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Mommy teases Son and later get to fuck him_(0)

Post #1

Hey readers. This is my first story. I did the best i could as English is not my first language. Constructive criticism welcome.

Ariel was a single mom aged 36 and worked at the local all-girl school as the gym coach. Eventually, she maintained a very fit body and had a 34DD- 28 -36 figure and had beautiful brown hair. She loved to flaunt her body and tease her male colleagues in her ass-grabing pants and cropped-tank top. She seldom dated and had a 16 year old son Johnny. He just arrived from the boarding school and was spending the first day of his summer holidays home.

Sunday morning, Ariel woke up in her bed, naked as usual, and wanted to lie there all morning. It was very comfortable but then she remembered that Johnny arrived the previous day and he would want breakfast. Groaning, she got out of bed and put on a silk robe and tied it around her waist. She had nothing underneath. The robe reached only till the bottom of her ass. Downstairs Johnny was already awake and was rummaging for something to eat in the fridge.

"Hey baby, you hungry?" asked Ariel as she kissed her son on the head.

Johnny turned around and stared dumb-founded as he saw his mother barely clothed before him. She had a deep cleavage and her nipples were poking through the fabric and he was completely mesmerised by it. Ariel noticed and casually tied her robe tighter to prevent any further embarassment. She decided to break the awkward tension.

"Johnny, how about some pancakes for breakfast?"

Johnny finally found his voice and replied that pancakes was fine. He went to sit by the kitchen counter to stare at his sexy mom also because he had a massive erection. Ariel had her back to her son and felt uncomfortable of the effect that she had on her own son. She used to wear the robe on mornings but that was when she was alone in the house. Silly me, she thought.

She placed a plate of steaming pancakes before him and asked if he wanted some honey while reaching toward the top shelf for it. That caused her luscious ass to become fully on display and Johnny started to choke as he realised his mother was totally naked under the robe.

"Johnny how many times have i told you to eat slowly. You might choke." said Ariel as she pressed her front to her son as she rubbed his back. She knew that it was probably her exposed ass that caused all the ruckus.
Johnny could feel her hard nipples on his back and never felt his cock become so hard before and he thought of his mom's naked body under the robe. Ariel saw his erection and blushed as her pussy started dripping with excitement. She decided to tease Johnny further.

Behind Johnny's back , Ariel adjusted her robe so that it was loose and her cleavage was again on display. She went to sit before him and began to eat. Out of the corner of her eye, she could see Johnny catching glimpses of her cleavage now and then. Ariel felt excited yet a little bit ashamed of exposing herself to her son like that.

What kind of mother am I, she thought to herself.

After eating she took his plate and started to wash. Johnny pressed himself against her mother as he began to fill his glass under the tap. Ariel could feel his cock on her hip and she had to press her thighs together to stop the itch in her steaming cunt. Who knows to what this might lead to?


Usually on Sundays, Jenny, Ariel's best friend used to come at their place to lounge at their pool. Ariel had a very nice backyard and a large pool surrounded by high walls to prevent any curious neighbours. So the problem of being watched was non-existant. The two women used to skinny dip and bask in the sun all day naked while telling each other about their week and how they teased the men at work.

Jenny was a small and beautiful woman of Japanese descent who was about 5ft5 tall and the same age as Ariel. She had big E cups tits but they appeared enormous on her tiny frame. She had a very cute and protruding butt and could easily pass for a teenager. She knew that Johnny was home and thus Ariel and her would not be able to stay naked. She opted to wear a small blue string bikini that become very sheer when wet. She was forward to Johnny's reaction when she'll get out of the pool.

Back to Ariel and Johnny.

"Johnny... today a friend of mine is coming home. We'll be at the pool working on our tan. You are welcome to join us. I'm going uptairs to change into a bikini".

"Mom, can i help you pick one?" Johnny asked despite himself.

"Huh.. pick what exactly?" Ariel was completely at loss.

"Can i choose a... bikini for you? Please mom."

Ariel blushed and her pussy started to drip streams of pussy juice down her legs. She never thought that Johnny would dared to ask such a risky question.

" I suppose that it's fine. But only for this one time, huh?"

She led the way to her bedroom closet and took out all of her bikinis and one-piece swimsuits and threw them in a pile on the bed.

" Go on. Choose a nice small one that good for tanning. I hate tan lines."

" There is so many of them. It's quite difficult since they all look nice."

" Would you like me to model a few for you?" Ariel suggested erotically.

Johnny felt his pants bulging upon the suggestion of his mom. He hastily chose an electric blue and yellow bikini and handed it to Ariel. The latter took it and went in the bathroom to change. Meanwhile Johnny saw a very peculiar one; he had never seen one as such before. It had 2 small white triangles with thin transparent strings as the top; and the bottom had strings and a small white rectangle. Ariel opened the door and catwalked to her son and did a small pirouette before him. Johnny's eyes roamed all his mom's hot body: jiggling tits, flat stomach, bubble butt and toned legs.

"Fuck mom, you're so beautiful. I wish you could stay like this all summer."

"Thanks dear, said Ariel blushing and her nipples hardening. It's nice knowing that a woman my age still appeals to young men like you."

"You look so desirable. Mom, could try this one please?"

Ariel blushed a deeper shade of red as her son gave her microkini. It was so revealing that she never wore for it before. She could not believe that she was gonna wear it for her son. She thought about refusing but her own sluttiness got the better of her and went to the bathroom to change again.

After a few minutes, Ariel came out with a towel wrapped around her consealing her hot body. Johnny was shocked and thought that Ariel was totally naked under it .

"Johnny, please don't freak out..."

Ariel slowly removed the towel unhiding herself. The microkini barely covered her body. The two triangles only hid her areolas and caused her titty flesh to bulge outwards. Down bottom, only her vulva was covered by the thin cloth. The strings being thin and transparent seemed that Ariel glued pieces of fabrics on her body. Johnny remained speechless while devoring his mother's body with his eyes. His cock was straining for release. The microkini left nothing to the imagination. He learnt that his mom shaved her crotch. She did not have any tan lines confirming the fact that she usually tanned naked. She did a 360 degrees and Johnny could have sworn that she was totally naked from behind except for some strings at her back, waist and buttcrack. Her asscheeks were fully exposed.

" So baby, how is it?" Ariel asked nervously as her son remained so silent. " Please be honest... is it this bad?"

Johnny finally regained his voice.

"Oh mom, you're just so perfect. If you weren't my mother, I would have done unspeakable things to you."

Ariel's pussy become so hot on hearing her son's words and staerted to produce flood upon flood of pussy juice that began to roll down her thighs. At the same time, the doorbell rang. Jenny was here.

"Fuck Jenny 's already here. I should probably change to a less revealing bikini "said Ariel relunctantly yet relieved that Jenny's intrusion broke the sexual tension between her son and herself.

"Please don't change. You're so beautiful that you should never hide your body. This suit seems perfect for tanning too."

Ariel thought about the tanning part and agreed while her son's comments about her body continued to get her more aroused than ever. She moved out of the room and Johnny followed her; his eyes glued to her ass.

Johnny went to his room to change into a pair of Speedos while Ariel greeted Jenny at the door and then the two women went into the backyard. When he got outside, he saw the two hot ladies oiling each other's front casually and kneeded one another tits thoroughly.

Both bikinis allowed their huge tits to jiggle and wobble a lot. The tanning oil made Jenny's top become completely see-through and her dark brown aerolas were visible. They both giggled at the show they were putting on for Johnny. It was a good thing that Johnny's shorts were tight else he would have a massive tent on display.

After a few moments, they both lay down on loungers on their stomach. Their beautiful asses were on display for Johnny's eyes and his mother appeared totally naked but he felt more aroused by Jenny's Gstring gradually disappearing in her buttcrack.

" Johnny, please be a darling and do our back for us. Don't leave any spot untouched. We don't wanna burn."

Johnny took the tanning oil and sat on the edge of Ariel's lounger and poured it over her shoulders to her legs. He started to massage the oil around her neck and shoulders and gradually moved down. While doing the sides, he massaged his mother's sideboobs repeatedly but she said nothing. After having done her full back, Johnny began on her feet and started to move upwards. While doing her thighs, Ariel spread her legs a little allowing Johnny more access to her inner thighs. Several times, as his hands brushed over the thin cloth covering her labia, he could feel her hotness. Unknown to Johnny, Ariel was whimpering in pleasure.

"Well, don't ignore your mom's ass and you have to do mine too."

Johnny poured some more oil on Ariel's asscheeks and down her crack. He started to grope and massage her ass spending quite a lot of time on it. The microkini caused her tiny wrinkly asshole to be on display and Johnny could not resist touching it. Ariel dared not go too far with her son and told Johnny to move over to do Jenny's back.

"Straddle my thighs, big boy. It'll be easier for you."

Johnny did as she told him and repeated the oil massage on Jenny while she teased him from time to time. Ariel felt more aroused by watching Johnny moving his hands all over her friend.

"Johnny don't be shy. Feel free to rub anywhere you want" Jenny encouraged him.

Johnny did not refuse and immediately started rubbing her inner thighs dangerously close to her sex. Soon he was rubbing her cunt lips through the thin fabric and Jenny could not stop moaning from the intense pleasure. Ariel became very hot watching her son molesting her best friend with his fingers less than a metre away. She secretely wished that it was her who was being toyed by Johnny.

Johnny became bolder and rubbed Jenny's pussy lips harder and faster as they did nothing to stop his actions. Her bikini bottom was totally soaked with pussy juice. He used his other hand to remove the thong from her butt crack and began to finger her pink asshole. Soon the feisty Asian was moaning loudly and had a shuddering orgasm. She had never experienced such an orgasm before. All while Ariel was watching silently.

Johnny had a raging hard-on and stepped into the pool to cool down. He was quite dazed by what just happened and remained skeptical why his mother said nothing. After a few minutes, the two women appeared asleep and Johnny got out of the pool and went inside the house.

He stripped and his raging 8 inch dick was released from its constricting prison. He sat on the couch and began to jerk off. He closed his eyes while slowly stroking up and down his shaft, thinking of the 2 MILFs outside.

Suddenly he heard a gasp. Quickly opening his eyes, he saw Jenny before him. She had a wicked smile on her face and her eyes did not leave his cock for one second and she walked towards him and knelt at his feet. She reached behind her back and undid her bikini top letting her huge breasts hang free. They seemed to defy gravity with a little sag in them. Johnny drank in the sight before him.Jenny removed his hands from his impressive cock and started to slowly stroke it.

"Hummm, puberty has been generous with you. Did you enjoy making me cum? Now, relax and let me return the favor."

She licked his dick from base to top and Johnny leaked more precum. Jenny spread it all over his shaft and jerked him while sucking on his ball-sack. She then started to suck him real hard, taking more and more of his cock down her throat. She continued her series of deepthroating and ball sucking for a while.

Jenny smiled seductively before cupping her heavy jugs so his cock was between them and squeezing them together, enveloping him in their silky soft smooth grip. Johnny groaned at this new level of excitement, his mom's friend seemed to be getting off on teasing and tormenting him, it was like she was trying to see how much he could take.

He was powerless to resist anything she wanted to do to him, all he cared about was the pleasure coursing though his body as she began slowly sliding her boobs up his shaft, enveloping him completely so he disappeared from sight, before pausing and slowly sliding down the length of his cock , his purple cock head emerging from the magnificent creamy white canyon of her boobs. She kept her movements agonisingly slow, allowing his cock constant stimulation but not enough to take him over the edge.

Pre-cum drooled constantly from his cock lubricating the fleshy tunnel between her boobs, making it feel even more like a wonderful pussy he could penetrate to his heart's, or his cock's desire. Johnny laid back while moaning; he wanted to cum yet decided to last longer.

Suddenly Johnny felt another hand on his thigh, and looked down to see his mother kneeling next to Jenny. Ariel's tits were still being held by her small triangles, with her nipples doing their best to pierce the thin cloth. She looked up at Johnny, almost as if she was asking his approval to touch his dick. Johnny moaned and made other incomprehensible sounds , but whatever they were she took it as acceptance and grabbed his dick away from Jenny . Johnny opened his knees wider to accommodate the second body as she sucked his dick down her throat same as Jenny did, proving to be just as skilled. They proceed to trade off deepthroating, the other usually licking his balls or his thighs.

Two hot MILFs giving him a joint blowjob, each vying to make him cum. Johnny couldn't believe it was actually real. These two women most guys could only fantasize about were craving for his cum. Among his own mother!

He knew he wasn't going to last much longer, and was impressed that it had been at least 5 minutes and he was still going. But Johnny could feel the pressure building. It was coming.

"Mom, Jenny, uh, I'm going to, uh..."

He was having difficulty forming sentences, but the two women seemed to get the idea though. They began sucking him even harder, hoping to speed it up. They looked at each other, exchanged some message with their eyes, and Ariel took over, taking about 3 inches of hard flesh in her hot mouth while stroking the rest with her fist. Jenny focused on caressing Johnny's swollen testicles. As soon as Ariel started circling the head of his son's cock with her tongue, he blew.

His first load hit her hard in the mouth. As far as he could tell, his mom was quite experienced in the art of blow jobs, but this caused her to choke a bit. She pulled back and the next shot hit her on the chin, splattering down on her tits. Jenny quickly pulled his dick her way as his mom recovered. Johnny's next two loads hit her big tits, glazing her dark brown nipples.

She leaned over and gingerly licked some of his cum off Ariel's chin. The latter turned into her friend, catching her full on the mouth. They kissed deeply, exchanging Johnny hot semen still remaining in Ariel mouth. They cum-swapped while touching each other tits. Jenny untied the strings of Ariel's top releasing her breasts for Johnny's utmost delight. Ariel broke the kiss and licked all her son's delicious cum on her friend's tits.

Both sexually aroused women then proceeded to kneel on the couch of either side of Johnny, dangling their big natural boobs into his face teasingly. All inhibitions and shame were forgotten. Lust took over all three of them.

Johnny cupped one breast in each hand and began to knead, feeling and comparing their weight and softness. He moved his mouth on one nipple and began to suck hard while using his fingers to tease the other ones relentlessly. He switched every now and then between each pair of boobs causing the two women to moan in pleasure and encouraged the boy to suck harder.

"Let's take this to the bedroom", proposed Jenny.

The three of them rose quickly and nearly ran upstairs and jumped on Ariel's king-sized bed. The two women removed their bikini bottom in a flash.

The slut mom laid back pulling her son on top on her while kissing him passionately. She started to suck on his tongue exchanging saliva. Jenny sat on the bed next to them frigging her cunt while watching the scene unfold before her eyes.

Johnny stopped kissing his mother and spread her knees. He stared at her gorgeous shaved cunt inhaling the scent of her arousal for a short while before he began to devour his mom's pussy.

"Oh Goddd!!!" Ariel moaned, her thighs clamping on his face and her hands gripping his hair. She was pulling him to her, letting, almost demanding, he gorge himself on her most sacred of places, the very place he had come into existence.

Meanwhile, Jenny had her own orgasm and moved over to the writhing pair of bodies and placed her hot mouth on Ariel's hard nipples, pulling the hard nubs with her teeth and kissing her soft titty flesh.

Johnny could barely breath, she was gripping him to her so closely. He felt like he was drowning in her pussy as she convulsed and moaned under his attentions. As he continued to lick and suck her pussy, Ariel could feel the waves of pleasure flowing over her, taking her closer and closer to her orgasm. She never felt such stimulation at her pussy and nipples simultaneously. She surrendered herself to the pleasure and let her orgasm flood through her.

Jenny stopped sucking at Ariel's nipples and laid back, spreading her legs so that Johnny could get a taste of her Asian pussy. He moved over and began to lick and kiss Jenny's pussy as her clit become engorged with blood, allowing her a few moments before he started his assault on her sweet pussy. He feasted on her like a starving man, plunging his tongue as deep in her as he could before sucking and licking her clit.

Before long, she could feel a massive orgasm building, more powerful than her previous at the hands of the boy, and couldn't help herself from crying out as she felt it flood through her; but still Johnny wasn't satisfied. Now that he had had a taste of her sweet nectar, he couldn't get enough, and began to slurp and gorge on her once again. Ariel knelt beside Johnny and both of them, mother and son, continued to torment Jenny with their licking, sucking, biting, tonguing and rubbing. Jenny was now helpless against the double assault on her sensitive cunt and the pleasure that coursed through her. She felt like she was drowning in pleasure. As the second orgasm tore through her she thought she would pass out; she squirted onto their faces as they lapped at the fountain of tasty pussy juice flooding their mouth. The sheet underneath Jenny's ass became drenched with all her juices.

"Oh please... stop, I can't take any more. Let me catch my breath."

Ariel and Johnny reluctantly released her, their faces wet with her juices. As he climbed up to lie next to her, his throbbing erection was pointing straight upwards, gorging with blood and angry veins. It did not go unnoticed as soon it was envelopped by Ariel's hot mouth. She forced herself to take all 8 inches down her throat and salivary spewed from the corners of her mouth down all over his balls.

Johnny closed his eyes and enjoyed the mind-blowing sensation coursing through him. Thankfully, his previous cumming would make him last longer. Soon there were two tongues licking his shaft and sucking on his cock head. They also teased him with their fingers and teeth. After about 20 mins of heavenly pleasure, Johnny could feel his impending orgasm and stopped them.

"Im gonna cuuummmm.... get on your knees. I want to come on your tits" said Johnny as he jumped out of bed.

Both women knelt at his feet and lifted and bounced their tits, waiting for him to ejaculate. Soon Johnny started to cum in several long strokes of thick rich semen glazing their tits with his white spew. He came more than he did the first time. Ariel proposed they all take a shower together seeing as they were all covered in cum, pussy juice and sweat. Although Johnny was so tired that he wanted to doze off, he still will not let go of a chance to touch and fondle the 2 Milfs.

They went to shower in Ariel's bathroom. Johnny took the shower gel and generously poured it all over the two women hot bodies especially on their tits and on their ass. Ariel stood close in front of Jenny lathered her while the latter returned the favor. Johnny placed his hands on their backside and soaped their protuding butts as he watched the two women rub their front together.

They stopped, pulled the lad between them and rubbed their soapy bodies on him, lathering him with their boobs. They made little use of their hands and let their large breasts do the job. Johnny felt crushed between the two warm bodies but he wanted them to press harder against him. He felt a new wave of revival in his loins. Soon he was at full mast. Ariel took his huge throbbing tool in her hand and stroked it. She could barely circle his thickness with her small hands while she kissed her son, her man.
I am so lucky to have a stud living under my own roof, she thought.

" You seem clean enough now. Let's rinse" said Ariel mischieviously. She wanted to tease Johnny more.

Johnny groaned as she stopped her handjob but the two tease did not pity him and prevented him from relieving himself else he would not get any sexual favours in the future. They washed the soap off and dried themselves. Jenny unfortunately had to go home to her husband but promised them that she would be back for Johnny's delicious cum.

Johnny was tired and went to his room to get some rest and to stop the ache in his balls. Ariel had to go to the mall for some shopping but she could not get off her mind of what was bound to happen that night.


When Ariel came home in the evening later that day, Johnny was sprawled on the couch watching a movie. She went to him and did not hesitate to give him a deep long kiss. Soon they were making out together, tongues twisting and tangling in their mouth. Johnny was fondling his mother's tits through her blouse. Ariel had to stop. She was completely out of breath and practice and felt so turned on by the special relationship she had just developed with her own son. She told Johnny to order some pizzas while she went upstairs to freshen up.

Ariel had bought some sexy lingerie specially for Johnny. Now she lusted for his huge cock inside her; and lingerie was gonna help her get laid. The outfit consisted of a pink sheer teddy which held her big tits proudly before her and did nothing to hide her hard jutting rosy nipples and of pink silk panties. She applied a light touch of makeup to accentuate her facial features and let her lovely hair loose.

She went downstairs and was pleased to see that the ordered pizza had already arrived. Johnny was watching football and did not see Ariel yet. She went to the kitchen and brought out a wine bottle and two glasses. Some alcohol will be good to lower their inhibitions. She returned to the den and stood in front of Johnny taking him totally by surprise. Johnny's jaw literally dropped. He had not expected his mother so dress so slutty.

"Would you care for some red wine darling?" asked Ariel snapping Johnny out of reverie.

"Yeah, I'd like some" replied Johnny.

Ariel poured some wine for both of them and sat to eat her pizza. She remained silent, observing Johnny carefully: how he seemed flustered, the ocassional glances at her boobs and the tent forming in his pants.

They finished the wine and Ariel cuddled next to her son pressing her boobs to his arm and rubbing her panties over his thighs. It was the most interesting match of the season but Johnny was being too distracted to pay attention. He could feel the heat emanating from her pussy.

She gracefully threw a leg over Johnny's lap, straddling him while they faced each other. She tried to be calm about fucking her son and took her time. She sexily removed her teddy from over her head exposing her gravity-defying boobs mere inches in front of her son. Johnny, on the other hand, looked like he had just hit the jackpot. His eyes were wide and excited, as if he had waited years for this. It was an expression which made Ariel feel amused and increasingly aroused.

She cupped her tits and offered them to Johnny who wasted no time and buried his face into her cleavage while his hands mauled her breasts. It was clear to Ariel that her son was quite inexperienced as he was quite rough. She stood up tearing herself away from Johnny who looked at her pleadingly wanting more.

"Get undressed" ordered Ariel. Johnny did not need to be told twice. As he stripped, his mom admired his hot body; strong arms, perfect abs and especially that throbbing piece of hard meat which she was dying to feel inside her. Ariel grabbed his dick and used it as a leash to take him upstairs to her bedroom.

"Don't be rough. Treat like your woman well. Pleasure her. Take your time, " said Ariel as she got on the bed.

"Start by removing my panties. Be gentle".

"Yes, Mom" replied Johnny as he grabbed both sides of her silk panties and dragged them to her feet. He removed them and brought them to his face to smell her arousal. It was strong and intoxicating.

He then crawled on the bed, his body lightly touching hers. Johnny kissed her lips softly, moving up her neck and bringing chills to her warm body. Ariel moaned-he was a quick learner. Then his tongue went to her ear, circling it and leaving a wet trail behind.

"I love you Mom," Johnny whispered then began to kiss back down her neck.

Moving slowly down, his tongue following the contours of her body until he reached the swells of her breasts. He placed gentle kisses across the smooth surface until he
reached the nipple and then sucked one and then the other into his mouth. He used his fingers to tweak one nipple as his tongue licked the other. Ariel was moaning loudly and her body started quivering by the time Johnny got to her bellybutton. He knelt between her legs and lifted them onto his shoulders. He slowly bent to her jucture, kissing her soft and shaking thighs as he went. Finally, he spread her legs as wide as possible and paused, looking down at her pulsing labia. Johnny's mouth practically drooled. After a little whine from Ariel, he bent his head to her center.

"Oh sweet Lord, Johnny, oh God, oh God," Ariel moaned as she felt his tongue move up and down the smooth outer lips. He even pushed his tongue into the crease on each side, licking the sensitive flesh. His tongue worked around her swollen lips, barely touching them. Johnny pulled back and smiled at his mother. He saw her eyes hooded over in denied pleasure. He reached down and gently opened her lips, exposing the now throbbing clit. He lowered his head and blew warm air on the little button, watching it quiver with need. Without warning, he pushed his little finger in her ass while his tongue attacked the inner folds of her pussy triggerring a massive orgasm.


"Oh Johnny your tongue feels so good but i want your cock NOW" said Ariel aggressively. Johnny stopped his assault on her engorged lips and laid back letting his mother take control.

Ariel spat on his shaft and stroked it making it slick with salivary and precum. She started to lick his exposed cockhead with her tongue causing Johnny to moan in approval. She then began sucking while her hands stoked tbe hard shaft. She stopped soon as she did not want Johnny to cum yet.

She straddled Johnny while he stared at his mother in surprise. She took his dick and rubbed her pussy lips with it. Her cunt was dripping like a watering can. Ariel placed his cockhead at the entrance of the pussy and slowly lowered herself on him. She felt Johnny's thick cock strecting her pussy walls as never before.

"Oh Johnny... your cock feels so good inside me... ahhhh yes... stretch your mommy's pussy..." moaned Ariel in Johnny's ear.

Soon all of Johnny's hard 8 inches was deep into his mom's hot pussy. What a wonderful way to lose one's virginity. The look on Johnny's face was one of ectasy. He was in heaven. She sat up straight impaled on his cock; enjoying the feeling of being completely filled by her own son. Ariel moved her pussy slowly up and down his dick; he moved his hands out and started massaging her breasts. She bent downwards to kiss Johnny as she writhed upon him. She put her tongue in his mouth and they passionately kissed as they fucked.

Johnny took control of her body as he stopped kissing his mother and grabbed her boobs and mauled them. He licked her breasts before putting her right nipple in his mouth and biting her aerola. Ariel moaned from the sweet pain.He moved his hands down Ariel's sleek back and rested them on her ass. He started squeezing her ass cheeks as she fucked him.

All of this sucking and touching was really stimulating her. Ariel felt her orgasm building inside of her. She started fucking him faster. Johnny grabbed her hips and banged her pussy harder on his dick as he powerfully thrust his cock upwards deeper inside her pussy.

"Yes..Fuck me fuck me fuck me harder baby. I need your cock so bad."

He moaned and Ariel screamed in pure lust. She found myself screaming louder and louder than he was. She wrapped her arms around Johnny's head and screamed in his ear.

"Oh Mom, im gonnna cum.." moaned Johnny.

"CUM INSIDE MOMMY. CUM INSIDE MOMMY. RELEASE YOUR SPERM IN MOMMY'S CUNT" All of Ariel's control was gone. She was lost in sexual delirium.

That's what Johnny was dying to hear. He lifted her hips slowly, hesitating for just a second, and then he rapidly pulled her hips down as he lifted his hips too. He plunged so deep inside her that his cock entered her womb. Ariel screamed; she felt like her mind had lost all control of her body. She was rapidly spiraling into a massive climax. She closed her eyes and enjoyed the sensations in her body as she came hard; her body convulsed and shaked due to the power of her orgasm. Her pussy spasmed and flooded torrents of pussy juice which flowed down Johnny's balls. Her pussy squeezed his dick causing him to reach his peak and began to release everything he had into his mother. Squirt after squirt poured from him and into her, filling her. He could feel his mother's body tense as wave after wave of ecstasy took over her. She collasped of top of her son as his sperm flooded her unprotected womb.

Johnny kissed his mother sweetly on her cheek and found out that she has lost conciousness. After some time, she stirred and Johnny rolled her over on her back. His deflating cock came out of her pussy with a 'pop' sound. He smiled as his cum seeping out of Ariel's cuntlips onto her thighs.

"I love you Johnny".

"I love you too Mom".

Johnny felt a new wave of arousal at the sight of his mother sprawled before him satisfied and helpless. His cock became hard once more. His mother spread her legs wide and Johnny entered her saturated pussy. Having climaxed before he took his time; his priority was to pleasure his mother. He did all the work and Ariel laid back and enjoyed being filled by her son. His hips started moving and she wrapped her lips around Johnny's back holding him deep inside. She wanted that incestuous night to last forever.

The rest of the night was a blur of sexual frenzy. Johnny's youth wore his mother out. He took her three more times that night, bringing her to the brink of exhaustion and ultimate satisfaction.


The next morning Johnny woke up to his naked mother, kneeling between his legs, sucking on his cock. He became easily very hard under her expert ministrations. Ariel deepthroated his huge tool until her bottom lip came into contact with his balls. She loved to gag on his cock. Soon Johnny was on the verge of cumming.

"Oh Mom...Stop.. i prefer to cum in your pussy than down your throat."

"So how do you want to do it?" asked Ariel as she slowly continued to stoke him sensually.

"I wanna fuck you doggystyle" replied a very enthusiastic Johnny.

Ariel quickly got on her hands and knees and wiggled her asscheeks teasingly at Johnny. One day I'll fuck her ass, thought Johnny as he slid balls deep inside his mother. Ariel moaned loudly as her son broke into her womb once again.

"Oh yes FUCK ME DEEPER Oh Johnny FUCK YOUR SLUT MOMMY. BREED ME" screamed Ariel loudly as her son battered her pussy with his powerful thrusts. She began to play with her engorged clit.

"OH YES... That feels so good.. Fuck me good....Perhaps you'd like to fuck Jenny's brains out too. Would you like to fill her sweet pussy with your hot cum?" asked Ariel.

That caused Johnny to reached his peak and he came inside his mother and Ariel soon followed: an orgasm triggered by her own words. Her knees bucked and she fell, exhausted, flat on the bed.

And what was just the beginning...
05-07-2021, at 11:31 PM

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