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Naruto: Lost in the Forest of Lust chapter 4

Post #1

Hinata was sitting on a chain in the basement of the tower in only her bar and panties. In her opinion, it looked more like a torture chamber. There was a large wooden X shaped cross, a dunking tank, chains attached to the walls, and several other things that she had no idea about. All she knew was that the examiner who brought her here seemed to be every familiar with them.

?Alright kid,? said Anko as she stepped in front of Hinata. She was now dressed in only her fishnet shirt and nothing else. ?I bet you are wondering what is going on here.?

?Hai,? said Hinata softly. Anko smiled at her.

?Well, I ran into your boyfriend in the woods earlier today,? she said. At the word boyfriend Hinata?s face turned bright red. ?He helped me out and so I decided to help him as a way of saying thank you. So, I?m going to help him by teaching you to become a better sex partner!?

?N-Nani?? cried Hinata. Anko quickly moved behind her and grabbed one of her breasts. Slowly she began to knead the younger girl?s breast, causing her to moan.

?Don?t worry,? whispered Anko into Hinata?s ear. ?I promised Naruto that I would leave your pussy just for him. I?ll be showing you how to use the rest of your body to please him.?


Naruto jumped from tree to tree, still looking for his teammates. It wasn?t like he could stop and ask people if they had seen them. But still, how hard was it to find an emo boy and a girl with a large forehead with pink hair?

But he had to admit, being away from them wasn?t bad at all. So far he had had sex with four women. First it had been with the Suna-nin Temari and Tenten from fuzzy-brows team. Then he made love with the Hyuuga heiress, Hinata. Last on the list had been Anko.

A bright flash brought Naruto out of his thoughts. He looked down at the source and saw that it came from a kunai. But, it wasn?t aimed at him. He stopped when he saw that the owner was going to be using it on herself. Acting on impulse he jumped down to the ground and stood before the Oto-nin.

?What do you think you are doing?? he asked. The girl raised her head and Naruto could see she had tears in her eyes. She also had a bruise on her left check.

?Go away!? she yelled. ?Just leave me alone. I don?t have a scroll so just go away!?

?Just put it down,? said Naruto calmly. ?I don?t care if you have a scroll. I just don?t want you to kill yourself.? The girl looked at him in complete confusion.

?Why do you care?? she sobbed. ?No cares about me. My teammates hate me. I?m a useless kunoichi. I have no friends, no family. What do I have to live for??

?I know what it?s like,? said Naruto softly. ?I used to have no one to. But in time it got better.? Seeing her hesitate and move the kunai away from her throat he continued. ?If you want, you and I can be friends.?

?You?re lying!? she cried as she moved the kunai closer to her throat again.

?What happened to your cheek?? asked Naruto

?Why do you care?? asked Kin.

?Like I said, I want to be your friend,? said Naruto. ?And that?s what friends do.? Kin looked so confused. Part of her believed that he was lying to her. The other part wanted to believe in him. In the end, she dropped the kunai and fell to the ground crying.

Naruto moved over to her and got her in a sitting position with him next to her. He draped an arm around her shoulder and pulled her close so she was crying in his chest. ?Just let it all out.?

?It was Zaku,? she said in his chest. ?My teammate Zaku did this. We were assigned to kill this genin and failed. Zaku punched me afterwards and said it was my fault.? Her eyes widened as she felt the blond boy begin to stroke her hair.

?It wasn?t your fault,? said Naruto. ?I don?t know why you wanted to kill this genin, but it wasn?t your fault that your team failed. He?s just being a jerk and trying to pin all the blame on you. I have a teammate who sometimes blames me when things go wrong.? Kin then moved her arms around Naruto and began to hug him gently.

?Thank you,? she said as she lifted her head to look at him. ?I believe you said your name was Naruto during the written portion.?

?You remembered,? said Naruto with a smile. Kin blushed.

?It?s kind of hard to forget,? said replied. ?I?m Tsuchi Kin.? She then moved and rested her chin on his shoulder. They stayed like for a while. Her body felt so warm and soft. He looked over and saw that her bruised check was next to his face. Acting on instinct, he moved his face and gave it a lick. This caused her to gasp in pleasure at the fell of his warm tongue against her skin.

?Naruto-kun, what was that for,? she asked.

?I?m going to show you that someone does love you,? he said. He then moved a hand down her back and stopped on her ass. He slowly rubbed it causing her to blush. ?Unless you don?t want to.?

Kin moaned in pleasure. She couldn?t help it. A short while ago she had planned to end her life and now this boy was making her feel so good. ?I never knew someone could make me feel this good,? she thought. ?He?s so much nicer than the other people back home. Orochimaru-sama will kill me when he finds out that we failed him. But, if I can have one moment of happiness then I can die peacefully.?

?Hai, Naruto-kun,? she said. ?I trust you.? With that, Naruto moved his head and body so that his face was facing Kin?s. Then, before she knew it, he was kissing her passionately. His tongue was exploring her mouth and hers soon followed its example. They both fell to the ground and Naruto rolled them over so that he was on top. He then broke the kiss and caused her to whimper. ?Don?t stop,? she begged.

?Are you sure?? he asked as he removed his had from her ass. It soon found its self kneading her breast. He could feel her nipple hardening in his palm.

?Please Naruto-kun, make me feel good,? she begged him. Naruto said nothing but proceeded in removing her scarf. He then reached down with both hands and grabbed the bottom of her green shirt. In a single motion he pulled upwards and removed it from her. He grinned when he saw that she was not wearing a bra. Kin saw the look he was giving her and blushed. ?My bra broke in the last fight and I don?t have any extras on me.?

Naruto said nothing as he moved down on her right breast. He lightly bit on her nipple and pulled up, causing her to moan. She then grabbed his head and pulled it close to her chest. Naruto then began to suck gently on her tip, savoring her taste. His hands weren?t idle; his right hand was feeling her leg while his left began to knead her left breast. Kin made a whimpering sound as his mouth left her nipple but gasped in delight as it reattached its self on her left nipple. This time she could feel his tongue circling her tit sending shivers down her spine. Kin could feel her wetness grow until it had soaked her pants.

The next thing she knew was that Naruto had straightened up and was now removing his jacket and shirt. She couldn?t help but blush when she saw his chest. But that blush paled in comparison to what she saw next. Naruto stood all the way up and took off his pants and boxers. Kin had once accidently seen her teammates naked and their members were much smaller than his.

Kin then moved her body so that she was kneeling in front of Naruto. Slowly, she reached out and touched his penis. ?Amazing,? thought Kin. ?It?s soft and hard at the same time.? She then began to stroke it lightly in her hands earning a moan from Naruto. She then licked the tip of his cock and her eyes widened. ?It?s salty, but in a good way.? Soon, she had the cock in her mouth.

?That feels good Kin-chan,? said Naruto as he looked down at the girl. Kin stopped and looked up at him with his dick still in her mouth. ?Just be careful with your teeth.? She said nothing but went right back to work bobbing her head with vigor. Never before had anyone complemented her on doing a good job. She began to work her tongue along his shaft as a way of saying thank you. ?Kin-chan, I?m going to cum!? The next thing she knew was that something hot shot into her mouth. She drank as much of it as she could with some of it escaping her. She used her finger to capture it and placed it back in her mouth with a smile.

?That tasted good Naruto-kun,? she said. Naruto smile as he placed his hands on her shoulders and pushed her backwards onto her back. He moved quickly and undid her pants. Soon he was looking at her black panties. It was drenched in her fluids.

?Your so wet Kin-chan,? said Naruto as he removed then slowly from her legs. Once they were removed he inserted a finger into her pussy, then two a moment later. ?I guess it?s only fair since you got to taste me I should taste you.? With that, he removed his fingers and began to lick her cunt. Kin couldn?t believe the sensations that she was feeling as his tongue circled and poked her pussy. Kin then screamed as she came for the first time as Naruto lightly bit on her clit.

As Kin slowly began to regain her straight, Naruto moved her legs up and placed his dick at her entrance. She hissed as he entered her. At first it was just the tip. But then he pulled back and thrusted deeper inside of her. Naruto gritted his teeth; she was so tight and hot. He did this several times until he hit her barrier and then stopped.

?Why did you stop Naruto-kun?? she asked.

?It will hurt,? he replied. ?But it will feel better afterwards. Are you sure you want to continue?? She nodded and that was all he needed. With one final thrust he broke her hymen and stole her virginity. Kin opened her mouth in a silent scream and Naruto stopped to give her time to get used to it. Soon, the pain vanished and pleasure began to appear.

?Naruto-kun, please fuck me,? she begged. Naruto smiled and began his thrusting again. It started out slowly. His head went back to her breast and began to tease her nipples as he thrusted. ?Naruto-kun, faster! Fuck me harder! Claim me!? At this point, Kin no longer cared about the Oto or Orochimaru as she wrapped her legs around Naruto?s waist as he started to hump her faster. No, Naruto was her new master. He was the only one she should serve. No one else had ever made her feel this good. Then, she felt a familiar sensation growing inside of her. ?I?m cuming!?

?Same here!? yelled Naruto.

?Cum inside of me!? yelled Kin. ?Fill me with your sperm!? Then, as Kin felt Naruto?s sperm enter her, she came. They were both covered in sweat, and even thought they both came, Naruto was still hard inside of her. However, Kin was weak from this experience and passed out. Naruto smiled as his dick left her love hole and he moved beside her and held her.

?She?s so like me,? he thought. ?In a way, she?s like Hinata-chan to. Maybe, we can all get together after the exam. I wouldn?t mind having them both by my side.? Then he remembered Temari and Tenten. ?I wonder how they would feel about it? But then again, Tenten-chan said we would be friends with benefits and Temari-chan never led on to anything.? He then stopped and looked at the sound forehead protector on Kin?s head. ?But she is from another village just like Temari-chan. After this exam is over, she?ll have to go back to her home.? He held her tighter. ?Why is it that I don?t want to lose any of them??


About an hour later, Kin appeared in a clearing were her teammates were.

?About time,? said Dosu. ?Where the fuck have you?? He never got
the chance to finish his sentence as Kin kicked him in the balls.

?Shut the fuck up!? she growled. ?I have put up with enough of your shit for a while now. Lets get the scrolls we need and get to the Tower.? ?Then I might be able to see Naruto-sama again,? she thought with a blush.
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