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Death Throes

Post #1

Woeful Iscandar:
a plane of existence deep in the Abyss

Gorflkk was trying his best to please his mistress, but was having a somewhat difficult time of it as she stood in one of her bedchamber's enormous windows and cast her gaze across the foreboding landscape of Woeful Iscandar. As was true of all of Woeful Iscandar's populace, Gorflkk was a demon. A tenebrosus, to be exact. He and his kin were down among the lower ranks of demons but of higher station than dretches and quasits. In the Abyss, Gorflkk wielded little power but, in the realm of mortal beings (which he had visited a few times), he was more than a match for a score of warriors.

After all, he was a demon.

Gorflkk resembled a humanoid-like salamander, about eight hand spans high with slimy, brown skin and sickly yellow spots. His head was broad and flat with two bulbous eyes that stuck out on either side of it. The demon's three digited hands were busy roaming up and down the hot, ebony skin of his mistress's legs, leaving three wet trails behind them. His tail swished back and forth almost nervously as her scent tantalized his sensitive nostrils. Cautiously, he slipped his head between her legs. While his mistress enjoyed sex play, her moods could also be somewhat fickle. One moment, she could be ready for any one of a myriad of pleasures; the next, such things would be farthest from her thoughts.

Gorflkk's six, long, snake-like tongues slowly started to dance, wiggle and squirm in and around his mistress's most intimate parts, making her fragrant pussy increasingly wetter and more irresistible by the moment. He loved the taste of his mistress's juices and he could never get enough of them. Fortunately for him, she seemed to enjoy his ministrations and let him indulge, though, at her leisure. On rare occasions she would even have him copulate with her but what he truly liked was what he was doing at that very moment. Gorflkk knew he was a very fortunate demon.

As his tongues lapped, swirled and writhed in his mistress's pussy and asshole and laved over every bit of the surrounding flesh, Gorflkk gazed up at his mistress in near worshipful awe. Many were the stories he had heard about her and her glorious victories during the on-going Blood War against the devils of the Nine Hells. Gorflkk had been fortunate enough to be a foot soldier during a battle to repel the enemy from an incursion into an upper plane of the Abyss. As he held his own in a battle against a trio of imps, Gorflkk saw his future mistress slay one than another gelugon---devils that looked all the world like giant insects---in quick succession. In the aftermath, she had personally congratulated him on fighting with the courage befitting a tanar'ri, a ?true? demon. Gorflkk did all he could to fight along side her at every opportunity, even going so far as to join an invasion force that eventually overthrew an entire world on the Material Plane: the realm of mortals.

While his mistress stood only a head taller than he, Gorflkk always felt and saw her as if she stood twice as high or more. Some of that feeling he attributed to his devotion to her and some of it to the power she exuded just by being present. Although she was by no means the most powerful demon in the Abyss---or Woeful Iscandar, for that matter---his mistress had very potent spells at her beck and call that could cause massive amounts of damage and even more chaos as a result.

She was also a beauteous sight to behold, and a power unto itself which she often employed to tempt mortals into ruin. Her skin was darker than the darkest night and emanated a heat that only hinted at the ardent passion raging within her. She possessed an otherworldly beauty marking her as someone who was both desirable yet dangerous. Brightly glowing yellow eyes seemed to pierce all of whom they surveyed to their very soul stared out at the world from below loosely hanging curls of luxuriant raven tresses that rolled gently down her back and shoulders---and between her large, bat-like wings. A strong, sinewy tail that began right at the top of the crease between the full cheeks of her ass tapered to a thumb-sized end at six spans long. Curved, blood-red talons tipped both her fingers and toes and were as deadly as they appeared to be.

She was a succubus.

A true tanar'ri.

Gorflkk had heard other demons, both lesser and greater, speaking ill about her behind her back, saying she had become corrupted by her visits to the Material Plane, how she was becoming less like a demon and more like a mortal because of her concern about her appearance. All this made Gorflkk's ichor-like blood seethe and boil. But none of those who spoke thus about her ever had the nerve to say it to her face. . .

Except one.

And, even though the offending vrock---a tall demon that looked like a cross between a human and a vulture---was of a higher rank then Gorflkk's mistress, he was clearly less than competent on the field of battle. The personal dispute between the two demons ended as swiftly as Gorflkk's mistress was able to draw her blade. A moment later, the vrock's head slid from its long neck and landed on the floor with a satisfying wet thud.

In the many years since then, no one had voiced a disparaging word against her.

?Mmmmm! Yesss!? purred Gorflkk's mistress, in response to the attention he was paying her. ?You know how to serve me well.?

Gorflkk only smiled and continued tonguing his mistress instead of interrupting her titillation, with unnecessary banter, especially since the pleasure he was deriving was coming from what he was providing to her. He slithered his lingua all over between her legs. As one delved deep into her pussy, another was encircling and stroking her stiff clit; two of his tongues were proceeding to squirm their way past the tight ring of her anus while his remaining two licked and tickled all around the perimeter of her sexual region. Her juices were starting to flow more freely and had become somewhat thicker in consistency. The excited tenebrosus started moving his tongues faster. Gorflkk knew his mistress was getting close to a delectable climax and his taste buds were sending him into a near frenzy.

But a sharp slap between his eyes reminded Gorflkk that it was not he who was in charge.

?Slowly, you lout,? the succubus commanded. ?An event is transpiring at this very moment that will never happen again in the entire existence of the multiverse! I have been watching and waiting for this day for thousands of years and, now that it is here, you will keep me on the very edge of a climax so powerful as to make me swoon until I tell you exactly when to make me cum; not a moment before and, most certainly, not a moment after! Success will be rewarded----as will failure! Do I make myself clear to you, slave??

?Yesss, my misstressss,? Gorflkk said in a hissing, gurgling voice.

For the first time since his arrival in her private chambers, the tenebrosus could see that she held what looked like a black sphere in her hand and was gazing at it as he pleasured her. As he cast furtive glances up at her and the orb, Gorflkk could see that was about the size of a closed fist----and there was something inside it. In fact, three seemed to be many somethings in it.

Points of light.

Hundreds, perhaps even thousands of them.

There was a strange serenity that washed through Gorflkk's mind as he watched the lights spiral slowly around the bright center of the luminous disk. For an instant, Gorflkk felt as if he was seeing the entirety of existence. Fortunately for him, his reverie was short-lived and was broken when his mistress whispered a single word to the sphere.


The effect was spectacular and almost mesmerizing. The luminous disk appeared as if it were expanding and continued to do so well after it had completely filled the black orb; the points of light grew bigger before becoming stretched out lines of brilliance that graduated in color from blue to red as they raced past. As the view provided through the sphere progressed, several colorful clouds of mixed reds, yellows, blues, and greens sped past. Gorflkk's mind noted that these clouds looked very different than those he recalled seeing during his visits to the Material Plane, they were many, many orders of magnitude larger and appeared to be motionless against the dark backdrop around them instead of their shapes constantly shifting. One of the formations reminded him of an orangish spider, another looked like a great eye, and, in a third, the tenebrosus actually imagined he could ?see? the ghostly image of the horned, dog-like face of a glabrezu (a demon of moderate power), its mouth open in what appeared to be a laugh, in the center of the nebula.

As the visual journey continued in the orb, Gorflkk's six talented tongues continued their dance in and around his mistress's sex. The flow of her juices was now almost a steady stream and had coated Gorflkk's large rubbery lips with such a copious amount that, just as soon as the tenebrosus had licked them clean, there was more to replace what was cleared. Of course, Gorflkk was delighted by this. His mistress's taste was unlike anything he had experienced in all his days in the Abyss and was the only joy in his otherwise bleak existence.

Well. . .

Perhaps not the only joy. There was the torturing of newly arrived souls to the Abyss, the battles of the Blood War, infrequent trips to the Material Plane to gather souls directly, being summoned by foolish wizards seeking more than they were prepared to surrender for the services of a demon (giving the summoned demon just cause to destroy them and claim their souls), making demons of lesser rank follow his orders and complete tasks appointed to him, being the sex toy for other she-demons who called upon his mistress to request a favor from her---though only when she commanded it, and other such distractions.

Hmmmmm. . . Gorflkk thought as he resumed feasting on the delectable nectar of his mistress's pussy. Perhapsss thingsss are better than I thought.

?Ooooohhh!? Gorflkk's mistress moaned. ?You've got six of the most talented tongues I've ever had licking me at the same time.? Locking her intense gaze to his, she commanded him lustily, ?Expose your maleness and stroke it as you continue to lick me. Take delight in the sensations you give yourself but do not neglect me in the least. Keep pace with me, and cum when I do, and perhaps I will be of a mind to reward you with something you greatly desire.? With that, she gave him a slow, knowing wink.

Gorflkk smiled. While he did not especially care for fucking other demons, this tenebrosus did take pleasure in masturbating. If others were to know of his preference, they may think of him as being that much less of a demon because of it. Their thoughts would run something along the lines of: Why would you not want to fuck a demon of higher station?! Such a thing is an honor! Besides, it could lead to the siring of more demons! Normally, demons and devils see their numbers grow by one through the death of each corrupt individual when its soul departs the mortal realm. But, having been mortal once, those demons and devils equipped with sex organs were more than capable of producing progeny that would be of the same true type as either genitor. Gorflkk had heard of demons who took great delight in taking mortal lovers for the specific purpose of creating cambions: half-blooded demons who were as much at home in the Abyss as they were on the Material Plane.

As he continued tasting, teasing, and pleasing his mistress, Gorflkk reached down and placed his spread open hand over the bulge that was forming just above the crux of his legs. When he pressed on either side of the middle of the protuberance, out popped the mauve-colored head of the tenebrosus's cock. With a bit more pressure, the rest of his slimy demonhood slid completely out of its protective pouch, fully engorged. His was reddish-purple in color, about a hand span long and almost as wide as two of the demon's digits; the thick veins pulsing with his dark blood, criss-crossing and encircling the entire length, served as an enhancement to further thrill his sex partner as he rammed it into her cunt, over and over again. In addition, he was able to flex and move his cock like a tentacle, something he liked to do to surprise his temporary lover.

By keeping his eyes open and trying to be a good student of observation, Gorflkk had learned a long time ago that his sex root was about average in size for a demon but he had also noticed that every different type of ?male? demon had something distinctly unique about the shape of their member. The trait among tenebrosi----and a major reason more powerful demons tormented them so----was because of the small, upward-angled nub situated a finger's width above the base of their penis, on the top side. It looked, acted, and was almost as sensitive as a female's clitoris although its function was to secrete a scent marker that would identify that specific tenebrosus as being mated to another, however, the scent could only detected by other tenebrosi.

Gorflkk placed his hand around his shaft and began to stroke it up and down. Every so often, he would rub a finger against his nub for a bit more pleasure, a motion he started making with increasing regularity. He kept a steady rhythm going so as to try and keep pace with his mistress and climax at the same time as she. Gorflkk had no doubt as to her keeping her word and rewarding him for a satisfying tryst at a moment very important to her. For a while, he had been noticing a tenebrosus scullery maid noticing him at various times around the massive keep as he trailed behind his mistress. Because of his mistress's sexual appetite, Gorflkk had thus far been unable to find time to introduce himself to her and, if he was lucky, get to fuck her nice, fleshy poon. Every time he saw her, his pouch would swell and his thoughts would turn very lusty. Because his mistress liked to bed both sexes, Gorflkk had given some thought to suggesting to her that she include a female tenebrosus to her sexual attendants but had not wanted to tip his hand as to what he had in mind for his own pleasures. But, if he were to judge by what she had just told him, it sounded as though she already knew.

To Gorflkk, it was just further proof as to the power she wielded. While she did not rule Woeful Iscandar, he still venerated her to the point of worship----and feared her almost as much. Loyalty, or an extremely convincing facsimile of it, to one's mistress or master was an attribute highly prized by those in power in the Everdark and yielded rewards just as quickly as providing good sport for them in the bedchamber; some times, even sooner. Gorflkk was determined to remain by her side for as long as he was able, doing her bidding, knowing the day would eventually come when she would lay claim to a plane somewhere in the vast depths of the Abyss to rule as her own.

On that day, the Dark Ones willing, he would still be at her side as her ever-dutiful servant. He would play the waiting game, let her continue to reward him, take his punishment when he deserved it, maintain his observations of those around him in the keep and throughout Woeful Iscandar, and forge alliances with those who whispered their discontent with the way things were behind closed doors and build his own network of informants who answered only to him. Gorflkk knew that such aspirations and dreams were currently beyond him and his meager powers but he had his mistress's example to provide him all the inspiration he needed. It seemed almost impossible to believe that his formidable mistress had once been a succubus whose presence in the Everdark was hardly anything of note. But, over the course of thousands of years, as mortals would experience them, she had risen to become Warmistress of Woeful Iscandar's Sixth Horde. As far as Gorflkk was concerned, if she could do it, so could he.

After all, in the eternity of the Abyss, there was always plenty of time.

As Gorflkk stroked his cock, some thick, greenish-yellow ooze seeped out of his piss hole. The fluid's odor could be best be described as being to a skunk-like, though not quite as pungent. Gorflkk spread the lubricant all over his erect organ, giving it a deep purple luster in the waning, otherworldly twilight above the plane. As his hand pistoned up and down his length, the viscous fluid warmed a bit and made his demonhood feel tingly. During tenebrosus mating, the male was able to release this liquid into his partner's sex, thereby facilitating an easier coupling while being able to enjoy a longer session due to the numbing agent in it.

There, Gorflkk thought as he twisted two of his tongues together, deep into his mistress's pussy, as he massaged the secretion onto his cock. That should help to keep me from cumming too sssoon and there'sss alwaysss more where that came from.

Gorflkk glanced back up at the orb his mistress was still holding and staring at, intently. Within it, he could still see the points of light still flying past. Then a single, red point appeared in the center of everything, rapidly growing until it filled about half the blackness of the sphere. With equal abruptness, another point of light appeared, also increasing in size until it became a colorful, slowly rotating sphere of blue, green, brown, and white. But the smaller orb did not glow with its own light, merely reflecting the light emanating from its superior. In a moment of understanding, Gorflkk realized that what he was seeing were not just lights but stars similar to the ones he had seen while on the Material Plane and he was watching an unnamed world and its parent sun from hundreds---perhaps even thousands---of miles above it.

I wonder, the tenebrosus pondered, Why isss she ssso interesssted in the fate of thisss particular world? What isss it to her? What isss her connection to it? Gorflkk's unasked question would remain unanswered. He suspected it had something to do with his mistress's past but he dared not question her. After all, she was his superior.

Instead, he would be patient.

He would watch and listen.

And he would learn.

* * *

This tongue drilling is just simply. . .sinful! Gorflkk's mistress mused as she felt the heat in her loins begin to climb again as her sexual vassal kept her hovering near the brink of release. They may not be worth a pile of nalfeshnee shit on the battlefield but they do know how to work their tongues! Her glowing yellow eyes never strayed from their vigil on the scene taking place within the enchanted orb. For countless years, she had been awaiting this day, this moment. Even as she had witnessed its beginnings herself, o so long ago, the end, this end, had been plainly evident. The signs were there to be read---to those smart enough to know what to look for and understood what they saw.

She had been one of them----even though she had been labeled a heretic and. . .

But she knew she had not been alone in her discovery. She had heard the rumors. She had seen some of the town elders meeting with others who looked to be elders themselves and representatives of the sovereign.

They knew.

The oath-bound court sages would have told them just as soon as they would have been certain of it themselves. Of course, tidings of dire misfortune and doom could have been used to undermine the rule of the sovereigns the world over. And that would never do. No, best to keep things quiet. Tell all in power to maintain the status quo in their fiefdoms----and silence anyone who threatened to reveal what they knew about the signs. It was better for everyone to believe that everything was fine, nothing amiss, than to tell them otherwise. The people needed stability, not chaos. And the only way to provide that steadfastness was to maintain the rule of the sovereigns.

But that did not mean that the sovereigns or their court sages were just sitting idly by. Oh, no! In fact, they were busy pursuing any and every avenue they could think of to flee the inevitable. It gave her a bit of sadistic glee and satisfaction to see them even turn to magic, even though its practitioners had been actively ?discouraged? from their pursuits for many, many years.

Just as she had been.

Now, their end was at hand.

Well. . . .their descendants' end, anyway.

In the orb, the demoness saw something she had not expected. A jet of red flame shot out from the surface of the star, only to be pulled back to it in a great arc. Since the prominence had erupted on the side of the star turning away from the small planet, it was momentarily spared.

A smile spread across the succubus's face and her tail swished back and forth in anticipation.

It's begun! she mused with elation. ?I have no care as to whether or not you tire nor when,? she told Gorflkk. ?The only thing of concern to me---and especially you---is being able to take my pleasure when I command it! Keep me right at the verge of my climax, no matter how long it takes! I have been waiting for this moment and I will not be denied my triumph! Do you understand??

With his mouth too busy for words, Gorflkk just nodded his accord.

To the best of her knowledge, very few had managed to flee the doomed world of Tarka since its ultimate fate had been learned. Most of those who had managed to escape were those well versed in magic and on whom the sovereigns were depending on for their own salvation. In the meantime, the Tarkan civilization had advanced to great heights. But then a terrible war reduced their glory to ash and hurled the survivors back to such a primitive state that it took them several centuries just to rediscover rudimentary magic. She had learned, too, that the inhabitants had indeed remained uninformed of their sad and pitiful end until just a generation ago.

Far too late for the knowledge to do them any good.

As a wave of gratification and sexual excitement swept over her, she tightened her grip on the orb, causing her talons to scrape against the surface of the enchanted glass and eliciting a shrill squeal, though they left no marks in their wake. The succubus fixed her gaze to the scene taking place within the sphere, not wanting to miss even the smallest detail of Tarka's demise. The perpetual twilight of Woeful Iscandar gave no hint to the passage of time as mistress and slave stood before the colossal windows of her personal chamber so neither was aware how long they had been sexually engaged.

Gorflkk was beginning to get a slight pain along his lower spine but was not about to disappoint his mistress. Besides, he had endured far, far worse torture at the hands of true masters of the matter than what this minor somaesthesia was causing. It had been his experience that mortal minds could not fully appreciate the many forms of torture that existed. True, physical torture was very effective but, then too, torment of the mind could break even those with strong wills and leave no visible scarring to belie what had been inflicted on the recipient. No ephemeral mind could invent a means of causing pain and suffering, in one form or another, that had not been perfected long ago by the Underdark's masters of pain and yet there were methods of torture in the Abyss that even the most twisted and evil among mortals would find too terrible and wicked to even comprehend, let alone employ.

Sensing a change in both his mistress's mood and her movements, Gorflkk looked back up at her---and her magical orb. His mistress's smile was a slight bit wider and she had the same look in her eyes as would a predator about to take down its prey. But the scene within the sphere appeared to be no different than it had been a while ago. Though keeping his eye on what was happening directly above his head, the tenebrosus went back to pleasuring his mistress.

Although Gorflkk may not have been able to see the change in the red giant star, the eyes of his succubus mistress saw it instantly: a star that had been hidden by the sun's disk had suddenly become visible at the very edge. It's shrinking! her mind screamed with wicked glee. After watching for a while longer, the demoness saw a second, then a third, distant point of light emerge from concealment. The succubus felt her body tingling with anticipation but she desired an even greater thrill. Holding the orb close to her mouth, she whispered a few words of magic to it. Opening her fingers, the sphere floated silently over her hand until she blew on it with a gentle breath. Carried along by both its magical nature and its instructions, the orb's course curved away from the window, toward the center of the room. As soon as it found its mark, the enchanted globe revealed another of its secrets. In an instant, the chamber around mistress and vassal vanished and was replaced by the panorama previously displayed within the magical orb.

Startled by the abrupt change, Gorflkk momentarily took his head and tongues away from their work. His error was immediately punished.

?Idiot!!? the demoness screamed as she smashed her fist against his flat skull, knocking him to the floor. ?It's just an illusion! Now, you worthless piece of shit, get back to eating my pussy before I lose the thrill of what you've already done. If I do. . .I'LL KILL YOU!!! This moment means more to me than you, the next slave, or a hundred thousand slaves! I'd slay them all if it meant being able to see and enjoy the destruction of this ONE world. . .even this one time!!?

A horrified Gorflkk acted immediately and resumed where he had inadvertently left off. He had always tried to stay in his mistress's evilly good graces as best he could though he had still suffered at her hands for anything she perceived as a slight. The tenebrosus had even endured worse beating than this from her and others.

But this time, it felt different.

There was no mistaking the hatred in her voice---or the truth in her statement. Gorflkk knew if she were indeed given the choice for making such a sacrifice for what she wanted, she would do it with no hesitation or thought. It made him wonder if perhaps she had made a similar choice before. He knew she could be cold, ruthless, even soulless, but commanding the executions of so many almost for what seemed to be a fleeting moment of pleasure? The very notion was unsettling.

As his tongues delved back into the luscious depths of his mistress's cunt, Gorflkk was still able to observe their surroundings. Or lack there of. The walls, ceiling, floor, the entire chamber, the whole keep, even Woeful Iscandar itself, were gone. In their place was the eternal void of night, dotted with so many stars that it seemed impossible to Gorflkk that so many could even exist. The orb had been transformed into Tarka's parent star and dominated a volume larger than what seemed possible for the former chamber to accommodate. To his mistress's left floated the world whose end they were about to witness. Tarka. In comparison, the planet was just about as big around as his mistress was tall. At that moment, an odd thought struck Gorflkk. Seeing her ?standing? amid the stars, only several feet away from an entire world, his mistress seemed like some kind of dark goddess of death, preparing to harvest the souls which were her due. He wanted to tell her as much, praising her terrifying appearance but could not, would not, lest he tempt her wrath.

I'll tell her later, he decided as he continued to lick and draw out her nectar and stroke his cock, After thissss issss all over.

As the demoness watched, she found she could actually see the red sun slowly diminishing in size. Her taloned hands snaked up her sides then cupped her full, round breasts. She gave them both a firm squeeze, allowing her nails to prick into her ebony skin just enough so that the pain served to add to the delightful sensations already emanating from her pussy. Wanting still more, she hooked her index fingers through the large, thick rings piercing her nipples and gave them a good tug. Almost at once, a jolt of sexual lightning shot from both stiffening nubs right to her tingling clit, causing her to moan loudly.

She was getting close.

The heat within her was building higher and higher, feeling much like an inferno. Her nipples had gotten so hard and tight that her piercings were starting to seem more like instruments reserved for torture than pleasurable pain and her pussy was soaking with so much juice that she felt as if she had cum a few times already. The very core of her being was screaming for release but she knew she had to hold out---just a bit longer.

She knew she could do it.

For she was a succubus.

She was tanar'ri!

A smile spread across her face. She had ?heard? her slave's mental comment, envisioning her as a dark goddess. But, then, that was one of her advantages, her powers: being able to read the surface thoughts of most anyone within her line of sight. It was also one of her best kept secrets for intelligence gathering and her most effective.

A goddess? she mused. Is that how this one sees me? How amusing! And useful! The demoness allowed herself to bask in the illusion surrounding her for a few moments and spread her wings as far as they would open. Closing her eyes, she imagined she could feel the warm rays of the dying sun as they cascaded all over her. How would it feel to be supreme goddess, her thoughts read, And bearing witness to the end of a world? As she opened her eyes, the succubus could hardly help but feel drawn into the illusion around her. Avowedly, it was a very convincing image. . .as well as an equally alluring notion. Standing there, alone, against the stars, towering over the doomed world as its inhabitants scurried about, trying to make the most of what precious little time they had left to them. The prospect of the impending destruction was exhilarating but also bittersweet. No longer would a nation rise up against its neighbor, plunging both sides into the sweet chaos of war. There would be no more mortals to tempt with ephemeral notions of power, spurring them into committing deliciously depraved acts of cruelty against the innocent. No more would there be prayers coming from the lips of the people of this world, pleading in vain for divine mercy or favor, which was rarely given or shown.

There would be. . .no more.

The demoness sighed as she let the fantasy slip away like so much sand through her fingers and refocused her attention on the ever-so-slowly diminishing celestial body before her. She estimated that the star's apparent size had vitiated by about one tenth in the brief time they had been watching things unfold from with in the illusion.

And the rate of its collapse seemed to be accelerating.

?The time approaches,? she said almost absently, though still directing her words at Gorflkk as he continued probing, tasting, and licking his mistress. ?You know my body well enough to be able to keep me poised right before my ecstasy, my obedient little sex slave. Do so now!?

?MmmMmMmmm. .? came Gorflkk's muffled reply. The tenebrosus knew exactly what it was she wanted. Sliding his free hand down over her naked thigh until it was near his face, two of Gorflkk's tongues deftly slathered some of the demoness's juices onto his middle digit until it shone with a thick wetness. Without pause, Gorflkk not-so-gently pressed his meaty finger against his mistress's very tight sphincter. All the tips of his three-fingered hands were bulbous and just slightly larger than the head on a typical penis. He often wondered if that, and their six tongues, were the two major factors as to why he and his kind were somewhat popular as sex slaves with some of the Abyss's more powerful female demons.

As he pushed a bit harder, his mistress's anus finally opened just enough and allowed his dactyl to slowly slip inside. A deep moan of delight spoke to Gorflkk of the thrills he already knew he was providing his mistress. She had spoken true; the tenebrosus did know how to work her body. In keeping with her wishes, Gorflkk suddenly rammed the rest of his long, thick finger into her.

?Ooohhhh. . . .Yyyeesssssss!? the succubus screamed as her body went rigid and accepted the anal intruder. She could feel herself getting closer to a very deep and powerful sense-robbing orgasm but she knew Gorflkk was not done working her up to that deliciously anticipated moment, yet. He had been the longest lived of her sexual harem primarily because he never failed to please her as she wished to be pleased. Plus, Gorflkk could still come up with some wonderfully wicked ways of getting her to cum hard enough to make her legs feel wobbly.

Even with six tongues delving deeply into her nether regions, a finger up her ass, and her own fingers twisting her nipple rings, the demoness wanted even more stimulation to further heighten her delectation of the coming spectacle and she knew exactly what would suffice. Releasing her left nipple ring, she deftly and quickly completed the semantics for the spell she had in mind as her sultry voice intoned the arcane words.

?. . .enin'o'tac!? As soon as she had spoken the final syllable, a black coil appeared behind her, hovering in the air. . . .and slowly starting to unwind. When it was completely unfurled, its true nature and purpose was clear: a whip. While the leather weapon seemed to have no one guiding its actions, it already had a target. Once, twice, the tightly braided length circled before it lashed out and unerringly found its mark.

Crack! the whip reported as it landed on the bare, ebony skin of the demoness's back, right between her wings. The sharp sting of the blow made her flinch and scrunch her shoulders together, out of reflex. ?Uhhhhh!? she grunted as the pain shot downward and zeroed in on her already stiff clit.

Gorflkk almost jumped at the sudden sound but retained his presence of mind and continued the ?lashing? he was giving her. It was not uncommon for his mistress to use spells to provide convincing visual, auditory, or even smells during sex; it was also common for ?other means of stimulation? to be employed, though it was difficult to say whom they were meant for until they were used. Gorflkk just let his mistress indulge her desire while he tried to keep out of the whip's precision aim.

Crack! Crack! Crack!

After the initial shock from the first several blows wore off, the succubus just drank in the pain from the subsequent ones and turned it into her pleasure. During her long years in the Abyss (or the Everdark, as its myriad denizens called it, though there were very few places that were eternally dark), the demoness had grown accustomed to being on the receiving end of a whip's attentions, thanks to her previous masters and mistresses. It had take a great deal of practice---and just as many whippings---for her to train her mind and body to take the anguish, then transform it into spikes of intense bliss.


Because of her otherworldly nature, the mundane weapon she had conjured for her erotic torture could not cause any actual harm, though it did make some welts that disappeared as quickly as they had appeared. And the pain(pleasure) it was inducing was most certainly real.

With lust-glazed eyes, the succubus finally looked again at the red star as it continued its course to oblivion. It was already less than half its original size and its shrinkage, while still slow, was clearly visible. In her mind's eye, the demoness tried to envision how things looked from the point of view of Tarka's remaining populace; their sun, which dominated a fair portion of the daytime sky and had been as near an eternal object as could be, now appeared to be receding into the distance. She had no doubt that panic was running rampant across the world. How many? she wondered, How many on the night side are actually trying to sleep, never knowing when the end will come. . .just that it will?

As she watched, the succubus saw the ambient light level slowly dimming across the exposed face of her former home. The star's collapse was increasing with each passing moment and it was only a short time until. . . .


The sudden noise and sting from the whip brought the demoness back to her thoughts and had almost made her cum in the process. This won't do! she decided and, with a flourish of her hand, made the whip disappear back into the ether from whence it had been summoned.

Gorflkk was glad the whip was gone. He had never liked them, especially when he was on the receiving end of their attention. It had been proving to be a distraction for him, too. With his potential reward being so close to having been earned, he wanted nothing to spoil it for him. The tenebrosus was fully aware that even if. . .no, when. . .he did as he had been instructed and pleasured her just as she had wanted, his mistress could still deny him.

Or worse.

He had seen other demons do it to their slaves; build their hopes and then destroy them for no other reason then for their own amusement and as a reminder to the vassal as to who held the power. But that was the nature of the Abyss. Misery for misery's sake.

And worse torments for those deserving them.

From the corner of his eye, Gorflkk could see that the formerly enormous red sun was now half the size of his fist and getting smaller still. He was not sure what manner of shape his mistress's long-awaited event would take but he guessed that it was going to be a violent one.

When the star was no bigger than the thousands of others far in the background, the demoness knew the collapse was nearly complete. She wanted to see what that moment was like, to behold the death of a STAR. . . .but witnessing the demise of her former home world took precedence.

It was only a few moments later when the sun announced its expiry. A bright, blue-white point of light, no bigger than two grains of sand, suddenly burst into existence. The light was dazzling and was several times more brilliant than all the others around it. As the new star steadily shone, it also seemed to be expanding nearly twice as fast as it had collapsed. The illusion was short-lived, however, when a thin, white, glowing halo appeared around the tiny, blue-white sun and started expanding ever outward. A light haze trailed just behind the ring but it soon became indistinguishable from the ring as it continued to grow while, at the same time, getting thinner itself.

As the demoness continued her attentive vigil, she saw something she had not expected; when the ring had grown large enough to just be concealed by her outstretched hand, a pinpoint burst of light suddenly flared into existence a bit further out than half way between the stellar remnant and the inner edge of the ring, then quickly faded into nothingness.

?Marnae was just destroyed,? the succubus said in a whisper, obviously surprised that she had all but forgotten about the other planets circling Tarka's sun. ?Of course. . .? she mouthed as her shock turned to excited anticipation. Though she would not be able to see their destructions firsthand, she did find joy in the knowledge that she would still be able to witness the obliteration of six worlds instead of just one.

Visti was the next world extinguished.

Followed shortly after by Neeka

Then came Luur.

By the time Serdis met its fate, the periphery of the ring was of such size that the demoness had to look almost all the way from her left then right to see it. The next, and final, world set for destruction was Tarka, the pinnacle event. Her excitement and orgasm were building at equal pace. The suspense was making her tingle all over just as much as Gorflkk's ministrations. This is going to be a VERY good day! she mused. In an evil kind of way!

Gorflkk was in no position to experience what his mistress was viewing, but he did not care in the least. All of his best effort was being directed at supplying her with just the right amount of skillful sensations as he could until it was time. His right hand was still busy stroking his throbbing cock as his left was pumping his middle finger in and out of his mistress's asshole and his tongues were busy with their tickling, teasing, licking, and pleasing of her succulent pussy.

The ebony skinned demoness's hands resumed their pinching and twisting her nipple piercings, to build her desire to even greater heights. She could feel her climax ready to course through her body like a bolt of lightning as soon as she gave the word. Her anticipation of her cumming was exquisite torture to her and something she wished she could make last for days on end.

But such was not to be the case, this time.

As far as her eyes could see to either side, the near absolute black of the star filled backdrop had a slight haze about it, much like looking up at a night sky on any of the near countless worlds across the multiverse. It also felt like it, the wave, was right on top of her, threatening to destroy her along with Tarka! Her skin pimpled up with excitement. Ever since her death, and subsequent rebirth as a demon, she could easily count the number of times she had felt such a. . .rush!. . .to her senses on one hand and have a finger or two left over. The only two comparisons she could think of was how she felt when she learned she had the spark of magic within her, as a mortal----and making her first kill, as a demon. But, this moment brought with it a sweet taste of vengeance to her full lips and she savoured the flavor as if it were the dying agonies of the last soul she would ever have the pleasure of tormenting for the rest of eternity.

It was at that very moment that the intense bow shock from the stellar explosion slammed head-on into Tarka. The results were astonishing. The wave rippled and pulsed through the planet so fast as to appear instantaneous. The oceans were vaporized and cast into orbit and remained suspended like a fine mist; millions of cracks criss-crossed the entire crust, penetrating clear through to Tarka's mantle, causing volcanic infernos to erupt along them, worldwide, and the nearly shattered world's atmosphere was steadily being filled with a thick and deadly smoke.

?Be ready, Gorflkk!? the succubus commanded as she waited for the final blow to be struck.

Somewhat to the demoness's surprise, the haze had not cleared. If anything, it looked as it were getting a little denser; a little closer. She watched in wide-eyed wonderment as a ghostly cloud of color appeared from seemingly nowhere. But, she realized, it had not formed from the haze, it was the haze. The colours were fluid and behaved more like liquid energy than insubstantial water vapor and it shone with a luminosity like fire though there was no fuel or air to sustain it. However, there were two things the demoness did know about the phenomenon: it looked to contain more raw power and energy than any god could ever muster; and nothing had been able to remotely slow its progress, let alone halt the ferocity of this. . .storm.

Tarka's destruction was upon them almost before she was aware of it.

?NOW!? she yelled at Gorflkk, as the colored fury swallowed the splintered world---and them.

When the wave touched Tarka's surface, it immediately began erasing it from existence. Chunks of rock the size of cities were ripped from the planet's corpse and flung outward, along the front edge of the wave where they vanished in a flash into the maelstrom. Only about half of Tarka was consumed in this way; once the planet's core was exposed, the destruction was completed in a tremendous blast of light and energy. Released from the confinement of Tarka's gravity, after uncountable eons, the molten core simply exploded, sundering what remained and sending the fragments skipping across the surface of the energy front where they dissolved and became part of the expanding empyrean.

Tarka's obliteration took no longer than three heartbeats.

The tenebrosus twirled and rippled his six tongues in rapid sequence while twisting his finger in her asshole and pressing on a certain spot in her bowels that always hastened her climax. Gorflkk was stroking his shaft rapidly, coaxing his own orgasm to be in time with hers. He was soon rewarded when his internal seed sac swelled and tightened just before his spunk jetted from his cock and landed all over his hands and legs.

Ahhhhhh. . ! Gorflkk moaned to himself as he felt his mistress coming, too.

The demoness felt her pussy spasm wildly and juice wetly as her sex slave worked his magic on her. At the same time, she tweaked and twisted her nipples until the purplish-black skin of her aureoles tore slightly and some of her dark crimson blood seeped out and ran onto her fingers. As she watched Tarka being torn apart, the peak of her orgasm flooded her senses with a myriad of sensation. Standing there, lost in the moment, nothing else mattered to her. The dream of so many long years had finally come true! And that she was bearing witness to it was indescribable! She was exuberant! A new sense of purpose and power swept over and through her, making her feel. . . .REBORN!!

As the she demon stood there, enjoying her triumphant moment, she became aware of a slight buzzing sound in her thoughts. With her eyes still closed, she focused her mind on the noise and where its point of origin. A cruel smile twisted her full lips as she realized what it was she was perceiving.

Voices! she thought in amusement. And they are relatively close by. . . When she snapped open her eyes, they were glowing with such a fierce intensity that they looked like miniature suns set into the demoness's sockets.

?Gorflkk,? she told her servant, who was still busy licking her satiated cunt clean, ?You may go and claim your reward and bed the scullery maid you've been desiring and keeping your eye on for some time, now. I'm sure she will enjoy the excellent sport you can provide.? As soon as she was done speaking, the empty vastness that had been Tarka's solar system only a minutes before, vanished. Just as quickly, they were once again surrounded by the demoness's personal chambers. The orb, which had been floating in the center of the room, drifted lazily back to its owner's taloned hand.

?But, what of you, missstressss?? Gorflkk dared to ask. ?Isss there sssome tassk that needsss to be ssseen to??

?Indeed there is,? the succubus smiled down at him. ?With the destruction of Tarka, millions of deserving souls were cast out to their respective rewards; tens of thousands of them wound up here, in Woeful Iscandar. I am going to take the Doom Legions on a little 'hunting' expedition and bring back as many of those souls as possible. Now, go. Go and enjoy that little slut you've been drooling over; after all, you've earned her.?

Gorflkk slid slowly out from between his mistress's legs, carefully weighing his options. He did not wish to ?disobey? her command to go and claim his prize but, he also did not want her to think that he was worrying about his own needs instead of hers. As the tenebrosus rose, he knew what to do.

?Then, with your permissssion, missstressss,? he said with a slight bow, ?I will accompany you. After all, what kind of loyal ssservant would I be if I wasss more conccerned about my own desssiresss inssstead of how bessst to ssserve my lord and missstressss??

Half of the succubus's smile rose a little higher.

?Very well, then,? she said. ?But, I can't have you marching with us like that. You need more appropriate attire.?

With some motions of her hands and some arcane intonations, the demoness clad her adjunct in a blood red breast plate, gauntlets, and a matching helm. In his hand, he carried a sword whose blade was almost as black as his mistress's skin. As Gorflkk admired the weapon, he saw---or, rather, could not see---his reflection. He smiled.

?Thank you, missstressss,? he said.

In the short time he had taken to admire her handiwork, the demoness had also prepared herself for their ?hunt?. Her armor, too, was a deep crimson but looked formidable as both protection and as a weapon. The breast plate was better described as being two upward curving horns that covered her full breasts; her shoulder guards were also horns whose points ended at least a full hand span away from her skin. From where it was attached to the back plate, more articulated armor was strapped along the upward sweep of her wings and ended in what appeared to be stingers at the central joint. Her gauntlets were similarly covered with smaller horns and special holes at the tips allowed her talons to protrude. The demoness's hairy mons was only just covered by a small triangular leather patch---complete with a matching tusk---and secured to her barb-covered tail armor. Her protective leggings went from mid-thigh, down her sensuous legs, and ended in cloven hooves. They also sported two mean looking horns, sticking out to the side on each knee. Completing her ensemble was a loose fitting belt and scabbard that hung from her left hip and, in her right hand, a coiled whip whose business end was ablaze.

But her scourge was not the only thing on fire. To further add to her fiendish countenance, her long raven tresses lazily wafted up then transformed into menacing black flames, licking greedily at the air. As a final touch, the demoness cast a minor spell spell that increased her size. Moments later, she was towering over her vassal by almost twice his height; her formerly toned and athletic physique was covered with bulging muscles, making her look like as big of a hulking brute of a warrior as Gorflkk could imagine. Even the normally smallish horns she bore just above her brow had grown to enormous proportions and curled around on themselves until they resembled those of a ram.

She smiled wickedly.

?Well?? she asked her slave, in a deep sultry voice that echoed throughout the chamber.

?You look. . . . cruel, my missstressss,? Gorflkk replied. ?Very cruel.?

?Flatterer!? she said as her smile broadened and showed her mouthful of fanged teeth. With that, Ltirashin Jaduor turned and headed for the door. ?Come! The hunt awaits!?
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