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Ian?s New Job ch2

Post #1

Wendy wore the shortest skirt she owned. A blue, pleated thing that stopped a few inches short of her knees. Underneath she wore red lace panties Ian had bought her for valentines a couple years ago, and never wore again.

She really didn?t have a lot of sexy clothes.

She wore a matching bra under a thin, button up blouse. Sheer enough to make out the outline of her bra. Nearly half the buttons were undone.

She sat quietly in the passenger seat as Ian drove. All too soon they were pulling into Grant?s driveway.

?It...this will be ok.? Her husband tried to assure her. Placing his hand on her shoulder. He had driven wearing nothing but a pair of black boxers. He hated to admit to himself that it felt weird to wear men?s underwear instead of panties.

Wendy just gave him a wan smile and stepped out of the car.

Grant smirked when he answered his front door. ?My two whores.? He pulled Wendy into a kiss right there in front of the neighborhood. His hand slipping up the back of her skirt and squeezing her round ass.

Grant finally ushered them in. ?Be a good little beta and offer her to me.? He ordered.

?I...uh...Grant, would you...would you like to fuck my wife?? Ian stumbled through words he never thought he would say.

?Not convincing enough, you pussy drip. Try again. And be humble.? Grant sneered.

?Grant, my pathetic dick isn?t good enough for my beautiful wife. I happily give her to you to use. Would you teach her how to be the whore she is?? The sissy obediently offered.

?Much better.? Grant grinned, pulling Wendy close. ?Hear that? Your pathetic husband freely gives you to me.? His hand dug into her shirt, under her bra. Cruelly pinching and tugging at her nipple. ?He doesn?t even try to fight for you.? All Ian could do is look down at his feet pathetically as his wife was molested in front of him.

Soon grant had pulled both her tits out. One arm around her waist, he lifted her skirt up and shoved his hand into her lace panties.

?You need to shave this, slut. A proper whore has a pussy as smooth as silk.? Grant tugged painfully at her curly brown pubic hairs.

Wendy grunted as the Alpha forced her to bend over the arm of his couch. He flipped up her skirt and yanked down her red panties.

She let out a long moan as his big cock entered her. She hated to admit that it really was so much more satisfying than her husband?s. It seemed to touch her everywhere inside. Pleasure everything.

Ian put his hands behind his back as his wife was fucked. His tiny pud getting stiff in his boxers.

Grant happily slapped Wendy?s ass in time with his thrusts. Slowly turning her pale ass pink, then red.

After he finally came inside her she just lay there waiting. Grant grabbed Ian?s hair and forced him to his knees. Shoving his sissy face in his wife?s sloppy twat.

Wendy moaned as Ian?s tongue gave her its own pleasure. Licking and sucking the Alpha?s cum out of her. Also pushing her to an orgasm. She pushed back and rubbed her used pussy on her sissy husband?s face as she gasped her pleasure.

When his two pets had finished Grant had them strip. Then he handed Wendy a strap-on with a big black dildo.

?Now you take another step in learning your proper place. Your husband is so pathetic, even his own wife is going to fuck him up the ass.? The cruel boss chuckled as the beautiful woman pulled on the fuck tool.

Ian submissively bent over the arm of the couch. The same spot his wife was fucked just moments before.

Grant handed the woman some lube. Wendy generously applied it to the dildo. Then to her husband?s ass.

?Tell your husband that he?s no man. You know what I want to hear.? Grant said from behind her. His hands reaching around to play with her big tits.

? not really a husband. I?ve just been pity fucking you because you?re so pathetic. You couldn?t satisfy me like Grant can. This fucking should help you realize you aren?t a man in this relationship.? Wendy had tears in her eyes as she started to push the head of the dildo into her husband?s ass.

She felt terrible. Like she was betraying their vows. Their love.

For Ian, everything turned into the dildo burning its way painfully inside him. His little penis straining in its hardness. Turned on by his wife?s words as well as her violation of his manhood.

Grant chuckled. He sat down to watch as Wendy fucked her husband?s ass.

Wendy?s big tits jiggled with her thrusts. She winced every time she shoved the dildo into her husband?s ass. His painful, girly whines like claws on her soul.

Eventually Ian drizzled his little cummies down the side of the couch. Grant pulled Wendy off him and made the sissy lick it up.

Grant took their clothes and threw them out his front door.

?Time for my whores to leave. Buy some sexier clothes and shave that forest.? He ordered them pushing the couple out the door. Naked and soiled.

Quickly they tried to cover their nudity. Humiliated and scrambling to the car.

?I...I?m so sorry about that, Ian.? Wendy started to cry. ?I didn?t mean any of it.?

Ian hugged her close. ?Ssh. I know. It?s ok. We are going to both do things that may hurt. Besides, it kind of turned me on to have you dominate me.

When they got home they showered together. Doing a lot of kissing. Then Ian carefully shaved his wife?s pussy bald. Kissing it lovingly when it was smooth.

Together they went out shopping for a new wardrobe. They started with Wendy. She picked out some shirts and skirts that were more risqué than usual. Then she picked out a bunch of lingerie. Silk and lace. Thongs and nighties.

The beautiful wife shivered every time she pulled on a thong or bikini bottom or shorts. Her newly shaved cunny tingled with excitement at each touch.

For a few minutes she simply sat there, nude in a dressing room. Brushing her bare softness and trying not to moan.

Wendy spread her legs wide. She thought of Grant as her fingers dipped into her honey pot. She should have been buying these sexy clothes for her husband. To please him.

Instead they were for Grant. Evil Grant and his big cock. She bit her clenched fist and shuddered through a small orgasm.

Her sissy husband waited patiently on the other side of the changing room door.

Then it was Ian?s turn. They only picked out clothes from the ?ladies? section. Skirts and dresses. Blouses and lingerie.

Ian blushed every time he stepped out of the dressing room to show off. His tiny pud hard with excitement.

Wendy was horrified to find part of her enjoyed treating him like this. horrified and aroused. The whole naughty afternoon was turning her on. Her husband emasculated before her.

Here it was just her and him. There was a spicy intimacy in his humiliation before her. One that was taken away when they were with Grant. Stolen.

?Looks like someone likes dressing like a girl.? She said, stepping close and reaching under the short skirt he was showing off. Her fingers found his hard prick. She tugged him as he licked his lower lip in excitement. ?Ok, back in there you pathetic sissy.?

That evening when they got home, Ian immediately changed into a short skirt and silk blouse. He shivered as he pulled on lace panties and white stockings.

Wendy found she couldn?t keep her hands off him. Reaching under his skirt to squeeze his ass or pet his dick. Running her fingers up and down his smooth blouse.

She quickly changed into a sheer nighty and silk thong with stockings that matched Ian?s.

After dinner they made love long into the night. Fully aware that Grant would continue to pervert their relationship. Their sexuality.

?Please, Amy. I?m just a worthless whore. My pathetic, sissy husband needs to learn his place. I want you to do whatever you want with him.? Wendy was on her knees before Ian?s ugly fat co-worker.

Both she and Ian were stripped down to their lingerie. It was Monday morning and she had dropped her husband off. Ian wasn?t allowed to drive any more.

?That?s far too masculine for a wet sissy like him.? Grant had told them. The cruel man now standing behind them grinning at this new humiliation he was forcing on them. Making Wendy offer her loving husband to another woman.

?Ha! What a dumb cunt.? Amy said. She reached down and slapped Wendy across the face. Causing the submissive girl to gasp with shock and a strange excitement. ?Sure, I?ll teach your worthless, twat, husband a thing or two.?

The fat woman grabbed Ian?s hair and painfully pulled his face to her crotch as she sat down. The sissy obediently tugged down the big woman?s jeans as Grant pulled Wendy to the door.

The brunette couldn?t take her eyes off her husband until the door closed behind them. Her last glance was of Ian licking and kissing the fat woman?s thighs. A tender act that used to be reserved for her alone.

But then, so was what she was doing for Grant. Moments later she straddled his bare lap. Her panties on the floor. Grinding her pussy against his big, hard, dick. She couldn?t stop shivering as his fuck rod caressed her newly bald cunny. She felt strangely vulnerable, sensitive.

He was sucking then biting her hard nipples. Savoring her submission to his every whim.

?We are going out to eat tonight, whore.? He informed her, gripping her hips tight. ?You will dress like a total slut. So will sissy Ian. I want you both to be humiliated when we walk into that restaurant, understand??

?Mmm, yes sir.? She moaned. Her body trembling.

?And you will take the bus, so as many people as possible will see my fuck toys.?

Wendy gasped loudly as he finally shoved his cock deep in her. She rubbed her big tits against his face.

She still had to get to work, but for the moment had lost herself in the perverted sex that Grant forced her into.

Wendy picked Ian up after work and took him to a couple stores. She had decided they would pick up some especially slutty clothes for their dinner.

She picked out a short, tube dress for her sissy husband. Shiny silver and it didn?t quite cover his ass. He was continuously tugging it down.

He also had fishnet stockings and a tiny lace thong that had a problem keeping even his tiny pud covered.

Wendy picked out a leopard print top. Basically just two straps that barely covered her nipples and then met to wrap around her waist.

Her tits were less covered than when she went to the beach. They jiggled and bounced whenever she moved. The shirt and lack of bra offered no support. She needed to use special tape to make sure her nipples stayed covered.

For a bottom she wore a short schoolgirl?s skirt. Like Ian?s it didn?t quite cover her round ass. She wore a silk thong that offered her a little modesty. Though none for her derrière.

She also wore fishnets. They matched her husband?s. Something about that comforted her. An intimacy they could share.

Wendy figured they would need to find ways to share that intimacy. It was obvious that Grant intended to strip away the bonds that most couples took for granted.

They both had black, high heels. Stilettos. Neither were super comfortable walking in them. Ian was just barely used to regular high heels.

They both stood looking at themselves in the mirror before leaving. ?I don?t know if I can do this.? Wendy said. She barely recognized the woman staring back at her. Her long brown hair was now up and she looked like a prostitute who was trying to move upscale.

?I know, honey.? Ian gave her a loving hug. ?Grant wants to tear down our resistance. This is another step in that. If we can dress like this in public, we will dress like this anywhere.?

She nodded a bit sadly. What were they becoming?

Wendy and Ian blushed as they stepped on the bus. They got a lot of stares. And no small amount of lusty grins. Wendy couldn?t help shivering with excitement. Somehow what she was wearing was even more humiliating than if she had boarded the bus fully nude. She kept reaching up to stop her giant tits from wobbling. Which merely drew more attention to the large pendulous orbs.

They met a beaming Grant just outside the fancy restaurant. ?Excellent. You both look like complete whores.? He said as he pulled Wendy in for a kiss. Squeezing her round bottom under her short skirt.

Wendy shivered as they walked into the restaurant. Well dressed men and women sat eating and chatting at tables. When they looked at her it was with obvious disdain. Like she was worthless. Gutter trash to be used then tossed away.

She tried to keep her head down through the meal, but couldn?t help looking up to see who was watching. She shivered every time she made eye contact. Feeling dehumanized and more worthless each time.

By the end of the meal a change had come over her. And over her sissy husband. The humiliation had swallowed their egos. Leaving them even more timid and submissive.

After the meal, grant took them back to the kitchen. He had made arrangements ahead of time. Otherwise they wouldn?t have been allowed in the restaurant in the first place.

?I want you to masturbate in front of these men.? Grant grinned at his pets. ?Show them just how slutty you are.?

The couple simply mumbled ?yes sir? and lifted their short skirts. Cooks and busboys grinned as they looked at Wendy?s shaved cunt. Then a small cheer went up as she started to finger herself. Ian pulling on his tiny bump next to her.

Wendy made eye contact with each man. Knowing that if any asked she would willingly fuck them in front of her husband. Knowing he wouldn?t protest.

Neither lasted long. When done Grant ushered them out the back into the dark alley. Chuckling as the kitchen door closed on them.

Dejected at what they continued to become, they made their way home.

Wendy had been ordered to wear inappropriate clothes to work by her master. After the Monday night dinner she had little choice but give in.

Wednesday she found herself stepping into an important client meeting. Wearing a blouse that exposed an indecent amount of her massive cleavage. As well as a skirt that was immodestly short and slit up one side, showing off the top of her stocking.

Her partner in the meeting was Bev. An older woman who Wendy had beaten out for a promotion almost a year ago. They had been bitter rivals before that. Now they were active opponents. The older woman took every opportunity to undermine Wendy?s work.

The older woman gave Wendy an astonished look when she saw how she was dressed. The men in the meeting couldn?t stop staring at the submissive woman?s tits.

As the presentation dragged on, Bev took more and more control. Something Wendy would have successfully defended just a week ago.

Now it was almost as if she was the older woman?s assistant.

The clients certainly seemed to think so.

After they were finished, the men shuffled out. The two professional women gathered their materials up.

?You?ll be fired if I let on how you came dressed today.? Bev announced from behind Wendy. ?You look like a tramp.?

The beautiful brunette didn?t defend herself. She just continued arraigning files. Keeping her head down.

Bev grinned. She could sense some sort of change in the younger woman. It was obvious she could exploit it. But how?

Bev wanted to humiliate the girl like she had been humiliated when she was passed over. She grinned at Wendy?s back. Her round ass nearly exposed by her short skirt as she bent over the table.

Bev felt an amazing sense of power and exhilaration as she swatted the young woman?s ass. Wendy?s head jerked up and she gasped in surprise.

?You aren?t better than me now. Are you, whore?? Bev asked. She grabbed the woman?s long brown hair and swatted her again. ?Are you!? She demanded.

? ma?am.? Wendy responded meekly. ? are obviously my...superior.? She squeaked as another blow landed on her rear.

?You have everyone fooled, but not me.? Bev said as she lifted Wendy?s skirt up past her round ass. Revealing two beautiful pale orbs hugging a silk thong. ?What a whore. You?re just a lying, manipulative bitch. Probably slept your way to your position. Didn?t you!? The older woman continued to punctuate her words with sharp slaps on Wendy?s now bare asscheeks.

Wendy winced as her derrière was punished. Her pale flesh slowly turning pink. It wasn?t true. She was a great employee. She had worked hard to get where she was.

Of course, where she was, was bent over a table getting spanked by a co-worker.

Wendy clenched her eyes shut in shame when she said, ?Yes. That?s right. I?m terrible at my job. I...I manipulated and...and used my body.? There were tears in her closed eyes when she admitted, ?I?m a complete whore, and don?t deserve my job.?

Bev let out a laugh of triumph. She shoved Wendy to the floor and walked out in victory. ?Whore.? She hissed back over her shoulder as Wendy sobbed.

Grant was slowly and successfully dehumanizing the young couple. Ian was further along than Wendy. Things like wearing women?s clothes all the time and not being allowed to drive, constantly ground away at his ego.

Wendy was quickly catching up. Complaints about her dress had been made at work. Yet she continued to dress like a whore. She was sure to lose her job soon.

Grant had dreamed up some new humiliations for her. They were to be done mostly in private. Simply a way to show her that she was his belonging even when he wasn?t there.

The first...Quiet Time. Between four and nine in the evening, on weekdays, she was to wear some form of ball gag.

?Whores are to be seen. Not heard.? He had told her. ?Society has incorrectly taught you that should have a voice.? Her cruel master had chuckled at that.

He even ordered her to do her grocery shopping in the afternoon. Wendy would be humiliated. Feeling dehumanized with the ball gag in her mouth. Other shoppers staring and smirking at her.

The second private humiliation...T-mail. Before she could take the gag out she had to undress, alone in her room. Then she had to run a strip of duct tape from the top of her bald pubic mound, down to cover her bare cunny. Then a piece each across her big breasts. Making sure to cover her nipples.

At her leisure she was to tear the tape off. Fast or slow, was her choice. First her breasts. Then her pussy. Always leaving her skin raw and burning.

The tape across her crotch was then to be mailed to Grant.

She found it humiliating to have to write out his address, then list the number of hairs pulled on the back of the envelope. Usually ?zero hairs? as Ian plucked her nearly every day.

The third humiliation was that they were to keep separate rooms. The master bedroom was to belong to their master. During the week they had to sleep alone in their own rooms. Their house was just big enough, after converting Wendy?s office.

Only on the weekend were they allowed to sleep together in the master bedroom.

Also Wendy was no longer to cook at home. Ian was told to do that. He had a pink apron with white frilly edging. And the words ?the dutiful wife loves to serve? printed on it.

Each day they were shown just how submissive they were. Reminded that Grant owned them. Controlled them.

It was Friday afternoon. Wendy had stopped by to pick up her sissy husband from work. Earlier she had been given a last warning at work for dress code violations.

Grant had quickly fucked her over his desk. pressing her big tits and her cheek against the hard wood as he thrust into her. Then he took his naked pets to the breakroom.

There he led them to a metal skillet on the counter. Set on a big hot plate it was noticeably making the room warmer.

?It?s time for you two fuckwits to be done with your wedding rings.? He told them as they knelt before him. Wendy and Ian looked at each other in horror. ?They are unnecessary reminders of vows that no longer apply to you.?

The couple stood together. With his head lowered, Ian let his ring ?clunk!? into the pan.

Wendy rubbed hers for a moment. It?s weight had been a constant reminder of their love. A proof of their enduring partnership.

Her eyes filled with tears as her ring ?clunked!? next to Ian?s quickly melting gold.

?Excellent.? Grant smirked. ?I?m going to give the gold to a homeless guy so he can buy drugs.? Their cruel master waved them off. ?Get out.?

Wendy packed up her office. Tears in her eyes and a heavy weight in her chest.

She had been fired. She knew it was coming and wanted desperately to call Ian. To hear his comforting voice.

Grant had refused. He had this planned and had told her ahead of time that all she could do was come to him when it happened.

Things got worse when Bev came in to gloat. ?Finally got what you deserve? Good riddance, you trash.? The older woman grinned with her arms crossed, holding a paper sack.

Then Bev shut the door behind her. ?Got you a going away present.?

?Please just go.? Wendy begged, but the woman just shook her head.

?Strip, whore. You love showing off that slutty body. Let me show you what you?re really worth.?

Wendy wanted to refuse. To scream at the woman to leave.

Instead she had to watch Bev?s smile get wider as her clothes slowly fell to the floor.

?Bet you think boys like a girl with big cow udders like you.? Bev said stepping forward. She pinched Wendy?s nipples and twisted them as she talked. ?Not true. They just know you?ll spread your whore legs at the drop of a hat.?

The woman finally let go and made the younger woman kneel. Bev took a moment to smirk down at her rival. She savored her victory over the younger woman. Then she pulled a big jar out of the sack. Honey.

The older woman poured it all over Wendy?s body. Mostly from the neck down. Tears filled Wendy?s eyes as the sticky slime began to cover her beautiful body.

The submissive woman shivered as the goopy honey covered her big tits. As it seeped into her crotch. Like a giant honey bee jizzing all over her.

Bev chuckled, relishing her power over the submissive bitch. She used her bare hands to spread the honey all over. Taking her time rubbing it on Wendy?s giant udders.

A shiver of excitement ran through the older woman as her fingers massaged down between the beautiful brunette?s thighs. She ignored her sinful lust as she groped another woman?s sex. Smearing the honey all over Wendy?s pussy.

Then she pulled out a bag of feathers.

?This is just a reminder of your place in the world.? Bev said as she pressed the feathers all over Wendy?s sticky body. Making sure to cover the girl?s pillowy breasts. And taking an extra large handful and mashing it forcefully against Wendy?s cunny.

Then she made the young woman get dressed over her honey and feathers. She actually helped the humiliated girl finish packing. Then escorted her all the way out to her car. Past snickering, former co-workers. Giving her a jaunty wave and smile as she drove off.

The feathers were scratchy under her clothes, and Grant laughed when he saw them.

She had hurried past Ian?s desk outside. Grant?s door was slammed in the sissy?s face, though he could tell his wife was upset. He wasn?t allowed to comfort her. His heart breaking just a little as he sat down. His fingers rubbing where his ring had been.

Grant made Wendy strip, then kneel under his desk. She spent the rest of the day there. Sucking and licking her master?s dick. Feeling soiled and foul covered in the sticky honey and scratchy feathers.

That?s where she spent the rest of the week. There or on Grant?s office couch typing up notes on a laptop.

She was his personal assistant now. Left with little choice but to work for him. As he had planned.

Ian gave the swarthy client a tentative smile as he took the man?s empty cup. Grant had left him waiting in reception while he finished a call.

?You may go in now, sir.? The sissy informed him.

Ian could just barely see his wife as the door opened. She was naked and bent over Grants desk. Her ass toward the door. Her wrists and ankles spread and tied the the wooden desk.

He shivered when he heard the swarthy man chuckle as he unbuckled his belt. Then the door closed.

Soon Ian winced when he heard the sharp CRACK! of the belt through the door. His wife?s desperate cries over and over in response as she was abused.

Unbidden, his tiny sissy bump got hard.

This was the way it should be. Him, alone and humiliated in women?s lingerie. While real men played with his toys. Played rough.

Probably breaking them.

?You know I love you dearly.? Wendy assured her wonderful husband.

They snuggled together after failing to make tender, normal love.

Ian had ended up going down on her and gave Wendy an orgasm, but they couldn?t get his little prick hard.

Wendy grinned at her husband. ?It?s probably for the best. This pathetic nothing has never satisfied me anyway.? She flicked his little sissy bump. Then pinched the tip and pulled on it. ?We both know you aren?t the man in our relationship. Not anymore. Go put on something more appropriate.? She ordered him.

Ian stood and crossed to the dresser. His tiny penis was already twitching from his wife?s humiliating words.

Ian?s sissy body shivered as he pulled on white stockings. His dicklette fully hard by the time both were on.

?A matching negligee too. You pathetic wimp.? She told him. So he pulled on a white lace top. One that didn?t cover his shameful crotch.

When he moved back to the bed Wendy pushed him to his back and straddled his crotch. Moaning as she slid his little pecker into her wet hole.

?I can?t even feel you.? She lied, grinding back and forth. Fucking her husband.

This was it. This was the only time Ian even felt half a man. With his penis in his wife. Even this had been tainted by Grant. He was impotent if he wasn?t reminded how much of a sissy he had become.

He reached up and grabbed his wife?s big jiggling breasts. Enjoying fucking his own wife. Even just for a moment.

Ian had a routine in the morning. One Grant designed to be degrading. To constantly remind him of his place.

He had to wake earlier than his wife. When he slipped out of bed he put on high heels. Not his work heels. These are just for around the house. Then he pulled on a baby blue housecoat over his nightgown.

He would head down to the kitchen where he put on his pink apron and made breakfast.

Then he went back upstairs where he had to take a bubble bath. ?Pink Dreams? was his brand. Ian would be careful to shave off any offending hairs on his sissy body.

After the bath he picked out his clothes for the day. Mostly concentrating on the lingerie, as that?s all he will be allowed to wear at work anyway.

Once he had pulled on stockings and panties, he picked out a bra or negligee. Then he sat at his vanity. Probably the most humiliating part of his morning.

The makeup table is something Grant bought him. A girly place made for a sissy. It was white wood with pink frilly cloth stapled to the edges. With a big mirror and plenty of drawers. It had a matching chair with a fancy back, and pink upholstered seat. Also with frills.

Ian would take ten or fifteen minutes getting his makeup right.

Then he would pull on a dress or a skirt and blouse. He would get in the car on the passenger side and his wife would drive them to work.

He would sit with his hands primly in his lap. Waiting patiently for whatever Grant had in store that day.

He didn?t even shed any tears through the process anymore.

?I have a fun night planned for us Saturday.? Grant announced to his pets.

He sat on his couch, naked. Wendy next to him in a blue negligee. Her head in his lap, bobbing up and down as she stacked his cock.

Ian knelt on the floor in front. He wore a pink lace bra and matching panties. He held Ian?s right foot by the ankle and heel.

Slowly the sissy licked his boss?s foot. His tongue would move up one side. He would kiss, ten suck a toe. Then he would lick back down.

Grant loved the way the sissy?s tongue felt on his foot. Not quite tickling. Just a gentle pleasure. On top of the blowjob, he could feel his orgasm coming fast.

The cruel boss groaned as he shot his load in Wendy?s mouth. The beautiful woman desperately swallowing his slimy jizz.

Then he pushed her to the floor next to her husband. Obediently she picked up his left foot. She looked up at him and met grants eyes. Looking humiliated as she sucked his big toe in her mouth.

?We are going to go to a bar and have a fun night out.? Grant finished. Smirking down at his slaves.

The submissive couple continued to suck and kiss their master?s feet. Humiliated, but obedient on the floor before him.

Ian still had some men?s clothing in a box in the basement. Grant figured there would be times he wanted him to pretend to be a man.

That Saturday they all went to a bar. Grant arrived first, with a date. A young blonde woman. Then Ian came in and got a table.

Finally Wendy. Dressed slutty and hot. She sat at the bar and scoped the place out. She was to pick the ugliest guy. Someone who would normally be going home alone. At some point she would invite him back to the alley and give him a blowjob.

Ian would have to sneak back to watch.

She got a couple drinks in her. Openly flirting with a couple guys. Then Ian watched as she walkt over to a fat young man. The guy looked sweaty. His chubby face lit up when the brunette whispered in his ear though.

Wendy led him into the back hall and out of sight. A minute later Ian got up to follow.

?I know a cuck husband when I see one.? Came an oily voice from behind Ian. He turned to find a tall old man blocking his way back to the bar.

?Excited to watch your wife with another man?? The tall man stepped forward with each word. Forcing the sissy back by his mere presence. Down the hall. Past the bathrooms. Into a small storage room.

The old man swiftly grabbed Ian?s hair with one hand, and shoved his other down the submissive man?s slacks.

?Ha! Silk panties. I figured.? The stranger tugged Ian?s pants down. Revealing his shame. Then he slapped Ian across the face. ?Do as I say, and this will be over quick.?

The sissy?s face stung as he was pushed to his knees. The old man quickly pulled out his long dick. Tapping it against Ian?s face. ?Give us a good suck, boy.? The old man said.

Ian looked up from his kneeling position, at the man?s grinning face. Then he submissively nodded. He took as much of the strange man?s dick in his mouth as he could.

Outside, just feet away, Wendy was on her knees too. Her face bobbing up and down on the fat man?s lap as he moaned.

She pleasured a complete stranger as if her wedding vows meant nothing. She had just walked up to him and asked, ?want me to suck your dick in the alley?? like a common whore.

Because that?s what she was.

Her body shivered with excitement as she massaged the man?s sweaty balls. As fatty leaned forward and reached beneath her.

She could feel her top tear as he yanked it open to paw at her breasts. Roughly mauling her giant tits once he set them free.

Wendy moaned with pain and lust.

Inside the old man chuckled each time he thrust his cock deep in the gagging sissy?s throat. He had a handful of Ian?s hair painfully grabbed on each side of his head and was roughly face fucking the wimp. Ian had tears in his eyes from the rough treatment.

?Ah! I?m going to cum. Don?t swallow yet,? the tall man ordered. ?Hold it on your tongue so I can see.? Then he was spurting inside Ian?s mouth.

Obediently, the sissy didn?t swallow. Opening his mouth to show the old man. Trying to ignore the warm, disgusting, slime on his tongue.

?Ha! Good. Wonderful. You really are just a sissy.? The old man watched Ian. Gloating in his mastery of the younger man. Savoring Ian?s humiliation. A stranger?s jizz pooled on his sissy tongue.

Finally he put his cock away and zipped up his pants. ?Swallow.?

The man walked out as Ian gulped down his jizz.

Outside, Wendy gulped down her own load of cum. The fat man chuckling and groaning his way through an orgasm. Then he just zipped up his pants and walked away from her without another word. Leaving the cum dumpster there in the alley with the rest of the trash.

Later Grant?s date laughed at the pathetic pair. Wendy and Ian were naked. On their knees in Grant?s back yard. Their asses were in the air and cheeks pressed to the mud as the blonde sprayed them with chilly water from the hose.

The loving couple faced each other. Their heads touching. Their bodies shivering in the cold water.

The woman had given them each a small spanking. Nowhere near as painful as they usually received.

Grant had found it hilarious that Ian sucked off the old man. Now he was letting his date abuse them as a form of foreplay.

The woman quickly got bored though. ?Let?s go in. I?m horny.? She said. Taking off her shirt as she walked into the house.

Grant grinned as he put his boot against Wendy?s ass. ?Time to go home slut.? He shoved her forward into the mud.

Shamefully the husband and wife collected their discarded clothes as Grant headed upstairs to fuck his date.

Ian had a friend named Chuck. They had known each other since college and still hung out once a month or so. Though not since Ian?s new job.

On Sunday Ian invited Chuck over for lunch. They chatted happily through the meal, though Ian had butterflies in his sissy tummy.

Grant had ordered this meet up.

After lunch Ian blurted out his lines. Worried that if he waited too long he would lose his nerve.

?Would you like to fuck my wife? I?m too pathetic to please her in bed.? Ian nearly gasped.

Chuck just stared at him for a long minute. Ian trembled all over in anticipation and dread. Truly he had valued his friendship with this man. Now Grant was forcing him to throw it away. There would be no going back to normal after this. No matter what Chuck decided.

?Wendy? You want me to fuck your wife Wendy?? He asked.

Ian nodded. Not able to meet his friend?s eyes. ?You can fuck her rough. She?s just a whore. She?ll let any real man do what he wants with her.? Ian slumped, his lines delivered. It was all up to Chuck now.

?Well, yeah. Of course I want to fuck her. Now?? Chuck asked with a grin.

Ian nodded. Feeling betrayed and humiliated by his longtime friend. He couldn?t help his little dick get excited at Chuck?s answer.

Chuck found Wendy in the master bedroom. He didn?t know that it wasn?t really theirs anymore. She sat on the edge of the bed in a red lace thong and sheer white crop top. She stood when he entered.

?Ian said you like it rough.? Chuck said. Shutting the door behind him as he pulled off his shirt.

?I don?t like it, but a real man can do whatever he wants to me.? She answered, moving close to her husband?s friend.

?Whatever he wants?? Chuck asked. He grabbed her long hair and painfully yanked her head back as she placed her palms on his chest.

?Anything.? Wendy gasped.

Chuck sneered. He had always been attracted to Ian?s wife, of course. How had that wimp gotten such a hot woman?

Wendy gasped again when Chuck gave her face a couple light slaps. Smiling at how submissive she was. He reached down and lifted her top. Pinching her nipples and squeezing her big tits.

He nodded in satisfaction and forced her to bend over the bed. Taking a few moments to swat and spank her round ass before tugging down her thong.

?Tell me you want my cock.? He ordered. Rubbing her wet cunny. His fingers pressed between her spread thighs.

?Ooh! I want it. I want your big cock, Chuck.? Wendy moaned for him.

She leaned forward and bit the back of her fist in lust when he started rubbing his dick against her pussy. How could he? This man she had been friends with for years. Since she had met Ian. Had he wanted her all this time? Watched her with lust in his eyes?

Now she was his play thing. He had no respect for her as a person. Only as an object to be fucked. Something to take pleasure from.

Wendy shook through a small orgasm as Chuck?s dick slowly pushed into her. She moaned and groaned as he got into his rhythm. Slapping her ass in time with his thrusts.

Chuck felt better than he had ever imagined as he plowed Ian?s wife. When he was ready he finished in the only way that seemed appropriate.

Chuck pulled out and shoved Wendy to the floor. With a triumphant groan and a grin he came all over her face and tits. Wiping his cock off in her hair when he was finished.

He left without saying a word to the whore, or the sissy. Their friendship broken.

Though perhaps he would be back to fuck the big titted slut. He would think about it anyway.

Grant didn?t fuck Ian much anymore. Not since Wendy became his assistant. Work after Chuck?s visit was different.

Ian?s ass was on fire as he gripped his boss?s desk. Grants big cock swiftly jackhammering him from behind as he squeaked.

They had told him every detail of Chucks visit and Grant was quite pleased. More than pleased, he wanted to physically pound home Ian?s worthlessness as a husband.

?The two of you are coming along nicely.? He told them as he gripped Ian?s hips and thrust.

Wendy could only watch with pity as her sissy husband was fucked deep in the ass. She knelt passively on the floor. Waiting her turn.

?I understand you are estranged from your father, Ian. He?s a real piece of shit. Or so my whore tells me.? He grabbed Ian?s hair, yanking his head up.

?Unh! Unh! Uh-huh!? Ian gasped. His hard little pud slapping up and down.

?You will take Wendy to him. Offer her to that piece of shit. Give her to him for the night.?

Ian moaned loudly as he came. He hated his father. Hated him for what the cruel man did to him and his mother when he was young. He had hoped to never see him again in his life.

Wendy crawled beneath her husband. Licking Ian?s sad cummies off the front of the desk.

?I bet you both have a great night.? Grant gloated as he came in his sissy pet?s ass.

Patrick groaned as he lifted his bulk from the worn couch. He wondered what inconsiderate asshole would be knocking so late. It was nearly seven and he was already on his fifth beer.

Ian knocked again. The two story house was run down, and in a bad neighborhood. One of the front windows was spiderwebbed with cracks.

The couple stood waiting on the porch. Ian in a short pink sundress. Wendy in a blue miniskirt and white halter with no bra. Her dark areola clearly visible through the thin material.

They both wore matching white stockings.

When the door finally opened, Ian?s breath caught in his throat. The man who had made his childhood a living hell grinned down at him.

Wrinkly, older, his muscles turned to fat, and a big round belly beneath a greasy T-shirt. The old man still intimidated his son.

?Huh. If it ain?t my little pansy. Finally dressing like he always wanted.? Patrick chuckled as he looked his son up and down. ?And you show up with a prostitute??

? This is my wife. Wendy.? Ian felt in a daze. Was he really a grown up? Or was he a child again?

?Yeah, that seems about right. The only woman you could?a got is one you paid for.?

?I?m not a prostitute. And I love your son. Love Ian.? Wendy boldly protested.

?Huh, c?mon in then.? The old man turned and ushered them in. ?Why are you here, fuckwit? I ain?t got no money for ya.?

Ian took a deep breath. ?I...I?m a sissy cuck. My...master demanded that I offer you my wife for the night. To do whatever you want to her.? Ian found himself looking at his feet as he explained. Glossy, white high heels over his white stockings. He couldn?t bring himself to look his wife or his father in the eyes.

Patrick grinned and stepped close to Wendy. She grimaced and looked away in shame, as the old man brazenly flipped her shirt up. Her large breasts fully bared to him. ?Nice tits.? He told her as he gave them a firm squeeze. ?Yeah, ok. I?ll fuck your whore wife, you little shit.?

Patric pulled the brunette into a close embrace. ?There?s an old kennel out back. Grab a blanket and go sleep out there. While I rock this bitch?s world.?

Patric followed Ian to the backdoor. Tossing him a ratty blanket as they passed the little laundry room. Then the sissy was out in the back yard.

?Let?s get something straight...? Ian could hear the old bastard slap his wife as the door closed.

With tears in his eyes, the sissy stepped into the fenced in kennel. He wrapped the blanket around himself and cuddled in the large dog house as a second story window opened. Shedding some light on the back yard.

Soon he could hear his wife gasping with sexual pleasure. His father?s own fuck moans sending shivers down his spine. The occasional sharp snap of a hand striking skin would carry across the yard. Spanks or slaps, Ian had no way of knowing.

It was a long night. His father seemed to have the stamina of a twenty year old.

In the morning, Ian gently sucked on his father?s balls. The old man?s limp cock rested against the sissy?s face. Slick with fresh jizz and Wendy?s cunt juice.

Wendy had made breakfast. Now she sat next to the old man on the couch. He happily groped her between bites of bacon and toast. The sissy on his knees before his father. Serving him in a way no son should.

?Yeah, we are going to have to get together like this more often, pussy.? The old man chuckled above his son.

Grant smirked down at his pet. ?Sounds like you both had a great time with your old man.? He taunted.

Wendy was laying across her master?s lap. Nude except for a black garter and stockings. And her high heels. Her ass was red and throbbing from a spanking. She moaned quietly as Grant fucked her with two fingers.

Ian knelt in the middle of the room. Still in his lacy bra, though his panties lay discarded nearby. He also had a garter and stockings. Matching his wife?s. His tiny prick still stung from the hot wax Grant had dripped all over it.

?Saturday night I have a really fun plan for the two of you. Make sure you take extra care getting ready before you come over.

Wendy gasped as her master?s thumb flicked her sensitive clit. Her body shivered as she was taken by a small orgasm.

?I wonder what he has planned for us.? Grant said as he stepped into the master bedroom Friday night. They were both naked and excited to sleep together. One of only three nights they were allowed per week.

?Something vile no doubt.? Wendy said as she looked thoughtfully at her sissy husband.

With his slight body plucked and his make up on he really did look like a girl. Even naked, his tiny sissy bump was easy to overlook.

She ordered him to put on a purple lace panty and nighty. Cropped to show off his smooth tummy.

On the bed he lay between her thighs. Licking her to orgasm as she squeezed her big tits and thought about her master?s cock.

Then she let him lay down and pulled his panties down fat enough so she could suck his little dicklette in her mouth.

She couldn?t help a strange feeling of shame as she sucked the sissy off. Like she was doing something no one would approve of.

Afterward they held each other lovingly. Drifting asleep together.

They were both dressed in cute grey cocktail dresses. Short and a bit indecent, though neutral for most of the activities their master had called upon them to do.

?I have a friend who runs a bordello.? Grant smiled at his pets. ?You are going to prostitute your wife.?

Ian?s eyes went wide with shock, but Wendy just nodded her head. She had little shame or modesty left after the last few weeks.

Grant drove them to a large house in a lower class block near the airport. When they went in they were greeted by half a dozen washed out women in lingerie. And a handful of men in cheap business suits.

Grant worked things out with the madam.

?Great. Ian strip to your underwear.? The sissy had a baby blue, silk bra and panty. Along with white stockings. Grant made him kneel near the entrance and tied the sissy?s wrists behind his back.

He wrote ?PLEASE, FUCK MY WHORE WIFE. $50? on Ian?s tummy in hot pink lipstick.

Wendy changed into a white, short lace skirt and matching camisole. She was by a large margin the most attractive woman there.

Then they waited. With her standing next to her husband looking sultry.

Soon the first John paid for Ian?s wife. An older man, he paid the madam with a credit card who gave him a dollar and instructions in return.

The old man grinned as he walked back and shoved the dollar in Ian?s panties and led Wendy away.

Before long the old man and Wendy returned. The John gave Ian a firm slap across his face and left with a smile.

The evening turned into a long night of dollar bills, fucks and slaps. Fourteen men in all. Wendy was sore and exhausted by the end.

Ian spent most of the night with tears in his eyes. His heart breaking a little more each time a stranger led his wife away.

Something about being so complicit in selling her body. Something about accepting the dollars as a pittance for breaking their intimacy killed a little of his soul.

When they got home early in the morning they both slept in their own bedrooms.

Sunday started with a call from grant. The smug man asked how they enjoyed their first foray into being whores. Then moved on without waiting for an answer.

He was excited about the orders he had to give the pathetic couple. The next part of his master plan.

Ian put on a cute pink bra and panty set. With little blue bows on his hips and in between the cups. He also had a white garter and stockings and a little blue bow in his hair.

Wendy wore a red lace one piece with a thong back. The lace was sheer enough that her breasts were clearly visible. As was the fact that her pussy was bald.

She has stockings that matched Ian, but without the garter.

They took a deep breath. Then walked out into the sunny day of their back yard.

Wendy got the mower out and Ian grabbed the gardening basket.

When they started on the front yard they drew onlookers. Cars slowed down as they passed. Neighbors peeked out of windows.

Wendy, sweaty and nearly nude as she pushed the mower. Ian looking like a pansy in women?s underwear as he knelt and weeded the flower beds.

?I?m not sure we are up for a party.? Wendy weakly protested.

?That wasn?t a request.? Grant growled over the phone. ?Be at Hank?s by seven.? Then he hung up.

?A party with the boys.? Wendy told Ian.

?I...what should I wear? Do they know? Oh god, what if Grant told them the things he made us do??

Wendy patted his shoulder. ?I?ll help you pick out a nice dress. If Grant hasn?t told them, then we will say you?ve taken up crossdressing.?

Wendy led him to his room. Now fully decked out like a teen girl?s bedroom, as Grant had purchased humiliating items for him. In addition to the princess vanity, the bed was a pink frilly canopy nightmare. Complete with half a dozen fluffy pillows and stuffed animals. The wallpaper was white with pink hearts. There was a pink armchair in one corner and a big wooden rocking horse in another. Big enough that Ian could use it with just a bit of discomfort. One wall even had two posters on it. One was of three stripped down sexy firemen. The other a sexy vampire man with a big bulge in his pants.

Ian had been ordered to masturbate three times a week while staring at the posters.

Wendy opened his dresser and pulled out a canary yellow, lace bra and panty set. Then a short, blue dress with a pleated skirt and a button up top. His bra was visible through the white cloth. A pair of white high heels and a blue hair bow completed his ensemble.

?No stockings?? He asked a little disappointed. He actually liked when they wore matching stockings. Without their rings it had become a strange form of intimacy to them both.

?Not tonight, sissy,? Wendy told him as she caressed his cheek.

Then she headed to her own room while he got dressed.

Wendy?s bedroom was a bit more stark. Plain bed, dresser and small vanity.

She was getting more excited by the minute though. Surely Grant hadn?t told the others what he had done to her. The evening would help her feel like her old self. Hanging out among old friends.

She pulled out a pink silk thong and matching half cup bra. Wondering if they would play any of those stripping games. Usually she was only willing when she was drunk. Tonight though...

The thought of real men seeing her in her sexy underwear turned her on. The bra couldn?t even successfully cover her nipples. Her little berries would be on display for all to see.

She pulled on a thin tank-top. Grey so her areola didn?t show through, though her nipples were clearly outlined in the cloth.

Then a pair of tight workout shorts to match. Small enough that the bottom edge of her asscheeks were visible.

Then they were in the car and on their way.

They walked around the side of Hanks house. They could hear people on the patio. Wendy smiled as she turned the corner and saw her friends.

Ian picked up on the strange mood right away. There was anticipation in the air. An awkwardness not caused by his women?s clothing.

Then he noticed the only other wife was Tilda. The chubby blonde.

?Lookin good, Ian!? Bart said in what seemed like a jovial voice, though the sissy thought he caught a predatory edge to the man?s voice.

That?s what he felt, Ian realized as Ben handed Wendy a drink. The boys had always seemed like predators to him, but now it felt like it was out in the open.

?Ah! The whore of honor has arrived. And her pathetic sissy cuck.? Grant announced as he stepped out of the house behind them.

Ian saw a shudder run through Wendy. The shock on her face. The thin veneer of normalcy she had built for herself shattering.

The spell had been broken. The boys hungrily grinned at the submissive couple.

Grant stepped close and put an arm around Wendy?s waist. He could feel the beautiful woman trembling as he hugged her. ?The boys have been waiting to see more of you fore some time.? He brazenly reaches for her big tits with his free hand. Squeezing them in front of the crowd. Savoring the broken look of despair on her beautiful face. ?I?ve told them all about your new position in my company.?

?Yeah, on your knees, slut!? Tilda called out. Wendy shuddered at the venom in the chubby woman?s voice.

?Let?s get this party started.? Grant grinned, licking the side of Wendy?s neck. He moved her up on the patio, so everyone could get a good view. ?Now show the boys what you?ve selfishly been keeping from them.? He ordered, stepping away.

Ian gasped when Tilda grabbed him and pulled him to the side. Away from the boys and his wife. She lay down on a lounger and pulled him down next to her bulk. ?They?re going to wreck your whore wife, sissy.? She whispered in his ear.

On the patio, Wendy gripped the bottom of her tank-top. She didn?t have enough ego left to resist. Her self respect had been burned away by Grant. If the men she considered her oldest, and best friends wanted to abuse her...she wouldn?t resist.

The gathered boys cheered as she pulled the grey shirt over her head. Her hard nipples visible just above the half-cup bra.

She turned and bent way over to pull her shorts down. Obediently making sure the show was exciting for the men. The thin cloth slipped over her amazing ass. Now mostly revealed. Only her thong protected her modesty.

Standing back up she reached back with one hand. Covering her big breasts with the other. Hiding her tits as the pink bra fell to the ground.

The boys cheered again when she revealed her breasts with a little flourish. Looking to Grant for approval.

Tilda groped Ian?s chest through his dress, as they watched. Rubbing him through his lace bra.

Wendy nibbled her lower lip. Then quickly pulled her panties off. She stood before the men in all her nude glory. Waiting for her next indignity.

?I think the boys deserve an apology for the way you?ve treated them. Keeping your goodies for yourself. Or worse, for that sissy.?

He stepped up and pushed her to her hands and knees. ?Crawl...? He sneered, savoring the word. ?Crawl to each man and say your sorry. Then kiss his penis to show your submission.?

Shivering, Wendy crawled on her hands and knees to the first man. Ben quickly pulled his hard dick out as she whimpered, ?I?m so sorry, sir. ass is yours to play with.? Then she leaned in and pressed her lips against the tip of his dick.

?Holy fuck!? Ben gasped as she gave his cock a long kiss.

Then she crawled to the next man. Another dick kiss. This time with a little tongue. As she crawled away he slapped her round ass hard. Leaving a soft red hand print.

So did the next man, and the next. Wendy crawled to each of her friends. Kissing dicks and getting spanked. Decisively showing everyone, including herself what her new role in the group was.

On the lounger, fat Tilda had pulled off Ian?s dress. She was grinning and giggling as she watched Wendy humiliated. Her hand was in Ian?s yellow, lace panties. She pinched and pulled on his tiny prick as Wendy debased herself.

Most of the men had pulled out their phones and were taking pictures of the beautiful naked woman as Grant made her pose.

?You want the boys to have something to remember this night by, don?t you?? He asked her as he made her bend over a chair. ?Wiggle that cute ass for the camera.? He ordered. The naked woman obediently obeyed.

Over and over she posed. On her hands and knees, kissing Grant?s shoe. On a chair, her legs wide, fingers pulling her pussylips apart. On her knees, squeezing her big tits together and licking her lips for the camera.

Tilda has stripped and forced the sissy to the ground. His face buried between her meaty thighs. She moaned and squeezed her own breasts as he licked her wet cunt.

The boys lifted Wendy up and placed her on another lounge chair. Hank pulled her arms above her head and tied her wrists to the frame, as Grant had told him.

Her cruel master leaned in and whispered in her ear as he pinched her nipple. ?I want you to feel helpless for this next part.? He pushed a rubber ball gag into her mouth. ?You always thought of us as your friends. We always thought of you as another cunt to fuck.? He gave her a sneer as he tightened the gag?s strap.

Wendy?s head was spinning as Hank lay down on top of her. Then she moaned as his big dick penetrated her helpless pussy.

The big man groped her tits. Squeezing unnecessarily hard as he fucked her. He grunted as his cock speared deep inside the bound beauty.

After Hank shot his load inside her she was mounted by the next. Ben happily gave her face a few slaps as his dick slid into her sloppy cunt. Then he moved on to her breasts. Smacking them back and forth. Enjoying the way they jiggled and bounced as she squealed into her gag.

Over and over the boys fucked and abused her. Running a train on her beautiful pussy. They had each taken some ED pills so they could fuck her more than once.

By the time they were done, Wendy?s pussy was a gaping mess. Sore and caked with jizz. She had been brought to a handful of powerful orgasms, and lay there exhausted.

?Ah, ah, ah! Not time to sleep yet, you stupid cum dumpster.? Tilda stood naked and large above the bound woman. She pulled the ballgag out of Wendy?s mouth. ?My turn.?

The fat woman settled her bulk on the beautiful mess. Straddling the bound girls face. She rubbed her crotch against Wendy?s lips, already wet from Ian?s cunt licking.

Wendy obediently licked and sucked the fat woman?s pussy. A slave even to other women?s pleasure.

The boys laughed as Grant forced Ian to crawl between his wife?s legs. Submissively the sissy began to lap up the Alpha?s cum.

Grant stood behind the wimp and raised a leather belt. Ian squealed as he was whipped. The leather kissing a line of fire through his lace panties.

Finally the boys started to leave. Joking and marveling over the pictures they had taken, the abuse they had given, and the potential for the future.

Soiled and used, Wendy and Ian made their way back to their car. Then back home. They showered together and lay down in the master bedroom. Snuggling each other to sleep.

Monday Grant had his two pets in his office. A tall man with a thin mustache and an expensive suit sat on a chair in the corner watching.

?I?m very proud of the two of you. I think you are ready for the next step on your journey. Strip naked.? He ordered the couple.

?This is Mr. Jorst.? Their master explained as the pair quickly got nude. ?He brought papers for you to sign that will annul your pathetic excuse for a marriage.?

Wendy and Ian both gasped as they removed the last of their clothes. Grant grinned at the couple. Waiting to see if either would protest.

When they didn?t all four gathered around Grant?s big wood desk.

?Uhrum. Now. These papers state the marriage is unlawful as Ian has never been a proper man.? The tall lawyer harrumphed at them. ?Would you say that is correct miss??

Wendy hesitated, then gave a slight nod. Mr. Jorst showed her the dozen spots on the document that she had to sign or initial.

When she took the pen and leaned down he grabbed her hips from behind. She gasped when he pushed her even further. The lawyer?s long thin cock pushed easily into her pussy.

?That?s it miss. Be a good girl and sign. Uhrum.? He ordered.

There were tears in her eyes as she signed the papers. Though she didn?t hesitate. Her tits slapped together as the tall lawyer fucked her from behind.

?Uh, hungh. Good, good!?

When she was done he pulled out and pushed her away. ?Uma, now you boy.? Mr. Jorst said.

Ian openly wept as he started to sign. The lawyer shoved his slimy dick far up his ass.

When Ian had signed all the spots the tall man kept him there. Pushing him so his chest was across the annulment documents. The sissy whimpered with each thrust of the man.

Finally Mr. Jorst groaned loudly as he came in the wimp. Then he stepped away. ?Uh, ha. Very good then. You are both now single.?

With a nod to the beaming Grant, the lawyer took the document and left.

?Wonderful.? Grant said. Grinning down at his favorite toys. Ian and Wendy knelt on the floor. Hugging each other.

?Now the real fun begins.? He told the two slaves.
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