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The fiery romance of Jack and Anni

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The fiery romance of Jack and Anni, part one
Romance, adventure, accident, male/ female, reluctant, domination:

Introduction: this story was written to appeal to the more romantic-at-heart reader. Character development is explored to make the reader identify with the central characters. The plot takes precedence to the sex in part one. This is my first attempt at story writing. I will consider more parts in the future. If you want a quick stroke story, this may not be for you.

The soft drink felt good as Jack threw the contents down his throat. It was hot and his white cotton shirt was damp with sweat even as it was half unbuttoned. Jack was 1.9 tall with broad shoulders and a hairy chest. His stomach was showing signs of a paunch. His short-cropped black hair showed skin and was glistening with perspiration. For his forty two years Jack was athletically built with broad shoulders, the result of years of swimming.

Jack had stopped at the road-side convenience store on his way to pick up emergency supplies for his pizzeria. The Main road was busy with hooting taxi` s, busses, cars and jaywalkers. The sidewalks were bustling with stalls and vendors and people furiously doing last minute Christmas shopping. Jack hated this time of the year. The choking roads, traffic jams and the city heat were unbearable. He wished he could have been in Maputo instead, diving for prawns in crystal clear warm water and drinking young coconut juice.
`And the local women`, he sighed wishing he was somewhere else.
But this was the busiest time of the year if you owned a pizzeria on the bustling Cape Town waterfront. It was Christmas Eve and local and foreign holiday makers, and Christmas shoppers were in overdrive as the silly season was in full swing.

Jack` s Pizzeria had become an icon on the busy waterfront development in Cape Town. It` s a hive activity throughout the year but it is the Christmas season that really sets the Italian eatery apart from others in Cape Town. It is situated on the second floor of the waterfront overlooking the harbor and within sight of Robin Island, the penal colony that was home to ex South African president Nelson Mandela for 27 years. The eatery had become a favorite for local, national and foreign tourists.

While Jack could be termed as a successful restaurateur and businessman, the pizzeria was more than a business for Jack. It was his home and where he spent most of his time, for the last seven years. That was the reason for the success of the eatery. Jack was hands-on. He was equally comfortable mingling and drinking with customers as he was making pizza in the restaurant kitchen. This was also Jack` s problem. The pizzeria allowed him no social life and little time for relationships with women.

Jack` s apartment above the pizzeria seem to have a revolving door for women much to the consternation of Jack` s mother.
?Its time for you to settle down Jack? His mother would admonish him with a wave of an ominous finger. These days even her good friend Sofia would add:
?Your mother is dreaming of grandchildren Jack?
But Jack had no shortage of girlfriends. It was what they wanted from Jack that was a problem- his time. He knew he would make a lousy husband and father as the pizzeria consumed much of his time. And then there was the little things that made him cringe from committing to relationships.

Like Samantha, a drop dead gorgeous blonde with blue eyes and tits that he could loose himself in. What an outrageous exhibitionist she turned out to be. On one occasion, Jack and Samantha had taken a trip to the country on Jack` s Harley. It had been a hot day and Samantha was wearing a tank top under her leather jacket. At 130 kilometers an hour Samantha stripped of her top and jacket, stored them in the saddle bags and proceeded to unzip Jack` s leathers and stroke his raging hard-on. Jack nearly crashed the bike.

Samantha was also a big spender and had a fondness for jewelry. She would regularly shop at the most exclusive jewelry stores on the waterfront and charge it to Jack` s credit card. For a while this was amusing to Jack. But Jack` s patience was stretched when a visibly drunk Samantha walked into the pizzeria kitchen, one busy Saturday night, with nothing under her mink coat except a pearl and platinum neck piece. She demanded to be taken to dinner or to be fucked in the office. The staff was amused but Jack had enough. He was running a family restaurant after all.

And then there was the fashion model Diana, a stunning brunette with an appetite for dangerous sex. One night, while coming home from a stand up comedy show, Diana declared she wanted to be fucked on the apartment roof top so that she could experience being at one with both Jack` s cock and the night sky. Jack obliged but it nearly cost him his life as he slipped from the tiled roof and ended up hanging on the gutter with his cock hanging out.

Then there was that night when Jack and Diana were letting off steam at an exclusive nightclub. Diana provoked a total stranger by squeezing his crotch and asked him to follow her. She walked up to the unsuspecting Jack at the bar with the lust-crazed stranger in tow. At the bar Diana put her arm around Jack and looked at the stranger and said:
?If you want me, you will have to take me?.
?Yes, baby. This faggot isn?t man enough for you?, the stranger said looking at Jack and grabbing Diana` s arm.
Jack was alarmed to see a hand on Diana and instinctively knocked it away, unaware of what was transpiring. The stranger was almost two meters tall and seemed the type that spends hours at the weights section of the local gym. Without thinking and instinctively Jack traded blows with the big man. In the end Jack was left standing. Growing up in a rough neighborhood had taught Jack to look after himself.

Diana suggested they leave through the kitchen to avoid the club security staff. What she really wanted was for Jack to fuck her right away. The barroom brawl had sent adrenalin charging through her body and this had made her very horny and very wet pussy. Diana wanted to ravaged and the dirty allay would do. Jack ripped her dress and panties in anger and fucked her against a dirty wall. As he ripped into her cunt, Diana came like a waterfall. Then when she seems to have had enough, Jack made her assume the police position and without warning or lubrication, viciously fucked Diana up the wall.

Diana loved it dangerous and on the edge. The adrenalin charge and the rough sex gave her a super climax. It was her addition. For Jack, the barroom fight was the last straw.

And then there were the identical redhead twins. They both wanted to marry Jack and conceive his child. After a month of playing tag team with Jack` s cock, he had enough. It was a dream any hot-blooded man would wish for. But Jack` s dream rapidly turned into a nightmare. They were insatiable nymphomaniacs that craved Jack` s cock every night. Jack was no poor performer, but the twins allowed him no energy for work.

Jack stood in front of his parking spot and gulped the last of the cold contents from the can. He fished the Isuzu pick-up keys from his jeans pocket.
?I` m sure I parked the Bakkie here, didn?t I?? Jack asked himself, looking at where his beloved pick-up should be parked.
The parking bay was empty. He looked left and right down the other parking bays in the busy road. All the bays were full. No sign of his Bakkie. A knot developed at the pit of his stomach. The vehicle was missing.
?Who the fuck?,? Jack cursed aloud.
Flashes of all the warnings he had ever gotten of his habit of leaving his vehicle unlocked went through his mind. He despised locking his vehicle for practical reasons. For one, the temperature of a locked vehicle resembles an oven. He never used the air-conditioner and preferred the salty summer breeze on his face. And of course, it was his right to do so, he always argued. Never mind the mini crime sweeping the city.

Jack scanned the bustling street, left and right from where he was standing. The vehicle couldn?t be very far, he thought. He wasn?t long in the shop either. While the mother with the nagging children in front of him in the queue had been scratching in her bag, Jack dumped the exact coins in the hands of the exasperated cashier and was out of the shop within minutes.
?Stop that Bakkie!? Jack shouted as he spotted his Bakkie four vehicles down the road. The traffic was slow, almost bumper to bumper. Jack reacted instantly and started running down the side walk. Just then the traffic picked up speed and his Bakkie was now also moving quicker away from him.
?Stop that Bakkie!? Jack shouted repeatedly as he picked up pace. Nobody seemed to hear him and if they did, nobody responded.
Just then Jack noticed a white hatchback with the passenger door ajar. A woman was loading plastic carrier bags into the back of the vehicle.
?Lady I need your car!? Jack shouted at the lady who lifted her head out of the rear of the car.
?What?? She was confused by the sudden appearance from what appeared to be an unstable adult man.
Jack noticed she had a pretty face, about 26 years old.
?I need your car?, Jack gasped out of breath not realizing that he was shouting.
?Are you crazy? The young woman raised her voice, now trying to attract people on the sidewalk.
?Get away from my car, you creep!? She began. She lifted what looked like a bag of groceries and swung at Jack. Jack ducked and took a step back. The vehicles` driver door was standing open. He noticed the keys in the ignition.
?I am sorry, but I have to borrow your car,? Jack dived into the car and started the engine. It responded immediately.
?Help someone,? the woman was now shouting desperately. Jack pulled the car effortlessly out of the parking bay and swung the vehicle in the traffic. A sedan with a granddad behind the wheel screeched to a halt to allow Jack into the lane, cursing and waving an ominous finger. Without thinking of the consequences, the owner of the hatchback leaped into the open hatch. She went crashing into boxes, parcels, carrier bags and Christmas presents.

?Stop! Stop! Stop,? she shouted at Jack as the car took off down the road.
Anni got a better grip for herself onto the head rest of the rear passenger seat. She was furious that someone would steal her car in broad daylight. She had just completed last minute shopping and needed to get home to start preparations for Christmas lunch. Anni was 1.6 meters tall, with green eyes and dark brown hair that framed her face and forehead. She was medium built and had a fierce temper that belied her apparent sweet looks.
Jack was keeping his Bakkie in view. It was just three vehicles in front of the borrowed hatchback. The traffic was slow in the busy Main road.
?Help! Someone Help! I?m being hijacked!? Anni stuck her head out the rear window and yelled.
Jack couldn?t believe the women just jumped onto a driving vehicle. Was she crazy?
?Are you okay back there?? Jack glanced in the rear view mirror. He could see the open hatch door bouncing up and down.
?The bastard` s going to spoil my Christmas and I` m going to be without a vehicle?, Anni was furious. Thought for her own safety did not occur to her just then. She was too livid about her domestic disaster looming. She started throwing Jack with anything that came to her hands; onions, tomatoes, a bag of flour?anything.
The bag of flour missed Jack` s head and exploded against the dash board, sending up a puff of smoke in the car that covered them.
?Hey lady! Calm down!? Jack yelled through the rear view mirror as he ducked the flying projectiles.
?You are not being hijacked,? Jack tried to explain,? I` m just borrowing your Corsa?? a tin of sweet corn hit him on the neck.
Anni tried to draw attention to her situation from motorists and pedestrians, but no-one seemed to respond.
?Why won?t someone do something, I` m being hijacked, Dammit!? she yelled at passing motorists.
?Will you calm down?? Jack was trying to keep an eye on his vehicle but also needed to dodge the Christmas lunch. Just then he saw the driver behind the wheel of his Bakkie look around. They were made.
?Lady, will you shut up! Get your head in the car!? Jack knew the thief had now seen them following in the Opal Corsa.
Anni was getting more and more furious and turned red in anger.
?You steal my car; you ruin my Christmas, now you insult me in MY own vehicle!? Anni yelled.
?You?ve got some nerve creep!? She let rip with a box of spaghetti.

Brian` s smiling face flashed before Anni. Tomorrow was going to be special for Brian and Anni. Of all the friends she was having over, Brian was the special guest. They had been going steady for a year and Anni was expecting Brian to pop the big question sometime after Christmas lunch. Two weeks ago when they were dining at the exclusive French eatery, she was confident that Brian was going to propose. When it didn?t happen, Anni put it down to the tummy bug that Brian picked up earlier in the day. Anni was disappointed but remained hopeful.

Anni was almost 1.7 meters tall with dark brown hair that frames her face and hangs on her shoulders. While she was not big in the breast department, her bosom was ample and allowed for some cleavage when she wears low cut blouses. Anni considers her green eyes her best feature along with her full lips and long well-toned legs. Her favorite exercise was Taebo at the gym and she finds this type of fitness empowering and continues from her days at university where she did 3 years of karate.

Anni had no lack of suitors and was constantly approached by male and female work colleagues with romantic intentions. But she was not interested in complicating her work environment with romantic liaisons. Anni` s past romantic relationships was a disaster zone. Her independent streak and study, and then later work ambitions often resulted in casualties with relationships. Although she was by no means a lesbian, she had several liaisons with attractive women who really knew how to push her buttons. Her most memorable encounter was with Tanya, her friend she met at university and still her only confidante. Curiosity and failed relationships with men seem to have drawn the two closer together. It was while Anni was on rebound that it happened. She was tearful and was laying in Tanya` s arms in their room, when Tanya had the incredible urge to console her friend.

While she was stroking Anni` s hair, her soft fingers started exploring Anni` s face and breasts. It seemed so natural and safe. Soon Tanya and Anni were naked on the bed and started exploring each other` s bodies- breasts, neck, toes and pussy. The two were overcome with erotic desire. When Tanya ate Anni` s pussy, she had an incredible orgasm, one of the best she ever had. Then there was the time when Anni shared her blonde and busty friend` s new lover. Anni didn?t have a date and Tanya suggested her lover date them both or else he could have a cold shower for the night. Needless to say, that night, they both fucked him until they were all sore but happily satisfied. That was the night that they made a pact that nothing will come between their friendship- neither cock nor pussy.

But in the end female sensuality was no substitute for a man` s strong arms. Men were often intimidated with Anni` s personality. While she longed for a real man, she also wanted someone that was caring, considerate and great in bed. Brian seems to fit the bill at the moment. He was tall, handsome and with blue eyes that could melt an Iceberg. Although tall, Brian was not big built but what endeared Anni to Brian the most was his dignified manners which, she figured was the result of his affluent upbringing.

Brian was good in bed and would often bring Anni to climax pretty quickly with his mouth. It was his performance with his cock that Anni found a bit disappointing. He often came quickly and left Anni hanging on the curtains. But Brian was always apologetic and Anni would write this off to too much work.
?Brian is a great catch Anni?, Tanya would always remind Anni. But she knew Tanya was often irritated with Brian` s commitment to their relationship. Work was important for Brian and he was very ambitious. Brian often cancelled dates and would disappear for weeks on seminars and business conferences. Yet Anni remained the hopeful romantic and her own busy schedule somehow made it all digestible.

For her 27 years, Anni was rapidly gaining ground in the advertising agency. Within 2 years from graduating and immediately landing the job at the agency, Anni had become the youngest member of the creative team that was responsible for national and international corporate clients. She was also the only woman on the team. While she immersed herself in her work, Taebo at gym provided her with much needed stress relief. This is where she met Brian.

?I can?t be late for lunch preparations?, Anni thought desperately. A bag of salads went flying towards Jack` s head.
Jack swerved the Corsa to his left as he chased his Bakkie into a side street. Anni lost her balance and tumbled to her right, legs flying in the air.
?Hold on!? Jack yelled above the squeal of the little Corsa engine.
?Stop my car!? Anni screamed. She was going to end up in hospital, sent there courtesy of this madman. She tried to get a better look at him. This will be useful when she has to identify him to the police later. He was big built with close cropped hair. He was in his late 30` s she guessed- thirty 37 or 38. He sat quite high in her seat and she guessed he was about 1.8 or 1.9 meters tall.
?God, I` m being hijacked by a gangster? Anni was horrified.
?I have got to stop him.? Anni was now also more determined.
Anni flung herself onto the front seat of the little Corsa and tried to yank Jack` s arms away from the steering wheel.
?Stop my car. I have to get home!? Anni was beyond reasoning rationally.
?You are going to get us killed, lady!? Jack was now getting distracted with Anni` s movements.
His Bakkie was getting away and he had to deal with a crazy woman who was going to land them all in hospital. It was getting more difficult to keep his eyes on his Bakkie, struggle with the mad woman, dodge the traffic and avoid hitting pedestrians. The woman was acting crazy and unpredictable. His head was covered in flour and all sorts of food.

He needed to do something fast before they all ended up in hospital or worse, in the morgue. Jack shifted the little car into a higher gear. The tyres screeched as it hurled forward, overtook a station wagon and connected with the tail gate of his trusted Bakkie.
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