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The Submissibe Part 1 - Samatha

Post #1

This is my first story so please dont comment or rate too harshly. I still would like to know if anyone has suggestions or anything that could make me a better write. thank you!!!

Darkness. It was on her, around her, in her. She could not escape. Silence that was broken only by the fluttering beat of a frightened heart and the shallow breath escaping parted lips. Cold griped at her bones, making her whole body ach and shudder with each minute that slowly ticked by. Sensations were now a part of her. Cold iron chains held her wrists above her head, her matted and knotted hair was pulled back in a high ponytail, her eyes unfocused and staring at nothingness toward the ground. This is how He loved His women. Vulnerable, weak, unable to fight back. His eyes smiled as he stared at her, the luscious beauty of the submissive. His lips parted in a smile, remembering how hard it was to break such a perfect specimen for his collection. Oh but how he loved it. He remembered every plea, every scream, every whimper and then every moan as he slowly made her His.

His eyes focused on her as she shifted, her legs parting slightly, awaiting his pleasure to let her down, if he even felt like it today. He sighed, stood up and walked over to her, rubbing her head gently. Her face turned up, and her eyes closed, happy to have some contact with him. Her turned his face toward the window, his eyes unfocusing once again? lost in the memories of two weeks ago.

Day One

All of the streets were quiet as the opaque shine of the moon filtered through the buildings. Most of the landings had wood stapled over their windows, colorful graffiti covering the walls, and missing doors. A run down place anyone else would imagine, but not to this one man. To this one man, it was paradise. So many rooms to choose from, so many houses to keep his collection; all abandoned. And an all girl?s high school so nearby! One of those girls would be the perfect addition to his many trophies. All loyal, all obedient, all submissive. Each girl has been fun, but not as fun as it would be to break a little sixteen year old red-headed virgin.

He had his eyes on this one specimen. Samatha Umagachi. She was a beautiful girl around five feet six inches. The perfect height for him. He was around six feet two inches, with a handsome face and a muscular build. He also had dark hair, green eyes and a square jaw. She, on the other hand, was slim with wide hips, a wonderful hour-glass figure and shoulder length strawberry blond hair. She had freckles covering her light sun kissed body, which made her even more irresistible to this man. Her eyebrows were a slightly darker color then her hair, and perfectly arched, and beneath, dark, thick lashes rimmed around misty green eyes. A pert nose and full, luscious red lips. A man could just easily imagine himself sinking into those lips and losing his hands in that thick red hair and gripping it tightly, hearing that little gasp of pain and moan of pleasure as he entered her. He quickly shook his head. This was not the time to daydream!

His eyes opened wide as he watched her walk out of the school in her taunting uniform. Damn. They had to lure men with their innocent sexiness. A white, almost transparent blouse hugged their shapes so nicely, pronouncing their breasts and their bras, a high-wasted blue pleated skirt that stopped about midthigh were also enticing and erotic, knee high socks and white tennis shoes also added to the fantasy, but the biggest thing was the pigtails. Each girl has some sort of pigtails. Samatha?s were two little chunks of hair pulled high on her head, each in a small bow, while the rest of her hair was down.

Just the way she walked was enough to bring him to a full erection, but today, her motions were slower, softer, and her head way down. She appeared to be crying. Everyone else had already left and they left her? alone. This was his chance. He stepped out of the shows, his spiked black hair shining, and began striding up to her, the tail of his jacket billowing out behind him. She was crying! Tears were falling silently down her face, her lower lip caught between her teeth. He stopped and reached out an arm.

?Miss.? He spoke, his voice soft with a touch of worry. ?Miss. Are you alright??

Her head snapped up in shock, her pretty eyes going wide. Her face flushed and she quickly wiped away any trace of tears, her eyes filling up again. Her mouth opened and closed several times, as if she was trying to decide to tell him or not before she bowed her head and said ?Yes. I-I-I?m fine.? His eye brows knit together, ?Then why were you crying?? She looked away this time. ?N-No reason.? Her voice trembled more as another tear ran down her cheek. He sighed and rested his arm on her shoulder. He had to be careful about his next moves, for if he said one wrong thing it would blow his cover and she would be vicious. He saw what she did to another girl the day before last, when she punched her best friend in the face. Samatha tore out hair, bit the poor girl, and knocked her to the ground before stocking off with her friend. ?Are you sure?? He asked, letting his hand slip off her shoulder and gently flick her arm. ?Why don?t I walk with you for a bit? I hate to see girls so sad?? She looked up at him, her eyes narrowing in suspicion, but wiped away her tears and nodded slowly when she saw his smiled.

He immediately turned and wrapped her arm in his and began walking, talking about nonsense and the girl would pipe up about something, clearly much happier then before. She pulled her hair out of her eyes several times and she bit her lower lip when he talked to her. She was just so irresistible. He calmed his mind and his erection was beginning to hurt because he was so used to release when he needed it. Slowly, he guided her to an abandoned building, far from the school and everyone else. She was now talking about something randomly, and he only kept one ear listening to her, his brain on what he was about to do. No slip ups or this would be very fatal.

He stopped suddenly and turned to face her, gripping both her wrists in his hands. Her lips parted in an O, completely surprised and he quickly put his lips to hers, pushing her up against the nearest wall and raising her arms above her head. She struggled and squirmed against him, but to no use. She was stuck between the rough brick wall digging into her back, and against his rock hard chest mashed up against her breasts and stomach. He knew it would be hard, but he finally got her. Without a second thought he shoved his tongue in between her lips, brushing along her teeth, to play with her tongue, to fully taste her because the brush of lips was not satisfying enough for him. Big mistake, she thought. With a feline growl she bit down on his tongue as hard as she could, feeling him stiffen and yell out in pain. This just make him angry. His first motion was letting go of her arms as he backed away, his hand over his mouth in shock. She wasted no time, she dropped her tan school bag and started running.

He growled and glared after her, counting to ten before sprinting after her. Oh this was going to be fun! She took a hard left, and he followed her, almost on her heels. Again she took a quick right and then another right and then a left. Again he followed her, matching her pace, knowing the streets well. She took a right then two hard lefts and skidded to a stop, a yelp at her lips. She spun around, ready to dart in another direction when she saw him, right in her way. Her eyes widened again and she began to back up, almost touching the dead end wall. He grinned and advanced. There was no kindness in his eyes now, just desire and evil.

?You thought you could get away from me, bitch?? He growled at her, still taking him time to reach her. She began to tremble. ?You thought I would just leave you alone after you bit my tongue?? He finally reached the corner when she dropped down and was cowering. ?You thought I wouldn?t get you again, cunt?? His voice had gone quiet and angelic. It sounded like the devil himself, ?Is that what you thought?? He whispered, his face level to hers now. She was hugging her knees, rocking back and forth, trying not to whimper. He grinned at her, lifted his hand, brought it up and made contact with her cheek. She yelped as stars spun around in her head and she lifted her hand to her stinging cheek . Color had already begun to the area, in the shape of his hand. She looked up at him and started to get up and run toward him, but he was ready. With a snarl she launched herself at him, and with a laugh he tugged out a rag from his back pocket, shoved it over her mouth and nose and watched her go limp. Chloroform worked well in these situations. Darkness was falling. Soon they would disappear.

Day Two

She groaned and shifted her position slightly. The sunlight was in her eyes and she just couldn?t make it go away. She was in a dream with her family and she didn?t want to leave it yet but the stupid light wouldn?t go away. She shook her head and opened her eyes slightly before they snapped open wide. Her arms were tied above her head. The ropes dug into her skin and she moved her wrists, trying to loosen them from the headboard post, but it only made the pain worse. She tried to scoot up a little but she found that her legs were tied the same way, completely split apart, so her panties underneath could be seen from under her skirt in three different angles. She whimpered and started screaming, squirming even more, outraged and humiliated. She growled when the ropes didn?t budge. Suddenly, she heard footsteps and she went completely silent, listening to them, trembling now. Her ears followed them and heard them get louder and louder. She whimpered and stared at the door. The footsteps stopped, and the rusty old door slowly creaked open.

She couldn?t help but let out a yelp when she saw it was him, and then she quickly disguised her fear as anger, growling at him and baring her teeth. He just simply smiled, happy with his catch. She just continued to glare at him as he walked into the room, carrying a tray of food. He set it on the oak table by the door and walked over to her. He trailed a fingertip up her leg, over her flat tummy, over her ribcage, up and over the mound of her breast, to her shoulder, skimmed across her neck and stopped at her cheek, tapping it gently. ?Good Morning, sweetheart. Are you feeling any better? Ready to do what I want?? He chuckled, running his hand back down her chest and rested over her breast. He smiled and gave it a gentle squeeze.

?Get your dirty hand off of me you pervert!? She screamed at him, struggling even more against the ropes the bound her to the bare mattress. ?When I get outta here I gunna report you then your gunna have you ass in jail!? She continued, too outraged to notice the anger in his eyes. ?You?re going to report me then? If you get out? My dear sweet child?? he gripped her breast with more force, bringing a hissing breath out of her. ?By the time I?m finished with you? you will be begging to stay here with me? He let her breast go and walked over to a black bag she didn?t notice before. He grabbed it and walked back over to her, his voice extremely gentle now. He smiled at her and she just glared at him, pressing her lips tightly together. He reached his hand into the back and pulled out something that looked like a thin plastic pipe with a rim on one end connected to fabric and a latch. Her eyebrows knit together, wondering what it is and before she could stop him he shoved it in between her lips and latched it behind her head. ?An open mouth gag.? He explained, softly. ?So I can?t hear you, and I can use your mouth without having to worry about you biting down.? He smiled, gave her cheek a nice pat and looked down. Her tongue was pink and he could easily see the back of her throat. The gag was a half size too small for his dick, but it felt like a female was fisting him when he used it.

She was clearly frightened now. He reached into his bag again and took out a small clit vibrator and turned it on in front of her face, just to see her reaction. Her eyes went wide and then they closed and she began to slowly shake her head, as if she was still in denial. She would probably be that way until he raped her young, tight, virgin pussy. Next her took out a pair of scissors and walked to the foot of the bed. He leaned over and put his face between her legs, smelling her untainted pussy before pushing himself foreword until his nose was pushing into her pussy with the panties over it still. He took a deep whiff and exhaled before putting the scissors right at the crotch of her panties. Samatha jerked at the coldness of the metal and stiffened as she heard her panties being cut in half. Then she felt the cold metal on her left him, heard a snip, then on the right, and she heard a snip. She felt the thin fabric of her panties leave her skin and she whimpered, frightened. He stared at her beautiful teenage pussy. Light brownish red hair covered her skin, but it was trimmed. She hadn?t let it gone wild. Perfect. It would make it shaving her easier but now she had to wait. He took the clit vibrator, felt through her folds until he reached her love button, put the knob on the more sensitive part where the clit goes in a bit and connects to the top fold, and secured it by attaching a strap then went behind her lower back and came around like a thong, so it wouldn?t move. He grinned at her and turned it on.

Her hips immediately bucked and a loud whimper flowed from her mouth. She started squirming, and groaning. He started laughing, ?Baby. It?s not even on high yet?? Her returned his hand to her breast, and began rubbing it before moving his hand to underneath her shirt and up underneath her bra, squeezing and rubbing it, feeling her hard nipple against the palm of his hand. He gripped her breast painfully and pulled, making her yelp. This was, after all, for his pleasure more than hers. This was the time to break her and to slowly make her want him just like he has wanted her and all of his other toys. He continued to play with her, loving how her eyebrows drew together when he did something painful or pleasurable, how her back arched or how she moved her hips. He withdrew his hand and started unbuttoning her shirt, tugging out of the waistband of her skirt. He pulled it open, revealing a nude colored lacy top that barley concealed her nipples. Her grinned, yanked it up over her breasts, and watched them jiggle back into place.

He licked his lips, placed one hand on her breast and started playing with it again, tugging on her nipple while his tongue licked over the smooth mound of the other, his lips stopped when he found the hard contrast, and his mouth opened and latched on to her breast as he began sucking with vigor. She gasped and moaned at the new sensation. She began to squirm and her hips began to buck. But again, this was for his pleasure and not for hers. He stopped touching her and turned off the clit vibrator, knowing she was so near an orgasm she probably couldn?t take it. She whimpered again, her eyes shut tightly. He walked back over to her face and laid his hand on her cheek. She looked up at him, her eyes so full of desire and lust that it was so hard for him not to make her orgasm now; to watch those eyes go molten, to feel her body melt. It was almost too much of a temptation for him, but he reminded himself it was for HIS own pleasure. He quickly undid the pleasure tool and took it off of her. He grinned at her wickedly, pushed her face down so she was eye-level with his crotch. Her eyes widened even more and he slowly unzipped his pants, letting his monstrosity out. She began to squirm when she saw the size of him. Although he was only eight inches, he was thick and strong. His dick was standing almost straight up and twitched when he saw the fear in her eyes. He moved forward and slowly started pushing his dick through the gag, filling her mouth. Only about three and a half inches fit in her mouth but still he pushed forward, making her gag. Her stomach retched but because she didn?t eat anything, nothing came up. This was all part of the plan.

He continued to push until just an inch of him was left outside and then he began to move. Her tongue was hot and wet beneath his dick and it moved around, trying to push his manhood out of her mouth, which just aroused him more. He began thrusting his hips with more vigor, and he began to pant. The look of fear and helplessness in her eyes, the way her was forcing his dick into her mouth, the way she let out small whimper, and the feeling of the ball gag around his dick was enough to bring him up and over. With several more thrusts, he gripped her head and pushed his dick all of the way back into her mouth, making her deep throat him as shot after shot of his thick hot cum went down her throat and into her stomach. He pulled back a bit for his last shot so she could have a taste before he put himself back into his pants. Samatha clearly didn?t like the taste of him. She was trying to get his seed off of her tongue, but only made it spill more on her tongue. She kept trying to get it off before she finally gave up, tears in her eyes.

She was already almost a perfect submissive. Just a little more training and a rape and she was his. He looked at her, calmly, as if nothing had gone on before reaching into the bag again. He took out a black leather collar with diamonds encrusted in it. He wrapped it around her neck, tightened it to the correct fitting and locked it in place. Then he took out a leash and attached it to the collar. After, he took something out of the bag and put it in his pocket. She couldn?t see, but whatever it was, it frightened her. He then looked at her. ?I?m going to remove the gag now. If you scream, or make any noise, I will put it right back in and leave you here for two days. So are you going to be a good girl?? She nodded without hesitation. His eyes softened and he undid the latch and gently pulled out the gag. She licked her lips, swallowing a few times to get the bad taste out of her mouth. He patted her cheek and undid the knots around her wrists and her ankles, but he still kept a firm grip on her leash. She looked at him, and didn?t move until he tugged on the lead. She slowly got up from the bed, her skirt covering her legs again. He looked at her and walked her to the bathroom. He unattached the leash and pushed her inside. ?You?ve got thirty minutes.? He told her then locked the bathroom from the outside. He was satisfied when he heard the water running and went to go finish setting up the rest of his supplies.
He came back to the door, unlocked it and opened it up to find her, clean, naked and shivering trying to put what little clothing was left. She immediately stiffened, dropped the clothing and covered her head with her arms, expecting a beating. He only raised his eyebrows and attached the lead back on before pulling her out of the bathroom. He continued to pull her along and out the door where he first came through. There were many doors with many locks and he continued to lead her through a maze of hallways until they stopped in front of an oak door. He looked around then quickly pulled her inside. He locked the door behind him and began to pull on the lead, but she wouldn?t budge. There were cages, lots of cages. With women inside of them. Several were whimpering but others were patiently awaiting their Master?s arrival. There were few outside of cages, but they were cleaning and attached to a long chain bolted to the floor. They didn?t even look up at the new girl. They just continued with what they were doing. Finally, he had enough.

Pulling on her lead as hard as he could, he walked her to the other room, dragging her with him. When he finally closed the other door behind them, he pulled her close, seeing the pain in her eyes. There were other girls. Other girls who went through this. Some looked so much younger than she. He immediately kissed her on her trembling lips, trying to be kind while also striking fear into her. Without the fear, this wouldn?t be fun and he wouldn?t be able to break her. When he pulled away from her, her eyes were closed as if in pain.

?Why?? She asked, her eyes finally opening and staring into his. Her mouth hung open, as if she wanted to say more, but her eyes just stared into his, not blinking, nor moving. She was transfixed. It was as if someone had paralyzed her body and wrapped her in ropes, keeping her head up and keeping her eyes still. Here, he thought. She was starting to become submissive. There was confusion in her eyes, but suddenly she wanted nothing more than to serve him. He could almost see the change, but inside he knew there was still that rebellious young girl who did not want to be bridled and tamed. Suddenly, his hand met her cheek with a loud smack that would have sent her reeling if he wasn?t holding on to her lead. He turned his face to mirror menace. Once again, there was no kindness in his eyes. He pulled her closer, tugging her face almost to his. ?You do NOT ask questions. You do NOT look me straight in the eye. The only thing I want to hear from your mouth is ?Yes, Master? or ?No, Master?. Do you understand??

She was trembling now and her lips opened to speak, ?Y-Y-Y-Yes, M-M-M-Master?? She stammered, frightened once again. It was so fun to make her think she was fine, then tear at her until she got the quivering, frightened voice. Oh, it was such a turn on to him. When he broke her, he would have her speak like that just to emphasize how submissive she was. She immediately turned her head, and cast her eyes downward, but he wasn?t done with her yet. He dropped her and she fell to the floor, but he still held on to the lead.

?There is no ?I? or ?me? in your world now. You must address yourself as ?She? and ?Her?. You are my property, and you are to address yourself as such.? He saw the anger in her eyes. It?s what he wanted. He continued. ?I am your Master. You are to always call me such, or, when we are in public, you must call me Sir. You obey me, you worship me, and you love me. You love anything that I do, being it pleasurable or painful.? He could see the outright shock and rage on her face now. Her hands were clenched together. He smiled as he continued. ?You will beg for everything. To eat, to sleep, to use the restroom, to orgasm? and my personal favorite, to beg for my cock and for my cum. I can deny you anything but I can also allow you to do things that you haven?t even dreamed yet.? She started shaking in anger; her feet were back under her. She was ready to strike. He pretended not to notice. ?You must also crawl in my presence at all times, unless I instruct otherwise. You have no name, no identity other then ?Slave? or ?Property? or any other name I wish you give you. These are the basics of your training.? He turned around to face her again. ?Do you understand, slave girl??

?I think? NOT!? She responded and launched herself at him. He was ready for her. He leapt to the side so she went flying past him and he jerked on her lead, making her fall on the floor, and choking her. He quickly grabbed his black bag and pulled out some rope. He tied her hands behind her back and forced her on her stomach, her ass in the air. He looked at the perfect heart shape and smiled. ?You disobeyed me, Slave Girl. You must pay the price.? He took a paddle out of the bag next and walked around her until he was perpendicular to her. Holding the paddle in his left hand, he put his right on the small of her back, pushing down slightly. He grinned at her and she whimpered. Suddenly he brought the whole paddle against her whole ass, watching it jiggle as he hit her once. Then he did it again, and again, and again. Her ass was starting to become a flaming red color. He wanted to scare her so much. He continued to swing until he got to ten and then stopped. He replaced the clit vibrator in the same fashion as before, knowing it was the perfect opportunity to use it on her. He looked at her, tears were streaming down her face, but she had not made a sound yet. He looked at her, her position, and grinned. Now would be the perfect to steal away her virginity.

He walked behind her and unzipped his pants, slowly, loudly, just so she would hear. Her head turned back to try and look at him and her eyes widened when she was his hand fishing out his rock hard cock. She whimpered and squirmed, trying to inch forward, but he put his hand on her lower back again, keeping her in place.

?No! Don?t! Please not that!? She begged when he moved toward her, his cock throbbing with anticipation. He looked at her evilly and grinned. ?Sorry sweet cakes.? He said and plunged straight into her pussy. For a moment, he felt he stretch, then he felt the ?POP? of her cherry. He didn?t even wait for her to adjust. He began ramming her sweet young cunt, moving faster and faster. She didn?t think it would hurt this much. Tears were still running down her face and she was sobbing hard now. He just continued, loving the way she was so helpless and he wasn?t. He reached over her leg and back under to her pussy, turning the clit vibrator on high. He then continued to thrust into her, pounding her pussy until he was so close himself. With a few more thrusts her pulled on her hips and shot his cum deep inside her pussy. With the new sensation of cum spilling in her pussy, the vibrator and the fucking, she just couldn?t help herself. She exploded in an orgasm, her mouth opening in a scream. He just continued to stare at her as she withered beneath him, her hips bucking.

He smiled and removed himself, watching a mixture of his cum, her cum, and her virgin blood run down her inner thighs. He then knee-stepped over to her face, not even bothering to turn off the vibrator, tilted her face up and shoved his cock into her mouth, making her suck off the mixture, and watching her gag while doing so. He removed himself from her mouth, replaced his limp cock back into his pants and walked away for a few minutes. He came back with a warm, soapy rag and cleaned off her legs and her pussy, finally turning and taking off the vibrator again. He replaced everything he took from the bag, except for the collar and lead, back into it. He undid the knot around her wrists and replaced the rope to the bag also. He picked her up, and sat her down at a table, pushing her close to it. Infront of her were mounds and mounds of food. Grapes, Bred, Meat, Crackers, Mango, anything she could want. Her mouth started salivating although she could have passed out right then. Red and White Wine were in their bottles along with water. She had never sampled wine before. She wondered what it tasted like. She was still trembling and glowing from what had just taken place right next to her on the floor. She didn?t dare to look up at him, didn?t even bother to reach out and take a sample of this food. She sat, quietly, afraid of enraging him again.

She started to become impatient and began to tap her fingers, itching to satisfy her hunger. He shook his head and smiled. ?You forgot one of the ruled. You must beg if you want anything.? He gently reminded her. ?It?s okay if you don?t know how. We can slowly fix that until you can easily say that as you can take a step.? He continued. She looked down at her hands in her lap, her pride completely damaged. Her mouth opened and a small whisper came out. She licked her lips and tried again, louder, but not loud enough, this time. ?M-M-May I? uh? she means ?she?? uh? may she uh? May she eat some of this food?? He smiled at her and asked ?Why?? It was so cute how she stammered and stumbled over words. ?because she?? she started to say, but her cut her off. ?You must address yourself as my object. You are my slave, remember?? She gave one tiny nod then continued. ?Because your slave? She paused to let him interject if she said the wrong thing before she continued, ?is very hungry. She didn?t eat anything sense yesterday lunch??

He smiled and patted her head, stroking her messy hair. ?Yes, my slave. That was very good for your first time begging. Now please? eat!? She looked up at him before dropping her gaze. She looked at everything again and leaned forward, grabbing grapes and stuffing then in her mouth, chewing noisily, but she didn?t care. She was starving. She grabbed the meats and devoured them by making a small cracker sandwich. A cracker, a piece of meat, cheese, some pepper, then another cracker. She never tasted anything more delicious in her life. She reached for the water and drank half of it, savoring the cool wetness as it ran down her throat. She continued eating until her stomach was full, and then some more. She didn?t know when her next meal would be. She drank more water and finally sagged with relief at being fed, her stomach completely full. She stifled a small burp, and her eyes became saggy with sleep. He continued to look at her, then walked over, picked her up, and walked over to a small cage in the corner. He put blankets in it and a nice pillow. She was going to need all the rest she could get. He unlocked it, pushed her inside and covered her with several more blankets. She put her head on the pillow and looked up at him one last time and within minutes she was asleep.

Day Three

She was still passed out in her little cage when he strode in. As soon as he saw her, his footsteps quieted and he shut the door silently behind him. He tiptoed quietly over to her cage and peeked in. Her thumb was in her mouth, her legs were separated, and her breasts exposed with her other arm under her head. Seeing cute innocence along with sexuality made him rock hard almost immediately. She had goose bumps along her skin though. He would have to turn up the heater more because the blankets didn?t seem to do enough for her. He stood up and walked out of the door once more.

He came through the door once again, baring a bigger purple bag and her lead. This time she was awake and peering out of her cage up at him. Her eyes were wide, red, and puffy. He smiled at her, predicting that she would have needed eyes drops, and continued setting things up, out of her line of sight. She began to fidget and she whimpered once, trying to get his attention. He smiled to himself thinking that he would only respond until she properly addressed him and begged. Finally, after whimpering several more times, her voice rang though the room. ?Master, may slave please be allowed out of her cage now?? she asked, tilting her head to the side. Laughing he walked over to her cage, opened it up, attached her lead, and walked her out to the middle of the room. She purred her thanks.

?Sit.? He ordered. She arranged herself and sat down, her knees apart with her hands between her thighs. ?Stay. He added as he removed her lead and set it upon the table with other various things. She continued to sit, looking curiously at him. He turned toward her again and looked at how she was sitting. Nodding gently her kneeled in front of her and replaced her arms, each resting on her leg, palms facing up. She looked down and he tisked, putting his hand under her chin and tilting her head up. ?This is the first position. ?Sit? is its name. When I tell you to ?Sit? you must assume this position for me. But your eyes must be downcast unless I say otherwise.? He instructed. He could tell she was burning to ask a question by the way her lips trembled, as though wanting to form words but not. He raised his thick eyebrows at her, smiling. ?When you need to ask a question, beg if you can. Remember you must beg for everything. Because you didn?t know that you could, you may ask a question without begging this time only.?

She nodded before opening her mouth, ?Why do my eyes need to be downcast? And why do I have to sit like this?? He smiled and patted her head, her eyes closing and her head rising as he scratched. ?My dead slave, it is very simple. You must sit like this to display yourself to me and anyone else who I trust to share you and your eyes must be downcast to show you are my submissive. Keeping eye contact is a challenge when you are a slave, but keeping them lowered is proper.? He had stopped scratching halfway though and she gently nodded, taking this all in. ?So if I?m keeping my eyes lowered I?m being respectful and slave like?? she confirmed. He nodded his head. Her mouth closed and her eyes fluttered as she continued to look down.

?But my slave?? He said, standing up. She glanced up at him but kept her head down. ?You just broke two rules there.? She couldn?t help it. Her head snapped up and her mouth went into an ?o? of shock. ?What?? She asked. ?Three now.? He said, and she quickly lowered her head and her gaze. He turned away from her. ?One: You asked more than ?a question? as I remember saying. Two: You spoke in first person. There is no ?I? or ?me? anymore, remember? And Three: You looked up at me, but you quickly corrected yourself after I pointed it out. Therefore you must be punished.? He sighed. ?You disappointed me. Your training was going along nicely.? He turned back toward her and saw the beginnings of tears in her eyes.

He stood in shock. Here he said she just had to be punished, but now how, and that he was disappointed. Could it be that she felt terrible for disobeying him? ?Why are you crying, dear?? He softly asked, just as tears started running down her face. Her lower lip trembled as she sobbed, ?S-S-S-Slave has disappointed M-M-M-M-Master! She should have known better!? She buried her face in her hands, sniffling. Quietly she added, ?Slave deserves to be punished?? She readjusted her arms as though she didn?t move them and kept her head down. He just continued to stare at her, still in surprise as tears still ran down her face. He composed himself and knelt by her again, wiping away her tears with his thumbs. She stole a glimpse at him before continuing to look down. ?Do you really feel that way? Be honest.? She nodded, sniffling. ?You think you need to be punished harshly?? She shrugged her shoulders before replaying, ?Slave did something bad? she needs to be punished but? not harshly? Please?? She pleaded, keeping her eyes down.

He took her chin in his hand and pulled it up so his eyes locked with hers. She stared back, unable to look away before she finally remembered and her eyes shot down, scared she would get into more trouble. He smiled. ?It?s okay? He whispered and she slowly moved her eyes to look up into his. There she could see kindness and love and where he could see the beginnings of devotion and longing. He saw her eyes flick down to his lips and then back up to his eyes. He smiled, pulled her so she was leaning in on an angle toward him and placed his lips on her. He saw he eyes widen, her mouth opening in shock. He used that opportunity to gently slide his tongue into her mouth, brushing along the inside of her teeth and kiss her with passion and love. She responded moving her own tongue against his, her eyes shutting in glory. He lent back, splaying out as he hit the floor, wrapping his strong arms around her small waist, pulling her back with him. She let out a small yelp, her eyes widening, but he kept her lips against his and she closed her eyes once again. She could feel his erection against her crotch, and she ground against him, making him groan into her mouth, his hands going straight to her ass, pulling her crotch against his more powerfully as she continued to grind. She wriggled out of his grasp, kissing his neck then going immediately to his crotch. ?What do you think you?re doooooi?? He said but she didn?t let him finish. She unzipped his pants, fished out his rock hard cock and immediately shoved it in her mouth, looking up at him. He groaned as she began sucking, hard and fast, pulling more and more of his dick into her mouth. She continued to put more and more, although she gagged a bit she forced her stomach to behave. Bit by bit she fed him into her mouth until her nose touched his pubic hair. She continued to suck as she began to bring her head back, letting him slip through her lips before going back down on him, shoving him down her throat. This was too much for him. She did this once more and he grabbed her head, shoving himself in and out rapidly as she made little squeaking sounds.

He continued to pound himself into her little mouth before shoving himself into her mouth one last time, holding her face against his pubic hair as he came into her mouth. She twitched and started to gag, some of the taste slipping onto her tongue. He held her face there, until he was finally finished. He pulled himself away from her, slowly slipping his cock away from her swollen lips and smiled down at her. She surprised him by smiling back and rubbing her face against his leg. She acted like it was a present. That usually didn?t happen until a month down the road?

She twitched, his hand still resting on her head as he came back to the present. Her eyes were glassy, and her whole body numb. Could it really have been only a short amount of time ago that this girl, this beautiful red head, this beautiful submissive red head, was made his?

To Be Continued?
08-04-2022, at 01:15 AM

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