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Working the Weekend

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Working the WeekendThe sun was just beginning to rise over the apartment blocks as Dan left his home for an other average day at work. Dan was in his late twenties, had dark brown hair, was in good physical shape and was pretty proud of the way he looked. Today was Friday which meant the much needed weekend was finally here. He opened his car, a silver BMW, tossed his briefcase onto the passenger seat and took off. It was the same routine every morning, get up, shower, get ready, have breakfast, leave and then sit in the same traffic to work for half an hour. Dan arrived at his office just after 8, he worked at a large marketing company and Dan was in charge of the image layouts on one of the High Streets top magazines. Dan did enjoy his job, the pay was fantastic but it was just beginning to get the same everyday. He collected the messages he had from his secretary Hannah, who was a young brunette girl with a small chest but a cracking body and an even prettier face. Dan often fantasied about a little office romance with her but that's all they were, fantasies. He plonked down on his chair and skimmed through his messages. The usual apprenticeship applications and image ideas from the team downstairs. He flopped them back onto the desk, switched his laptop on and relaxed back in his chair, gazing out of his window at the quite stunning city view he had. It wasn't long before there was a knock at the door, it was Sam from upstairs, a fifty something small stout man with a large pop belly and a not so good comb over."Hey there Danny boy, how's it going" Sam said as he came bounding into Dan's office. Oh how he hated when he called him "Danny boy"."Oh hey Sam, yeah all good here. What can I do for you?" Dan said in begrudging voice, hoping Sam would leave quickly."Not much buddy, just that you are gonna have to come into work this weekend!!" Sam stated as he sat himself down on Dans small sofa that he had."WHAT?! Are you joking??" Dan blurted out as his blood began to race. The one thing Dan looks forward to is a free weekend but then having to come in and work, just kills him inside."Yeah sorry man" Sam continued "got someone from upstate coming in and Mr Davidson from upstairs wants you to come in"Dan trying to keep his anger on the inside "so who is this person then that I have to give up my weekend for??""His name is Alex Dunne, he's a potential transfer and apparently he has links with upstairs so wanted to get a look around..." as Sam was rambling on the anger in Dan was being quickly replaced with depression at the loss of his weekend. The rest of the day dragged on but finally it was home time. Dan would normally meet up with his friends at the bar on a Friday but today he just wanted to go home and grab a takeaway. Dan ghosted home through the traffic and when he got in, just fell onto the couch. The TV was switched on so began Dan's long night, mindlessly watching the television. With his takeaway polished off and it getting late, Dan drifted off to bed.Dan woke up the next day to the sound of his phone vibrating on the bedside table. It was a text from an unknown number,i]Hi there Dan. I am very much looking forward to meeting you today, I have heard a lot about you. Please meet me at your office for 10:00 and don't worry about dressing smart. Alex "Well I'm not looking forward to meeting you" Dan exclaimed angrily as he tossed his phone onto the bed. Dan lay in his bed until the last possible moment before getting up and getting ready. Rather than his normal suit, he went for some denim jeans, a t-shirt with a suit jacket and some smart shoes. He thought he would rap this meeting up quickly and go meet the guys after. He did his normal walk down to his BMW but this time no briefcase and on his way to work looked on enviously at all the people enjoying their weekend. Dan arrived at work just after 10 and headed up to his office, no Hannah either. "Even she had the weekend off" Dan muttered as he walked into his office but was greeted by a strange sight. There was someone sitting in his car but at first glance it was a woman!"Excuse me, can I help you?" Dan asked, trying to peer round and see who this stranger was. "Why hello Dan, of course you can help!" came this voice, a woman's voice. And god did it sound so sexy to Dan. The chair slowly turned and there say in it was this incredible looking woman. She looked late twenties like Dan, had long curly hair that just rested on her bulging big breasts. She wore a dark grey suit jacket and a white shirt that was only buttoned up so far to help expose her great chest. Dan stood there dumbfounded and struggled to put his words together "Are you Alex? I was expecting.."Expecting some middle aged overweight guy mmm??" Alex said teasingly."Well yeah, Sam said you were a guy" said Dan still trying to work out what's going on.Alex gave out a little laugh as she stood up and moved round to the other side of the table,"Yes that Sam was something else, wasn't really listening to my assistant it would seem but I had to make sure I met you!" "Meet me? But why?" Dan asked as he moved a little closer to Alex and into his office."Well you see Dan, I have known of you and your work for quite a while now. And I must say I am quite impressed" as she looked him up and down and sat herself on the edge of his desk."But I'm sorry I have no idea who you are?""Who I am doesn't matter at the moment my handsome man" as she reaches out and grabs Dan by the t-shirt and pulls him towards her "What matters is what you can do for me?! Dan froze up and the bulge in his pants began to grow very quickly "Eh, I can show you around the office if you like" he stuttered as he tried to avert his gaze from her wondrous cleavage.With her hand still on his chest, Alex looked up to him "Come on now Dan, do you think I would come in on a Saturday and waste an empty office for a tour??"Dan looking around the office, "Well I wasn't sure what to think when I saw you..." as he turned back round he was met with the luscious red lips of Alex against his. At first he was tense but quickly relaxed and allowed her roaming tongue to find his and they shared a very passionate kiss. Pausing for a breath, Dan took a step back to try and evaluate what was going on. "Dan I want you to relax and to just go with this, I'll answer any questions you have after! Now come here sexy" Alex stated as she spread open her legs revealing her red silk panties. Beckoning him down with her finger, Dan obliged thinking "Fuck it, she's hot as hell"He got down to his knees and positioned himself between her thighs, he pulled her panties to one side and edged closer. Her pussy was shaven and already a little damp."Good boy" Alex purred " now show me what skills you have!"Dan needed no second invitation and stretched his neck forward and found her soft pussy with his tongue. Licking her up and down, prodding his tongue in to the rhythm of her thrusting hips. She was now soaking and Dan was licking up every drop of her juice."Oh my god that feels amazing!" Alex moaned and she ran her fingers through Dan's hair, grabbing it and gently guiding his tongue to the right spot.Dan worked his tongue furiously and it's wasn't long until Alex was reaching her climax "Oh my god, oh my god, right there, right uuhhhh" Alex's whole body tingled with an intense orgasm as she squeezed Dan's head between her thighs."That... was incredible" Alex panted as she came back to reality "Now your turn, sit" she said pointing to his chair. Dan did just that, whipping his jacket off and sitting in his chair.Alex seductively walked around the desk, slowly taking off her jacket and unbuttoning her shirt more to exposed her red bra that cupped her breasts beautifully. She pulled her skirt up a little and knelt down in front of Dan.She fumbled with his belt and quickly released his bulging member "oh wow, now this is impressive hardware you have Dan" as she slowly wrapped her fingers around it and began to stroke. She expertly worked his shaft, moving her hand up and down, twisting as she went. Taking the tip of his member into her mouth, she squeezed her lips around it and began to swirl her tongue all over his tip. She then moved her mouth all the way down his shaft and right down to the base. Taking his full member in and out of her mouth, he could feel his tip pushing against the back of her throat. Working her mouth and hands simultaneously, bobbing up and down. Feeling his shaft begin to pulsate vigorously Alex pulled herself off. Alex got herself to her feet, quickly removing her panties and straddled over Dan. Positioning her soaking pussy over his cock and slowly sliding down on it. Once his stiff cock was all the way in her she began to jump up and down on it. His hard cock almost out of her pussy before she would force herself back down. Dan and Alex were bouncing hard on the chair and they were both loving every minute of it. His big cock, stretching and filling every inch of her tight pussy. "Oh wow your pussy feels great" Dan exhales as he thrusts upwards, forcing himself deeper into Alex."It feels even better from behind" Alex moans, as she pulls herself off Dan, pulling up her skirt and bending over the desk.Dan jumping to his feet, whips down his jeans and boxers and positions himself behind her. Gently probing her wet pussy, just teasing with the tip. He softly rubs her clit with the tip of his cock before sliding it deep inside her. Going slow at first before very quickly picking up the rhythm."Yes Dan fuck me deep and hard, there's a good boy" Alex moans loudly as she leans down on the desk, reaching her hand down and finding her clit. Using the tip of her fingers and with the hard pounding of Dan's big cock inside her, Alex reaches an explosive orgasm. Dan isn't far behind before he can't hold back anymore and explodes inside of her, his thrusts becoming slower and he fills her pussy with his hot cum.There sexual encounter didn't last long but it was very intense for both of them. Dan flopped back onto his chair, as Alex used her fingers to collect Dan's deposit of cum before sucking it into her mouth. "Mmm, not too bad Dan, not bad at all, Alex said as she sat herself on the edge of the desk."OK Mrs Dunne, tell me your story?!" Dan panted as he regained his breath."Well Dan, for start it's Miss. I am actually the new head of marketing here and require a partner. That's where you come in!" Alex paused as she slid her panties back on. "I have been watching you for a while and love your work and ever since seeing you I wanted you in all terms.""Wait what??" said Dan, getting confused."Basically Dan, you are my new partner in the company with a pay rise of course and are also going to satisfy me sexually just like we have done now. Do you accept these terms?" Alex stated as she picked up her skirt, slipping back into it.Dan sat there for a moment pondering, here he was thinking that he just lost a free weekend but instead fucked an absolute babe and getting a promotion. There was only one thing to say, "Hell Yeah"
04-07-2021, at 02:13 PM

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