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First gloryhole pt4

Post #1

First gloryhole pt4I was deepthroating it and would pause when the head entered my esophagus just to lengthen the feeling and to press my lips against the denim. I was so horny, I wanted to literally swallow his cock. I was getting a good rhythm when I was startled by Philip entering the room without my knowledge.Seeing only the back of my head bobbing inward, my ass, and the bottoms of my bare feet, he asked, "Hi Honey. I figured I would find you back here doing your thing. I was going to order a pizza. How long are you going to be?"I turned off the buzzing of my vibrator against my clit and released the long saliva covered penis from my mouth, "Pizza sounds good. Go ahead and order it and if I get a break, I will eat in between customers. I'm going to be back here for another hour or so." I then giggled, "Maybe I should just skip the calories and feast on all this protein."When Philip left the room, I went back at it until the cock blasted into my mouth. After feeding me another load, the guy said from the other side of the wall, "Damn Baby...that was good! Thank you."I ended up sucking off a total of f******n cocks and maybe had an equally amount of orgasms for myself. It wasn't a consistent flow of men but not bad for my grand opening. My pussy was numb but satisfied. My lips were numb but satisfied. My legs were numb and because of the burning workout they received, were satisfied. When I got out to the couch with Philip, it was 8:05 and we watched TV before going to bed. He never mentioned what I had just done but did warm my pizza in the over for me.The next morning while I was in the shower and Philip was shaving, he asked, "Did you have fun yesterday?"I opened the shower door, raked my wet hair behind my head and responded, "Oh yes Sweetie. I loved it. My jaws are sore so I'm going to have to get used to doing it again but it was well worth it. I had so many orgasms, I lost track."He chuckled, "That's my girl. How many dicks did you end up sucking?""I'm pretty sure it was f******n total," I responded as I scratched shampoo into my hair.As he rinsed his razor, he turned and looked my way rather than looking through the mirror, "Is that a record for one day?"It was my turn to chuckle, "Oh no. One time I was in the booth for just over three hours and sucked off about thirty, I think.He gasped, "Thirty? Damn Honey...that is a hell of a day. Maybe one day here you can break that record."As I closed the door, I responded, "I just might do that but I have to get my mouth and wrist back into shape."After work, I was so tempted to suck a couple but decided to take a day of rest so I could get my jaws back to normal. I fixed dinner for Philip and we had a peaceful evening together. Wednesday morning was a different story. I woke up horny and nearly opened up for business an hour before work but decided against it. Instead, I tweeted that morning that I would open as soon as I got home.It was two days in a row that I hadn't blown Philip in his office, so I knew he would be getting the itch as well. When I got home, I put my hair back in a band, stripped naked, and grabbed my black seven inch rubber dildo for self-pleasure.I decided to start on my knees and the first cock that came through was short and stubby but hard as a brick. It was less than five inches but because of its girth, I had trouble fitting it in my mouth. Thank goodness he knocked and ejaculated quickly into my eager mouth. It was chunky but tasted sweet so I assumed he had recently eaten lots of fruit.When the next cock came through the opening, it was the first black one in my home gloryhole booth. It was an uncut thick seven inches and that was when I decided to start in on myself. I was still on my knees, but arched my back so I could slide my dildo in my pussy from the back. It was ironic that both cocks were black and I sucked and jerked the real one while pretending to be spit roasted by both.I was the first one to cum and had to be careful not to bite the real one while I clenched in pleasure. I slammed the dildo into myself and that motivated me to suck faster and faster. The black man grunted through the wall, "There ya go baby girl! Fuck, take that nut! Oh, shit! Ohhhh," before unloading all over my tonsils.He stepped back and hiked up his shorts while I swallowed the sticky mess. I came again. After finishing off three more cocks, Philip was home. While on an average curved six incher, he once again came into the room behind me. The penis in my mouth was beginning to throb so I didn't want to stop the momentum.Philip interrupted me and said, "Honey, Nancy is on the phone."I tried to tell him that I would call her back but with my mouth full, it sounded like, "Huhey, te huh I will cah huh baaa."He laughed, "Nancy, she literally has a mouth full of cock as we speak. She will have to call you back."Just then a knock on the wall and that cock began spurting, filling my mouth with cum. Just before Nancy hung up the phone, Philip stopped her, "Ho...Hold on! He is cumming right now. She will be done in a second."After ingesting my sixth load of the young evening, I took the phone from my husband, "Hey Girl! I'm sorry I haven't chatted since I got back from Colorado. You are not going to believe what Philip has built me. It is amazing!"Nancy was a lady who I had gotten to know though Philip. He had met her when he was stationed in Phoenix. She was an attractive mature sexual hotwife who was close to Philip's age and when he had met her husband Joe, he was invited to their home for a threesome. Philip told me that she was the best sex he ever had until me. When he found her online, he thought she and I would hit it off and we did. Just like Philip and I, we had so much in common in spite of our age difference.While taking five minutes explaining how my gloryhole came about, another black cock stuck though the wall and Philip removed all his clothing and joined me naked. I was trying to talk to Nancy but he would suck my nipples and finger my pussy, causing me to lose my train of thought.Finally I muted my phone and instructed him, "Sweetie, would you go get my butt plug? It is in my top drawer."With his boner swinging back and forth in front of him, Philip quickly exited the room and I wrapped up my phone conversation with Nancy, "I will call you later and tell you all about it. I have another black cock staring me in the face. Love you."I was jerking it with both hands while sucking the large head when Philip returned. He inserted the plug into my asshole then tapped it repeatedly, causing a shock stimulation that radiated inside my vagina. I was twisting my hands around the black snake while I slurped it. My husband positioned himself behind me and slid his erection inside my pussy. He hadn't been that hard in a long time so I knew watching me give head was very arousing for him.He fucked me from behind like he hadn't had sex in years. I began to climax and my vaginal walls gripped his sliding cock like it was a blood pressure cuff. After a loud knock on the wall, the black dong began to shoot cum into my mouth. Philip huffed, "Oh Honey, swallow it for me! Please swallow every drop! I love you so much!"I obeyed him by gulping down the sticky seed. When the black man pulled back and adjusted his pants, Philip was pounding me so hard, my bowed head was banging against the wall. Another cock came through the opening. I tenderly licked the head and scooped the precum from the hole with the tip of my tongue. Watching me do that, Philip roared, "Augghhhhhhhh, there it is! Aughhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhh! Yeaaahhhhhhh!"My husband finished filling my pussy with his pent up cum then trembled like a wet puppy. He fell back against the wall trying to get his breath. He had just provided me enough lubrication for the rest of the evening. After he left the room, I continued to suck strange cock for another hour, all the while, fucking my sloppy pussy with my dildo while alternating on my knees and sitting on the stool. I had sucked off 19 cocks and consumed 20 loads as one of them had no trouble going twice.I showered and slept very content only to get up early to go to the gym before work. Philip was so excited by the evening before, he had me blow him in his office before 9 am. Usually it took him at least 15 minutes to cum but he was filling my mouth in less than three.That evening, I was still recovering from the day before so I opened the gloryhole for only an hour and sucked seven cocks with three of them being repeat customers. When I suck dick, I get to know it and learn it quite well so even though it might be a stranger who I have never seen, I still recognize their cock and the taste of their cum.On Friday, I had not one penis in my mouth the entire day. Philip and I went out for a lovely dinner after work then a movie. We got home around 10 o'clock and after taking off my high heels and putting on sweats, Philip was already sleeping in the recliner. I toyed with the idea of opening my fun room but didn't want a large crowd so late. I turned on the light but didn't tweet it out. I figured I could handle a few pop-ins.It was strange but not one person showed up to get his dick sucked. I fell asleep around midnight. I was dreaming of an irritating noise until I woke up and my gloryhole buzzer was going off. I had forgotten to turn out the OPEN light and it was then 3 am. Phillip woke up, "What the hell? It is in the middle of the night. Tell them to come back tomorrow."It took a minute to get my faculties and as I walked toward the room, I grumbled to Phillip, "I forgot to turn the light off. I will go tell them."When I entered my gloryhole room, I found a long, hard cock sticking up through the opening. It was at least 8 inches, smooth, a perfect shaped symmetrical head, pointing skyward. There were three guys crammed into the room and they were all whispering to each other.One of them said, "There she is. Dude, stay right there, she is coming for it."Then the guy whose cock was majestically on display, slurred, "It's about time, Bitch. This dick isn't going to suck itself. Get over here and get going on it."At first I was going to tell him to fuck off but it looked scrumptious and he was obviously drunk. Then I visualized that these three young guys were out drinking and just wanted to stop in for some quick relief like they were at a sex vending machine. It didn't get any sleazier than that and I was in. I kept my sweat pants on but removed my shirt. I was down on my knees just stroking the sexy piece of meat. When I started sucking it, his entire body thumped against the wall to validate how good it felt.He said to one of his friends next to him, "She is suckin it now. Damn, she's good."He was so horny that he kept thrusting his hips to meet my sucks. I was humming and he was moaning. I put my hands flat against the wall and swallowed every inch. When he felt my throat muscles securely wrapped around his pole, he tried to squirm.He blurted out, "Suck my fuckin dick you whore!"That is just what I did and deepthroated him faster until he couldn't take it anymore, "I'm bustin! Oh fuck! Swallow that shit! Auughhhh! Augghhhhh!"The head pulsated inside my esophagus and spit several streams of sperm down it. I was in heaven! My throat was an empty gas tank and that obnoxious drunk boy's dick was the gas pump nozzle. I only gagged once but was able to keep it down until he finished. He stumbled back and fell against the wall.He was trying to get up when he told his buddies, "One of you guys jump in there. That was the best fuckin head job I ever got!"I peeked through the hole and saw that he was wearing a letterman's jacket with the current year on the sleeve which told me that those guys were 18 year old seniors who were out drinking and became extremely horny like all teenage guys. I could tell by their talking and laughing that they were immature and didn't know anything about gloryhole etiquette.The second boy moved over in front of the opening and unzipped. Down went his jeans until his cock flopped out. He wasn't as long as the first boy but probably a good six and a half inches. He pushed it through and I began sucking it. As my head began to bob, he totally surprised me and starting cumming in my mouth without warning. I couldn't believe how quickly he shot but I was able to catch every drop.When he stepped back, the obnoxious guy made fun, "Are you shitting me? You came already?"He responded, "I couldn't help it Billy. She is amazing!"Billy started on the third boy, "What are you waiting on? Don't be a pussy, give it to her."It took a couple of minutes before he finally presented his bare crotch. He was so naturally smooth that I licked his balls while I stroked him. That cock was the shortest of the three at six inches but easy to suck. I used both hands to fondle his nuts while I blew him. He began to moan and shifted his stance."Dude! Give it to the slut! Look at her, three o'clock in the morning and she is up sucking dick like the whore that she is. Don't hold back!" ordered the obnoxious Billy. He then yelled louder so to make sure I could hear, "Bitch, you feel it gettin harder? The head gettin bigger? Ya better get ready!"When the ejaculating started, I was gently tugging on his smooth sac. I was enamored with how amazing it felt and even continued playing with his balls long after he emptied them in my mouth. When we were finished, the guys were laughing as they left. My pussy was soaked but I was so tired, I turned off everything and collapsed in bed. I dreamt about sucking cock and when I awoke around 9:15 am, I was full of lust and arousal.I entered the kitchen and Philip had made me breakfast and a nice hot latte. While sipping on it, Philip asked, "I can't believe someone showed up in the middle of the night. Did you tell him to leave or suck him off?"With the cup to my mouth, my eyes looked up and I help up three fingers before answering, "Three guys showed up. You know me sweetie, I did all three of them."He laughed, "What do you have planned today? Are you going to spend any time back there?"I smiled from ear to ear, "I'm so horny, I can't stand myself. I'm actually going to spend a lot of time back there today. I have a clear calendar. I'm even thinking about going for my personal record."He took a bite of his eggs and responded, "Really. You think you can beat thirty? That will take some time."I crunched three bites of toast, got up from the table and as I headed out of the room before informing him, "You know me when I put my mind to something. I need to get ready now."He spoke louder so I could hear, "Honey, aren't you going to eat this breakfast first?"I turned while giggling, "Thank you and you know I appreciate it but I need to save room for my liquid lunch."I tweeted out that I would be opening at noon. I showered, shaved my pussy, blow dried my hair, put on my makeup and jewelry. While in my walk-in closet, Philip came in and asked, "What are you doing? Why are you getting all dolled up to suck cock? Don't you like to go in there naked?"As I took a pair of my multi-strap four inch high heels off the shelf, I answered my hubby, "I am so wet right now. I am just in that mood to look hot and slutty."I was undecided as to exactly what I was going to wear. I put on my heels and strapped them up to my lower calves while I thought about it. I wanted to leave my excited pussy available for easy access so after rummaging through my clothes, I chose a maroon flimsy skater skirt but rolled it up at the top to make it even shorter. No panties were necessary but I wanted to at least start out with a bra so I put on a wire-free comfy lacy Hanes that I rarely wore. I grabbed my sex toy box, lubrication, and hair tie to take with me.After putting on my earrings, my heels clicked on the hard floor as I made my way to the back of the house. I could see though the side window that cars were already parked and waiting for me to open. It was only 11:40 am and a guy was already standing in the gloryhole room waiting with another guy outside the outer door. I needed to prepare myself before I could start.My first chore was to take my strap-on dildo and buckle it around the stool so that the eight inch rubber cock was sticking straight up. I was lucky that it barely fit on the last belt notch and even though it wasn't as stable as I wanted, it would do the trick. Instead of inserting a butt plug, I chose to use my wireless vibrating anal balls. The four rubber balls were all conjoined with a little tail on the end for easy removal.The best way for insertion was for me to lay on my stomach bent over the Gymnic workout ball. After greasing up the anal balls with the lube, I spread my legs and slowly pushed the first ball in my anus. After it popped in, I began feeding each subsequent ball into my asshole with my middle finger until an inch of the tail remained exposed. I loved how the balls were large enough to press against my rectum walls.My final toy was going to be my large headed wand vibrator to really buzz my clit as needed. I had every aspect of my masturbatory arsenal set. I pulled my hair back into a tight ponytail to keep it out of my face. I moved the stool because I decided to start on my knees. I turned on the light and within a few seconds, the guy that had been standing there, yanked his shorts down to his knees and presented me his short thick cock. I could tell he was an older heavy man because there was a large roll of flab above his gray peppered pubic hair.I fingered myself, licked the juices off my fingers before wrapping my lips around that meat. I sucked and tugged his balls. He was breathing heavily and said through the wall, "Oh God, Baby. Faster! Faster!"I honored his wished and sucked faster and faster. A short throb before his cock jerked in my mouth while squirting a warm sticky mess. After it stopped ejaculating I licked the tip and he shivered while pulling back, "It is too sensitive but thank you Darling." He pulled up his shorts and the next guy just about knocked him over trying to get into the room behind him.I had swallowed one load in less than five minutes and I was well on my way to break my record. The second guy took even less time to cum in my mouth proving he was extremely anxious for his Saturday afternoon orgasm. The next two dongs took a little longer but both guys knocked on the wall to provide me a warning so not to get choked on their load. Before I started on number five, I was ready for my own orgasm. I turned my anal beads on low vibration and that deep hum felt so good, I just about orgasmed without touching myself.To go along with my anal simulation, I turned the wand's speed up to five out of ten and touched the large tip on my clit and pussy lips. I shrieked in pleasure then grabbed the next cock which was already protruding through the hole. I sucked it like I was trying extract a magical potion. My pussy was beginning to twitch and when he blasted off in my mouth, my inner vagina blasted off along with him. It was such a much needed orgasm that my legs shook for several seconds.I continued masturbating in the same manner as I blew four more cocks. All of them were average size and ejaculated in less than 7 minutes apiece. Feeling that warm liquid hit the roof of my mouth, I climaxed right along with each one. My labia was already swollen and my clit sensitive. I was building up to a squirt and at that point, needed it in the worst way.The next guy tugged his pants down and one of the biggest cocks I had ever seen sprang out causing me to gasp. It was freakishly big with red pubic hair. You might think I'm exaggerating but it had be 11 inches if it was an inch. Before I got it hard, it was sprawled down along the wall like it was a snake descending from a tree. I decided it was time to use the stool so I could better tackle that monster. I took off my skirt and bra and tossed them to the side.
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