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Getting Clyde

Post #1

The ringing phone greeted me as I entered my house after school, mom called from the den saying ?It?s Clyde?.

Grabbing the phone and answering with my usual ?What?s up? to which Clyde replied ?My Dick?, a long pause ensued as I turned red trying to think of what to say with Mom not 10 feet away.

That?s great I remarked, turning my back to the room where Mom stood ironing cloths.
?Why don?t you come down, moms at work and I have some great new mags my uncle left. We can get naked, look at them and jack off? said Clyde.

Jacking off with Clyde was nothing new, we had been doing it for a long time, almost sense the day I moved into the neighborhood the summer I turned 14. Horny as hell, I said ?Sure let me check with Mom and I?ll be down in a little while?.

I had a hard on from the moment he called, I knew what he was up to or at least I was fairly sure what he wanted, you see Clyde loved to have his dick sucked but he would never let a cock pass his lips, no that according to him was ?queer?, that didn?t however stop me from fucking the shit, pardon the pun out of his tight boy ass. It always amused me that being queer to him was sucking not fucking and he took it in the ass from almost every boy in the neighborhood. I can?t say much, I sucked and fucked almost all of the same boys. In the small group that ran together there was Clyde, Tommy, Ray and to round out the bunch me and my name is Jackie. Tommy only sucked cock on a few occasions, but he like Clyde had no problem getting it in the ass, Ray on the other hand enjoyed sucking cock almost as much as I did, in fact he was the first boy to taste my cum. Some of us were always having sex of some sort around the neighborhood.

Entering the house by the back door ?Clyde where are you? I called.
?In my bedroom where else do you think I?d be? his smart assed reply came echoing through the empty house.

Walking in, I found Clyde lying on his bed naked stroking his cock. Looking at me he said ?get naked and come help me out? It was more like a command than a request. I was naked in seconds, my shorts and T shirt hit the floor, under wear had been left at home, I stood there with dick in hand hard as stone.
Crossing the room I climbed on the bed and stretched out, my heart raced as I gazed at his hard body, even for a young guy he had a nice hard kid?s body. His cock wasn?t as big as Ray?s but it was very unique, stubby with a great big plum shaped head. Slowly my hands moved up his legs gently caressing his strong muscles, every so lightly I stroked his ball, a sigh escaped his lips; Damn I loved to tease and make him beg for my mouth. Clyde stopped his motion, dropped his magazine to the floor and began pushing his hips trying to get his cock in my mouth. What a hot and exhilaration feeling, the power you hold over someone in this position. Slowly, attentively I licked the underside of his fully extended cock, sliding up and down tonguing his balls then going between his legs to his ass. Pushing further down I found my target and pushed my tongue in to his nice tight asshole. Clyde moaned and lifted his legs so I could get better access to his rosebud. I love to tongue fuck both pussy and ass and Clyde was no stranger to either my tongue or dick. Pushing my buddy on his side I rammed my tongue deep in his ass, getting it wet and slick with spit, opening him like a flower with my finger, preparing him to take my cock. His ass opened easily, for a guy who claimed to be straight it expanded with the slightest touch. Of course it should as many times as this game had played out in his bed, the day was different but the show was the same. My cock was ready, hard and leaking precum like a faucet , sliding up from his ass I gave his cock one more lick, swallowed it whole then raised up on my knees, putting his legs on my shoulders, my cock pressed against his ass.

?No you son-of-a-bitch it?s my turn to get it first? Clyde barked

I continued to push forward ignoring his pleas as I knew he would try to renege after getting his rocks off. I had been down that road before and was forced to tend to my hard cock with my hand instead of his tight boy ass. The problem with guys who like to think they are straight is that while their dicks are hard the will do almost anything to get you to suck them off, but let that cock cum and let me tell you that?s a different story. No I knew the only way to get my cock satisfied was to do it this way.

?Just shut up and enjoy bitch, It?s this or we just jack off, what will it be? I replied. ?

?Since you put it that way go easy it?s been a few day since the last time your cock was buried in my ass?
?O God that feels so good? I exclaimed as my cock went ball deep in his ass, ?you mean Ray hasn?t been down here fucking and sucking you lately?.

?No Just you? he replied

Slowly I began to move in and out my balls slapping his ass with each stroke. As I pumped his ass Clyde began to move his hips yelling for me to fuck him harder. Damn for a straight kid he sure loved to get fucked in the ass. His cock was standing at attention begging for release. I slowly stroked his beautiful cock, while continuing my pumping motion, admiring the shape and size of him, wishing there was a way to suck and fuck him at the same time, he was not the biggest cock I had ever sucked, but it was by far my favorite.

?Jesus I am close? I yelled ?feeling the cum rising from my balls, heading for the tip of my cock, the explosion set me on fire.

?Fuck, fuck, fuck, I?m cuming bitch? I repeated over and over as blast after blast of white, hot cum shot from my hard penis into my ?straight? boy lover tight ass. As my climax subsided my cock shrank and slipped from my buddy?s ass. Wanting to ensure that Clyde got as good as he gave and not wanting to waste the moment I dove for the hard cock staring me in the face. Licking his balls sliding my tongue up his shaft and taking the head of his cock in my mouth I was greeted with a cock covered with precum. There is just nothing sweeter than precum, I licked and sucked on his cock for what seemed like hours but in reality was only a few minutes and then it happened Clyde?s hands grabbed my head and shoved me down hard on his hard pulsing tool, I could feel his cock swell and I knew what was coming. Blast after blast of cum shot from his cock in to my mouth and down my throat, what a feeling of power and control as I sucked until the cock in my mouth began to shrink. As it slowly softened I continued to suck that wonderful cock and nurse the last of his cum for his pee hole.

I rolled off the bed looked at my buddy and said ? Now that we can think again let?s go to the Sonic to see if we can pickup up some chicks, I want to get some pussy now that I have had my quota of cock and ass today?.

Getting dressed we talked about our girl friends and what we were going to do on our double date that night.

And I never did look at the fuck boos that day.

And the party never ends ??..
05-07-2021, at 11:32 PM

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