stop what you're doing, but could you be inside me, please?" She added to her request by kissing me and having her tongue explore the inside of my mouth.

We joined slowly and tenderly. The intensity built slowly and until I was within a minute of exploding inside her we weren't even breathing hard. Then I lifted her legs, holding near her ankles and increased the force and power of my thrusts into her.

Just as I felt my spunk pushing out of me and into Ann she grabbed my nipples and pinched hard! The sudden pain and surprise increased the power of my orgasm and I grunted like a bear in ecstasy. I was looking at her face and she smiled up at me, pleased with her self.

She rolled me onto my side and grabbed four or five tissues from the bedside table. She used them to catch the flow from her opening. She turned and took my cock in her mouth and licked, sucked and hummed as I tried to calm down.

When she released my cock from her mouth she said, "Diane doesn't need to taste my juices on your cock when she gets home."

"You tasted her juices last night. Are you saying I should do something so you don't taste each other on me?"

"No. I'm sure we'll both get used to tasting each other on you and directly. I just meant tonight. I wanted some one-on-one time and I'd bet she does too. Giving each other one-on-one time is something we'll work out."

"Do you want or need one-on-one time with Diane?" I asked. Hidden in the question was a question about them playing with each other.

She looked at me for a while without answering. Then she smiled and said, "Probably, but not for a couple of months. We've had months of time together, sharing dinners, coffee and girl's night out talking about men in general and you in specific."

At 7:45 we got off the bed, opened the windows and then showered quickly. We dressed and when Diane walked in she saw us sitting on the couch watching TV. She carried a metal pan from the café.

We sat at the table and ate. Chicken and dumplings with peas and a small salad. Diane told us about her day.

"The lunch crowd came in and were talking about the fire over in Smith County last night. A barn burnt down. No animals were hurt or killed. The barn was a total loss. On Saturday and Sunday there's a barn raising. Everyone is to bring their tools and help."

"We'll be there, won't we?" I asked.

Diane said, "It's a tough call for me. What I do best doesn't involve a hammer or a saw. I cook, but if I show up with a hundred sandwiches I lose money. I have to close up the café and supply a hundred sandwiches." She paused. "I'll kartal escort bayan be there."

"Ann?" I asked.

"I'm not good with tools. I don't own a hammer. I'll be there as a gofer."

"Do we go together?" I asked.

Ann said, "I want to go together. We're already not a secret. If we hide we're saying we're doing something wrong."

Diane said, "I had a lull today and spent time on the computer. I ordered t-shirts for us! If they get here in time we can wear them Saturday or Sunday."

"T-shirts?" I asked.

"Yes! Printed in big letters on the front Ann's t-shirt says, "I'm with HIM!" My shirt says, "I'm with HIM!" Your t-shirt says, "I'm with BOTH of them!" All three shirts are royal blue."

"That puts it right out there and says we are not ashamed of what we're doing." I said. In my mind I wondered if we were opening up major problems for ourselves. I wondered just how socially conservative the town, the county, really were.

At that moment the phone rang. I answered, "This is Ben."

"And this is Solomon. Is it true that two women slept in your home last night?" His tone and energy said judgment to me. I couldn't just let it be.

"How many women slept in your house last night?" I asked. Both female faces I could see looked shocked when I asked.

"Two! My wife and my daughter."

I said, "Two. Neither is my wife or daughter."

"You admit it!" His voice was raised.

"Did I break a state or federal law?" I asked.

"Not that I know of. But, some people will not approve."

"Some people think buying anything but a John Deere tractor is a sin, too. Others still eat fish on Fridays and think people are bad for having a steak. I can't live my life living by someone else's rules all the time."

"I like John Deere tractors and I get your point. Anyway, what are your intentions?" Solomon asked.

"I intend to work nine and a half hours tomorrow, Thursday and Friday, go to the barn raising this weekend, wash and wax my truck and play a little too. How about you, Solomon?"

"I'm worried. If people don't like what you're doing it could mean they stop doing business with the Feed and Grain."

"Let's say it does effect the bottom line. How big a drop in the bottom line will get me fired?"

"I'm not saying I'm going to fire you! I like you. I'm just worried. I've had six phone calls telling me that two women spent the night with you last night. One of the calls said both women are there again tonight."

"That says to me that both adult women decided to be here of their own free will. Solomon, I love my job. I love living in this town and I like having you as a boss. However, who I love, when I love, and why I love are really none of anyone's business as long as everything we do is consensual. Am I right?"

"You are. Sorry I bothered you. See you at the store tomorrow!" The connection broke from his end.

Both Ann and Diane had moved closer to me as I talked to Solomon. After I hung up the phone I asked Diane, "Have you seen a decrease in your business?"

"Nope." We both looked at Ann.

She said, "People talk to me at work for two reasons, to get something fixed or when they pay their bills. That hasn't changed and won't. If you don't pay your bill we shut off your utilities. If you want the electricity fixed you must talk to me."

"Has anyone said anything about us to you?" Diane asked.

"Yes. Mr. McDonald came in to pay his bill and he said I looked happier than he's seen me look in a while. I smiled and thanked him for saying so. He asked if he should call Ben and thank him for the smile on my face. Then he blushed."

I said, "He didn't call. McDonald lives about four miles north of town. Gossip travels quickly."

"His wife is part of the grange wives club." Diane added.

Before ten the three of us were in bed playing and reinforcing our bonds of affection. We had talked about getting a bigger bed, about sleeping at Diane's place and Ann's place and about the barn raising on Saturday. Ann set the alarm next to the bed for five-thirty. Together we focused on Diane and helped her enjoy four screaming orgasms before we spooned against each other and went to sleep.

Wednesday night we slept at Ann's and she made dinner. Thursday night we slept at Diane's and she brought dinner home from the café. Each night we brought clothes and things to the houses, making life easier for us to live in all three houses. After we ate Friday night Diane brought up the subject of moving.

She said, "Next week your rent is due on the cottage. It seems nuts for you to pay me rent on a house we both live in. It also seems nuts that all three of us pay for housing and most of the time we aren't in any one of the houses."

Ann added, "What if we look for a bigger place where we could live together and save money?"

"You think we could do that? What about all the wagging tongues in town?" I asked. I noticed how difficult it was to speak clearly with my tongue in my cheek.

"They'll get over it by the yakacık escort time we're seventy." Diane said, smiling.

"Is there a place we can buy or rent in town?" I asked.

"I can call Marybeth, the realtor, tomorrow. There may be a big house that is available. If there is maybe we can talk to the owners and rent it." Ann said.

On Saturday Diane went to the café and made breakfast, as usual. Ann and I gathered tools and wore grubby clothes with our new t-shirts. We arrived at the farm by nine. Two stake side trucks were being unloaded when we arrived. Lumber, siding, nails and cans of paint were being stacked and families were starting work on the new barn. The clean up of the burnt barn and ashes was already done.

I was put on a nailing detail, nailing siding on the barn when it was framed, until that started I was muscle helping lift and hold the posts and beams into place. Ann joined the ladies auxiliary inside the farm house making food and whatever else they did.

At about ten-thirty, six women came out of the house carrying glasses and pitchers of lemonade. Ann was one of the six. She looked for me and made a bee-line for me and the five men I was teamed with. When she stood by me it was obvious from our shirts we were together.

A man from Smith County that I hadn't known before looked at the two of us, smiled and asked, "Where's the other one?"

Ann smiled at him and asked, "Other one, what?"

"Aren't you the folks who are the cause of a lot of gossip lately?" He asked, pointing at our shirts.

She kept smiling and said, "I don't know. People don't tell me much gossip. What are people saying?"

"That there are three people, a man and two women, living together like there's nothing wrong with it."

I asked, "And if three people want to live together, love together and support each other there's something wrong with that?"

He shook his head, held his arms out wide and said, "I was married for twelve years to one woman. Hardest thing I ever did was live with her and try to make her happy. I don't see how it would be possible to live with two women, much less keep them happy."

Ann poured him some more lemonade and said, "Making me happy isn't Ben's job. My happiness is my job. We're a partnership. My job is to do what I can to help his life work for him, to help Diane's life work for her and they each do what they can to make sure my life works for me. Diane spends lots of her time cooking. I do what I can so she isn't overwhelmed when she gets off work with the other things that need doing."

We were out of lemonade. Ann took the glasses and the empty pitcher and went back inside... after I got a wonderful kiss and an "I love you." We went back to work. For the next two hours the conversation around me was about loving two women. I did my best to answer their questions and still maintain some privacy for us.

One of the men did ask the question, just as I said someone would. "You doing both of them?" I answered just as I said I would, "If you could, wouldn't you?" The men on the team with me nodded and we moved on.

Diane arrived just before lunch and unloaded her minivan of trays of sandwiches. As we all ate she told me the ladies of the grange paid her for the sandwiches. During lunch the sheriff announced that he believed the fire that burnt the barn was arson. That announcement took the focus off us and onto the questions "Why?" and "Who?" There were no answers.

We worked until it was starting to get dark then left all our tools right where they were and went home. Leaving the tools was, I was told, a promise to be back the next day. Ann had spent the afternoon outside the farm house being a gofer for whatever the men needed. At various times I saw her carrying siding planks, bags of nails, tools and doing clean up. As we drove home she was pretty quiet and when I glanced over, she was asleep. When I parked at Ann's house I dialed Diane on my cell and asked her to meet us at Ann's. I said I was taking the three of us to dinner in The City.

Ann and I went into Ann's and cleaned up. An hour later Diane showed up in a dress and we drove to The City. The three of us were well fed and in bed before eleven. All three of us were at the barn raising by eight-thirty.

Our triad was not a topic of conversation at the barn. The men talked about the barn, the weather, crops, the upcoming election and if the schools should adopt uniforms. None of the topics reached a consensus except the weather. The agreement was, no rain until September.

By dark Sunday night the barn was up, painted and drying. We slept together at Diane's that night.

Over the next three months the community around us got used to us living together. When we rented a house together, I didn't hear anything from customers of the F&G. Diane didn't hear negative comments from her customers and neither did Ann. The house we rented included a barn big enough that we used it as a place to park our three vehicles. I didn't hear a single twig snap.

In our town mail hürriyet mahallesi escort was not delivered. On the north end of town a small building bore the sign, "U.S. Postal Service". Inside, everyone had a mailbox. I went to the post office once a week to see what might be in my mail box. I never got letters from my parents, siblings or other relatives. As far as I knew I didn't have any living relatives. I got ads from real estate agents in Florida, A Ford Dealer in The City, stores that were having sales and notices from local fundraisers like the Girl Scouts selling cookies. I always bought three boxes of cookies.

One day I opened the box and saw a letter postmarked Virginia. Only one person in Virginia knew where I was: SMgt Jose' Garcia. I opened the envelope and read, "Ben, Things have reached the stage where getting out, retiring, is appropriate. My wife and I haven't spent much time talking about where to retire or when. Now the decision time is here. Can the area where you are support one more classic pick-up with a family?" The letter was signed Jose'.

I called his office and the young man who answered said First Sergeant Franklin had gone home for the day. My friend had been replaced. I called Jose' at home. We talked and I promised to see what work and housing was available in my area.

The very next day I got a visit from a man from the county. He wanted to know if he could interest me in moving twelve miles to the county seat and talking over the management of the county warehouse. I told him I had a friend who was looking for a job like that and I knew him well. He gave me contact information to pass along. It was passed along before he got back to his office.

A week later I checked my mail again and opened another letter from Jose'.

"Ben, Get ready. I will be officially retired as of the first of the month. Kasumi and I will be headed your way on the first. I accepted the job with the county and start on the eighth. Maybe you can help us find a place to rent for a few months? I know your woman knows your secret. I'd appreciate it if no one knows mine." He signed it, "Jose'".

Marybeth found a home for them to rent and think about buying. They arrived at our new home on the third. We had dinner at the café and Diane fed them fajitas. On the fifth the moving van showed up and we helped them move into their home. The three women became friends as we moved them in. Their home was twelve miles from ours.

Late that night after we were home and in bed Ann said, "Jose' is more than just a friend." It was a question and it was a statement.

I said, "I met him when we were both working in a warehouse. We've been friends ever since then."

Diane asked, "Was he hurt, too?"

"No. He retired by choice, not medical necessity."

The conversation was over. We went to sleep. Four hours later I heard a twig snap. Even with the help of Ann and Diane I didn't go back to sleep. At the F&G the next day I took a call and Ann's voice said, "Kasumi knows and knowing strengthened the bond between them. She didn't tell us. We listen to what isn't said as well as listening and watching. He doesn't look like your brother, but we know he is. We love you."

I stopped hearing twigs snap for almost a year. Jose' and Kasumi became close friends and we enjoyed retirement. I remember my Dad saying, "Sometime the lull isn't the lull before the storm, but don't count on it."

Both Jose' and I were invited to go hunting. The first time was when Mr. McDonald invited me to go elk hunting with him. As it happened Diane was with us when I was invited. She knew the odds were really good that if I went I'd get an elk. She told me how much she would like to have the meat to use in the café. Reluctantly, I agreed to go. Jack McDonald lent me a rifle. I took it home and worked it over for four evenings before the weekend we went hunting.

When we arrived at the spot where we would leave Jack's truck there were eight other trucks. Jose' and two of his neighbors were there. One look and I knew he was as close to laughing as I was. None of the men we were with knew anything about sneaking up on prey. Our tags were for antlered elk, meaning males.

With ten men getting ready to spread out and begin a weekend hunt Jack asked, "Same rules as last year?"

Jose' asked, "Rules?"

"Every guy puts in a hundred dollars. First elk over three hundred pounds gets five hundred. Biggest elk gets the rest."

Our wallets came out and Jack collected a hundred per man for eleven men. He then announced, "The hunt ends at dark Sunday night. To count the animal must be weighed in the field and seen by three of us."

Ten minutes later Jack and I were walking away from the parking lot. He acted as my mentor all day. I saw three bull elk. Jack wouldn't let me shoot them. He said they were too far away. Using the .300 Winchester he was right. They were at the kill limit distance for such a small weapon.

Saturday we saw two bulls fighting. The larger of the two had a rack with four tines on each side. When the fight was over he gathered three cows to him and headed west. I told Jack I wanted to follow him and see if I could get close enough for a shot. He said he would follow the loser, who was injured and we agreed that if we got a kill we'd email the coordinates and meet at the kill.
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